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Batman Fluxx Pin

My brother has discovered a completely overpowered strategy in Batman Fluxx. He gets the Batarang keeper, which allows you to top-deck a card from the discard pile by putting the Batarang back into your hand from the table. Then he gets all of the surprises. Then he uses those surprises to stop anyone from doing anything that would harm his position. When his turn comes, he picks up the Batarang before he draws and puts the surprise he played onto the draw pile. Then he draws, getting his surprise back. Because he can block anything that would benefit his opponent, this puts him in a position of absolute, unbreakable dominance.

The question here: Is it legal for him to use Batarang before drawing? It makes the card far too powerful, but the Batarang says it can be used "Once during your turn" without any restrictions. Can you use free actions before drawing, or does drawing your cards denote the start of your turn? Likewise, if a multiple draw rule was in effect, could he use Batarang between draws?


"A good rule of thumb for any game is that if you find that you have several possible interpretations of a rule, the one that breaks the game is probably NOT the correct way to play." - http://faqs.looneylabs.com/question/477 I am quite sure that you cannot take actions in between draws, as the draws are supposed to happen simultaneously. Given that pre-draw actions would break the game as you said, I would rule that you need to draw first (unless Meta Rule: Quota Style Turn Order is in effect). That said, I wonder what happens if you have some Goal that requires it to be your turn: do you have to draw (potentially risking a Creeper)?

I disagree with Draw5PlayAll about pre-draw or between-draw actions... There's actually a FAQ answer for Batarang:


And the one linked on that page as well, about using "on your turn" abilities:


A similar question about the Shotgun in Zombie Fluxx:


So, yes, it's legal to use it before you draw, but only once during your turn. I would argue this means he could NOT use this ability multiple times in a use ability-draw it-play it-use ability cycle, since you'd be using that same ability twice during your turn. BUT, according to another ruling, you have to draw up to the current draw rule before playing cards:


This does bring up the question of legality of using free actions BETWEEN draws... But I tend to treat each draw as separate but add up to a total number rather than an all-at-once thing, due to the nature of Draw rules. (If you play a higher Draw rule than currently in play, you then add to your total draws for the turn, rather than not being able to draw more since your "draw" has passed.) Thus, I'd conclude that free actions can be done between draws as well. Someone official, please correct me if this is wrong.

Now, to the original point: Your brother's strategy is definitely a strong one. I find it interesting that he's able to pull this off consistently enough that it's an issue in a game of Fluxx, and that he gets ALL of the surprises. Surely there are strategies to prevent him getting into this situation to begin with, and surely he doesn't have enough Surprises at one time to stop multiple actions on your part? Does anyone else have any ideas about this powerful combo?

EcoFluxx v2.0 card list question

So, I recently snagged a copy of EcoFluxx v2.0 from eBay, and there's a discrepancy between the cards in the box and the cards listed on http://www.looneylabs.com/lists/ecofluxx-card-list ...

The card list shows Trash A Keeper, but what I have is Trash Something. I assume it's because the newer card (Trash Something) is in there for the Creepers in v2.0 when 1st Edition didn't have them, but the card list doesn't reflect that. (The card I have has the EcoFluxx stripe on it, it's the older style border, and that card wasn't in 1st Edition, so I assume it's a card list discrepancy...) Also, There's no Hand Limit 0 like the original EcoFluxx, but there's Hand Limits 3 and 4 instead...  Are these card list issues, or issues somehow with the deck I bought?


Your deck is fine, it's the list that is incorrect.

Fandom Fluxx 1.1

Hey everyone. So I have loved Fluxx Blanxx and taken full advantage. Me and Joe Winder, owner of Mr. J's Asylum in Muncy, Pa, and Megan Elizabeth have taken to creating what we call Fandom Fluxx as well as problem the most expensive Fluxx Deck made. It combined many different fandoms and includes some crazy new rules and actions along with some old ones with a new twist. If anyone wants to try it out on their own feel free to let me know and I will send it or upload it to a file sharing site. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you guys do Fandom Fluxx 2 and Fandom Fluxx 3 Decks and we can share them and go at it.

Instead of "Toons Never Die" we have "Heroes Never Die"

Instead of that pesky "Rules Reset" we decided to add some flair with "Reboot!"

Of course you need a counter. And This card and idea is the one that started it all. "Rules Reset RESET!"

And the last for now. my personal favorite. A Creeper with the ability to sow chaos. A on demand and constant version of "Mix it Up" except its so much more. Creeper "Discord"

There is that and a whole bunch more in there. Feel free to ask about them or take a look yourselves or make your own. I plan and continuing updates and posting more pictures when I get a chance. Happy Fluxxing everyone!!!

List of Unofficial/obscure Fluxx Expansions?

Hey there everyone, I was wondering is there a list of Fluxx expansions/cards that aren't seen or really talked about on the Looney Labs site?

Some examples of Unofficial expansions/promos:

The Wedding cards showcased in a Wunderland Blog

The 2 meta rules showed off in a Wunderland Blog

Playniac's "Not so Fast" Meta Rule

Some examples of the harder to hear about expansions/promos (they appear to be mainly website specific):

 The Foam Brain Keeper

Board Game Geek Expansion (though not as hard to hear about)

The Deluxe Werewolf Exclusive Cards (though when the kickstarter was happening, it was not hard to hear about)

While most of the second category are listed in Fluxx Promos on BBG, none of the first category are. 

Anywho, thank you for stopping by and reading this / helping me with this conundrum, Ian Blake Salazar


Been curious of this myself.

It seems to me that those Meta Rules don't count as an "unofficial expansion".  There were never any cards printed.  To my mind they're more like ideas for Blanxx.  I don't know what Playniac's "Not So Fast" MetaRule is, but it sounds like just an idea, and not something that was ever actually made.  If it was, that person should have gotten permission from us, and I'm unaware of anyone asking about such a thing.

If you're talking about the wedding promos for Steve and Amy's wedding, they did actually have those printed up by a printer (with our permission), and they gave them out to folks at the Big Experiment where they got married.  Mind you there are many other people who have simply gotten a pile of blanks, and had artsy friends draw and write a hundred cards for their wedding guests.  Those were more private events, though, so those weren't really what I'd call "made available".

The wedding cards represent a sort of middle ground.  They were given out to the general public but only in a very limited context.  By contrast the second group were all produced and made widely available as promotions.  (Another set was the Loonacy cards we made for ThinkGeek.  Of course those aren't Fluxx.)

I think you can still get the Foam Brain card through Foam Brain Games, I believe.  The others are simply sold out, essentially.  They were one-time promotions.  I guess maybe Foam Brain might be out of those cards too, but I'm not sure.

Thank you so much for this very in-depth response. 

The Playniac's Meta Rule is just a PDF to clarify a bit. 

I guess what I was really trying to ask overall was, are there any recent promos out there currently that are unavailable from the online store? (Other than the new Flowers Keeper) 

Also are those type of promos ever put into the mystery bags of warehouse swag, even if it is an infinitesimal percentage?

Once again thank you for your detailed response.

There's a "new" Flowers Keeper? I know of the promo from Flowers & Fluxx, and the standard Keeper included in Eco/Nature Fluxx, but nothing new...

I've been compiling an unofficial spreadsheet of all publicly available Fluxx cards, and there's a few that aren't really listed or shown on the site or store. Here are the ones I know of, aside from those you mentioned already:

  • Weed and Special Brownies (Special Promo 2000, pre Stoner Fluxx and separation of the adult lines)
  • The 10th Anniversary Party pack from 2006 or 2007
  • The recent 2015 TableTop Day pack with Geek & Sundry cards
  • Fluxx & Flowers (3.0 and Flowers promo included with 6 plush flowers)
  • A "New Basic Rules" promo from back when 3.1 was released and the basic rules were redesigned

There are probably more lesser-known or rare promos, but those are what I know about.

I'd like to get my hands on a Foam Brain, the Werewolf Kickstarter cards, the 10th Anniversary pack, and Fluxx & Flowers, if anyone knows where to get them. It seems Foam Brain Games' physical store is closed as of this month, and their online store is being redone so I'm not sure how available Foam Brains are now... And sadly, I just missed out on a Flowers & Fluxx eBay auction the other day of a sealed, new package with 3.0 (that I'm also missing as I wanted to get the package)... But the hunt for rare Looney Labs products is on! :)

Running demos of Monster Fluxx and Firefly Fluxx in Northeast MS on the 29th.

Due to popularity of the Firefly and the reason for the season, I'll be running demos of Firefly Fluxx and Monster Fluxx, and probably Zombie Fluxx October 29 at the Caster's Den in Iuka, MS.


Does anti-doom in Cthulhu Fluxx count as doomed keeper ?

Have you played against random-move opponents before?

So one day I was bored, and decided to get out Fluxx 5.0. I set out five ghost opponents and a randomizer. And I managed to... lose. Because one enemy played a Goal that made another win. Seriously, everything was random. Steal a keeper? Pick a random number from 1 to #keepers. Problems arise with GetOnWithIt, Mystery Play, Recycling, and Goal Mill though and I want advice. Since then, I have managed to defeat increasing numbers of opponents. I want to play against nine, but I never find the time. Has anyone else done something like this? If so, did you manage to win? Did you run into problems with certain rules?


I've not tried it with Fluxx, but a few weeks ago I tried a similar experiment vs 2 random players in donaldx's Greed. (I won easily.)

FWIW I've also played solitaire against the Robots in Power Grid a few times. :)

Wow. I just managed to do a 10P game. Nine opponents, quite suspenseful. Rotate Hands was used THREE times, all of which messed up my plans. And when I finally got to my last turn, all I had was the goal 5 Keepers, and I had one keeper. But I drew my 6 cards. (There were tons of rules: draw 6, play 5, inflation, SPFD, goal mill, etc.) And I managed to beat the odds with a lucky Goal Mill, and soon enough, I had 11 Cards In Hand (both meanings). So I won. I really feared a mess-up, but constant hand limits prevented others from getting too many keepers. One player had four at some point, but then someone Shared the Wealth. Overall, it was quite fun, and I encourage someone to one-up me. It is especially suspenseful right before my last turn, when I thought someone with the wrong attitude could easily abuse the mountain of New Rules, but no one played a goal to cause others to win.

Federal Agents

Hello guys, 

I've played Cthulhu Fluxx for awhile, but still wonder if I've got it right.

1/ Federal Agents: During my turn, I can discard that keeper along with one creep of my choice. So what if my Federal Agents got trashed by an action, for instance, would I be able to drag one of any creeper in front of me along to the discard pile ?

Thanks in advance


If the federal agents are trashed then you wouldn't be able to use their ability. My understanding is that the action that trashes them resolves before they could do anything unless you have a surprise to counter the action. I could be wrong so I defer to someone else to correct me if I'm wrong.

What Thomas said.  In this case, one thing happens before another.  Now, if you personally trashed the keeper dureing your turn fFor some reason, you could probably choose to instead use the agents' power fFirst.  But you would not get a two-fer-one on this.

firefly fluxx card list misprint

http://www.looneylabs.com/lists/firefly-fluxx-card-list  it does not list the creepers on the list. but there are two creepers in the deck.

