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Re: [Rabbits] Hello again, for the first time...

  • From"Laurie J. Rich" <knitmeapony@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 7 Nov 2006 18:43:33 -0600
Hurray indeed!

Josh, you are fantastic, you will be missed, and thank you for ALL your work.

Carol, looking forward to working with you!

On 11/7/06, TheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Yaaaaaay! More hats! More hats!

On 11/7/06, Carol Townsend <carol.townsend@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I really feel like I need to introduce myself - but so many of you already
know me in all sorts of roles: Teacher Rabbit, Craft Rabbit,
All-around-busybody-poster on lots of lists. I wear a lot of hats around
here. I guess I'm just adding a new hat to the hat-tree.
> As of next week, I'll be taking over from Josh in the role of Rabbit
Coordinator and Event Wrangler.  I'm not saying "I'll be replacing Josh"
because there is just NO way I'll ever be able to do that.  Josh has been
wonderful in his time here, and no one will ever be able to fill his shoes.
I'm not even going to try.
> So, this email is basically to introduce me to those who may not know me;
for those who do know me (from cons or the lists or whatever), I've added
some bits that are probably new to you too.  For starters, here's my rabbit
> My hat-tree is much more of a hat-shrub, now that I think of it.  I have
been a teacher for over 20 years (full time, part time, substitute, for high
school sciences, middle schools, a one-room-schoolhouse...); I've been a
sign language interpreter (so long ago that I've forgotten more than I ever
knew); I've worked retail, food-industry (fast food, sit-down restaurant,
head chef and college food service), politics (party HQ in a county and
later as aide to a US Congressional candidate... who lost), movie house,
grocery store clerk, camp counselor... I've got an eclectic work history.
My hobbies are just as varied: I do all sorts of crafts but enjoy sewing and
cross stitch the most, I sing and play guitar, enjoy theater (on stage and
behind it), writing (fiction, game supplements, odd bits of bad poetry and
songs), reading (fantasy, fiction, mystery...), gaming (Looney Labs stuff,
of course! But also role-playing, LARPing, lots of other board games), going
to Ren Fairs, shopping in used book stores... the list goes on.  I've been
married for over 8 years to a wonderful gamer hermit, who loves to game but
doesn't enjoy large conventions.  That's me in a nutshell.
> If you want to get hold of this nutshell, the best way is to email me: (
rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ).  I'm the "remote employee" of Looney Labs;
that means the main office is in the DC area but I work out of the Chicago
area.  I'm rarely in the main office - so while you can call there and leave
me a message, it's best to email me.
> We will all miss Josh doing what he has been doing every day this past
year.  But the cool thing is that he's going to be around, doing his Rabbity
goodness at whatever event he attends, so we won't miss his hugs or his
energy or the way he can beat Andy at Binary Homeworlds.  Thank you for
everything you've done, Josh - and for everything you will continue to do in
the next phase of your journey.
> Taking a deep breath before the plunge...
> Carol
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