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Running demos of Monster Fluxx and Firefly Fluxx in Northeast MS on the 29th.

It's the first annual Caster's Den Halloween Party in the greater metropolitan area of Iuka, MS!!

I'm going to be running demos of Monster Fluxx (it's the reason for the season), and due to overwhelming popularity, Firefly Fluxx, 'cause they can't take the sky from me. :)

Spring Launch Demo in Connecticut

I'll be running a Spring Launch Kit demo at Battlegrounds Gaming in Norwalk, CT on March 16th at 7p.m.

Mad Libs, Firefly Fluxx and Uglydoll Loonacy will be the games run. Some prizes will be given away from the Warehouse Swag Bag. I'll have a black Mad Science lab coat on and a tye-dyed tablecloth so I'll be easy to find.

Battlegrounds is located at:

Address: 362 Main Ave, Norwalk, CT 06855
Phone:(203) 295-8181

Spring Launch Kit

Alison just made the Spring Launch Kit live in the game tech secret store!


So I just got the Firefly Fluxx and tore into it, as one might expect.

I feel like - long term - having both:

  • No Power in the 'Verse Can Stop Me
  • "No Power in the 'Verse Can Stop Me"

as goal cards is just asking for confusion and pain.

I recognize that they are - pedantically - "different" because of the quotation marks, but it just seems like a bad idea, and something that I would perhaps suggest changing in future printings.

My thoughts on Batman FLUXX demo copy

I've played over a dozen games since receiving my demo kit and here are some thoughts from myself and friends.

Firstly, I noticed that this version contains printed copyright information on the backside of each card. This has never been done before, to my knowledge, as the FLUXX sets can be mixed together to create varied game experiences. Is this only printed upon the demo copies? (I should note that the Adventure Time FLUXX has this same issue).

My copy of Batman FLUXX contains TWO COPIES of several goal cards. In the past, the games have all been singleton. I do have a 100 card deck so, the question here is, which cards am I missing?

Everyone's favorite card is "Let's Keep Doing That!", which is just brilliant card design.

The most feared card is "Clayface", as this promo can produce wins more often than not!


The official card list has been posted and is no longer claiming that access is forbidden.
Thank you for sharing. I just found this myself shortly before support contacted me in reply. :) It is an interesting error.

Ok, I feel stupid but I must come clean on this.

I actually have 105 card deck with five extra goals, as in the picture above. I somehow mad a counting error the first time around and thought I was five cards short. I don't know how I managed that but, it's a shame. -__-

I appreciate the follow-up. My copy is in transit and I wasn't sure what to expect.
These two new versions retail at 20$ for a reason: the graphic quality is sharp. The games contain several new Action and New Rules cards that are such a welcome addition! Like Play All But 1, or Zap a Card! Haha VERY good versions of FLUXX!
Honestly I just assumed it was licensing. Looking forward to all 3 new products. And I'll have my organizer inserts updated as soon as I get my copies.

Question about Batman Fluxx

I posted this over on the Fluxx section, but I probably should have posted it here. I received my copy of Batman Fluxx and tried it out last night at the store I hangout. A question was brought up regarding the Batman Cuffs Card. Say a player has this card and a villain underneath. This player also has what they need to win the game (e.g. Commissioner Gordon and the Bat Signal). Is he/she unable to win because of the Creeper, or does the Cuffs negate that? I believe that if you have the Creeper, you can't win unless it's part of the goal (per the rules). 

While it was an unofficial demo of the game, the reviews were very good. We hope to do an official demo next week and want to do a Batman Fluxx tournament as a part of DC Comics' Batman Day (9/26).


I'll take a guess at this.  I'm first going to reference the treasure map from Pirate Fluxx.  "If you have this card on the table you may hide your booty keepers under this card and it's just like they don't exist."  Cuffs reads a bit more vague "You can hide one villain under this card."  I'm going to assume a hidden keeper is the same as a hidden creeper.  So you can hold a creeper there with no penalty and reveal it later to win if necessary.  Just remember if someone steals your cuffs the creeper goes with it.  It's also worth noting that in Batman Fluxx villains prevent everyone from winning.

demo kits

i just teamed up with a really small local game store and i was wanting to know if there are going to be in demo kits for the game tech store that i can get to get more people into thr hype of the new summer sets coming out


Why yes, we do have a kit for the summer games....  

They just went up for sale!  Details here:

The kits should be ready to ship the week of July 27th - get your on order today!

It was done before the fan page even finished loading lol I'm soo Happy this is going to be my birthday present to myself. Yayyy so happy 

Will they be back in stock or is the summer demo kit done?

Demo at Awesome Con for Looney Labs!

Hey guys, Looney Labs will be at Awesome Con in DC May 29-31, and we're looking for some awesome game techs to help us out in the tabletop gaming area! Interested? Email me at ASAP for the details! 

International tabletop day

I am going to be doing demos at a international tabletop day event this year. Was wondering if we had any cards that were printed for that, like last year. thanks.

UK Games Expo

I've just been looking at the floor plan for the UKGamesExpo 2015, and noticed that there's a stall marked as 'Looney Labs'. Is this an official Looney Labs stall, or is it a UK supplier using the name to shift inventory?

Link here >>>


No official word?

I've just seen the official announcement on Facebook, I'll be glad to see you there.

For those members that don't follow Facebook;

How many UK Game Techs do we have on this list? Will you be at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham at the end of May? Exciting news - Andy and I are coming to your show this year! We booked our airline tickets today! (Kristin Looney)

Yes!  Andy and I are going to the UK Games Expo this year! 

We (the whole family) will look forward to seeing you there. :)

Demo Kit for Just Desserts...

Why yes... I am reviewing samples of aprons today...


I'm surprised no Purple.  Or Tie Dye!  =)  (Probably depends on the rest of the art on the cards, all that)

Really happy this game is making it's way into the world  =)

This kit be order-able through Alliance, correct?

Dave: Yes, the demo kit for retailers can be ordered through Alliance...   however, the apron is the extra thing we are adding to the game tech fan kits to make them special - so you won't get one in your retailer kit. And yes, we are making a few extras for those retailers who ask... will you be at the GAMA Trade show, Dave?  Or at either the Alliance or ACD open houses?  We will be promoting this new game all year! 

Not sure if I'll make it to any retailer-specific event this year. So I guess I will order one through the lab tech secret store. But I have no clue how to get there?

Just got the email about the demo kit, but link in the email is broken. :(

Rainbow Stash Backordered?

Hi Team,

Do you know when the Rainbow Stash will be replenished?

Thank you,




Hi Evan,

They are back in stock now!

Partnering with a FLGS

Hi Team,

I need to check if this is congruent with the rules or not with regards to being a game tech.

I noticed that the price of demo packs are cheaper through the retailers than if purchased as a game tech.  Since my goal is to get a gaming club started at the local university in town where I am on a few committees, would partnering with the FLGS, friendly local game store, to get the supplies and marketing for the game store be appropriate?  The FLGS would be the owner of the demo equipment, and I would be the demonstrator.  Please let me know if this is congruent with the intent of game tech.

