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  • From"Jonathan Cogan" <cogan.jonathan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 8 Jan 2007 19:54:25 -0500
As a programmer, I wasn't too worried about the Y2K bug - only
antiquated stuff would have really been affected anyway.  Although if
the technology level in the US was much lower at the time, it may have
been a bigger impact - that may need to be tied into some other events
to work well, though.

On 1/8/07, Bill Andel <bill_andel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
With regards to your first point - linchpin vs.ripplepoint, while I agree
that it is easy to alter, I think you miss the point that there would be no
9-11 to prevent if other events had not first setup the conditions for 9-11
to occur, as Mr. Grecko points out in his original post.  This argues that
9-11 really should be a ripplepoint.

Your second point - that the Arabs would want the Jews exterminated anyway
(so 9-11 would still presumably be a linchpin) is not historically borne
out.  Jews were historically much better treated by Muslims when the latter
ruled the southern part of the Iberian peninsula in the Middle Ages than
they were by Christians following the Reconquista (two words: Spanish
Inquisition).  Mr. Grecko is correct in his assertion that it was the
founding of the state of Israel on lands regarded by the Arabs as belonging
to their Palestinian brethren and taken by force of arms that has triggered
the "push them into the sea" attitude of latter-day Muslim extremists.

(Please note that my recitation of my understanding of historical facts
implies nothing about my personal views on the topic. Genocide is just
wrong, and that is essentially what the more extreme Muslims are proposing
with regards to Israel.)

Now, I realize that Andy has already made art for one side of a 9-11
"linchpin" card in reaction to the events of that fateful day and in tribute
to the victims, but as this "card" has never been printed either as a promo
or in any other Looney Labs product, it could be regarded as "notional".
Andy himself, as designer, inventor and publisher, has final say over what
would be a linchpin and what would be a ripplepoint in any future timeline.

Linchpin or ripplepoint, 9-11 presents an interesting opportunity for an
artifact.  There is apparently a story circulating that the flag alledged to
be the one the fireman raised that has been carried by various naval vessels
and so forth is in fact *not* the one the firemen raised (see
for details).  Could a Chrononaut have nabbed it?  Certainly suggests an

Also, you'll note that Andy's notional 9-11 card was designated E-2.  When
asked what E-1 would be, Andy replied that it would be the Florida recount.
I suggest that E-1 be a ripplepoint.  It would be rippled by a 1967 linchpin
(E-0?) which is "Unsafe At Any Speed" on its "original" side and "Corvair
Test Fraud Exposed" on its alternate side.  There is some evidence to
suggest that Nader was duped - apparently through the machinations of rival
auto-makers - into proving the Corvair unsafe.  (see the following for
details: http://www.corvaircorsa.com/handling01.html,
 The patch for E-1, 2000', I suggest as being "Martial Law Declared in
Aftermath of Y2K Bug".  With Nader out of the picture, the election goes the
other way, but we are less aware about the implications of defective
products and the Y2K bug gets downplayed till it is too late!

chrononauts-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

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Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2007 13:36:32 -0600
From: "Robert Potter"
Subject: RE: [Chrononauts] 2001 and the Cuban Missle Crisis (not
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Wow. That's a lot of information to put in one e-mail. Usually, these
electroic messages are only a few sentences long. But you do make a lot of
good points. However, I think 2001 was meant to be a Linchpin, because that
sort of event is easy to alter by time travel. And, even if Israel was
rippled out of existence, the Arabs would probably still want the Jews


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