Newest Fluxx card organizer posted


thank you for sharing i love these. now if i only had a printer :( 

No Kinko's/FedEx Office near you? No Copy Center?

Just did the organizer for Drinking Fluxx.


Firefly Fluxx Promo Cards!

Looney Labs' post on Facebook yesterday shows that there will be TWO promo cards for Firefly Fluxx:

A Creeper called The Alliance, only available at local retailers who sell Fluxx products.  And a Keeper called Alliance Treasure, which can only be gotten as an insert into Game Trade Magazine issue 193; here's the cover art to that issue (I've never seen a magazine called that, sold locally in my city, so I am probably out of luck).

If you're like me and bought the Firefly Fluxx through the 2016 Spring Release Launch Kit, it did NOT include these promo cards (which I think is weird, considering that last year's "2015 Summer Release Fan Kit" with Batman Fluxx and Adventure Time Fluxx included the promo cards for those games, but not Firefly? Huh!).  

The promo cards for Firefly Fluxx are NOT yet for sale in the Looney Labs webstore (I just checked under "Promo Cards & Expansion Packs"), so I guess there's no easy way for me to get these between now and then.  :( 

Here's what these look like:


By the way, Amazon.com is now listing Firefly Fluxx, but you have to pay $26.99 (including $5 shipping, since this is a 3rd-party seller) for it.

There's a comic and MtG shop about a mile from my office that carries Game Trade Magazine. The owner said he never orders it; the distributor just throws some in with his shipments. So I guess check with your local independent comic shops.

There's a comic and MtG shop about a mile from my office

Oh, I wish that this was my situation. 

In my city (23rd largest in the USA, so not exactly a small town) there are 3 comic book shops of note, and 1 "FLGS" of note. All are 20 to 30 minutes away from me, on days when there is ideal "no traffic" situations. One of them is actually a tad closer...maybe 15-20 minutes away, and near a great Bar-B-Que joint I love. But I never go into that comic book shop, because they're in a posh suburb and cater more toward the "collectibles" part of their business...you're likely to find more Funko Pop! Vinyl figures in there than anything else, and their comics are only the newest ones just out; no back-catalog stuff.  No card gaming in there at all (M:tG or otherwise), and they'd rather sell you something like this ($190) (actual photo from their website!) than help you get an old issue of Justice League. Or a new one, for that matter.

The one that's farthest away from me might be more likely to carry something like that, but then again if I wanted to make that trip it's a matter of spending money not just on the magazine (which I would discard after getting the card out of it, so $3.99 for just a promo card, plus the gas and time involved).  Or I could just buy the issue online, but now we're talking $3.99 for the magazine and another $3.99 for the shipping, so $7.98 for a promo card.  Yikes. 

Sooner or later Looney Labs will offer it for $1 in their online store, so I can get it for only $5 ($1 for the card, and $4 for the shipping). Not much better, but I can order other promo cards I don't own yet at the same time, and parlay the $4 cost of shipping among several items at once.  Best choice, it seems. 

I guess it just depends on how badly you want to own it, and whether you "gotta have it now" or are willing to wait.  I suppose there are more important things in life than a Fluxx promo card or two (hey...I'm going into the hospital on Monday for an all-day-long invasive diagnostic medical procedure, so let's keep promo cards in perspective! <grin>), and if it ends up I don't get them at all for some reason...oh, well. <shrug> 

But yeah, I'd LIKE to have them.  But it's not worth a willy-nilly search all over town for them.  MAYBE if I called or tweeted them and nicely asked, "hey...do you have a copy of Game Trade Magazine issue #193 in stock?" they would bother to answer, and maybe bother to hold a copy for me.  That's about the best I could hope for.

Called the FLGS, which I figured was the best bet for getting this locally (after all, it's where I got "Mrs. Clause" along with Holiday Fluxx).  "It's on-the-way," but they won't have the Firefly Fluxx in stock for another week-and-a-half...and won't know if they get the promo card until they open the box on the shipment with the actual game inventory.  Game Trade Magazine?  "We don't carry that." 

Accept me as a friend and message me please.

If you find away to get them let me know please no where in my town has them
The comic shop I mentioned previously did have a few copies of GTM193 on Friday. If anyone is really desperate, I can see if they still have any (probably yes) and send them at cost.

nature fluxx

just got to open my demo copy on nature fluxx i LOVE it. i was sad to see that there was no goal mill inside. goal mill has become my fav card of them all and i have a one in every fluxx set i own, to see a new set come out with out goal mill inside shocked me since i thought goal mill was to be inside every new set.. can someone till me why it was left out... not mad just shocked..... looks like im going to have to make a order again sooner then later


Hi Stevie! We actually did consider putting Goal Mill into Nature Fluxx, since as you rightly observe, it's a great card and I have been putting it into every new version. But although Nature Fluxx is new, it really isn't, and we decided it would be better to maintain the same cardlist as EcoFluxx inside, just as we don't plan to add Goal Mill to other titles than came out before the Goal Mill rule came to be. Sorry for the disappointment...

But hey, if you like Goal Mill so much, have you see the Goal Foundry pack?


I have but havnt been able to order it yet real tight on money since I have gotten sick.. But I hope to get it before its gone

Batmobile & Recycle

If you Recycle (the New Rule) the Batmobile (to draw three cards) do you get to take another turn?


I would say no. By recycling the Batmobile you no longer have it to discard at the end of your turn. Or by discarding it to take another turn, you no longer have it to recycle.

Fluxx on the high seas

Going on a couples cruise next week. I decided to bring a few games to spend some time with them while shipboard. Fluxx was first on my list. 

What other portable games would you bring aboard a Cruise Ship?


I sometimes take some pyramid stashes and a chessboard bandana on a trip; that permits a variety of games. (At a recent  weeklong New Year's event, I played Volcano and a bunch of Zendo with various people, for instance.)

(Non-Looney-wise, we always take along our portable Shogi set these days.) :)

7 Dragons is a staple in my game bags.  Quick to learn, engaging concept, and beautiful art.

And I've been playing Just Desserts a lot lately, and loving it more every time.  On a big luxury cruise where Desserts are always aplenty, and you spend a lot of time with an odd assortment of characters, Just Desserts seems like the natural choice.

Personally, I would also bring a bunch of pyramids to play things like Volcano and Pikemen, and the pyramids would look just wonderful in that warm ocean sun.

Sorry, I sound like I'm some sort of sell-sheet, don't I.  But those are good choices and I stand by them.  =)

Cthulhu Fluxx: Twist of Fate

Gameplay question The out of turn instructions say:"when another player plays a keeper, it goes in front of you instead of them, possibly preventing their victory." As I read it- IF the person was playing a keeper to meet a goal, they do not win because you get the keeper. If that is not the situation, you merely get the keeper they just played. As my partner reads it- the other player must be playing a keeper to win in order to use the card out of turn to take a keeper. Please settle our debate. (We both love the Fluxx games!)


You are correct. If it could only be played to prevent victory, there would be no "possibly" about it.

Haha! That's what I said... thanks!
With that definition- he is now saying that any action that would cause a win cannot be canceled by a surprise unless it explicitly says "possibly preventing a win". This hasn't come up yet.

It doesn't work that way. When a Surprise cancels a play, the card doesn't happen. It was clarified on the Twist of Fate card because people had questions about it when the card was being tested (and there was room for the text). That doesn't change the way it works for other cards.

I've linked to the Looney Labs FAQ below, as well as one of the items that talks about Surprises.



Firefly Fluxx

Will there be a Firefly Fluxx Demo kit for Techs to purchase?


A little late reply maybe but, yes. It's in the Spring Launch Kit.

I got mine today!

Mal's been framed!

i love that ideal.. how much does one of the frames cost? i have a  lot of poster i would love to do that with 

This past Saturday I was planning to go into an store in the At Home chain (formerly Garden Ridge) and look for one in the $20 range, as I've found other frames in other sizes there previously for roughly that price (the Firefly Fluxx poster is 11"x17", by the way).  My son (age 18) and I were shopping at the JC Penny across the freeway first, though, and as we exited we saw that there was a Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft chain store just two stores down, so we popped in there first to see if they had such a frame. They did, but it was $29.95...and I was going to leave, saying it was too expensive and At Home would surely have it cheaper.  Then my son pointed to a sign saying all frames were 50% off at the moment, so I said, "$15 is a lot better!" and picked the one you see above.  :) 

We had earlier that day been in a "super" Walmart for something else, and we checked their frame section: they had many sizes, but not the 11x17 sized frame we needed. But its possible you could find that size at Target, at Michaels, or at a place like Kohl's or Gordman's.  Or you could get them online, like at Amazon.com (I saw a few a good prices there, but I get nervous about ordering frames online because, you know, glass). 

Of course, many cities and towns have shops that sell nothing BUT frames; just look up "framing shops" in your area.  That tends to be pricier, though. :)

Fluxx Dice Bad Luck Creeper

When the Dice Override is not in play and you have the Bad Luck Creeper and there is a New Rule Play # card down,  does the Creeper card ( Only Roll the Draw Die, Count the Play Die as Play 1) supersede the Play rule?  Or can you play as many as the Play Rule card says?

We have been playing as the Creeper Card Play 1 supersedes the Play rule.

Discard Pile and Death

Is there any rule about having other players search the discard pile?

I figure it's more fun if other players don't know what you discard especially if it's a winning goal or keeper. So far we have been playing so that we cant see what's in there unless it's something the player has discarded or if it shows at the top of the pile but wanted clarification.

The Death card says that it can be discarded if it stands alone. Does that mean on the player's front or the entire table?


The rule on the discard pile is you can go through it but the order should not be disturbed.   Nothing wrong with a house rule though.  

As for death, my group always played that it stands alone in front of a single player not the group.  That might be wrong because what you said makes sense to me also.

Its in the rules. At anytime anyone my look in the discard pile, but can not change the order of it

Chrononauts expansions

Does anyone know if there are any expansions/promo cards for Chrononauts/EAC in the works?

Fluxx 4.0 - Radioactive Potato

So here's the scenario...

Only 2 Players

All basic rules, no silver lining in affect.

Player 1 has 5 keepers plus the Radioactive Potato

Player 2 has 7 keepers, no creepers

It is Player 2's turn and they play Goal: 5 Keepers.

So does Player 2 instantly win or do they get blocked by the potato since it gets moved onto their side of the table?


My group would play it as the potato passes first and cuts off the victory, so player 1 would win.  It's been a while sense the potato haunted our table though.

Oh yeah, this problem.  Does the GOAL change immediately, or does the POTATO move immediately?  I think the last time this was asked, it was widely agreed (and possibly endorsed by Andy, but I don't recall) that they both happen at the same moment.  The goal changes and the potato moves at the exact same moment.  Goal changes, player 2 gets the potato.

In this scenario, Player 1 wins.  There was no win condition in place which would allow Player 2 to win.

I may be wrong, and I could probably research it, but that seems the most reasonable.

My husband and I play the same as Austin and Scott; the two actions happen simultaneously so Player 1 would win. 

i figured it was simultaneous.

thanks everyone for the replies and clearing that up!

2.1 differences?

Just received a copy of Fluxx v2.1 from an eBay auction. Does anyone know what difference there is vs. 2.0 & 3.0?


