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  • From"Billy Brahma" <billybrahma@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 27 Nov 2006 17:37:18 -0500
Yeah sorry man.. I did forget..
I ended up leading the field team for the Christine Jennings Campaign there in Sarasota..
I was at the Darkside.. a comic and game store.. during all the stuff I did there.. working with there local Rabbit.. Andrew Beard.
Never heard the name Funtoysia at all the entire time I was there.  And noone mentioned another Rabbit in the area or I would have been happy to meet you.  We can only do what we have knowledge of being able to do.
Theres a chance if the Court demands a Revote.. I will be back in sarasota.  So that next time might not be too big a reach.
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I think you may have forgotten that I had asked to borrow a copy of AYAW but that is OK as I got my own copy before I needed it. But I couldn't help but notice you were in SARASOTA!!! Were you at Funtoysia (a game store in Sarasota that sells Looney products)? I had called them looking for AYAW but though I am in Sarasota on a weekly basis I am almost always there when they are closed. (my children live in Sarasota with their mom). Also had I known you were down this way it would have been nice to say hello. I live about 60 miles south and a mile or two off I-75. Ah well next time perhaps.

Carlton "Kermit" Noles
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On 11/27/06, Billy Brahma <billybrahma@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yeah I was thinking that on Halloween when I did my AYAW event in Sarasota..
(still not reported that one in the system yet either)

They had a decent selection of stuff but no display.. so it was just in a
collection of card games and board game like stuff on the shelf.  I actually
had to look around to find the AYAW?  and thats why I was there.

So yes.. if we could get the display boxes with points ( returned with the
promotional credits at the end of every event ) we could put almost every
Looney Game front and center in every store we demo in.  Our major issue in
most stores I've done events and demos in has repeatly been visibility.  The
gamers know the baseline games they just seem surprised when I pull one of
them off there favorite stores shelves.


Robert Bunn

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>Subject: [Rabbits] displays
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>I'm browsing through the site this morning and wishing Demo Rabbits could
>order those empty Cardboard Store Displays to use at stores when I demo at
>stores that do sell a few things, but they are on the back shelf- unseen.

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