Thank you,



I am by no means an official responder, but I think it's safe to say that it's alright to go through the FLGS. Sometimes the Gametech demo copies come with something extra (like a challenge coin) that retailers do not get, but it belongs to you instead of the store. I have got the demo games both ways. Hope this helps, good luck with the Game Club!

Fluxx update for Game Techs

Hello Game Technicians! 

Two new versions of Fluxx (Holiday and 5.0) just hit the market yesterday... and the availability of several others are changing...  so I want to offer you guys a detailed update - so you know the right answers if anyone asks you!

  • Holiday Fluxx :  This is a brand new edition of Fluxx which went on sale in specialty and hobby game stores on October 3rd. We also just learned that Barnes & Noble is picking this up for a holiday display in 600+ stores sometime in early November. This is the perfect version to play with your family over the holidays, and makes a great stocking stuffer!  The Holiday Fluxx launch kit, which includes a 25 pack of Mrs. Clause promo cards (plus a surprise demo copy of the new 5.0 edition of the basic Fluxx) is still available in the game tech secret store
  • Fluxx : We have updated the basic version of Fluxx again! This is now version 5.0, and we have changed up 17 cards from the 4.0 edition. You can read more in Andy's blog post on the subject, and here is the 5.0 card list.  We are now shipping this new version, whenever anyone orders Fluxx from Looney Labs directly, but which version you find in stores or other online sources will depend on their stock levels of the previous version. 
  • Fluxx SE : This is the special edition of Fluxx we created a few years back for the mass market. It was exclusive in Target for a year or so, and is now only available in our online store and a few places on Amazon. We do not plan to reprint this edition when we run out of stock, so we are not offering it for sale through hobby stores. The packaging does not match all the other versions they sell and the new 5.0 edition is the basic entry level version of Fluxx we want these stores to be selling. 
  • Monster Fluxx : This is a simple but very cool version we created for Target a few years back, that for various complicated reasons saw very little time on Target's shelves. We have recently started offering it to game stores through our hobby distributors, even though the packaging doesn't match the rest of their versions...  because it's a great game, and we have a lot of stock available. Because of the packaging, the MSRP is $15 instead of $16  - but when we run through our existing print run, we plan to reprint in a 2 part box at the $16 price. 
  • CN Fluxx : This is the newest very simple hang tab packaging version of Fluxx which was created for the mass market and is currently exclusive to Target. This is a licensed version that features characters from 9 different Cartoon Network shows, which is on shelf in Target stores and for sale at - and is already proving to be a fabulous tool to bring new people who have never heard of Fluxx into the world of Fluxx. (We are currently negotiating an option to sell this internationally, since Target does not sell outside of the USA, but the details and timing on this is uncertain.)   
  • Regular Show Fluxx : This version focuses on just one of the Cartoon Network shows, Regular Show, and is sold in the two part box and offered in specialty, game, and book stores - not in the mass market. (A standalone Adventure Time version of Fluxx is likely for next year, but nothing is certain until we get a bit further along in the process.) 

Whew, that's a lot of details...  I hope this was at least interesting if not also valuable information!

New Fluxx Cards


I agree, these cards are awesome! I would love to make them for my game.

Local Demo Techs

Is there a way to find out if there are Demo Teams in my area already?  I live in Humble (a suburb of Houston).  I think it would be nice to do Demos together.  The local game store around here loves having people demo games for them.

Also in the Houston area, there are several conventions where gaming takes place.  I've not seen a Looney Labs Demo being done at any of these conventions (it could be happening, and I just missed it) and I think that is a shame.

Thanks!  I can't wait to start sharing these wonderful games in my area!


The search tools are far from perfect, but here are a few suggestions...  

Search for everyone in Texas:

Search for everyone in Humble:

Search for Houston:

try any other suburbs nearby and see who else you might find...

Thanks for helping us promote our games! 

Thank you so much!  This was really helpful.

You're Welcome - thank you for helping us promote our games! 

Game Tech Facebook Group

We just created a new Facebook Group!

Since Facebook is such a great method of communication, in addition to email and forums, we created this group to communicate about demo opportunities available at conventions, game stores, or other community gaming events.

If you are interested in hearing about demo opportunities in your area, and you like using Facebook to communicate - please join this group! 


As long as this does not mean the ning site is going away. Some people don't use facebook on principal (either because it is blocked in their office or school, or on principal).

Concur.  I have no problems with fFacebook, myself.  It's a website.  It serves several purposes very well.  But the book of fFaces doesn't encourage archivable discussion very well, I think.  It's great at encouraging ephemeral conversations about events and happenings.  But it's not so great at, fFor example, pontificating on the Pyramidicty Scale.  These are both good and important tools.

Free Comic Book Day @ Third Eye Annapolis


I just found out today that Looney Labs is going to be demoing at Third Eye in Annapolis.  This is my store...well OK...not my store personally...but where I spend the bulk of my game funds!  I'm not sure who's going to be demoing - but I'll be there for at least a good portion of the day.  I'd love to meet up with whoever is going, and see how things are really done!


Hi Becca,

Andy will be at Third Eye on Free Comic Book Day along with someone else from the Looney Labs office (possibly Kristin). We'll be excited to meet you, we've been seeing a lot of your tweets, especially around the Loonacy release.

Thanks for playing our games!



Idea for tournament

So, our local college is running a gaming convention in a few weeks, and I jumped at the chance to run Looney Labs games again.

However, in addition to my normal demoing, they asked if I would facilitate a tournament, as the game club was able to get a copy of Fluxx: The Board Game.

Since I only have one copy of F:BG, but have a copy of every kind of Fluxx, I have decided to run a Fluxx tournament, with the grand prize being F:BG because then I can support way more participants.

Here are my thoughts on running a tournament, and I just wanted to throw out it out for any suggestions about it.

The Fluxx Games I will NOT use in the tournament are Stoner (for obvious reasons) and Family (since this convention is mainly college age students and VERY VERY few families.


First Round - up to 30 players (limit of the area)

Six Tables of 5 players each - each table running a different version (Monster, Monty Python, Martian, Cthulhu, Oz, and Eco)

The first two people from each table to get two wins moves on. After those are done, 3 names from the non-winners are drawn to go on as well (keeping in spirit of the randomosity and luck of Fluxx)


Second Round - 15 players

Three Tables of 5 each - each table running different version (Star, Zombie, Pirate)

The first person from each table to achieve two wins moves on to the final round. After those are done, 2 names from non-winners are drawn to move on to the final.


Final Round - 5 players

One table, Original Fluxx (with all my random promos and such in)

First person to two wins is the grand prize winner and will receive a copy of Fluxx: The Board Game

Every participant will receive a "press your luck" promo card.

