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[Rabbits] What I did On My End of March Vacation

  • From"Stephanie M. Clarkson" <thespian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 29 Mar 2010 00:48:30 -0400
Was I was talking to Wil Wheaton about what I'd been doing all day
(which meant I was the last person in line, to, for reasons too long
to explain, get my hairbrush signed by him).

"Well, I was demoing Looney Labs games for the Compleat Strategist people."
"Oh! You posted that in my blog!" (I had invited him by since I knew
I'd be busy)
"I did.(pause) Have you played Fluxx?"
"I have! It's really fun! A friend of mine has it."
"Really? (thinks). Would you like the Monty Python version?" (I know
he's into M.P.)

So I gave him my demo copy of Monty Python Fluxx and he looked at a
card or two and said, "This looks awesome!"

And he bounced a little, and thanked me three times.

That's not a full on evil killer rabbit report, but I'm sooooo tired,
but I totally thought y'all would like to hear that bit ;-)


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