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Re: [Fluxx] Are Dead Friends Zombies?

  • FromChristopher Hickman <tophu@xxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 04 Mar 2008 11:17:25 -0800
On Tuesday, March 04, 2008, at 02:10PM, "Melissa Parish" <beautifulfool@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I can see the confusion.  We had always treated them as Creepers that are
>not Zombies.  For example, the Radioactive Potato.  It is a Creeper, but not
>a Zombie, yes?  However, I'm not saying that I am correct, just that that's
>how we play it.

That's how we played it, too, but it just feels wrong.  I mean, the whole point is that your friends got turned into zombies, so why the hell doesn't Dead Friends make them freakin' zombies?

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