Not quite. I was curious about the exact differences between 2.0 vs. 2.1

Oh, sorry. But you posted asking for the differences between 2.0 and 3.0 so I thought that page would help.

I'll keep digging.

Yeah I was a bit vague. Titled it properly but didn't state the query very well.

I'm curious as well, everything I find just says minor changes, which means nothing to me

To my knowledge, the only differences are in the packaging.  v2.0 was published by Iron Crown Enterprises.  v2.1 was published directly by Looney Labs after ICE died in 1999.  Logos on the box were changed accordingly.  I am not aware of any changes to the cards, rules, or gameplay.

The Jack Vasel Memorial Auction

The 2015 Jack Vasel Memorial Auction is now active on BoardGameGeek.

When I was fortunate enough to have a game of Fluxx (or ten) with 'The Looney's' at the UkGamesExpo Andy kindly let me have a pack of the Flame-Thrower expansion pack for Zombie Fluxx to donate to this years gamers charity auction. I've now made the posting and thanked both Andy and Looney Labs for allowing me to do so.


Pirate Fluxx Question.

Okay, going to give a general run down.

We had three Players (Player A, Player B, and Player C).

So, one of the rules is Play 3 at the current time and 2 Keeper Limit.

Player A lays Down Keeper A and Keeper B (to win the game) based on the current Goal.

Player B lays down the Action of "Take a Keeper Potentially preventing the Win"

However, Player B already has 2 Keepers laid down.

So the question came - could Player B still play that Action card and take Player A's Keeper and prevent the win (even though they have 2 keepers laid down already) and simply discard one of their own Keepers to keep Player A's Keeper and still prevent the win?


Player B is allowed to play the card, yes.  He would then immediately throw a keeper away, and prevent the win.  This is because the Keeper Limit says you must discard down to the limit if it's not your turn.  It does NOT say you can't take any more keepers.  You can take a keeper, and immediately throw it away.  Player B could throw away one of his other keepers, instead, as a matter of fFact.  Player B has 3 to choose fFrom at that point, so as long as he throws away one of them, he is all good.

Perfect! Thank you.

Nature Fluxx..."an updated EcoFluxx." In November!

Looney Labs posted on Instagram today that Nature Fluxx is coming in November.

Introducing Nature Fluxx, a slightly evolved version of old favorite, EcoFluxx! With beautifully updated packaging and card elements, 5% of the proceeds from Nature Fluxx will be donated to environmental groups.

Rules Question - Batman Cuffs

The entire text of the "Batman Cuffs" keeper card in Batman Fluxx is "You can hide one Villain under this card." 

It doesn't explain why you would want to do that, but I assume it's to "protect" that Creeper (Villain) from being stolen, discarded, or otherwise targeted by other players in the game. 

On the other hand, the card doesn't provide for any mechanism to "unlock the cuffs" (i.e., un-hide the Villain that is currently hidden under it).  For example, can I win with a Goal requiring a Villain that is currently under the cuffs?  If my Creeper is Joker, and he is currently locked up and "hidden," and I also have the Batmobile keeper in play in front of me, too, then can my opponent play the "Joker Got Away" Goal card and I can't win because my Joker is "hidden" and the Goal can't see him?  Or, since I locked him up in those cuffs, can I unlock him any time I want to (whether or not it's my turn)? 

So far we've been playing it that you can move any Creeper in and out of those cuffs, any time you want, with impunity. Whatever works out best for the owner of the cuffs.  The only stipulation is that the cuffs have to be activated on a Villain BEFORE an opponent "targets" that Villain with another card (i.e., if Peter wants to take Joe's card of the Riddler, to steal or to discard, or whatever then Peter cannot say 'uh-uh, I'm cuffing him' and THEN hide Riddler under the Batman Cuffs...Peter must have ALREADY previously hidden Riddler under those cuffs before the other opponent wanted to target him).  Otherwise, if another opponent isn't currently targeting a particular Creeper of the Bat-Cuffs card owner, then the owner may "lock the cuffs" (hide a Villain) or "unlock the cuffs" (un-hide a Villain) or "transfer the cuffs" (un-hide one Villain and instead hid a different Villain) any time he or she wants to, whether or not it's their turn.  That's how we've been playing it so far. 

Does anyone play this differently? 

What do the folks at Looney Labs say is the intention of how to use this card, under the different kinds of various circumstances I describe above?


I don't own Batman Fluxx, (yet) but if the Cuffs are like other similar cards (Abduction Chamber, Elder Sign, Treasure Map) then you should be able to uncuff at any time, but only cuff during your turn.

We had the same question and came here to find out. We're going to play it as Garrick suggests and reveal it at any time, but only cuff during your turn. 

I have been playing it if the villain is under the cuffs then you can win

As Garrick indicates above, yes, you should play this like other similar cards, such that you can hide your villain on your turn, but reveal the villain at any time.  We will be updating the wording on this card on future print runs.

In Early 2016, No Power in the 'Verse Can Stop Me From Owning Firefly Fluxx!!

Firefly Fluxx!  It's happening! :o


♫ ♪ Take my goals, take keepers
Load me down with some creepers
I don't care if it's "Play 3"
You can't take my Fluxx from me.

Give me some new kinda deck
Different cards...wow, what the heck?
Play the rule "Hand Limit 3"
You can't take my Fluxx from me.

There's no deck I wanna buy
Since I've found Fluxx Firefly

And you can't take my Fluxx from me. ♫ ♪

Now it's my turn, I roll the dice,

drawing 2 is twice as nice!

When I play a second card for free,

they want to take my Fluxx from me.

So, I steal some cards, trade my hand,

the winning goal, my firm demand!

I change the rules without apology,

while they try take my Fluxx from me.

Which way will the victory go?

It all comes down to Roshambo!

My fist of stone defends decisively,

they'll NEVER take my Fluxx from me!

Well done.

First thought: "What? Are they trying to put out more cards than Steve Jackson?" Second thought: "Must get!"

Draw 2 and use em with brain transference

Alright, I'm really hoping to settle a heated discussion between my girlfriend and me. We often play Star Fluxx as a two person game and have always come to an agreement until this situation occurred. Please help!

Our active rules were Draw 1 and Play 2.

I drew and then played "Draw 2 and Use 'Em."

I put my hand down and drew two cards: Hand Limit 1 and Brain Transference.

I played Hand Limit 1 first. My girlfriend discarded her hand to one card.

Then I played Brain Transference. Brain Transference says "your turn ends immediately." Draw 2 and Use 'em says "this card, and all cards played because of it, count as one play".

The question is: does Draw 2 and Use 'Em (all cards count as one play) trump Brain Transference (your turn ends immediately) or vice versa?

Please bring peace and love back to our nerdy, debating household....


I would play it as resolve the complete action and then end your turn.  Brain Transference would end the turn before the second play but after D2&UE. Also, I would give the hand limit selection to the person moving to your spot.

I'm in agreement with Austin. That word "immediately" is hard for me to get past.

I think the "Draw 2 and Use 'Em (all cards count as one play)" is just to clarify that you can play the single card D2&UE with Play 1 in effect (i.e., someone cannot argue that playing the D2&UE card ends your Play 1 and thereby nullifies the impending 'sub-turn' during which you execute the 'sub-rules' of Draw 2 / Play 2).

That said... in your example, I would have played BT first, to keep hand size up, unless I had a one-card win on lock. Meaning, yes, that "ends immediately" effect even prevents the play of the HL1 during the D2&PE sub-turn!

Promo cards for the new releases?

So all 3 of the new Fluxx items are out now. I've happened across a card each for Batman and Adventure Time. I've seen another AT card - the Wish Orb - as well as a creeper called Con Crud (paired with the Dice) online. Anyone want to speculate - or say outright if you're in the know - when they might be in the online store?


Wish Orb was available at GenCon (in fact, I got two of them - one when I bought the game, and another for being in the Fluxx tournament there)

Yes, thanks. Ordered the two I don't have as soon as I saw them.

If you are a collector, and care about owning a copy of the promo postcard version of the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant - go order one today!  http://store.looneylabs.com/Tandem-War-Elephant

We only have 65 of this left and when they are gone they will not be made in this format again!

Rules Question - Batman Fluxx

If the goal is "Bank Robbery In Progress," does the Villain have to be in front of the player with The Bat Signal and The Bank (like it does with "Backed Into a Corner!"), or can it be in front of any player (like it can with"Crime Spree")?


Crime Spree specifies "5 or more Villains on the table" which is what lets you know that you don't have to own them all yourself.  Bank Robbery In Progress makes no such exception, so you should infer that, as with most Goals, you need to have that Villain on the table in front of you, specifically.

We could stand to make this a bit clearer on each, perhaps saying “anywhere on the table” for Crime Spree, and add “in front of you” for Bank Robbery In Progress, but frankly, “in front of you” is pretty much the default for all Goal requirements, unless stated otherwise.

Hope that clears things up!

Thanks for playing our games!

Rules Question - Adventure Time Fluxx

When someone plays "The Arena," can a player choose a Keeper in his hand for the combat, or does it have to be one that has already been played?


I'm inclined to say it should be one already in-play. 

Hi Don,

Yes, the Keepers offered up for combat have to already be in play.  If there is only one combatant, that entity simply wins by default.  They stick their head in the Arena, see that there's nobody there trying to kill them, breathe a sigh of relief, and get the heck out of there.

Batman Fluxx... New card question

Dear looneylabs,

Can NEW RULE cards that offer a "Free Action" as written on it, e.g. NEW RULE:Let's Keep Doing That, NEW RULE:Recycling, etc. have their effect cancelled by the SURPRISE:Stop That Action card?

See picture for an example.


I would say no because its not really and action at that time. But that is tricky

No.  Those are not considered "Actions" in the sense that they are not Action cards, and that Surprise is intended to cancel out Action cards specifically.  More broadly worded Surprises might prevent some of these, however.  For example, Skullduggery is designed so that it can prevent Plundering, which is a "free action" on a Rule.

There might be some confusion on Let's Keep Doing That, since there is an Action card permanently in play, but it is intended to act as if it were a New Rule, so I would say that it's no longer stoppable by the  "Stop That!" Anti-Action Surprise.

Double Agenda ambiguity?

While having friends over for games we decided to play a round of Oz Fluxx.  Halfway through the first round the Double Agenda New Rule was played and the next person, new to the game, went to place a goal.  What followed was an argument that lead to us stopping play.  She wondered if she had to play it as a second goal or could replace the current one.  She read the rule card as saying that you can play a second goal.  That the rule card doesn't stipulate that the next goal must be played as a second goal.  Another player that had played many times disagreed and argued us out of playing.  That the new rule card made so that you could not replace a goal until a second one had been placed.

I reach out for the knowledge of those not within my game group.  A third arbiter to settle the dispute so we can go back to enjoying an amazing game.


I'm going to suggest that the behavior of the iOS app is authoritative and that the more experienced player in your case was correct. I see the new person's interpretation, but I can't say it ever occured to me to interpret it that way. That said, I also think the person who was right was making too big a deal out of it. Let it go for one game. It stops being an issue as soon as either the rule goes away or someone chooses to play a second goal. Arguing to the point where you ruin the game for everyone else is just being a bad sport.

