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Re: [Something] old Just Desserts rules?

  • FromDunk <snooch2nooch@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 9 Dec 2005 20:30:50 +0000
They come with the beta pack,

Five guest are draw and each player starts with 5 desserts. The players take turns to try and satisfy guests. With either a combination of foods or there favourite, a favourite means the guest is placed face down in front of you else it is placed face up, all used foods are placed face down in front of the player that used them. A player can satisfy any guest in view (including the ones in front of other players, this costs one card to bribe them away) you always draw up to 5 cards. when the guests run out you score 1 point for each food used on for each face up guest in front of you and 2 for each favourite.

I think thats it, i've only played two or three times at UK gen con, I played the new rules at
dragonmeet . I have to say I thought the new rules were an improvement

I was thinking of an additional idea for the new rules might be to allow some sort of bribing of the top guest to your hand but i've got to work out a way of stopping this becoming to chaotic. I like the poaching of guest from the original rules

On 09/12/05, Doug Orleans <dougo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Are the rules for the beta version of Just Desserts available
anywhere?  I have no interest in a turnless/realtime game, but I'm
curious to see what the turn-based rules were like.

-- dougo@xxxxxxxxx
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