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Re: [Rabbits] Chicagoland Warren Report

  • From"Benjamin F. Klahn KSC" <bfklahn@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 26 Sep 2006 14:05:53 -0500
So, the next meeting is Sat, Oct. 21

That's perfect, we can finalize any plans for a Halloween AYAW.

I'll be there.


On 9/24/06, Carol Townsend <carol.townsend@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The first official meeting of the Chicagoland Warren was held today at Pizza
To The People.
 - 3.5 rabbits attended  (one person isn't a rabbit yet because she thought
she'd have to demo - she's signing up as an official Blab Rabbit soon!)
 - good food was had by all  (including 1 free appetizer because 1 of us was
wearing tie-dye... ya gotta love a place that gives you free food for
wearing standard Looney Lab's-type clothing!)
 - Live 60's music was happening while we gamed
 - We played a couple of games of Just Desserts (comments will be forwarded
to the Betatesters list) and a couple of games of Martian Coasters.  We
talked about Zarcana and Gnostica - I'd just finished making my decks using
spare CCG cards I had (the Looney Toons CCG.  I thought it was appropriate).
 We might play that next time, if we've got enough people who want to play.

NEXT WARREN MEETING: Oct 21st, 2pm.  Agenda: unchanged.
 - it was decided that since there were at least 3 responses of "I'd love to
come, but I've got stuff on Sundays, so I can't" (mostly already established
game groups) we are moving the meetings to the 3rd Saturday's of
the Month.  How's that for various
  - it was unanimous that even though this setting is a bit out of the way
for DownTowners, it is the PERFECT meeting place for playing Looney Labs
games.  Peace signs and flowers everywhere, a HUGE poster of both the Abbey
Road and Let it Be albums in the Ladies Room (I didn't visit the other one,
so no report there...), tie dye and 60's music....

So, all you in Chicago (or those planning to be near Chicago around then)
plan on coming out to Pizza to the People, just north of 75th St. on Rt. 59.
 If you need a ride from the train station, contact me offlist and we'll see
what we can arrange.  Di Sudduth - if you want a place to crash on Saturday
night after the Warren meeting, you've got it!

It was a fun time - come join us if you're in the area next month!

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