I am fFamiliar with this train of thought.  The intention is that you must add a second goal before replacing the original one.

We've never played such that it was mandatory to place the next goal card as the second card. The word "must" isn't on the rule card. Just like plenty of the random action cards, it's a can play, or may play.

The old version of what became the fan club web site had a Fluxx FAQ, which had this to say on the subject:

  • Q: When the Double Agenda card is played, does the next goal played have to be added as a second goal, or can it be used to replace the one goal, thus leaving only one goal in play rather than two?
    • A: The next Goal played must fill the empty spot, the old Goal stays at least until one other Goal is played.

If Double Agenda is in play, and there is only one Goal, the next Goal played must become the second Goal in play, and may not replace the one existing Goal, still leaving a slot open.  After both slots are filled, new Goals may replace those.

Sorry for the confusion!  Hope that clears things up.  Thanks for playing our games!

Adventure Time Fluxx using Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant Card

We were playing with this deck tonight and I used the bonus card APTWE. this card says " If any two players each have a Keeper needed to win by the current goal, the game ends with both players being the winners. If not, draw 2 cards.". I had one Keeper for the goal and my wife had the other Keeper, along with the "Marceline" Keeper that says "Creepers do not prevent you from winning". We both had the Creepers in front of us. I said we both won as Marceline negates the Creepers played. My son says only my wife did because she had the card and it only applies to her. Who is right?


I'm inclined to agree with your son. Marceline doesn't negate the effect of creepers generally. She neuters them for the player that has her in play. Your creepers still say you can't win unless the goal says otherwise.

My thought: your son is right - Marceline applies only to the person who has the card.

The one thing I'm not sure about: since the card specifically says that you both win, but you can't win because of your Creeper, does she win anyway?

Well, Andy and I debated for quite a while about this, and the official ruling from Looney Labs actually agrees with you on this, not your son.

We could see either of these arguments making sense, but in the end, we came to the same conclusion you did (you both win because Marceline negates Creepers).  Keep in mind, however, that if Marceline was not in play, and only one of you had a Creeper, neither of you would win.  It's all or nothing with the APTWE.

The way we see it is that the two players are essentially merging into one, a la the two-headed elephant of the card title.  So their Keeper set merges, and so do their Creepers.  So, for example, if only one player had a Creeper, and the other one didn't, their sets would be psychically merged, and it would be as if they were one two-headed player... who had a Creeper preventing the win.  So one player's Creeper would prevent both people from winning.

However, the same is true of Marceline's power: when the players Keeper/Creeper sets merge, her power now extends to both people, so she neutralizes Creepers for the joined set which can then win, no matter who originally had Creepers.

Star Fluxx questions from someone just starting out

Hello all, I recently started playing Star Fluxx with my roommates and we love the game! We play it pretty competitively and naturally there's some disagreement over certain cards and rules. I'm on mobile so please forgive any formatting issues or incorrect text. 1. Can you draw/play in any order? 2. Where does Wormhole fall with respect to #1? Can you wormhole before/during/after either phase? 3. If a Draw X / Play X are on the table, do you HAVE to draw / play exactly X? The wording "if you have fewer than X cards, play them all" tells me yes but I've read differing opinions on these forums. 4. Get On With It! - this card reads "Before your final Play, you may place your hand in the discard pile and draw 3 new cards. Your turn ends immediately." Thanks!


I forgot to post my question for #4. The way it's worded, I believe that you cannot invoke this card if you've used up all your plays for the turn. Is this true?

1 you draw your cards first then you play

2 if I remember right worm hole says " at anytime during your turn"

 3 and yes you do unless you don't have enough cards to play then play all your cards.

4 I always play it as if you still have one more play then you can " get on with it!" 

 Hope this helps

Stevie Rae has it exactly right.

Draw first then Play

Wormhole can happen before everything, somewhere in the middle, or after everything.  As long as the next person has not started taking their turn, you can still Wormhole if you have not yet done so.

Yes, you must use all your Plays.  You may not pass on any of them, or just discard cards without reason.  You might make someone else win.  That's the joy/agony of Fluxx!

Yes, you must be sacrificing at least one of your available plays to be able to take this otherwise free Action.  There's a cost to get this benefit.


12 decks, all shuffled together.  Best part is, I won and don't have to help sort them back.


Neato!  How long did the game last?  I'm wondering if it took hours to get the right combination of stuff, or just a surprisingly short time.  It would be pretty fFunny if, after assembling all those cards, shuffling fFor a god 30 minutes, and someone was dealt something like Play All, All You Need Is Love, and Love.  =)

Recommended House Rule: Allow one Goal per set to be in play (or two, with the matching Double Agenda).

Batman fluxx loop hole

So first time playing last night and my friend finds this evil lil loop hole combo. If you have batmobile and batarang you can keep playing for ever. It is even worse if you have the dice going also. 

Batmoble says you may discard this card to take an extra turn after the current turn.

Batarang says once durning your turn you may put this back in your hand to take any card oitbof the diacardvpile and place it atop the draw pile


Zowie!  Good fFind!

He did that combo four times for the win

I ran into a similar problem when designing my own version of FLUXX last year.

Easy fix: Batarang should read: "cannot be used on Batmobile."

Just added this to our FAQ to go live on the web soon.

As currently printed (first printing), the Batmobile lets you take another turn if you discard it from play. The Batarang lets you pull it back into your hand to move a card from the discard to the top of the draw pile. If you use the Batarang to move the discarded Batmobile to the top of the draw pile, then you draw it again on your repeated turn. With a Play of 2 or more, you can infinitely loop this process (since you need two plays to play the Batmobile and Batarang to the table again) and with Play 3 or more, you can actually play other cards as well, infinitely extending your turn. What's the fix for this?

A: The Batmobile should have had wording limiting the number of turns you can take in a row using it, just like the more generic Take Another Turn. We will be updating it on subsequent print runs. For now, if you have a first printing deck, please play it as though there were a limit of two turns you can take in a row using the Batmobile.

That seems like a good compromise.

Any plans to fix or remove this link: http://rabbits.continuation.org/wiki/Fluxx_FAQ , which is found here: http://wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/Fluxx/FAQ.html ?

Has the above mentioned "FAQ to go live...soon" been published?

A teaser at my next fanmade Fluxx cards


I'm currently working on designing two Fluxx sets for fun and I have many more projects to come. Here is a small teaser about what to expect

1/ New Horizons set

To celebrate the NASA New Horizons program and encounter with Pluto after a 10 years and 3 billion miles journey, I had the idea to create a small Fluxx set. 20 cards so far and here are some


Pluto, Charon, New Horizons, Cthulhu Regio, Fungi of Yuggoth, Clyde Tombaugh's Ashes, Nyx & Hydra, Nasa, Pluto's Heart, ...


Nightmares from Beyond (Charon + Fungi of Yuggoth), The Final Encounter (Pluto + Charon + New Horizons), Lovecraft Was Right (Pluto or Fungi of Yuggoth + Cthulhu Regio), Farewell Pluto (Pluto + Sun), Celestial Ballet (Charon + Nyx & Hydra), As Far As The Eye Can See (Nasa + New Horizons), 'Til Death Do Us Unite (Clyde Tombaugh's Ashes + Pluto), etc.

2/ Prehistoric Fluxx

Just to be clear, it's an absurd, Monty Python inspired humour, crazy and unhinged, absolutely NOT a serious set, since Fluxx is so much fun, I don't want to create serious expansions. The crazier the better.

So, even though "man" (or whatever close to being close man) and dinosaurs never met nor lived in the same time period (men came some 65 million years later), I don't care and this set should be considered Prehistoric Fluxx in its largest meaning (in history, Prehistory ends with the invention of writing as the expression of an articulated and organized language, and is immediately followed by Antiquity). Therefore, whether we speak of Dinosaurs or Homo Sapiens, it's still called Prehistory.

Here are some (silly and stupid) samples


Man, Woman, Parents, Mace, Silex, Lightning Bolt, Tribe Drums, Cave, Groar Grumpf Aaaarghhh!!!, Volcano, T-Rex, Sabrethooth Tiger, Wooly Mammoth, Pterodactyl, Shark, Fur, Asteroïd, Bones, Paintings, etc.


Invention of Divorce (Woman + Mace), Invention of Heavy Metal (Groar Grumpf Aaaarghhh!!! + Tribe Drums), Invention of Epilation (Woman + Silex), Invention of Fire (Lightning Bolt + any Tree), Invention of Jogging (T-Rex or Sabretooth Tiger + Man), Invention of Mother-in-Law (Woman + Parents), Invention of Troubles (Man + Woman), etc.

So far, I have nearly 60 cards made, but I still need to play those sets and add images since I'd like to avoid any copyrighted image.

Hope more people around here will soon add their own creations and share them with the community...

Cheers from France

Fluxx "Swag" among goodies given to attendees of "Concert Against Humanity" at Gen Con?


The press release linked above says the following:

> Popular card game Cards Against Humanity announced this morning that they will be hosting a concert and comedy show during Gen Con this year, with live performances by Molly Lewis, The Doubleclicks, Paul and Storm, Cameron Esposito, Kumail Nanjiani, and more.


> The concert, which will take place Friday, July 31st at the Murat, Indianapolis’s largest theater, is expected to sell out.


> Tickets start at $40 and are available now at ConcertAgainstHumanity.com.


...it then goes on to say this:

> All attendees of the concert will receive a swag bag with show exclusives and new products from Cards Against Humanity, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Magic: The Gathering, Fluxx, Greater Than Games, and Maxistentialism. 

So I'm wondering if this swag is something that will ONLY be available to concert attendees (Max of Cards Against Humanity indicated yesterday in a tweet that CAH will be giving away their new "Reject Pack 2" there, and "then literally never give it out ever again"), or is it just an early copy of stuff that will be available to buy soon after (i.e., Batman Fluxx or Adventure Time Fluxx or Fluxx Dice)? 

Inquiring minds want to know! :)


I doubt that LL would want to give out any high dollar items like decks!

Probably promo cards of some sort, perhaps the Batman and/or Adventure Time promo cards.

I certainly hope it's not a concert-exclusive item.

Okay, CAH has posted a look at the "swag bag" from this event, and it looks like the Fluxx item included is the new Fluxx Dice, and a creeper card that may or may not be unique (I can't make out the words, even with a blown up image of the bag).

Looks like it might say "Con Crud." I am not going to the concert, so hopefully I can buy one from an attendee. Maybe someone in my group is going to that concert...

Maybe one day it will be in the LL store?

A year ago or so, I had this conversation with Allison and Kirstin since I live in France and do not attend any US Con since 2000.

I told the LL staff that not having the opportunity to attend a Con shouldn't be "punished" by not being able to get the promo stuff, since collectors like myself don't like to miss promotional items just because they don't live in the country.

I was then answered that because everybody can't attend every game Con, every Con promo stuff should end up in the store.

It has proven right so far, and to my knowledge, every Con promo item has always been available in the store a few weeks after.

The noticeable exceptions so far are the store or event exclusive items like the BGG expansion (only available thru the BGG store), Wil Weaton Tabletop expansion pack and Foam Brain promo card, but I really hope the Tabletop 2015 pack and Foam Brain will eventually be available in the LL store.