Every person who advances to round two will also receive a "robo-doc" promo card

Every person who is in the final game will also receive a "hastur" promo card


Prior to the event, I will run one hour of "free play" so that anyone who has not played before has a chance to learn. Also in that first round I have tried to keep a mix of easier and more complex versions so that even really new players have a spot they can fit in with.

I didn't want to do single elimination because the very nature of Fluxx is sometimes quick enough that I didn't want the tournament to be over super quick, but don't want to go to three wins because then I worry about it taking too long since there are other large events going on right after my official slot ends (I have a 3 hour slot for the tournament, but can run over by an extra 2 hours if needed)

Whatcha think? Any major things I am overlooking or missed?


I'd move original Fluxx into the 2nd round, have a 4th table, and make the 4 winners play for their Fluxx the Board Game.

One of the things that we do when my friend Matt and I do when running events at AnCon in Hudson is to run qualifiers. So throughout the con we have qualifiers for each of these rounds, playing different types of Fluxx. This spreads out the time, and gives people lots of opportunities to join in. Then depending on how many times you want to run qualifiers, run those second and third rounds as planned.

Another method, used by the Looneys at Origins at least when I was there in 2011, is a round robin type method. There are 3 or 4 round robin rounds, where the winner gets a stone of some kind. Any kind of marker will do. The earning of a stone will earn you entry into the next round. Those who can pay one stone will get into the next round. Then depending on how many people you have, do the same thing. Play a specific amount of rounds, and the toll to the next round is a stone. Use this method to whittle it down to a final round of however many people for Fluxx TBG. Seems to work wonders.

If you need any ideas, either of these are good. 

I like this would be a great way to incorporate F:BG into the contest, thanks!
I like the red robin idea....unfortuntely I can't have any more time since they were gracious enough to give me the prime spot in the hall so I only have the 4 hour timeslot. I'm lucky that a good friend of mine has the next slot and said he could fudge some of his time out of his event since he has the late night slot, but trying to stretch throughout the day is not an option (though one can wish!). I'll have to look around....might have time to actually paint the stones into an interesting souviner too :) Like little peace signs and such!

Well the round robin idea works well with the limited time frame. So every round should take about half an hour, and if you assign people tables randomly before hand, i.e., person is given the letter A, and is therefore at table 1 followed by table 6 followed by table 5. That keeps things moving, and you can do that for each round, hopefully it can roll like clockwork. Figure out how many rounds you want, and then go from there. 

Loonacy Kits shipping soon!

I know most of you have not even played this yet...  buy OMG this game is awesome!

(if you have played it - please back me up on this here...   we were calling this Keeper Chase)

The kits are shipping next week - if you want to get a demo copy early, get yourself over to the secret demo team only store and order your copy now.


I'm looking forward to getting my own demo kit through the mail.  Looks like it'll be a great game.

Ack! I didn't get the e-mail for this!

On a completely different note, why are the ITTD promos more expensive?

I take that back; they were only more expensive when I bought them to prep for Tabletop Day; They're HALF THE PRICE this week! I feel a bit... gouged.

I got my kit a couple weeks ago, and let me say, it's amazing! We played several games tonight, and we were all hooked!!! It is a great quick frantic game that will induce one to... dare i say... loonacy.

I may have to switch my kits back to direct ordering. The last few games, I've gotten the demo kit the same day as the release. And for Loonacy, Alliance didn't even SHIP me the kit for it. It's on my pre-order list, but not in my hands. Going to check with my rep tomorrow and find out what happened.

are you talking about our TableTopDay promo cards?

we are selling them here:

and the price has never changed... $1 each, or .30 each when buying 25 of them

or are you talking about the full kit of promo materials sold via game distributors into stores?

Did you talk to your rep?  How frequently do you get shipments from Alliance? They had the demo kits in time to get them to you early...   sorry that didn't work! 

On March 18th, I paid $15 for the 25 pack of the tie-die promo, the same order that I purchased my Loonacy demo copy on. There wasn't an option to buy more or less.

I know when I bought the TableTopDay promo cards, the unit cost was $15 from the webstore.  The price is still shown as $15 per unit in the order itself.

I get 2 or 3 shipments a month. He told me that the kits came in late (I deal with the Fort Wayne location.)

I thought sure they'd listed the launch kits/demo copies on the site as being available, but I may have misread it.

The cost for the pack of 25 should've been $7.50, but the cost for the pack of 25 when I bought them was double that.

Love loonacy SO much. I played it with a stranger at international tabletop day while her husband learned a new game from someone soon as we finished playing and were setting up the next demo I went and requested that the owner of the shop we were at get a supply of loonacy in so that I could buy one off him ASAP.
I am going to need to buy a few more copies lol. I taught my niece how to play and our card duels became violent with the two of us trying to slam a card down first and a few of the cards took a beating from it. If I keep playing with her I am going to need to have a fresh set of cards after every game.

LOL - I've had a few games like this... 

Would sleeves help?

I don't think sleeves would make much difference unless they were hard acrylic sleeves, which I think are cases not sleeves either way. Most of the damage I experiences came from two cards hitting each other and one or both bending backwards. The cards themselves didn't suffer too terribly much, two or three had to have a corner bent back into shape, but after a few games like that there may be a few cards that start to get permanent damage.

Starship Captain Training Sessions

Here's the full story about the Starship Captain Training Sesions that I've been running:

First of all, the sessions have never been posted on the Labyrinth schedule calendar.  So if you're assuming that they've been cancelled just because they're not showing up there, that's not the case.  

If Labyrinth staff are steering people away from the sessions, please let me know!

Second, Labyrinth switched up which night the sessions take place on.  We were on First Tuesdays, the same night as a Games Club of Maryland (GCOM) event.  

However, Labyrinth decided to turn Tuesday nights over exclusively to the Magic players, and that non-magic gaming was off-limits.  GCOM adjusted to first Thursdays accordingly.

In light of this change, I decided to switch from first Tuesdays to first Thursdays starting in October.  

To my knowledge, I am still welcome to demo pyramids at Labyrinth, and I still intend to do so on the first Thursday of each month.  Thursday nights are pretty cramped, and I worry that I won't get table space for these demos much longer.  But I will keep trying.

Thanks for taking an interest in my demo sessions.

Choose One!

Calling all Game Techs - please help us promote our new party game!

Details on the launch kit are here:

The game goes on sale in game stores for $30 on October 18th - but registered Game Techs can get a demo copy early - you pay $25, and you get a really cool custom coin, a poster, and 20 copies of a 7 card promo card pack to give away to people you demo with. 

We have been having TONS of fun with this new game everywhere we play it - and look forward to sharing it with you guys - THANK YOU for helping us spread the word about this new game!


Have you joined the Choose One Launch Team yet?

If yes...  please post a few words here about the game, about how easy and fun it is to teach and play. Please help us encourage other fans to sign up for the Choose One Launch Team! And then be sure you bring your copy to your TurkeyDay celebrations and share it with your family...

