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Re: [Rabbits] Re: AYAW? Challenge!

  • From"Dave Churvis" <atomicdave@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 8 Sep 2006 14:39:44 -0400
It's usually best when you have each circle with its own narrator.  I
find that in gigantic groups, you can get a game going as early as
possible so as many people learn it as they can, then you take
moderators from the first group to branch out with new games.  Just
make sure you bring enough copies :D

Dave "Atomic" Churvis

On 9/8/06, Christopher Hickman <tophu@xxxxxxx> wrote:

How does one handle these kinds of massive games?  Do you moderate them all
simultaneously, or does each circle have their own narrator?

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I would be more than willing to try and pull together a huge game, but the
problem is that we only have about 4500 undergrads at our school. 200 would
be a sizable portion of our student body, but I'm sure with my connections
across campus that I could get a good crowd. I don't have any copies of the
game, though, so I'll need to pick some up before then. It'll be a good
time, and really good practice on moderating this game.


Marissa "still no rabbit nickname" Wills

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> Shane wrote:
> > Let me issue a challenge to all of the demo rabbits that live
> > near a university or college. Many colleges or universities have a
> > "Student Activities Board" which plans the activities for the
> > college. During Halloween (which is on Tuesday), offer to organize an
> > You A Werewolf? game at the Student Union/Commons/etc. Normally, they
> > look for easy (i.e. really cheap) ways of entertaining students. Hold
> > game for 3 to 4 hours and promote it. I'm doing at Ohio University.
> Shane -  this is awesome!  Let's play AYAW? on Halloween!
> We just signed off on the proofs, and it goes on press on Tuesday, so
> we will have a new edition of AYAW? shipping in late September - lots
> of werewolves in plenty of time for Halloween...
> I think the 116 players that Billy counted at 2 A.M. on Sunday night
> at Dragon*Con is the largest collection of simultaneous villages I've
> heard of.  What about adding to your challenge, the challenge to
> break the 200 player mark on number of players?
> I'd be happy to send 14 free demo copies of the game to any Rabbit
> who wants to try to break the 200 player mark - and has the event
> scheduled with their university to have a room available that has
> 14 circles of 15 chairs -  that's 210 chairs!  Yikes, maybe that's
> just crazy talk. How would you go about getting 200+ students to
> gather in a room at the student union to try to break this record?
> Or is that bigger than what you were thinking to try to run?  :)
> I'd say go for 100 players - but that has now already been done!
> Obviously a much smaller event would also be wonderful...
> Please continue to report on your progress with your college
> activities folks, let us know what you need from us to support
> whatever you end up deciding to organize!
> The timing on this is just about perfect, with two months to plan,
> and a specific target date to hold the event on, and a theme that
> fits, and a game that's great with a crowd. What better than
> Werewolf on Halloween!
> -Kristin
> P.S. Has anyone ever measured how much square footage a circle
> of 15 chairs takes up?

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