As for this Con Crud Creeper promo card, I hope this one will be available in the store as well. 

For those interested, this is a picture posted to Reddit this morning of the "Con Crud" promo card that was in the swag bag at the Concert For Humanity last night. More pictures of other stuff in the swag bag can be found here, at the original poster's Facebook page (which THE ORIGINAL POSTER linked to on Reddit, so re-linking to here should be okay!), and that includes the Fluxx Dice pack which was in the bag, that will be publicly available to buy in a bit over a month (warning: some mature/NSFW language at that link, so be careful who's watching your screen besides you).  The Con Crud card sounds like a good one to put in the original main Fluxx deck, so I hope it's at the online Looney store sooner or later!  :)

Thank you David for the info.

Since there's a price tag on the postcard, I am to believe this one could end up in the store as well. My bet, it could be made available along with the 4 new Batman and AT promo cards (I hope)

I don't know what to do??

The money from my summer launch kit just got returned to my account why is that??


Let me look into it...  I'll be in touch with you through regular email...


(LLabs customer service)

Fluxx: International TableTop Day Expansion


Could anyone please tell me where I cant purchase this expansion ?

Fluxx: International TableTop Day Expansion

By the way, I'm still looking for some Foam Brain Promo cards and a few other ones

-       Cake

-       Coffee Break

-       Double Agenda

-       Nuclear War

-       Reverse Order

-       The 100,000 Years Old Game From Mars

-       The Bakery

-       The Desert

-       The Robot

-       Too Sleep Or Not To Sleep

-       X = X + 1

I'm looking for them in their promo version.

I have many promo for trade, so should there be anyone who would have ny of those promo cards for trade or sale, please contact me.

Cheers from France,



Some of them you can order online from Looney labs. Have you looked theree.??


Yes indeed I have. Unfortunately, most of those promos are from Origins 2000 and the last US Con I've attended was GenCon '99, and as for thos promos, none of them are for sale on the website. but X=X+1, which I'll order with my GameTech bundle of the three new Fluxx.

By the way, I'm truely happy that enventually Fluxx has finally been released in French and I just hope new cards and expansions will be as well.

As for the Tabletop Day pack, not for sale on the website and seller over the Internet are selling them for absurd price (in fact they charge absurd shipping costs to France for an enveloppe, and so, they wouldn't pay Ebay fees on S&H)

So, as for the promo cards and the tabletop, I'm still looking for the cards.

The last one is the Foam Brain promo card, as the store refuses to sell me the cards and I've absolutely no Fluxx items to purchase from them, since I already have them all...twice

Thank you for your answer,

Cheers from France,


By any chance, do you have a spare Marlene Bruce promo card for the first version of Stoner Fluxx?

I know for sure I still do own 3 sealed decks of Stoner Fluxx first ed since I bought the entire Fluxx stock from a local retailer at Essen in Germany some years ago as the guy made a last day sale on the closing sunday of the convention (selling any games for 10€ per kilogram).

As for the promo cards, I have to check. I know I have one Marlene that she sent me back in the days, but I'm not entirely sure I have any spares. I'm trying to have at least 3 copies of every promo card (one to play with, a replacement and one for collection) and at least two of each deck (one to play and demo with, one sealed spare just in case)

So I'll check my rabbit boxes (yes I do onwn these as well, demoing the game since 1997) by tomorrow.

Do you have by any chance any one of the cards I'm looking for in your spares please ?

Cheers from France,


I'm pretty sure I have a Robot, and I'd gladly grab a Tabletop Day pack for you. I hate sellers who WAY overcharge for postage to outside the US.

I found the Robot promo card today; I'll save it for you.

Hi Dave,

Sorry for not answering sooner but I was away for holidays for a few days.

I've checked my Fluxx collection, and unfortunately, I own ony one copy of the Marlene promo card. I have no spare.

If you give me your email address, I'll send you the list of all my Fluxx spares. So let me know if there's anything else you might miss.

Modern Fluxx Fonts

Similar to a previous thread, I was wondering what fonts are used on the newer versions (5.0, Holiday, Regular Show, etc.).

As far as I can tell, the font for the name bar and text is "Auto", but I can't figure out the fonts for the card types.

Fluxx Deluxx 2.0! (A fan made idea)

To All Fluxx Fanatics:

Wow, it's been WAY too long since I've last been here. Anyways, I have an interesting idea revolving around an expanded version of the original line of Fluxx.  My original discussion on Fluxx Deluxx can be seen here:


Fluxx Deluxx is simply the original version of Fluxx (version 4.0 in this case), combined with various additional cards printed in the past. These extra cards are either cards found in other editions of Fluxx, or promos printed out over the years.

This time around, I decided to restrict myself from importing cards from other editions (save for 2 goal cards), and to keep the custom made cards to a minimum. I JUST bought Fluxx 5.0, Star Fluxx, Oz Fluxx & Cthulhu Fluxx not too long ago, & trying to import various Actions & New Rules from all of the other Fluxx games out there would result in Fluxx Deluxx having a VERY lage deck size. With that being said, here is my proposed card list for Fluxx Deluxx 2.0! (140 cards in total)

Actions (28)

- All 22 Actions found in 4.0

- Draw Four, Scatter 'Em (Custom)

- Pandora's Box (Promo)

- Press Your Luck (Promo)

- Rock-Paper-Scissors Showdown (5.0)

- Time Vortex (Promo)

- Zap A Card! (5.0, Promo)

New Rules (28)

- Draw 2, 3, 4, 5

- Play 2, 3, 4, All

- Hand Limit 0, 1, 2

- Keeper Limit 2, 3, 4

- Bonuses: No Hand, Party, Poor, Rich

- Free Action Rules: Get On With It!, Goal Mill, Mystery Play, Recycling, Swap Plays For Draws

-Numeral Modifiers: Inflation, One Two Five

- Misc: Double Agenda, First Play Random, Silver Lining

Keepers (27)

- All 19 Keepers found in 4.0

- Coffee (2.0)

- Doughnuts (2.0)

- Music (5.0)

- Pyramid (1.0, 2.0)

- Computer (The) (Counts as Music, Television or the Toaster. Has the same powers as the

                    2007 promo version)

- Flowers (Counts as Love or Death)

- Star (The) (Counts as the Sun, the Moon, or the Cosmos)

- Tarts (Counts as Doughnuts, Cookies or Bread. Also counts as a food Keeper)

Creepers (5)

- Death

- Radioactive Potato

- Taxes

- Traitor (The)

- War

Goals (56)

- All 29 Goals found in 4.0

- Afterlife (The) (Custom)

- Bakery (The) (2001 Promo)

- Bread & Chocolate (5.0)

- Can't Buy Me Love (5.0)

- Cheese Shop (Monty Python Fluxx)

- Chrononauts (2002 Promo)

- Conflict Is Costly (Custom)

- Coffee & Doughnuts (2.0)

- Coffee Break (2001 Promo)

- Day Dreams (5.0)

- Desert (The) (2001 Promo)

- Eye of the Beholder (5.0)

- Great Seal (The) (2.0)

- Great Theme Song (5.0)

- Icehouse (2001 Promo)

- Lattee (Custom)

- Lullaby (5.0)

- Money (No Taxes) (2.0)

- Nuclear War (2001 Promo)

- Party Time! (5.0)

- Snack Time (Stoner Fluxx)

- The TV Watches You (1997 Promo)

- To Sleep Or Not To Sleep (2003 Promo)

- Turn It Up! (5.0)

- Warm Cookies (Custom)

- World Peace (5.0)

- Zombies Eat Brains (2007 Promo)

Custom Card Info

- Draw Four, Scatter 'Em (http://www.wunderland.com/WTS/Andy/ProjectEBAY/Fluxx.html)

Look towards the bottom of this page. It's an action from the prototype deck of Fluxx.

- Afterlife (The): A goal card combining Death & the Cosmos.

- Conflict is Costly: A goal card combining War & Taxes

- Latte: A goal card combining Coffee & Milk

- Warm Cookies: A goal card combining Cookies & the Toaster.

Let me know what you think. :3

Convention playing

I'm running a game of Zombie Fluxx at a convention out here in Ohio come October. My girl friend is a member of a (charity) haunted house and we will be missing a weekend of acting to go to the con.

I've got a hook to drawl players into playing :). The attachment is from a zombie run that took place in the spring. Zombie Fluxx with a zombie two weeks before Halloween, how much better does it get? I have it listed as an event but I am pretty sure that I should be able to find a few people to play some pick up games of Zombie and Space Fluxx.

The good thing about Fluxx is also one of the draw backs, at least when trying to schedule time for it. I've had games be won in ten minutes and other ones go on to have to reshuffle the deck once or twice.

I have allowed myself two hours at the table to play. I figure that should be at least enough to play twice, even allowing for questions during game play.

Usually the cards are pretty good with the instructions. Of course I can't think of an example at the moment.... But one or two of the cards have some ambiguity to them. When playing with friends if we can't figure out just how a card should be played I let everyone at the table play it and we vote. I'm thinking of allowing this house rule at the convention. Any thoughts?


Well, in terms of how to run the event, when my friend and I run Looney Labs at the sister con of Con on the Cob, AnCon, the last two years we've just called it open gaming. We essentially sit at the table(s) with a bevy of Looney Labs games (and pyramids) and whomever has signed up, or comes with a generic token sits down and we play whatever people want to play for several hours. I'm sure this type of system could easily be adapted to what you want to do, just by controlling what games you have available. It also gives you the freedom to either run several games at a time, or get people into a variety of Looney games, just depending on how fast some of the games go.

I've been playing Zombie Fluxx wrong....

So we were playing Fluxx with the Zombie and Pirate decks mixed up (we never play just one deck anymore) and my youngest (of course) pointed out that NOWHERE on the Zombie Creepers does it say "You can't win if you have this card".  It doesn't really come into play until you mix decks, but the Creeper factor is included on the goal cards in ZF, not on the Creepers themselves.  Mind blown.


Huh.  so, going by just what is on the cards, you could win a PIRATE goal, even if you have ZOMBIES?  I think the rules tend to state creepers prevent you fFrom winning, in general, and that is *clearly* the intention.  But just going by the printed text on the cards ....


Yup!  That's how my son won that game!  He had the winning keepers, both Pirate cards, but also a couple of zombies and he pointed it out.   Just checked the rules, doesn't say you can't win with Creepers.  It's all contingent on the goal cards.  Another reason this game is the best!

I just got the 2015 Summer Release Launch Kit. It comes Fluxx Dice, which has a Creeper called "Bad Luck," which doesn't state on the card that it prevents victory. The notes included with the rules confirms that this specific creeper is not supposed to prevent victory. Also part of this kit is Batman Fluxx; its Creepers have text that prevents all players from winning unless specified by the goal, and not just the player that has the Creeper like in other editions. Interesting...

Eco Fluxx - Poison and Camoflage

Could someone provide an accurate descriptor for these cards?

Poison card- I've tried to explain how it's supposed to work but don't seem to make headway on it. I said it's supposed to protect the beings (Keepers) that can be EATEN. If YOU have it with "edible" creatures, you are protected...that person with the 'predator' card can't win.......Odd example: you have Frogs, Insects, and Poison and the Goal is Frogs eat Insects.....do you get to win or are the insects protected with the poison?