If not... there is still time to order a copy and bring it home to share with your family on Thanksgiving! Please help us promote this awesome new game! 

We've played Choose One at most of the recent events we've been to.

We've played with family, with friends, and as an icebreaker. We've played in groups from 4 to 10. People have heard about our adventures and have specifically asked us to bring it to future parties/game nights. It takes 1 minute to learn.  It's never the same game twice. With so many cards to choose from, it's always fresh. We've laughed so hard our stomachs hurt and we've learned amazing things about people leading to wonderful conversations, questions and thought-provoking discussions. We've seen that some people are more of an open book while others, not so much. We've wondered why the 2 choices listed were on the same card, and we've marveled at the perfect pairings on some. Perhaps the most telling thing that's happened in our Choose One Adventures is that EVERYONE wants to play again immediately. We've never played just one game. Sheesh … I wish I was playing right now.

I've played Choose One with folks aged 9 to 70-something, and everything in between, and the general consensus is that it's a HIT!  The 9-year-old actually seems to enjoy it the most, even though that's not the intended age range.  Dayle Hodge's description pretty much matches mine exactly.  I have already sold three copies of the game!

I have also found that the game can be modified in several ways:

--it's easy to turn it into a 2-player or 11+-player game if desired

--most of the cards are recognized / understood by kids as young as 9, none are inappropriate

--educationally speaking, these cards are great writing prompts for compare/contrast paragraphs

I've already got so many expansion decks running through my head that I find myself constantly jotting down notes for new card ideas.  For any demo techs who have not yet joined this launch team, DO IT!  You'll want this game, and you get it at a discount as part of the launch team.  It's the easiest of all of Looney Labs' games to teach and learn, literally taking less than five minutes.  There's even a sample demo from Kristin and Amber to show you how it's done right here.  And who can resist the cool launch team coins???  Plus, you can send all those who play with you home with their own mini-deck of seven cards so they can play with their own friends and family and get THEM hooked, too!  Easiest. Demo. Gig. Ever.  :o)

P.S.  I've written three Event Reports so far that give details of some of my demo adventures with this game.  They are here and here and here if you're interested.  :o)

I am so happy I get to demo this at Bent-con. You guys make amazing fun games. Thank you!

Just played it with people at a convention, it was so much fun. 

Monster Fluxx

Greetings Fellow Fluxxinators!!


I'm very curious about this Monster Fluxx.  Will there be a demo copy available for the Demo team?  Will there be a special coin, too?


Thanks for any info about it.





Hello Thom!  I'm really sorry this didn't get answered sooner.  It got buried in my to-do list and has just surfaced many months later.  So sorry!  In any case, to answer your questions, we never did a Game Tech promotion with a demo copy of Monster Fluxx, and there was no turn token for it... we didn't do a big marketing release for this game. But it is available for sale in a lot of hobby game stores and on our website:  Happy Halloween! 

Choose One?

SO I saw that for retailers there is a launch kit for Choose One that comes with the game, poster, and 20 expansion packs for the game to give away. Is this going to be available for demo team members? I ask because I ran an event this week for Fluxx the Board Game and when I mentioned I was a game tech, one of the players asked me about Choose One since they follow you guys on facebook. I figured I would check since the game is coming out in just over a month (if I heard correct) and I hadn't seen anything for demo about it.


I'm curious as well.

Been almost a month and no word...I hope I posted this in the right area.....

Bad timing (again) for me. I would love to bring a copy of this to the Wil Wheaton vs Paul & Storm concert tomorrow night, but there's no way it'll get to me in time. My next chance to play won't be until just a few days before the actual release.

Time to get an event set up!!

Ok, I just got the email but something is kind of bothering me.

I used to see that previously, demo team members got the game at a slight discount, plus promotional items. It was an incentive for taking extra time to go out and demo things. I could even understand at MSRP with promotional "freebies". Since I already bought every Looney Labs game, I decided 2 years to take the plunge and join the demo team because if I already loved the games and bought them all, getting them at a slight discount, spreading the word, then passing them along eventually and getting a fresh copy from my FLGS was no big hassle. However, lately its been costing me more than double the game price to be on the demo team than it would have been to just buy 2 copies of the game from my FLGS.

For example, this demo kit is $5 over MSRP. Meanwhile, retailers get the exact same kit for $12. Why is the demo team cost nearly 3 times higher than what the retailer cost is for the exact same kit? Since part of being on demo team is the expectation that you go buy yourself a copy from a FLGS for your personal use, I don't understand this. As I am now unemployed, recently married, and currently trying to pay bills and a mortgage on my husbands grad school stipend, it's getting very hard to keep play funds out there, and it seems illogical to spend more money on a demo kit through Looney Labs when I can get the same thing from a FLGS (and probably even get the promo cards for free from them, or offer to run a demo for them using their much cheaper promo materials) At that point, what is the incentive to even being a game technician?

Where I found the info on the retailers demo kit...

I even went through all my past orders to check and see if maybe before I wasn't as worried about money I didn't notice it...

Aug 2011 - Star Fluxx Demo Kit $10    Retail $16
Aug 2011- Ice Dice Demo Kit $12.00  Retail $20
Mar 2012 - Oz Fluxx $20.00  Retail $16.00  (Demo kit included exclusive coin as well as promos and advertising)
May 2012 - Cthulu Fluxx $20.00  Retail $16.00 (Demo kit included exclusive coin as well as promos and advertising)
November 2012 - Pyramids Demo Kit $50.00 Retail $87.00 (if I added up all the items properly, might be a little higher)
July 2013 - Fluxx TBG demo kit - $36.00 Retail $30 (this included a huge bag of swag that had full games in it, and there was an option to buy it for $25 if you didn't want to pay to ship the swag bag)

I can understand the Oz and Cthulu price jumps, slightly, because of the exclusive coin. Exclusive content, especially well tooled metal coins, are expensive to design and produce. But every other one has been a moderate discount (or in the case of pyramid demo, a huge one).

I really hope I am missing something because I LOVE promoting these games. Every con I go to I run events and have a great time meeting people. I LOVED the fact that a game manufacturer recognized their fans that took extra time and enthusiasm to promote their games from free, in exchange for getting early access to the game and a good deal on the game. It was an affordable way for me to help get the word out about these games I loved.

Hi Genevieve!   I can try to offer some answers later...  it's a complex question, and I'm heading out of town again. I will try to get back here with more answers. But we finally have details of the Choose One Launch Kit for Game Techs posted - check it out here:

Quick note: the Choose One demo kit for stores does not include the coin that comes with the Game Tech kit.

Well, that stinks-I get my demo kits through Alliance. So I won't get the spiffy coin.

The retailer kits are much cheaper, largely because they don't include the coin. But if you give Amber a call at the office, I'm sure she can hook you up with a coin... Thanks for all you do to promote our games!

Thanks for the reply, and I hope you have a safe trip!


