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[Fluxx] Creeper Question and Blanxx Creator

  • FromGarrick Glickenhouse <roatheeternal@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 10 Sep 2007 11:48:25 -0700 (PDT)
Hi. This is my first post to this list. My name's Garrick. I've been playing Fluxx for about 2 years now. (After a friend showed me the game) I also play Chrononauts, and I recently started getting into Treehouse and the Icehouse game system.

Now on to my question:

I was wondering how Creepers interact with Keeper limits. I've been ruling that they do not count towards and cannot be discarded by a Keeper limit rule. (Since they are Creepers, not Keepers) Is this the correct ruling?

Also, when I was reading the archives, I noticed someone was inquiring about a program for designing Fluxx Blanxx. I know there's a policy of no advertising, but there's a program that I use for creating homemade Magic cards, and I created a template for this program to design Fluxx cards based on Fluxx Blanxx. (I even created a blank Creeper image) I also have style options to create Eco or Family Fluxx cards. (including Creepers)
If anyone is interested, you can email me directly and I'll provide the links to download the program and the template. It's open source and free, but it does contain trademarked material in the installer. (in the Magic, Vs system, and Yu-gi-oh templates)
If the Looneys are interested in helping me make my template better, I could use high quality images of the cards (Regular, Eco, and Family, (and eventually Zombie) especially Eco) and the names of the actual fonts used. (I'm currently using Times New Roman and Olympia Bold) Of course if they want me to stop distributing the template I'd respect their wishes.

Thank you in advance for answering my question and reading my long winded bit about blanxx. (and again, sorry for the advertising)


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