Camoflage card...I know it's only ONE Keeper per player....But....If you choose to 'camo' a Keeper you just drew, you can but will have to reveal whatever other Keeper you may have had 'Camo'ed'...correct? 


Poison: Here's the answer from the old Fluxx FAQs:

A: Sorry, Poison makes ALL of your Keepers poisonous, so you cannot win if you have Poison and the Keeper you want to eat is one of your own.

Camouflage: It's only one per player, so you'd have to reveal to avoid having more than one.

Huzzah!  An answer!  I had been wondering the same thing, actually.  Thank you, sir!

Thanks....I figured as much about poison. Same for Camoflage.

Organizers for my collection...and yours if you want them.

I've got a near-complete set of Fluxx variants and decided the time had come to move them out of their retail boxes into a good case for organization and portability. It's also got Chrononauts in it, so I don't know if I should refer to it as my Fluxx Capacitor or my Looney Bin. Anyway...

To help me keep things straight, I created some dividers from my own scans of the box art and the card lists available online. As I got into this task, I thought maybe other people would like it too, so the collection is now online at this page. Hope you find it useful. Feedback appreciated.


If anyone's interested, I've just added a Just Desserts sheet. Noted an error in the "official" card list on the site; I have Zucchini Nut Bread where the site lists Pumpkin Nut Bread.

Just added Stoner Fluxx 2.1, which has some differences from the 2.0 list at Wunderland. Organizers available for:

Chrononauts v1.5
Early American Chrononauts v1.1
Cartoon Network Fluxx
Cthulhu Fluxx
EcoFluxx v2.0
Family Fluxx v1.1
Fluxx Español
Fluxx SE
Fluxx v1.0
Fluxx v3.0
Fluxx v4.0
Fluxx v5.0
Holiday Fluxx
Martian Fluxx
Monster Fluxx
Monty Python Fluxx
Oz Fluxx
Pirate Fluxx
Regular Show Fluxx
Star Fluxx
Stoner Fluxx v2.1
Zombie Fluxx v1.2
Just Desserts

Good job indeed !

Thank you for doing this.

Stoner Fluxx

This one is majorly funny to play. I've taken the "let's pause for a moment' cards out as I don't mess with the stuff....but the game is still hilarious to play. But I have a question about the Moocher. If all the w%#d is removed...does the Moocher go, too? I don't think so..it has to be by one of the creeper sweeper cards, I believe. The player with the Moocher is stuck until the discard pile is reshuffled.... 


Please disregard....I didn't read the directions completely...sorry

Fluxx on the iPad

Bought this for my wife's ipad a few days ago, and I must say it's the best $2.99 I've ever spent! Granted, I'd rather be playing face-to-face, but it's still a blast!


I play under the name "Jiddy 66"

in MAJOR search

i have all the fluxx's sets but one, i'm on the look out for a set of family fluxx to complete my collection, if you have any word on where i can find one i would love you for ever. i have checked EBAY and the only one i found was 80 dollars : ( 


Hello - I sent you a message with a link to a few Family Fluxx 1.0's I've seen for sale between $20-$30.  Hope it's works and is what you're looking for!

Could you post the link again I could click it inside the friend request

I sent you a new message with that link - which is for a Family Fluxx 1.0 for sale for $20.00 + shipping.  I didn't want to post publicly to ensure you get first crack at it if you want it, but if you have further trouble let me know and I will.

Creepers and the Teleport Chamber

We had a situation come up during play this evening.  I have looked over the forums for an answer but didn't see one so I am posting it. 

The card was played where all beings were sent back up to their players hands unless the Teleport chamber was in play which all the beings went over to that player.  One being had a creep attached to it.  So the question came up does the creeper stay with the being thus ending up in play for the player with the teleport chamber? or Does it the creeper stay in front of the original owner of the player as the being is "diverted" to the other players hand during the process of returning to the hand but the creeper does not go and stays with that original player?


If the creeper is attached to the keeper, then as goes the Keeper, So goes the Creeper.  The Creeper goes where the Keeper goes.  If that doctor is evil, then the evil doctor goes to the owner of the teleporter.  Cards go into hand, and then Creepers immediately come back on to the table.

At least, that is my reading.  I can understand what you mean, however.  Another person would suggest that if the card refers to Keepers only, then only keepers move.  Creepers are unaffected.  But I think this is one of those cases where the two cards are bolted together and act simultaneously.

yes, what Scott says here is correct - this is how Andy intends for this to work! 

Thank you both for the answer.  That was what I thought also and how it was played out.  Just wanted to double check.  Loving the games.

Fluxx Deck Ideas...Does Looney Labs take submissions?

Hi some of my New York City artsy friends which I've taught how to play fluxx and I have what we think is a great idea for a new deck.  Is there a way to submit ideas like this?

Ayisha Oglivie

"Let's Do That Again" revisited

With Fluxx 5.0, I'm having a problem interpreting this one clearly:

When Player A plays this one, they get to go through the discard pile and play either an Action (blue) card or a New Rule (yellow) card of their choosing, retaining the order of the discard pile. The card also states that anyone else can look through the discard pile (and at any time) which is in the FAQ's of the rules sheet.

Player B goes through the discard pile also and tries to pull out a card to play.

Question: This is not a legal move by Player B, is it? That is, he can't pull out a card and play it without another card >in his hand that he can play on his turn< that will let him do that....right? But he can look at the discard pile all he wants without messing up the order of the cards...correct? Only Player A, who played the LDTA card, can pull one out and play it.....right?

That's how I read it anyway.........


Yes, you are correct.  Only the person who played the card gets to take the action.

The fFootnote simply states that anyone, at any time, may always look through the discard pile.  You generally cannot take cards fFrom the discard pile unless you have done something that specifically lets you do so.  But you may always *look* at what's in there.

Thanks for your quick reply. I've read most of the Fluxx posts and, I think, a good handle on things.....

Surprise Card

I play Oz Fluxx all the time with my daughter and many time we had a problem with the "Surprise Veto" card.

Let's say I'm changing the rule from play 1 card to "play all".  At this time no one puts forth their "surprise Veto" card because they don't know what I'm about to do.  So I continue to put down keepers, then a goal that makes me win.  That's when the other person decides to put their "surprise Veto" card out of turn.  Do I still win because they didn't put it right away when I put the new rule "play all", or do they prevent me from winning after I played many cards to meet the goal.  That happened many time and I never know how to deal with it.

I appreciate your quick response so we can go on enjoying this awesome game


I think it's only fair that the Veto has to be played when the New Rule gets played.  Waiting until you have taken your turn to maybe see if I like it and then expect you to undo your turn ... No, that doesn't seem fFair at all.

If we are playing a fFriendly game -- and I suppose most games probably will be fFriendly -- then it's probably polite to accept some amount of redaction among fFriends.  But that's an exception, to be sure.

I also think that the player of the Play all can't just play Play All, then drop 2 keepers on the table and a new goal and say I win.  There has to be a time allowed for other people to react to the Play All before it takes effect.

Family Fluxx

Does anyone know of a place that may have a copy of Family Fluxx available. I thought I found one, but they just emailed me and said their stock was in error.


I may have a copy at my shop: I'll check tomorrow.

I have one! Sending a friend request so we can discuss it in message form.

Cthulhu Fluxx card

So, I'm having a discussion with my gf. The card Even Death May Die allows you to look through the discard pile and play either an action or a keeper... can I look through the discard pile before I play the card?


Yes!  You may always look through the discard pile.  This is always true of all fluxx games, at all times.  You may always look through the discard pile.  In theory, you saw every card go whizzing by into the trash, so it is sort of assumed you saw all of them.

Thanks a lot Scott, you are the man!!! Happy gaming!

Fluxx Promo cards


Are there any plans for the official list of Fluxx promo cards (Wunderland) to be updated? Or does anyone have a complete list of promo cards? I'm trying to figure out which ones I'm missing :)




The BoardGameGeek entry for Fluxx Promo Cards is fairly complete:


Thanks Ryan :)

The only one I'm not sure about on BGG is that Hastur is listed as both a Keeper and a Creeper. Does anyone know if this was actually the case? I was aware of the Creeper, but not the Keeper.

Kristin says it was only a Creeper, never a Keeper.  :)

Thanks for this - have submitted this for revision on BoardGameGeek :) 

Sorry...  I still don't have any kind of firm answer on this - but for whatever it is worth, we are talking about ways we might make this information available to you guys...  Thank you Ryan for jumping in with the link to the BGG list! 

Do Creepers always cancel a keepers power?

If, for example, I have a doctor with brain parasites and my opponent has the energy being, does the Creeper keep me from stealing my opponents Keeper?  Is this true of all Creepers/Keepers


No, it is not true of all Creepers, only the ones that say so.

Star Fluxx Rules Question: What Happens When an Action is Blocked?

What happens when an action is blocked by a surprise card? Is the action card put into the discard pile? Does the blocked action count as a turn? What if the action is the time portal and the person playing it has the time traveler keeper in play? Does it go into the discard pile or does the player keep the action card as per the time traveler instructions? Thanks!

Counts as ... Items

While looking over my Holiday Fluxx and the Fruitcake item from the Holiday gift pack that counts as a Dessert or Gift, a question came up.

There are rules or actions throughout flux that affect keepers or are based on keepers being in play on the table.  When another item has "counts as" such and such item comes into play, does it also activate the Rule or is affected by the action?

Clear the Table removes several items from play including Dessert.  The Fruitcake counts as Dessert also, so is it cleared?

There is a rule that if gift is in play, you can do something specific.  If the Fruitcake is in play that counts as the gift, is the rule activated?

I am sure if I looked hard enough, there would be other examples throughout the various Fluxx games.

My thought is that counts as means always count as for goals, rules, actions, etc.  So Fruitcake would cleared by the table and the gift rule would be active.

Thanks in advance.


Wow, am I ever late on this one.  But I agree.  The fruitcake counts for both, and activates the gift bonus, and gets cleared. (Otherwise there is no way to remove it in the Holiday Fluxx set.

The one thing I'm unsure of is whether or not you can win with fruitcake in front of you if it fulfills the goal.

Wow, I'm really late to this too, but one thing I remember reading is that the person who has the particular card chooses what that card counts as at any given point in time. The keepers that count as something don't count as both things simultaneously - They're one of the "Counts As" things. This is because there are keepers that could win the game by themselves if they were both at the same time (The Robot GenCon 2003 promo, for example, as seen here: http://www.wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/PromoCards/outofprint.html ).

So, I think that if there's something like Clear the Table out, whoever has Fruitcake decides what happens with it. It could be cleared if the player wants to get rid of it by opting for it to count as Dessert, or keep it to spread the holiday "joy" to others by saying it counts as The Gift.

As for winning with it... It probably depends on the cards in play. Fruitcake itself says you can't win if you have it, so unless there's a goal that lets someone with either Dessert or The Gift win while they have a Creeper, or some combination of goals that allows that, you won't win with Fruitcake. A goal like Thanksgiving doesn't say anything about Creepers, so I think Fruitcake itself would prevent the win despite it counting as Dessert.

That's just my two cents, and I might be wrong, but that's how I'd play it. Hope this helps whoever comes across this in the future!

