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[Icehouse] What about Eco/Loco?

  • FromNick <nickl2@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 14 Nov 2007 16:48:45 -0500
Remember, a while back there was some discussion about making new colors of pyramids? And my CLOWD thingy? Are there still plans for new colors? Actually, I think there was some debate about why we need new colors. My answer is: we don't, but if there were 16 colors, so many possibilities would pop up. For example, we could create games like (and this is my speculation, I don't have rules written up yet for these games or anything):
  • CMYK, a game about ink blobs that would be aided by a magenta color (redder than the purple we already have, that is).
  • Zendo Insanity, played with 12 colors that can be grouped 4 different ways.
  • the still-in-progress-last-I-checked Stacktors! Icehouse RPG engine could use additional colors to represent stats better.
  • with 16 colors available, using 14 one-color stashes would result in 70 nests; plus 5 caps each from the remaining two colors makes Ultra Volcano, played on an 8-by-8 grid, possibly with each player playing a different cap color.
  • Double-Locked, a safe-breaking game using 4 opaque colors (1-pointers of one opaque color hidden under 2-pointers of another opaque color hidden under 3-pointers of a third opaque color, players look at revealed pieces to guess what's left)
  • a 3HOUSE, 15 color resource management game (you're the xeno, I'm the rainbow, he's the eco. Your guards are white, mine are black, his are tan. your travelers are clear, mine are yellow, his are smoked gray, etc).
plus, imagine the marketing capabilities... you could display EcoHouse next to EcoFluxx, Zombie Fluxx, or Chrononauts; RainbowHouse next to Aquarius or Fluxx; and XenoHouse next to EAC, for color-matching fun!

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