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[Rabbits] Call for Rabbits: Penguicon 4.0

  • From"Clark D. Rodeffer" <clark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 6 Jan 2006 10:46:53 -0800 (PST)
Gentle Rabbits,

I would REALLY like to flesh out the Looney Labs
gaming schedule for Penguicon, which is coming this
April, especially since the Looneys are the gaming
guests! The gaming room will be open and staffed
around-the-clock, and plenty of free caffeine and
munchies will be available. Feel free to play all day
and all night. You can find out about Penguicon and
read the current gaming schedule at the following

Penguicon: http://www.penguicon.org
Gaming Schedule:

Contact me with anything you'd like to run with
information similar to what's in the list. If
possible, I'd like to have people step up to run
Werewolf during the overnight hours. There may also be
room for an "Andy vs. Everyone" event and/or a Rubik's
Cube speed solving tournament, if there's enough
interest. People who agree to run at least three hours
of scheduled games (a piece of cake) can e-mail me,
and we'll talk about getting you on my Papal Bull list
for a discounted convention pre-registration rate. I
hope to see you there!

Clark Rodeffer
gaming AT penguicon DOT org
Penguicon Non-Computer Gaming Chair
Roly-Poly Tablehammer Shuffleball Pope

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