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[Fluxx] Timing Ruling

  • From"Christopher Onstad" <xofour@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 1 Dec 2008 01:43:17 -0800

I apologize if this has already been asked.  I did a cursory search for easy to get information, and didn't achieve immediate gratification.  So I figured I would go to the list & see what people thought.  It comes down to another timing issue, and a 1 in 673 occuring situation.  (the 1 in 673 is completely made up, please don't ask me for the math)  The question stems from timing  & that a win occurs the moment a goals conditions are met.
   It's diffuclt for me to make even a short story short, and long stories, or explanations, or extranious filler infor, please just bear with me.  I am editing as I go and well, as you can see, even this is taking too long.
      Starting again.  My wife & I were playing.  We had double agendas out.  one goal was all you need is love.  The other was shabat or tradition, or something.  Keeper limit was 5, (well four with inflation)  and we both were maxed out.  My wife played share the wealth.  She gathered up all the keepers, shuffled and started dealing to herself.  The 1st card she dealt was Love.  I declared her the winner.   She argued a little bit because she was still playing out the action card. 
I was under the impression that the instant a goal is fulfilled a game is won.  But she figured the cards action had to be finished before a win condition existed.  

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