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Re: [Chrononauts] New Cards

  • FromKristin Looney <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 11 Oct 2005 08:15:43 -0400
yes, you can get them free with a SASE - or pay $1 for them with an order you are placing with our online store.

the SASE method is free - but NOT fast - it can sometimes take Alison a month or two to get around to filling them... there is a lot going on.

Beatles Reunion CD is only available in Fluxx Blanxx (or ask, maybe a rabbit who loves Fluxx and has bought lots of blanxx has an extra they don't want)

the Jade Statue is out of print. gone. not available

it is nolonger in the 2001 promo card pack, since we ran out of them

BUT - it will be in the next printing of Chrononauts!

sorry we are not always good at announcing things to this list!

-Kristin (of the Looney variety)

--On Monday, October 10, 2005 Third200@xxxxxxx wrote:

Hey Group.  Haven't posted in a while.
Here's the thing.  I recently found out about the new cards, and the new
Chrononauts t-shirt that is for sale, due to a casual and offhand comment
that made me go digging.
I hate to start this off by bitching and complaining, but....
Is there anyway we can get some kind of announcement on the website, or
centralize EVERYTHING Chrononauts related in one place?
Or, even just an Announcement on this e-mail list.
I am very happy to give Looney my money, provided I even KNOW there's
something to buy.

To continue,
I am going to recap all the Chrono. cards and stuff that is available to
make sure I haven't missed anything.
Jade Statue of Tirade
Beatles Reunion CD
German Cake
Carl Sagan's Joint
The Really Fast Time Machine
The Teeny Tiny Time Machine
Mating Pair of Pterodactyls
Gold Watches(which i can now not find on the Looney Labs website)
Time Repair Agency T-Shirt.

Now, let me make sure I understand this further:
I can buy "Carl Sagan's Joint

The Really Fast Time Machine
The Teeny Tiny Time Machine
Mating Pair of Pterodactyls" for a dollar(+S&H)
But I could get them for "free" by mailing a self addressed stamped
envelope with my list of wants on it?
Also, Not only can I get those four, but I can get "German Cake" as well,
by the same method?
But for the Jade Statue and the Beatles Reunion CD, I can't send a SASE,
but instead need to buy the Fluxx Blanxx and 2001 promo pack?

Am I missing anything?
Rabbit "2percentright"

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