Did I miss something? At the time of writing this post originally, the game tech store had the demo kit priced at $35 and hence my concerns. Now it says $25. Was the $35 it said originally a misprint? $25 is completely understandable for a demo kit and nothing I'd be worried about since that's more than fair especially since we get the coin.

Demo volunteers for MAGFest

MAGFest is a music and gaming festival at National Harbor, MD on January 2-5, 2014.

While the focus is heavily slanted toward console gaming, they do have a tabletop gaming area with games to use for free play, tournaments, and events.


I would love to run some Looney Labs gaming events at MAGFest, but I can't do it myself.  If you are interested in running some events with me, please let me let me know as soon as possible. I'm flexible on days, times, and which games to play.


The panel submission deadline is October 31, and the form does allow you to block out times you are unavailable. I'm not sure if a gaming event is considered a "panel," but the form states that panelists receive free admission.





Hi there! I'm Nick and I'm on staff with MAGFest. We get plenty of people demoing their tabletop games, so you're definitely welcome to do it as well. No need to submit a panel, just show up, park yourself in the tabletop room, and invite people to play! You should probably give our tabletop guys a heads up, though, at Let me know if you have any questions!

Rule clarification for Fluxx: The board game

The instructions aren't clear on this at all. While playing this the first time with friends, the question came up:

When moving, if can you simply slide over a portal? Does trying to slide over it automatically suck you in? Do you have to walk the long way around it?


The rules say moving onto a portal (including being bumped onto it), you move to the other portal. It is a free move, unless you start your turn on a portal, then it costs 1 move to move to the other portal.

I suppose you could move onto the portal. Then, on your next turn, use a move to go back "through" it.

Need demo volunteers for Chicago Comic Con

Chicago (Wizard World) Comic Con August 8-11 (Thurs-Sun)

Chris Prysock at Game Nite Game Store is looking for two volunteers to tag-team demo (so there's always someone demoing in the game room) in exchange for full badge passes to the con.

They definitely want to demo Fluxx: The Board Game, but also other major Fluxxes, Chrononauts, Seven Dragons, possibly pyramids.  Demo copies of the games will be provided.

The con is soon, so if you're interested, please contact him ASAP at:

Thanks Game Techs!

Alison Looney

First Impressions of Fluxx the Board Game

Hello my fellow Game Technicians. I like many of you just got my demo copy of Fluxx the board game and could not wait to play it. 

First impressions, I LOVE IT!!!!! It is a total blast, feels very similar to Fluxx the card game but different enough to be something completely new.

I love the tile based board and the move tile mechanics that are similar to Martian Coasters. I love the fact that its not generally a really long game but playing 5 - 6 back to back games does feel overwhelming or subject to burn out. 

The rules peg board is an awesome mechanic but is also the only negative thing about the game that I can see. It is frustrating that the pegs are longer than the cardboard is deep so what happens is someone will move a beg to a different space and press down and other pegs will pop out:-( This is something that will be pretty easy to fix by either making a "bumper" ring around the base of rules boards to elevate the center of the board or by putting a few layers of cardboard on the bottom and drilling the holes deeper.

What have others experiences been?

Thanks for another fantastic game!!!!!!


Agreed. The pegboard was our only issue too. Love the game and that there IS a pegboard, but having it level would be great!!

I agree. This was our only issue as well, although I loved how they just snapped into place. I am going to put a thin layer of craft foam under mine to see how that helps. In the past, I have seen cardboard like this slip around on bare tables, so the foam would help this as well (if it happens to be an issue).

What are the differences between the demo copy and he real Fluxx: The Board Game?

No difference at all, except for a sticker on the box that says 'Demo Copy'

And maybe a quiet suggestion that you promote the game, play it in public, that sort of thing.  Perhaps buy another copy fFor yourself or someone else, sometime.  This subtle moral obligation, in exchange fFor a nice discount on the purchase of the game.  It is, after all, a demo copy, like the sticker says.

That's not really what you asked, but there it is.

Fluxx: The Board Game rules question

I got my demo kit today!!! I'm reviewing the rules and mechanics to be ready to explain things when I demo the game (first demo is likely to be a week from Sunday), and I had a couple rules questions: 1. Is rotating/uprooting a tile (assuming that rotate/uproot is "on") a Move, a Play, or a free thing you can do once per turn on addition to Moves and Plays? 2. Can you Move back onto the Start tile? If so, how does that interact with the bumping rules? 3. Can you uproot the Start tile? I may have more after our first play through, but this looks really fun! John


1. Under the description for each special move it states uses one move. Rotate is one move, uproot would be another move.

2. Under the section titled Exiting the start tile the rules say "pieces can move (or be bumped) back onto the start tile"

3. I don't see anything saying you cant move start tile.

1) Rotating a tile costs 1 move. Uprooting a tile also costs 1 move. Rotating and Moving a tile at once costs 2 moves.

2) Yes, you can move back onto the Start tile, and you can be bumped there.

3) No, you can't move the Start tile.

Thanks for playing!

-- Andy

I have a question about the end of the game:  If claiming a game-winning goal from the goal stack reveals another goal which is already met on the board, does that get claimed as well before determining whether the game is over?

Two other questions that I forgot to include:

2. If wraparound is enabled, does that also work for bumping?

3. I suppose "You must make all of the moves you can" allows for the possibility that someone's pieces can't move at all.

No. The active player wins before the next goal is eligible for claiming.

2) Yes, bumping can wraparound if wraparound is on.

3) I think it's very rare for someone to be unable to move at least one of their 3 pieces.

Events at Intervention Con

Intervention Con ( is located in Rockville, Maryland, on August 23-25. The focus is on internet stuff - comics, blogs, videos, poscasts, etc. But they have several types of gaming rooms and a board game vendor. Last year I ran a Fluxx Fest event with the help of Lara and William, and we had a fairly good turnout. I wouldn't mind doing it again this year, and maybe running a second event with just Fluxx: The Board Game, but I'd need help. Also, if anyone is interested in running cadet training or some sort of pyramid event, I might be able to assist, but I am not really up to speed on pyramids to take the lead. 


Is anyone going to Intervention Con and interested in helping run some events? Event submissions are due July 21.




First game demo coming soon, advice?

What advice to my fellow game techs have for newbies here? I am getting Fluxx TBG as a demo copy and am planning on taking it with me to different game nights around town ( along with a few other games, including my worn Fluxx copy ) and I am used to promoting games to a small degree amongst people I know well.

However, I am looking for tips on getting more people into Fluxx TBG, are there lots of things that come with the kit that help with that? Besides the bag of swag that I ordered that I am going to use as prizes or similar ( I also have a ton of smaller things from Looney Labs to give away ) Or is it better not to have prizes at first?

This is my first time with this sort of thing, so advice is awesome, thanks!

Also, a question for someone who has played FTBG since PAX East 2012, what has changed since then? I played about... 8 I think, games with Andrew and a few friends later and some fellow gamers, and it was super fun! But I wanted to know how far along in production it was then.


