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[Rabbits] Convention Announcement - UberCon, Nov 2-4, 2007, Edison, NJ

  • From"Seth Ruskin" <rathorne@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 09 Sep 2007 18:08:47 -0400
Hey there fellow rabbits,

The weekend of Nov 2-4, 2007 Ubercon IX will be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Edison, NJ. I highly encourage any local Rabbits who wish to run/demo various games to sign up to run/demo.

Right now there are 8 Looney Labs events (by 2 Rabbits) covering 19 hours of the convention, including 4 AYaW? events (VERY VERY popular), a Fluxx event, an UberChrononauts event, and 2 open demos.

But they could always use more Looney labs events.

If you are interested, visit http://www.ubercon.com for more information. Looney Labs games run under the Boardgames track.

I hope to see as many Rabbits as possible.

Seth Ruskin
aka GnTar, the evil teddy bear Rabbit

P.S. I am not affiliated with Ubercon other than being a regular Rabbit attendee. I would be happy to answer what questions you have and point you in the right direction if I don't have the answer.

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