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RE: Pylon (was RE: [Icehouse] IGDC Summer 2007 Rankings)

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 26 Sep 2007 21:28:13 -0700
> From: Doug Orleans <dougorleans@xxxxxxxxx>
> By the way, I mentioned this on Andy's LiveJournal but not here: the
> name Pylon did indeed come from "pile on".  At the time I thought that

Ah, maybe I did read this and (subconsciously?) regurgitated or

{snip etymology of pylon... but I'm filing a formal objection to calling
LotL a "kid's show", dammit!}

> "Land of the Lost", each of which contained a crystal matrix involving
> red, green, blue, and yellow crystals.  I loved that show as a kid,
> but had forgotten about Pylons until Andy pointed it out-- according
> to him, scenes from that show was one of his inspirations for the
> creation of Icehouse pyramids!



Wow, really?

VERRRY cool... Yep, makes total sense, now. Reframes some of the old
color debates, even...
*begins to review archives*

> I guess if I ever make a sequel game, it should be called Skylon...


Call it "Sleestacks"!!! Oh, man, that's SO gotta be used by somebody....


OK, it's late and I've come home from a fine fest; maybe I'm getting a
bit silly, here... :P


> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_of_the_Lost_%281974_television_series%29_geography_and_technology#Skylons

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