I think my best advice would be to know the game you're demoing inside and out. You will never be able to know every question people will ask, but if you can field most of them without referencing anything, it will help immensely. One, it lets people know that the game isn't insanely complicated, because you can remember the rules. Two, it lets people know that the game is worth knowing because you know the rules. And, finally, it keeps the flow of the demo going. Nothing can bring a demo to a screeching halt faster than having to pause everything to look something up in the rule book. That is when it's much easier to lose people's attention, and you want to keep them attentive to the game itself. The demo should be all about the game, and the enjoyment of the game. For example, if people aren't having fun, then they won't like the game, and they won't want to check it out, or anything like it. So keep it light, and fun, and make sure you know what's going on. That would be my best advice for first time demoers. Once you're a bit more seasoned, then you can really start to spice things up, based on how you like to do things. 

As for prizes, they're great to use, but I always try to make sure that the goal of the demo for people isn't necessarily the prize, but instead the experience with the game. Game first, and prize(s) are just a happy afterthought, rather than people only playing the demo for the purposes of prizes. But, again, that really comes down to trying things and figuring out how you want to do it.

For most of my events, I haven't had prizes other than promo cards which I give every player who already has or is planning to pick up fluxx. Since I have some artistic talent, I have used fluxx blanx and made some 'custom' cards as a tournament prize which went over well. My biggest asset has been my fiance. He knows the games as well as me, and oftentimes we will start a game with each other and ham it up a little since that gets peoples attention and gets them in on the fun. Plus it sets a really fun and excited tone to start off the event with which always keeps things lighthearted and inviting. If you are doing your event at a game store or convention, familiarize yourself with which looney labs games are available, where, and how much. Many times I get asked where something is and if I can easilly tell them where they can find it, it gets them buying it sooner (no risk of them forgetting the name of the game and helps encourage impulse buys) and it gives me good relationships with the FLGS since I'm helping their sales. Plus those people will then play with their friends who will often go to the same FLGS and everyone ends up happy :)

Fluxx: The Board Game Kit

I have a couple of questions about the Fluxx: The Board Game Launch Kit.

1) Is there a coin like there has been for the past few Fluxx releases?

2) Any way to order this through the store to help save on shipping costs?

Thank you!


Also, any way to have it shipped to Canada?

Will we get the swag bag if we get the demo kit through our game distributor?

I'm writing here because I forgot to write in the comment box about how I'm going to promote the game, which for me will be bringing it along everywhere I go like I do my purple bag of games(filled with Looney Labs Games). I plan to initially play it at my local game store "Titan Games" on its monday board game night and hope to get them hooked and will give out promos as often as possible.

OMG ... what's in that swag bag that's making it so heavy? I just checked and the postage would be $55.00.

This must be really heavy swag :-D

Obviously a brick.

Seriously, though, it looks like several Fluxx decks (including Spanish-wonder if the German or Dutch versions are in there?), several Treehouse dice, promo cards, Pink Hijinx, the newer coaster game, the 'Empty City' novel, and more stuff I can't identify.

I ordered my kit on the 31st and I'm super excited to have a game night and to try it out when it comes in!  I was just wondering... I saw somewhere that not everyone would be able to grab a swag bag... When will we know if we get this?  (Other than when everything shows up at our door?)

Hello everyone!  These kits started shipping TODAY - so watch your mailbox for a box from us!


1) No, there is no coin in this kit.  the turn token function isn't really needed for this game, and the coin adds a huge expense to the kit - so we didn't do one for the launch of this game.

2) Your local store can buy a demo copy from their distributor, but it doesn't come with the swag bag, that's only with the demo team kits that ship from us directly.  So if you want to ask your store to order you a demo, so you can demo it for them in the store, go for it!  But you won't get the swag bag...  sorry.


Yes, you can order from the secret game tech store and pick shipment to Canada. The postage is more expensive, but not nearly as expensive as it is to ship overseas! 


Sorry, no, the swag bag is a gift for our game techs. As a store owner who is ALSO a demo team member, you can order a demo team copy that comes with the swag bag, but you need to order it from us directly.

Mike: yeah... it's got a bunch of heavy games and such in it...  sorry the postage is so expensive overseas - but it really costs that much to ship! 


All orders in hand will get the swag bag - watch your mailbox, it should ship out today or tomorrow! 

I just ordered mine, since I got to talk with my FLGS about running events, and we're both excited about seeing Fluxx The Board Game on the tables!

Sweet! Can't wait for mine to ship! Got permission from FLGS to demo, leave materials/cards (if it comes with anything like what Cthulu came with). Fun!

Never actually considered becoming a Game Tech before, although we bring our "Looney Labs kit" to most of our church functions.  (We've even been known to have a side game of Fluxx going at our monthly Pinochle Nights!)  The swag bag might help round out our supplies.  Hoping to have that switch flipped soon so I can order the FBG (and get the swag) to demo at our church picnic early next month!

Summer Gaming club

Hey guys my son is about to go on his first summer break and as I was looking for activities to keep his mind busy and out of trouble it occurred to me that I have the solution to filling his spare time and some bonding time. I have approached my FLGS about running a summer gaming club for kids 5-13. It would be an open format of all sorts of games from cards to board and maybe mini games. It would run for about 4hrs a day two days a week. Cost is something we are trying to figure out. I am trying to come up with ways to promote it as summer break is right around the corner. Also any feed back or ideas are totally welcome.


My local game store has a guy who basically runs such a club (although targeted at adults).  He simply sends out an email once every single Monday reminding everyone "This Wednesday is Boardgame Day."  He describes the kinds of games he'd like to play this week, sometimes gives some silly commentary, and maybe an idea of how many people came last week.  This is great because then anyone can reply with their own game requests (I announced on the mailing list when I received Cthulhu fFluxx, fFor example.)

The downsides to this fFor your purposes are, many of your kids may not have an email address.  So you might tailor this towards the parents, stating more or less how many kids come in, and whatever else parents might want to know.

My local group has no cost.  people either show up and play games, or they don't.  It's quite casual.  It sounds like you want something slightly more fFormal.  My thoughts are, if you start charging people money, they will expect you to do things fFor them.  Or you become a babysitter.  Maybe that's roughly in line with your plan, I don't know.  I'm not sure if you're imagining something more like summer camp, or an arcade.

The only real rule the store has implemented is that there shall be no buying or selling of any games, other than those in the store.  Preferably, any games people bring in will have been purchased at the store, but that's not a rule.  The idea is that the store is trying to make money here, and providing tables and a safe environment is a thing they choose to do.  We as customers should support the store whenever we can.

i actually changed up my idea and have organized a summer gaming camp for kids at one of my FLGS. Comic Quest in Lake Forest is going to help us run our Camp out of the store for a nominal fee.

how does the demo team work

im a little confused on how the demo team work and the events can someone help 


at it's heart, it works like this:

You sign up here (which you did) you play Looney Labs games (which presumably you do), and then you tell us here how that went.  Post event reports in the fForums linked above.  Sometimes you might just mention in passing that you played a game today.  Maybe sometimes you just answer the casual question fFrom another member.  It's pretty low key.

