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[Rabbits] 3HOUSE update...

  • FromKristin <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 07 Sep 2006 19:40:48 -0400
David Tyberg asked:

Oh, and since the subject of 3House came up, can somebody explain how to
use three Treehouse sets to play Icetowers?  Is it a scaled down version
of the game where up to five players can play and have only 3 nests
worth of pyramids to place, rather than 5?

Yes - that's exactly what it is!

Dave (APPman) the Blab Rabbit asked:

Any word on when 3HOUSE will be available? According to the website, it
"should be ready by June". What's the good word?

to quote Andy from this weeks webzine (which has not gone up yet):

 "... triggered the need for another new product, a booklet called
  3HOUSE (which was supposed to be for sale by now but is still
  only half written -- sorry bout the delay, folks)"

He has cleared his plate of most other more urgent tasks, and will
hopefully be digging in and finishing this thing up soon...  sigh.
There is more to do than can possibly get done in a timely fashion.

-Kristin (of the way overworked but still loving her job variety)

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