TL;DR: Perhaps I'm wrong, but it's up to the player and is one or the other. This comes from the "or" wording in "Counts as Dessert OR The Gift" (emphasis added).

FREE "Not So Fast" Fluxx Meta Rule

“Adds an interesting change of pace and

an exciting end-game element.”

Andrew Looney, designer of Fluxx

Here at Playniac, we're big fans of Fluxx and we've designed a new Meta Rule. It subtly shifts the gameplay in the end-game and - we believe - adds a lot of tension and excitement. It was inspired by a rule in the ancient game of Mahjong.

Download it for FREE here: http://playni.ac/fluxx

We hope you have fun playing this Meta Rule! Let us know how you get on in the comments below.

(Released with the kind permission of Looney Labs.)


Thanks for the pointer!

Oh that's a clever rule!  I like it!  I'll be trying this out soon, fFer sure!

I think some games might not improve with this, if the game is running long already.  I might house rule it somehow to suggest that this rule goes away after 20 minutes without a winner.  Because it serve only to drag the game out, sometimes.  But, I will definitely try it out exactly as is and see how it goes!!

We've typically found that if there's a defeated challenge, the game still ends a few rounds later. However we like Fluxx enough that we don't need all the games to be short. Let me know how you get on with the 20 min limit.

Enjoy! Report back here how you get on.

Zombie Friend

This is on the table...

Goal: Getaway Driver - One Friend Keeper, One Car and no zombies.

Keeper: A Friend

Keeper: The Car

Rule: Dead Friends - All Friend Keepers in play are Zombie Creepers

Rule: Zombies Ain't So Bad - You can win with Zombies even if the goal says you can't.

Do I win?

My <Friend> is a zombie that <ain't so bad> so the no zombie on the goal is deactivated but does the <zombie friend> satisfy the one friend keeper requirement?


Isn't this how Shaun of the Dead ends? Admittedly their get away car is a couch, but his fFriend is a zombie, and he really ain't so bad. That was a great scene. =) So yeah, you totally win!!!

This Shaun of the Dead scene is the exact argument I discussed with my colleagues while arguing that I won. 

However, my colleague stated that the wording on the goal requiring a <Friend KEEPER> means that a <Dead Friend CREEPER> cannot satisfy the goal.  Anyone else want to chime in?  Thank you Scott Myers!

I was Pat's opponent for this game. I admit that it's hilarious, and that scene is exactly what Pat's argument was. :P

However to me the wording of the cards makes it pretty clear: The goal specifically requires a "Friend Keeper", and the Dead Friends card says Friends are now creepers, "and NOT Keepers". So regardless of how bad zombies are, he no longer satisfies the friend KEEPER requirement of the goal.. That's my thoughts anyway.

Ahh, interesting argument.  I think I see your point:  The goal requires two specific Keepers, not a keeper and a creeper.  Well, I'm pretty sure the goal simply requires two cards by name, regardless of their Keeper/Creeper status.  Good point, but I don't think the current status of the card is a problem, with the other rules in play.

Pirate Fluxx is queued up on Amazon for Cyber Monday

Hi Team,

Amazon.com has Pirate Fluxx queued up for 1100 CST Tuesday, December 2nd as a Cyber Monday sale.  I'm going to check it out tomorrow morning!


It went within three minutes.  I missed it.

white witch question.

I just bought the Oz fluxx (it made sense to buy this one since we live in Kansas and there is a cute theme for my two girls and they love the movie).  This is my first time playing that kind of game and love it with a passion.  I thought my daughter would have a hard time understanding but she picked it up pretty fast.

But I have one question.  The Good Witch of the North Keeper says that on your turn you can move one of your Creepers to another player.  Does this count as a Play or is it a free thing you can do on your turn?  I assume the answer will be the same for the Tinman, the Winged monkeys, the falling house.

I've been advertising  your fluxx game to my friends and family member. 

Thank you for your quick answer.



Card abilities do not cost you a play, unless they say on them.

Usually, as a guiding principle, a "Play" is specifically when you pull a card out of your hand and do something with it.  Once a card is on the table, it no longer requires a "Play."

Thank you for your quick reply...enjoying this game sooooooooo much.


It is a free action

Monty Python Fluxx - Keeper card - when do you play one?

I've only played Monty Python Fluxx twice but still can't figure out when does a Keeper card get played? The rules say to take it out of your hand and place it face up in front of you but doesn't indicate when you do that?



The basic rules are Draw 1, Play 1.  On your turn, you draw a card and then play a card.

When you play a Keeper, it goes on the table in front of you.

When you play an Action, it does what it says and then gets discarded.

When you play a New Rule or a Goal, it goes in the middle of the table and applies to everyone.

All Keepers used to say "To play this card, place it face up on the table in front of you" until 2013.  Looney Labs decided to move all boilerplate text to the rulesheet instead.

Is a "surprise card" considered an "action card"?

Is a "surprise card" considered an "action card" which can be played at any time? 

In Pirate Fluxx, "Let's do that again" says to pick an action or rule from the discard pile and play it immediately.  Could someone choose a surprise card (if considered an action card) from the discard pile.

This came up because in Star Fluxx, "What do you want" says to pick up an rule, action or surprise and play immediately.


For purposes of Let's Do That Again, surprises don't count as Actions.

what Ryan said...   the Surprise cards are a 6th type of card, along with Keeper, Goal, New Rule, Action, and Creeper

Holiday Fluxx Rules Question

I was playing Holiday Fluxx with some friends this past week, and we all enjoyed it, but the wording on one of the Goal cards came into question during one of the games.

The "Thanksgiving" goal says that you win with "3 or more of these on the table: The Roast, Side Dishes, Bread, Dessert, or Bubbly Beverages."  The card does NOT specify that the items must be on the table as keepers belonging specifically to the winner.  It just says "on the table."

One of our players tried to play that goal and claim the victory, even though he only had 1 of the five possible items as his own Keeper.  He pointed to the fact that other players had other of the named items as keepers in front of them, so they were "on the table."  The rest of us pointed out that by this logic, everyone with one of those named keepers ought to win (actually, that would have been everybody playing that round, except for me! <grin>).  He claimed that he and only he should get the victory, since he was the one who played the goal.  I pointed out two things to him:

1) If during any Fluxx game he played a Goal card that named keepers which another player had, then that person wins the round; it's in the rules.  And that this would be no different: if he could win that round because he had some named keepers and other players had the rest of the named keepers, then so could the other players, making it a split victory.  And that if he wanted to do that, it would be fine with me.  But...

2) The intent of every other Goal card is that the same player have all the necessary Keepers to win, so that only one person gets the victory for that round (or else nobody does, in the case of Fluxx games which have "Ungoal" cards).  That "shared victories" really aren't the intention, although I granted the point that perhaps there's a change now with "Holiday Fluxx," since Holidays are all about sharing.  And I reiterated that I have no problem with shared victories, but I wondered what made him think that it might be the intent of THIS Goal card that "the table" didn't mean "a keeper on the table in front of you"?

He replied by revealing to the rest of us another card he had in his hand, "Clear the Table."  The wording on this Action card is, "Discard all of the following cards that are currently on the table: Candy, Dessert, Side Dishes, Bread, The Roast, and Bubbly Beverages."  He asked me if that card referred to just the Keepers in front of him, or to all the Keepers in play on the table, in front of all the various players.  I admitted that I would play that one to mean "in front of all players." All the other players agreed with me on that.  So the one player asked "what's the difference?"

I made life easier on all of us at that point by playing the Surprise card, "Cancelled Plans," discarding  his Thanksgiving Goal so that the issue was moot.  When my turn came up, I played two other cards and won the round.  All legit, no questions asked.  Nobody could complain.  But the person who brought it up said that if there was a way I could get a "ruling" from the game's producers on what the intent is for the Thanksgiving card, then he'd love to hear it.  :)

Just now I browsed through the deck and found a few other cards which mention "the table," but the only one which really seems to be in question with the wording would be the Thanksgiving goal:


Your assessment is correct, I'm sure.  I'm a little surprised the player tried to use this seeming loophole.  It's kind of core fFluxx concept: You must have all the keepers in fFront of you, to meet the goal and win.  As fFar as I can tell, his logic is that he didn't need *any* of the keepers involved, he only needed to play the Goal itself.  Simply having a Goal in your hand tends not to be enough.

we just ran into this very same question this weekend.  I made the same ruling that it had to be keepers in front of you. 

Hi David,

Unfortunately, this is a just mistake, plain and simple. The intent was as usual -- YOU must have the indicated Keepers on the table in order to win. So this card really should say "on the table in front of you" or better still, just read as "3 or more of these:" Frankly, we're still getting used to the new card frame format -- we're trying to minimize unneeded words but in this case we weren't clear. We'll have to fix that on the next printing.

Found Holiday Fluxx in the Wild

Was out and about today with the family, and we stopped in to a hobby shop here in our town (Memphis). They had one copy of the new Holiday Fluxx left in stock, albeit with a torn front of the box (evidently a round sticker of some sort had been there, and it got pulled off, and there was a hole in the plastic shrinkwrap under it so when the sticker came off then part of the cover came with it).

Anyway, I picked it up for $13.99, and they had a "Mrs. Claus" promo card to go with it, so I got that too (along with a videogame book my son wanted).  Here's a picture:


Hi David,

What store was this?  Happy you were able to get the promo!




Looney Labs Holiday Gift!

Have you signed up to receive the Looney Labs holiday gift yet? We will mail it out to you for free, but you have to go fill out this webform and request a copy...http://www.looneylabs.com/webforms/holiday-gift-2014-request Please tell your friends!


When do the gifts get shipped out?

Mine arrived today, in the UK.

Merry Christmas everyone :)

Mine arrived today.  Very nice.  Thank you very much.  Merry Christmas to all.

What kind of envelope did it come in?

A regular envelope like a Christmas card.

Received my gift...thank you very much.  Now who wants my fruitcake? :)


Darn, I am still waiting for mine to arrive.

Mine still has not arrived. Can anyone at LL please check on this for me?

Fluxx 5.0 Goal "World Peace"

What are the conditions for this goal, since I don't find "Earth" among the keepers in the cards list (like the goal "Peace on Earth" from the Holiday 2005 Promo Cards)?


That gives me an idea for a Fluxx Blanxx + Earth Promo Card goal: Harsher Punishment for Parole Violators (Peace + Earth) :D

Monster Fluxx errata

So... I know about the "That's No Mummy" and the "Monster Mash" reprints. Is one planned for the "Werewolf Hunting" goal, which asks for a Werewolf keeper rather than the Wolfman?

Another more minor issue is the fact that there are now two versions of "The Moon Is Full...": the one in Monster Fluxx, which calls for the Wolfman keeper and the Moon keeper, and the Are You A Werewolf? promo card, which calls for the Werewolf creeper and the Moon keeper.

More Star Fluxx Rules Questions

Seems the FAQ is still down; I know a few of these have been asked before, but I thought I'd ask here anyway since the responses point to a borked page. I've been playing Fluxx for years (since v1.0!) and never had any issues with rules I couldn't work out, but I'm new to Star Fluxx. I've got to say it's definitely my favorite of those I've played, the others being Stoner and Zombie. So much complexity and fun stuff in this version. I'm a bit of a rule geek and I want to understand exactly how things should go down. Thanks in advance and sorry if I missed any answers out there.