In return, the Looneys tell us about what new stuff they are working, they give us special access to preview artwork, or maybe discounts on games, and sometimes there is super special swag to be acquired.

So basically, tell us all how awesome you are, tell us what games you are playing, contribute to the community in some way (that's the key, really), and in return get some neato things.

Kristin Looney and Drew Lupp work hard to keep things tidy, so they might have some other important things you should do.  But I think that's main points, anyway.


Demo Kits

Just had my first demo with Cthulhu Fluxx demo kit (it arrived this morning in the UK).

I've got to say the kit you've put together is outstanding. The play mat makes it so much easier to explain the game to new-comers (you really should consider doing these as an optional extra for the standard games) as it makes it easy to understand exactly whats happening in the game.

Love the quality of the turn counter, going to be using this in all of my Fluxx games in future, and the Hastur creeper cards are a great give-away. I gave away three Hastur cards tonight and I'm sure that the players that took them will all be buying the deck.

If you're considering getting this demo kit yourself, treat yourself. It's an easy way to teach and play and outstanding value for money.

Looking forward to my next chance to show off the demo kit now. :)


Do you still demo in the UK?

I do, but it's more for my son and his friends. Keeping them interested in the games isn't hard, getting them to include me can be more difficult though as they have started playing more. I'll be taking a few games down to the UKGames Expo though this year, and staying at the TravelLodge near the airport, so if you find yourself at a loose end, feel free to drop by. :)

I am hoping to be at UK Game expo with another company I demo for. Will have to come find you during my lunch break, if I'm there!

Game Tech Survey and GT Coin

Hello Demo Team members!

In the past few weeks we here at Looney Labs have been talking all about you. (Yes, you.) See, we have been slowly working on crafting a Demo Team program that will excite you, reward you and most of all inspire you to go out and play, and demo our games. A big part of the process is getting to know you.

I recently sent out a message that included a link to a Game Tech survey. we would really like as many demo team members to take this survey as possible. It is through this amazing piece of internet wizardry that we get to know you - what you like to play, how you play it where you play it and so on. It's a big job (there are 500 of you!) 

So please take a moment to take the survey - it's quick, painless and it gives you a chance to blab about yourself to us! Click on Game Tech survey above or here is the link to cut and paste..

Also did you know that you can earn your first Game Tech Reward? It's an Exclusive GT Challenge Coin! Check out this link for more info:

Happy Gaming! And may you always "Draw 4, Play 2!"



I was about to take the survey, then realized I'd taken it before.  You'd think Survey Monkey would at least remember your IP.

Is this the same survey as before, and if so, would you like us to take it again, or if we did it before is that good? Thanks!

Yes this is the same survey as before - I just wanted to make sure that as many GTs took it as possible! So if you have taken the survey before - you are all set. :)

To Get the GT challenge coin, do demos have to be done in a game store? We don't have any near where I live (though a few friends are looking to start one, hopefully). There are, however, a couple of other cool locations that could be good, and might be receptive e.g. we have a cool cafe\art gallery\hippy hang-out where my 'mids certainly wouldn't look out of place.

GenCon, PAX, and DragonCon

The Cthulhu Fluxx Launch Kits have started shipping to Game Technicians!  (If you have not joined the Cthulhu Fluxx Launch Team yet - here are the steps you need to follow to join.)

The kits include an exciting new promo card, Hastur, which our Game Techs will start handing out soon...  but we are also making a SECOND promo card for Cthulhu Fluxx - called the Horrifying Sculpture - which we will be using as a convention exclusive to promote the launch this summer.  

Andy and I will be attending PAX giving out Horrifying Sculpture promo cards that list all the retailers at PAX who are selling our games.  But we will be listing retailers at both GenCon and DragonCon on the cards too - and we are looking for Game Techs who want to help hand out these cards at any of these three conventions!

So...  if you are already planning to attend GenCon (Indianapolis, Aug 16-19), PAX (Seattle, Aug 31 - Sept 3) , or DragonCon (Atlanta, Aug 31 - Sept 3)  and would like to help us give away Horrifying Sculptures - please post on this thread and let us know which con you are going to and that you are interested.  We will then be in touch as plans progress...


I was personally planning on attending GenCon in August.

My husband and I will be at Dragon Con and will both be more then willing to help do whatever. 

Matter of fact last year we set up a table in the gaming room and had people dropping by to play 7 Dragons and Fluxx. Gave out a lot of promo cards too. 


I'll be going to GenCon. I would gladly hand out promos of the Horrifying Sculpture.

I'm planning to be at GenCon as well, and would happily hand out Horrifying Sculptures. :-)

I'll be at GenCon and I'm already planning on taking Cthulhu Fluxx, so promos would be a great way to catch peoples' attention. Count me in!

I will be at Gencon all 5 days.

I'm going to GenCon to run AYAW, I'd be glad to hand some out for you!

Already attending GenCon for the full convention and would be happy to hand out cards.

I'll be at Dragon*Con all 4 days, and would love to help y'all promote Cthulhu Fluxx!

I've already ordered the demo pack, so I'll already be giving away some of my Hastur cards at D*C anyways. Just let me know what I can do to help!

I've already paid for my GenCon badge, and I'd also like to hand out some Horrifying Sculpture.

Drat. Won't be able to attend either one.

I will be at GenCon with my family and would be happy to hand out cards.

I'll be at GenCon and would be glad to pass out promo cards.

I should be at GenCon would love to pass these out!

Ill be at GenCon and PAX and would love to help.

I'll be at GenCon. Wednesday for trade day also (homeschool parent).

Kristin, any word on when these should ship out? I just got an email from Alison suggesting that the Horrifying Sculpture will be a retailer only promo card, not something for the game techs to give out. I'm confused as to what's going on.

The cards are not printed yet - so we couldn't send them with the Launch Kits...  but we will figure out a plan to get them to you at the show so you can hand them out to fans and direct people to the retailers who are selling the game!  

Stay tuned...  plans are still being coordinated... 

I will be attending GenCon, and I can hand out cards.

I will be at PAX Prime with you guys this year, I can't wait to try this one!

OMG - check out this image - I just ordered this banner for the backdrop of our booth at PAX! 

That's awesome!

Where do you get your banners printed through?

That banner is great! I so appreciate that Cthulhu Fluxx isn't "cutesey." It would have been easy to go that direction in light of existing Looney Labs products, but the horrific visage of the Dreaming One erupting through a distorting void in the idyllic Aquarius landscape really says it all here. - they are having a half price sale right now:

That's all kinds of super horrificly fantastic!  You had that MADE? Cooool. What's a banner like that run (considering Halloween you understand).

