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[Rabbits] Proposing Rabbit Event in Pittsburgh

  • FromJonathon Podolsky <business@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 28 Apr 2006 18:15:33 -0400
I am proposing a major Rabbit themed promotion that I would like to do in conjunction with Looneylabs if possible. This event would be held this week and would be to promote the feature film called "Down the Rabbit Hole", presented May 6-7, 2006 at an event called the Whole Health Expo at the Pittsburgh ExpoMart in Monroeville, PA. If you have any ideas or may like to be involved please call me at 413.584.0010 or email me; I think I am now configured to get emails from this list, but just in case please cc: Producer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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