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[Fluxx] Eco Fluxx Blanxx Ideas

  • FromSammy Melnick <samelnicomposer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 16 Jul 2010 16:52:46 -0700 (PDT)
So, I recently got the new Eco Fluxx, and I love it!  So, I've been trying to use an extra set of Blanxx to fit Eco Fluxx and still try to keep the spirit of it alive.  So, here is what I have so far...
No one can win if this card is on the table.  At the start of your turn, gather up all Keepers on the table and this card, shuffle them, and deal them out starting with yourself.  Discard this card if you delt it to yourself via the above.
Wildlife Preserve
New Rule
If any Keepers that represent something living are discarded, put them in the middle of the Draw Pile instead.
Draw and Play an extra card each turn.
Discard Seeds, Leaves, Flowers, and Trees if any of them are on the table.
Fossil Excavation
If a Keeper is extinct, place it in front of you and put Extintion in the middle of the Draw Pile.  If there are no extinct Keepers, put this card in the middle of the Draw Pile instead of discarding it.
The player with Dirt and Air on the table wins.
Just Keep Swimming
The player with Water and either Frogs, Tadpoles, or Fish wins.
So, these are the ideas that I have had so far.  Twister, Wildlife Preserve, and Fertilizer have worked well in playtesting, but the Goals and Actions are not certain.  If you have any thoughts or comments, please say so!
I hope you like these ideas!
-Sam M.

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