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Re: [Fluxx] 2 Cards...what do they say?

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Nope - The card that's called "Go Fish" in English is called "Eine Karte für mich!" in German



On 6/21/07, Joe Pate <jpate@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I haven't purchased it [yet] myself, but I'm hoping the title of Go Fish is Fische Dich!  (especially with the southern soft-ch pronunciation that would make it

sound like a heaping helping of halibut)




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Hi folks,

I'm getting a list together for Origins of what the various Actions are in the foreign language versions - and I don't have a 2.1 deck around to get the German cards' translations.  I'm running a game (Quantum Fluxx) wherein all the current versions of the game - no matter type, style or language - will all be mixed together.  Having a list of what card equates to what (as can be found on the website about German Fluxx and Fluxx Español)  is great - but having the list include the translations of the card is even better, I think.

Anyway...I speak German, so I can do a rough translation - but I'm wanting "the official" translation please. The two cards I need are:

Go Fish
I Need a Goal


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