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Re: [Rabbits] Looney Labs game day at Ivory Tower Games - Lebanon, Ohio

  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 7 Dec 2006 13:22:13 -0600
Hey Dean!

This is cool - thanks for organizing this.  I see that there's a few Rabbits in the area - in Dayton and Maineville and Milford.  You've got some potential helpers in the area at least!  So who wants to do a game day in January at Ivory Tower Games???

Here's some details from our end:
Ivory Tower Games is on our Retailer Roster here:

If you're in the area, feel free to go to that page and associate yourself with that store if you're interested in doing demos and stuff there!  Better yet, stop by the store and say hi to Kevin and Brett.  

And Dean, make sure you go on your Rabbit page

...and update your picture and bio - You'll get 10 easy Rabbit points - 5 for a first-time Bio post and 5 for a first time Picture.  I see you've already associated yourself with Ivory Tower Games.  That's fantastic!  

Thanks Dean!

-she who loves how much our Rabbits just ROCK!

On 12/7/06, dean@xxxxxxxxxx <dean@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've been in talks with the owner of Ivory Tower Games in Lebanon, Ohio -
http://www.ivory-tower-games.com/. He has the POP display, but doesn't
have Tree House, he has about 4 stash tubes and most of the other games,
Chrononauts, Fluxx, the new expansions, AYAW.  He's not played anything
but Fluxx, and he wants to do a Looney Game Day in January.  He has a
regular board game night on Tuesdays, and a "Big Board Game" Saturday, and
a Family Game Day on a Saturday- it's the Family Game Day in January that
he'd like to do the Looney Games.  I've played a few of the Icehouse
games, IceTowers, Homeworlds, Treehouse and a few others from Playing with
Pyramids, as well as Fluxx. I only have IceTowers and Fluxx.  Are there
other rabbits that are in the area that might be able to help with this?
I've never demo'ed or attended a demo before.

The actual date is not yet set, more than likely the middle of the month.
I'm in the middle of a 500 mile move, and may not be able to commit to
January, but if I know there'll be at least one other rabbit, I will
schedule it with him.
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