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[Fluxx] Fluxx edge cases

  • FromAndrew Plotkin <erkyrath@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 22 Mar 2006 22:08:17 -0500 (EST)
An interesting outcome of Volity Fluxx is watching the bots break the game.

The primary way they do this (so far) is to accumulate huge hoards of cards. My bot code is very stupid; it always chooses randomly from the legal moves available. So if there's a Draw 4 Play 1, the bots will draw more and more cards; but the more cards they hold, the less likely they are to play a Hand Limit.

Someone just reported a case where the only card left in the deck (or discard pile) was Draw 2 and Use Them. In that position, the game is broken -- you keep reshuffling, drawing, and playing that one card. A human would have to do the same thing.

There are obviously many other such cases. We don't run into them in real-life Fluxx play, because human players usually get bored with sorting through huge handfuls of cards, and play a Hand Limit (or Play All) just to clear things out!

I think I'm going to modify the bots to do the same.


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