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[Icehouse] Ice games in Second Life

  • FromMark Lentczner <markl@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 21 May 2006 09:54:47 -0700
I'm working on a building a version of IceTowers in Second Life. Second Life is a huge, on-line 3d world (http://secondlife.com/). The game I'm building features automated pyramids that follow the rules and let between 3 and 6 players play.

Someone else already has a Zendo set in Second Life, and they have a permanent Zendo area set up to play (in the Second Life region known as Perry). Yay!

My question is, how does Looney feel about this? Currently, I haven't used any of the graphics from Looney. But I'd love to use the instruction graphics. Is using the name okay? My pyramids are a bit dull. Can/Should I use the dot motif from Loney (the Zendo ones use stripes). On the less paranoid side, would Looney like to be involved in this sort of thing?

If anyone would like to see what I'm working on, or play some games in Second Life, drop me a line.

	- Mark (known as Zarf Vantongerloo in Second Life)

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