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Re: [Icehouse] Black Ice Discussion (Translucency & The Curse)

  • FromRebiccola <rebiccola@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 11 Jul 2007 10:09:10 -0400
Hi James,
The first time I tried to play this at work, I also noticed the "bleed through" using white pyramids in the xeno set. My work has bright fluorescent lighting and white tables. Luckily I had an extra treehouse set and for that day we added a 2-pip colored piece under each white 3-pip piece to hide the color of the 1-pip piece. After that I just decided it was easier to bring my grey icehouse set to replace the white pieces, at least until I was able to get 3 rainbow treehouse sets. I spoke to Andy about this at Marcon, but we couldn't recreate the effect. 
Thanks for verifying that I don't have a sort of x-ray vision!  ;-) 
On 7/11/07, James Hazelton <jameshazelton@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:
Now that Black Ice is out in the open, I can share my thoughts on one of my new favourite games!

I bought three sets of Xeno and a fancy white/purple bag just for this game (although it also works for Homeworlds). A week ago, when teaching a new player, I noticed that in a certain light, I could see an orange glow under the white pyramid. The orange piece was bleeding through. We did about 10 minutes of testing with this, and found that blue bleeds also, but rarely purple. We found that only some white pyramids will allow this bleeding; presumably others have slightly thicker walls. We did optometrist-esque better-or-worse testing to find the thickest three of eight white queens on hand, but even the thickest of thick can bleed occasionally. I have only noticed this phenomenon under the florescent lighting of the local game shop. Anyone have a similar experience?


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