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[Chrononauts] Uberchrono and errata

  • FromPeter John Oliver <pjo3@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 8 Feb 2006 16:48:14 -0500 (EST)
Hey there everybody,
Peter Rabbit here. Fiver's Warren has been running a few games of 
Uberchrono in preparation for this year's Ubercon, and we've got a few 
bones to pick about it.

* It may be too late to amend the 3rd Printing, but while you were 
revising the 1980 card, did anyone think to alter the text on the 'real 
history' side? It currently reads, "Deranged fan guns down rock star on 
NYC street"... but if the Dutch come to the aid of the Colonies two 
hundred years earlier, New York City becomes New Amsterdam! For best 
results, perhaps this should be changed to "Manhattan street" for 
continuity in both timelines.

* Some of the EAC inverters could be tweaked to affect the original 
timeline as well. Specifically:
-Spread Rumors: 1993'->1993. The attacks on David Koresh by the Waco 
Tribune-Herald in 1992 were critical in causing the ATF siege of the 
Branch Davidian compound.
-Suppress Information: 1941'->1941. If Tokyo had issued an order to 
call off the attack, a well-placed time traveller could intercept that 
order to ensure the attack went off as planned. This usage is similar 
to how it's played in EAC.
-Steal Plans: 1943->1943'. Stealing the plans for the Manhattan Project 
is certainly one way to sabotage it.

* How about a specialized Uberchrono expansion set, similar to the Lost 
Identities expansion for the original Chrononauts? It would free up 
some slots in the EAC sheet and consolodate the EAC-specific cards in 
one place. Maybe you could include it for free with an order of both 
Chrono and EAC. Ideally it would include:
-The current Uberchrono rules card.
-The 6 TRA 'Gold Watch' cards in the Short Run Depot.
-Spa Fon and perhaps a few other Identities that span both timelines. 
Another contest similar to the first Lost Identities nanofic 
competition could yield fruitful results.
-The Mating Pair of Pterodactyls and other dual Artifacts, similar to 
the Fluxx promos. A gold-wrapped, cancer-curing chocolate bar? Who 
-A few Goals that need artifacts from both decks. Again, I'm sure that 
between us we can come up with some ideas.

Feedback? Is there any chance at all that any of this will see daylight?

Peter Oliver
First year Honors architect
GalacticEmperor on PXO-HLP-VWBB-F2S
GalacticEmper0r on AOL-MSN Zone
ICQ# 142069556

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