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[Fluxx] Zombies Eat Brains - Non Attributed?

  • From"Chris Kice" <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 19 Nov 2007 15:58:03 -0600
Hey, all.  Something has been bugging me and I just had to share.

My friend Josh Berling is a long time fan of Fluxx and is the one who introduced me both to the game and to how much fun you can have with Blanxx.

At the first GenCon I attended, he showed me a copy of one of his custom cards that had been autographed by Andy - one called "Zombies Eat Brains".  (Andy wrote about meeting Josh in that week's Thought Residue:  http://www.wunderland.com/WhatsOld/2002/WN.08.15.02.html).

Now, Looney Labs just used Zombies Eat Brains as a promo card with no attribution to Josh.  This seems so un-Looney-like and has really gotten under my skin.  I'm posting here just to vent and test the waters to see anyone thinks I'm overreacting.  (Josh doesn't do mailing lists, but I did tell him I would be posting this.  He is equally upset as I'm sure you can imagine.)