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  • From"Tonya Foust" <tmfoust@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 16 Oct 2006 20:54:19 -0500
Can I hitch a ride too? *innocent grin*

On 10/16/06, Carol Townsend <carol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 10/16/06, Marissa Wills <crystallineangel@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:
I just need a reminder: What time is this meeting? I need to know what Metra to catch, and therefore, what time to leave the University. And this place is in Naperville, right? There's a Metra station there. I should be easy to find; I'll wear my Treeshirt and a tye-dye bandana for easy location.

Can't wait to come out and play!


Thanks for the reminder...I'm answering you and posting this to the Rabbit list.  :)

Chicagoland Warren Meeting
2:00, Sat. 21 Oct (that's THIS Saturday!!)
Pizza to the People  ( www.pizzatothepeople.com)
844 S. Rt 59, Naperville, between 75th st and Fox Valley Mall
All welcome!!  Wear your Tie-Dye!!

Easiest rail stop: Metra station/BNSF stop at Rt 59.  (not the Naperville stop).  If you take the 12:30 train, you'll arrive at 1:30 - perfect timing for the 2:00 stuff.  

I'm picking up Marissa (is that stop/timing ok for you, Marissa???) so if you're coming in by train, look for me in a tie dye polo shirt.  Otherwise, we'll see you at the Most Righteous Tavern and Pizza Joint in Town!  :)

If you need help/directions/etc let me know.  630/215-6027 (cell)

I'm planning on bringing Martian Coasters, Treehouse and Just Desserts - please feel free to bring other stuff - we'll eat pizza and have fun playing games until we decide it's time to go!!




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