Wow! The "dimension door"" is a PERFECT stylistic stroke: a great way to celebrate, rather than suffer, the contrast between Cthulhu Fluxx art and your company art!

And that banner is going to pull....

I'll be at Gencon and would love to hand out promos!

I'll be at GenCon

I will be at GenCon and would be happy to hand out some promo cards.

I will be there, think I could get demo materials from you there? It would be SO much easier then shipping to my country!

If it's not too late, I can hand out some cards at Gen Con.

I saw Drew last night, I should be picking up my copy of the special promos later today!

I will be seated at the new food court (the Catan tables) with my deck, hasture cards, posters, and Challenge token looking for players.


Will the Horrifying Sculpture be available thru the website after these conventions?

Never mind, just read the note that they will be in online store later.

I've already posted my interest earlier in the thread, but Dragon*Con is less than a week away (!), so I was just wondering if there was an update on how us D*Con folks can get a hold of these promo cards to give out?

The two retailers listed on the cards (Adventure Retail in Booth #1004, and Wizards Wagon in Booth #E21) both have a big pile of cards, leftover from GenCon which they are bringing with them to Dragon*Con.  

Go visit either of these booths and let them know you are a Looney Labs Game Tech and would love to take a stack of cards and hand them out throughout the convention to point people back to their booth to buy the game.  They are expecting you guys to come find them and ask for cards to hand out!

Have fun at Dragon*Con - I miss going to this convention! 

Awesome! I'll be sure to stop by... I've already highlighted their booths in the app and left myself a reminder (:

Dragon*Con misses you! I hope you can make it next year, it's definitely my favorite Con.

Tiki Lounge for 2012?

Hello all,


First, I was really happy to see all of the wonderful pictures from Origins this year and I still very happy I was able to attend (major miracle and personal scheduling got me there). Anyway, the reason that I'm writing now is that several of you came to me during my short time at Origins to ask about GenCon. This year, to the best of my knowledge, there will not be a fan ran event at GenCon. I believe GB7 and other groups may take up some of the Looney Labs. But, the lack of a lab in 2012 is disheartening.


So I was thinking...would it be possible to have a fan run event at GenCon that sort of makes up for the lack of the Lab next year? I think the answer is yes. As of right now, it would be really hard for me to attend any cons until 2013 at the earliest. However, I could do the logistical stuff from my office as long as there were people willing to coordinate and run events at GenCon. It would be a fan celebration of everything Looney Labs. We could arrange to get a room to ourselves and just run events there all con. 


So, this maybe crazy. Does this sound doable?


I am definitely up for helping. 

I'm kind of in the space where I really want this to happen, but find myself worrying that if I push for it, I'll end up as the 'person in charge', which is a terrifying daunting prospect.  If you're v


A question:  Last year, we (well, you, mostly) ran the Tiki Lounge as a series of connected events.  In terms of logistics, how big is the hurdle from that to a 4-5 day, all day room?  I know it would take a good deal more volunteer manpower, obviously - I'm wondering more about arranging that with GenCon, for example.


I think it would be easy after what we did last year at GenCon.

I'm completely in.

A request from Kristin regarding Rabbits...

My husband (Andrew Looney) and I have been making games together for more than two decades... and we have been promoting them at conventions and online since the very early days of the internet. Over 10 years ago (on Nov 25th 1999 to be precise) we launched our first formalized fan club which we called The Mad Lab Rabbits. Over the next seven years more than 4000 fans joined this fan program, and I've often said it was one of the most amazing things we ever created. The one thing that was not amazing however was the software we were using to run the program, and as we dug in to fix our overall software systems, we made the hard decision to suspend the program (on June 28th 2007).

Last year (on May 18th 2010) we started making plans to launch a new fan club, and one of the other very hard decisions we made was to change the name. 

Why the change? To begin with, it must be understood that we make games for adults. Most of our games can be played by children, but we design them to be fun and challenging for grownups. Unfortunately, what people think of when they see our old Mad Lab Rabbit imagery is "stuff for kids," and it can be very difficult to get past that first impression. If I had a time machine, I would go back and tell myself this when we were first deciding on a name back in 1999.  I *LOVE* the tagline "Our mission is to multiply" - and that still is the mission of our fan club...  but as much as I also *LOVE* calling our fans Rabbits, this just isn't a good brand name for us. It just leads to confusion and misunderstanding, so we have dropped the name. 

If you are one of those 4000 fans who have long called yourself a Rabbit, please understand how hard it is for me to ask this, but please help us with this rebranding and drop the name Rabbit from the conversation.  Trust me, I know how hard this is. 

In particular - please don't call yourself a Rabbit on your profile page. Long time fan... fan since the old days... there are lots of ways to say you've been a fan forever without calling yourself a Rabbit.  A random reference to being a Rabbit is just confusing to new members who don't know about the old program, and this just keeps this conversation going. I know how hard this change is for so many of you - please know how much I appreciate your efforts to help us make this change. 

Thank you for joining our fan club and for helping us promote our games!

Replies i'm now the starship captain of a bunch of r_____S !
Sure thing.
Thank you, Daniel - and I love the new name you chose for your awesome pyramid event report!  Check it out everyone if you have not seen this: A Beginner's Guide To Pyramids

This from a company (that I love for Martian Chess and other pyramid-requiring games BTW) that produces games about zombies, pirates, and Monty Python?  The slack-jaws who demonstrate their two-digit nature by slagging the games, because of the Lab Rabbit concept, wouldn't be interested in playing them anyway (unless you had sports figures pimping the games.)


If new members get confused, then they haven't done their homework.  They will have to learn, just like the rest of us.


Sorry Luv, but once a Rabbit, ALWAYS a Rabbit.


(“The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play.” -- James T. Kirk)

Could you please remind us what the term IS now?  Maybe it's just me, but I find it really difficult to remember what you changed it to, and I have a feeling you changed it more than once in a short time.  I remember Starship Captains have to have particular pyramid cred, but what are the general volunteers called now?

I can use the new term here.  What about my half-dozen articles on my site (there are another at least 4 on your site, which I can't edit) written during the Rabbit era--do you want me to put in some kind of explanation, or is it okay for historical purposes?

I think we're lab technicians now?


No need to stress too much about your old articles - we don't need/want to change history,  the old Rabbit program was awesome and it will be herald in story and song - we are just asking you guys not to use the old name going forward, so we can succeed at changing the name.   And yeah, calling yourself a Looney Labs Game Technician isn't quite as catchy as calling yourself a Mad Lab Rabbit was, and it's hard to just substitute Game Tech for Rabbit, but it does work well.  And over time, as our no longer tiny but still very small company has the time/cash to actually create a new logo and web site and other branding we have planned - then it will become easier to figure out what the new name actually is!  Thank you for joining our new fan club, 'Becca - and I look forward to playing games with you in Ohio in June!
Is there a way to sticky this on the front page of the forums? I wouldn't have seen this if I hadn't been idly exploring the ning sub-forum.