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Re: [Something] At a momentary loss

  • FromChristopher Hickman <tophu@xxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 24 Feb 2006 07:38:48 -0500
Keep going. Don't let them get you down.  If you keep after your dream, you'll make it.

Good luck!  I'm looking forward to reading your book. :)


On Feb 23, 2006, at 9:28 PM, Jeremy Lewis (home) wrote:

We interrupt this mailing list for a short (but non-violent) outburst.


Hi, All!


I’m not really sure if this belongs here or not, but I had to say something somewhere and since this *is* the “something” list…


I’ve recently completed my first novel and am having a devil of a time finding an agent.  That in and of itself is not unusual, but this last foray has left me a bit befuddled.  I was expecting rejections.  Rejection are par for the course.


Donald Maas wasn’t interested (form letter)


Daniel over at Writer’s House responded with a no in less than 60 seconds.  (At least it was quick)


The kicker is Kris O’Higgins over at the Scribe Agency.  He actually wanted me to send him the manuscript.  I did.  He read it and said he really liked it.  He even liked what I’ve written of the sequel, but he doesn’t like my other work and will only represent some one that he can get behind completely.  I appreciate that and I sincerely thank him for taking the time to read, review and comment on my work... but talk about frustrating… ARGH!




I feel better now.


You may now return to your regularly scheduled witty banter.





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