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RE: [Fluxx] traveling Fluxx deck

  • From"Bob Winans" <rwinans@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 29 Oct 2007 22:27:45 -0400

This is just too good an idea to pass up....

Why not do it like "Where's George" ? http://www.wheresgeorge.com/

Set up a few traveling Fluxx decks with a login name and password for a page
on the Wiki.

People get the deck, and login where they and the deck are.
They do a little write up; maybe add a picture or two.

Then when they pass it on, the new Owner does the same.

That way we can all check on the traveling Fluxx Deck.

If they don't have someone to pass it on to, they could contact LL or the
Wiki and get a local Rabbit to send it to, whom in turn could pass it on.

Maybe the "owners" of the deck can get a Fluxx Blank Card sent to them to
include their name on the deck, or maybe a "We passed it on" card to keep
for their own deck.

How's that sound?


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--On Mon, Oct 29, 2007 4:15 PM -0400 Rymel <rymelsleeps@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> also a fun idea - if you've converted a player to, or met another fluxx
> player, trade your deck's traveller action card (that doesn't sound like
> a bad idea for the card title either) with theirs, and continue the
> tradition.  if the player lacks a blanxx, make them one and start the
> chain!  sounds like a (fun but semi-pointless) keeper card, actually.
> i'd be sure to write my name/info of some sort onto the bottom of the
> face card too, or around the outer ring, just to see, when and if it
> finally comes back to me, just how many people had it before it came
> home.

We've toyed with ideas like this, but never come up with a concrete plan.
But it's a really intriguing idea for a product...   imagine one of those
wooden boxes that said 'Traveling Fluxx Deck' on the top, and contained
a log sheet for a multi step journey. You put your name and address into
it, and then give it away in some prescribed fashion.  There would be
guidelines around how to pick who to give it to.  Ideally it should be
someone in a completely different circle of friends from you, preferably
in another city or country. The recipient promises to play it with all
of their friends for a while, and then pass it along to someone else
who promises to do the same, to eventually come back to the person who
started the deck on it's journey.

Would it work?  Would the decks come back? It's not quite the scenario
that Laurie described... since her deck kept coming back to her between
each new step on it's journey.

Does anyone else have a story of a traveling Fluxx deck?

one more thought on this:

> Once they get the new deck, they're going to give my dear,
> converted-them-all seven-year-old deck a vikings' funeral -- save the
> Basic Rules, which they are sending back to me for posterity.

Ask them if they can bring a camera - I want to see this on YouTube!

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