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Re: [Fluxx] Introduction in order

  • From"Carol Townsend" <rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 12 Apr 2007 22:27:27 -0500
Welcome Scott!

I did a bit of poking around and didn't find a Rabbit page for you - have you set one up yet?  If not, please do so - by submitting a bio and picture, you earn 10 Rabbit points which can be spent on our website (especially in the "Dangling Carrot") for cool stuff.

Got a quick question... well, 2 quick questions, really - how did you learn Fluxx and have you taken the Fluxx Survey yet? If not, this link takes you right to it:

The reason I ask about "how did you learn Fluxx" is that our survey is showing that a majority of people who play and love Fluxx learned it from a friend - not from the rules in the box.  Same story for you?

In any case - welcome!!  You've found the Fluxx Fan Club!

 - Your friendly local Rabbit Wrangler and Con Schnook.

On 4/11/07, fluxxguy <fluxxguy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Big surprise here, but I love Fluxx.  I have a fondness for a lot of
randomness sometimes.
My name's Scott and I live just outside Portland, OR.  I've done some
Blanxx which I'll share later.
Right now, I'm just introducing myself.



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