1. How exactly does one follow the 'draw' rule - do all the draws happen at once or are they taken one at a time until the rule is satisfied? We had a situation where my wife had only the computer in play with just the basic rules. Her first draw was malfunction, which attached to her computer. Should she just draw one additional card to replace the malfunction or should she have drawn two cards at once originally? Then, what if her _second_ draw had been Malfunction? Would she follow the replace text on Malfunction and draw another card or not draw since she'd fulfilled the draw rule?

2. Then, can a player Wormhole before I draw? Or in between draws?

3. Can the Expendable Crewman take the place of things that couldn't legally target it? If Player A has the Scientist and Player B has Energy Being and Expendable Crewman, if Player A tries to steal the Being, does Crewman get taken instead?

I'm a bit confused as to exactly how to end turns, the last two questions deal with that:

4. In a two player game with Keeper Limit 1, it's Player A's turn and she has two keepers in play, then plays Brain Transference. When does the limit kick in, if ever in this case? Does player B inherit her position with two keepers on his turn, therefore keeping both?

5. In a two player game with Keeper Limit 1, it's Player A's turn and both players have one keeper in play. Player A plays Cute Fuzzy Alien. Does she have to discard a keeper at the end of her turn? Or does the Fuzzy Alien hop over to Player B and he has to discard one, since it's not his turn? Or does the Alien hop over at the same time the turn ends, therefore letting Player B start his turn with both?


1. I don't know about the first part of your question.  I usually draw all my draws at once, so I would say that you get all your draws and then the Computer malfunctions.  It's the Creeper itself that has you draw to replace, so yes, you always draw to replace when you draw a Creeper.

2. Draw all your cards.  Then you can Wormhole before, after, or in between your Plays.

3. They must take Expendable Crewman instead.

4. The Keeper Limit applies any time it's not your turn.  Player A and Player B switch seats.  Player A's turn ends immediately, so it's now Player B's turn in the new seat.  I would say Player B keeps the Keepers until his turn ends.  In a three-player game, it would be Player C's turn, so Player B would have to discard when Player A's turn ended.

5. When Player A's turn ends, it's Player B's turn.  So I would say that Player A transfers the CFAC and then doesn't have to discard because he's at 1 Keeper.  Meanwhile, Player B doesn't have to discard because it's his turn.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Regarding your response to question 2, I see Alison's response to a previous question now:

Special Keeper abilities and Rules that allow you to take "extra" or "bonus" actions ... you don't have to take these things at a certain point in your turn; you could do them before you draw cards, or even after you play all your cards.

Which seems to both answer my question and contradict Jeff's answer.

Regarding 4 and 5, that's how I see it too... especially considering that in question 5, if you did have to discard your Fuzzy Alien at the end of the turn, he'd go back to the top of the deck, and you could possibly get into a never-ending loop if neither player had any cards in hand.

So still kind of hanging on most of the questions, I'd love to hear any input!

Another rules question about Surpise

We had a situation come up this weekend that I don't think I've seen before.

Player A plays "Draw 2 and Use 'em".  He draws a Keeper and a Surprise.  He plays the Keeper first.  Player B plays "That's Mine!" out of turn to steal the Keeper.

Question 1: Could Player A take that Surprise that's waiting to be played for "Draw 2 and Use 'em" and play it instead to cancel the Surprise that Player B played?  It kind of seems like he shouldn't be able to do that, because the Surprise is not in his hand (his hand has been set aside); it's sort of in some special limbo waiting to be played by "Draw 2 and Use 'em".

Question 2: In the same situation, could Player A play a Surprise from his (set aside) hand to cancel Player B's Surprise?  We actually encountered the situation in Question 1, but it got me to wondering about this related question of if a player could retrieve his set-aside hand long enough to play a Surprise if needed.


you just made my head hurt Jeff...    ( I'll ask Andy - but I'm curious what others think too! )

I would think that the answer to both questions would be yes, as the Surprise cards enabling both Player B's initial action (then Player A's reaction to it) are allowed to be used "out of turn" in either case. The rules seem to stipulate such: "This type of card (Surprise) can be played at any time..." and "Surprises can also be used to cancel other surprises."

After discussion with Andy, his answer is an unqualified YES.  Player A can use the Surprise he has drawn for the Draw 2 and Use Em action to counter Player B's That's Mine.

Furthermore it would also be acceptable for Player A to use a Surprise out of their set-aside hand to counter a Surprise played by another player in the middle of Draw 2 and Use Em.

Thanks Alison and Kristin and Andy for the definitive response.

Fluxx 2.0 or 2.1

Anyone know where I might be able to find a copy of Fluxx 2.0 or 2.1?  Thank you.


2.1 is hard to find.  Every 12 months or so you'll see one on ebay, but pretty rare for sure.  2.0 I've not seen for sale.  That being said, I've got an 'extra' 2.1 - the box is in Good condition at best, but the cards are all definitely in Excellent condition & hardly/never used, the instructions are there and in great shape, as is the rare, totally blank on front, Fluxx-backed bonus card..  However, it's in my pile of 'obscure Looney Labs stuff that I would probably only really want to trade for other obscure Looney Labs stuff.'  If you have any of that (or cool vintage art stuff), I'd entertain a trade!  But to swap for paper or virtual  money, I'm sorry to say just isn't worth it!  I actually have an 'extra' Stoner Fluxx 1.0 in the same pile, but I digress...Good luck on your search, if I can help further, message me!

Thank you for the response.

Yes, I've only been searching for them for a relatively short period, and I know they aren't easy to find.  A few days ago I found someone selling an unopened box on eBay. The ad was otherwise non-descriptive as to which version, although the photo was definitely a box of 2.0.  I messaged the seller to inquire as to which version he/she was selling, but he/she never responded, and it was sold in a matter of a couple of hours.  :(

Regarding obscure Looney Labs stuff, I'm afraid I probably don't have anything -- at least nothing in duplicate.

Thanks again. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled in the event I run across anything.

Last week I found something Fluxx-related at Amazon. It was listed as a book, but the photo was of a Fluxx 2.0 box, and the dimensions of the item matched the old Fluxx (pre Fluxx 4.0) boxes.  As I subsequently did a search for a book about Fluxx and found nothing, and the price of the item was reasonable, I decided to order it and hope it was a box of Fluxx 2.0.

Well, it just arrived and it is indeed an unopened box of Fluxx 2.0 -- and Amazon lists more in stock.

I am very pleased.

Ha!  Great work!!  Way to track it down & get rewarded for your efforts!  I couldn't find what you were talking about, but do see a 2.1 listed in Amazons (after)Market.  When it rains it pours, I guess!  And now you've got a chance to add an extra copy to your 'obscure Looney Labs stuff' pile!

This is the link.


It did not come up under Fluxx 2.0, and it was/is listed as a paperback.  I took a gamble because the photo and the dimensions matched the 2.0 box.

When I ordered it, it showed an option to "buy another?", however, now it is presently showing "out of print". I don't know if I misread it previously, or if others have subsequently found it and purchased any remaining stock.

Right on!  Again, nice work scoring what you were after!

If anyone else is looking - here is the link I found where there appears to be (one) 2.1 available @ 29.99 + shipping:


Just fell upon this thread amidst my search

The links above there are all sold out, eBay has nothing at the moment, was hoping one of you fine citizens would be able to point me in the right direction if you see any!

I have an extra Larry The Zombie still on the postcard if this is still an option


Hello.  While I just joined, I have been playing Fluxx since February 2004 -- having been introduced to it at Ubercon III around 9:30 PM on the evening of Saturday, Feb. 28th.  More than 8 of the next 20 hours involved intense Fluxx-play, including a 4-hour marathon session which ran well into the night (during which I did not win a single hand, but nonetheless thoroughly enjoyed myself) . 

I promptly acquired my first deck (Fluxx 3.0), subsequently introducing it to family and friends at home.

Last year I did an online search and was surprised to find an updated version (4.0), as well as multiple other versions.  I currently own (or have ordered and am awaiting) 11 decks: 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, Martian, Star, Pirate, Eco, Monty Python, Cartoon Network, Regular Show, Holiday.

This past Labor Day we played 11-rounds of various versions with some family at a get-together.  Since then, two of my cousins have purchased multiple decks to play with their families.  The downside to such is that (sadly) now that everyone has their own decks, they can play amongst themselves, and I rarely get invited to play.  :(

While Star (and Martian) are my favorites (because of the themes), I enjoy all of the versions I've owned which I've thus-far played. I have also acquired several blanxx sets, from which I've made many additions which I've incorporated into two decks (4.0 and Monty Python).

I'm very appreciative for such a great game.


Yay!  Thank you, Jim!   We are very appreciative for your love of the game - thank you for teaching your friends and family! 

I find Fluxx exciting and enjoyable even when I lose (which I do frequently).  There aren't many (if any) games about which I can say that.  :)


Ok, first of all hello and thanks for letting me join you guys!  I am new to this fan club, but am very excited!  I love this game.  I have a few requests from you all.  First order of business:

Is is Fluxxes or Fluxxi?

Kind of a joke but I am a little serious.  Second does anyone have a suggestion on any of the other games these fine people have brought us?  I've Played Zombie, Star, CN, Stoner, Oz, Monty, Cthulhu.  That's it.  No other games by LL.

And thirdly, but definitely not least, what have your guys' rules been when you get a blank booster pack?  By that I mean rules, goals, actions, ect.  And is there surprises in the blank booster?

***Spoiler Alert***

Off topic, I was a little disappointed to find out that CN Fluxx does not have any Creepers!  Why is that?  They definitely have the characters for it.  Also that there is no Adventure Time Fluxx by itself.  That'd be awesome.


Looney Pyramids. Hands down the best part of Looney Labs. Check out the rules section on this website, and then it should also have a link to the online wiki with rules for literally hundreds of games played with some of the most amazing pieces in existence. 

Thanks!  I will give it a shot!

I've always preferred "Fluxxen."  :)

As for recommendations, I'd suggest Aquarius.  It has a similar feel to Dominoes, but with some Looney-esque action cards and artwork.

Regarding the Creepers I believe that the decision was to exclude them for the sake of simplicity.  As a player of many a Fluxxen, I've found that the Creeper-less versions are easier to teach newcomers and overall more favorably received by them.

Joshua and Fogus both have provided excellent answers and suggestions - Thank you guys!

Regarding the pyramids...  look here:  http://looneypyramids.com  - I suggest you start with IceDice! 

Regarding Aquarius...  you actually have two choices - if you (or your friends/family) prefer dragons, check out Seven Dragons - it is the same game as Aquarius, but with different artwork. This is one of my all time favorite games of Andy's - it works equally with little kids as with adults and serious gamers. 

Regarding other suggestions... if you like history or time travel, check our time travel card games: ChrononautsEAC

Regarding Creepers in CN Fluxx...  yes, like Fogus speculates, we made this version for the mass market (it is a Target exclusive until next spring) to introduce Fluxx to newcomers, so we created it to be more simple and accessible to people who don't call themselves gamers.  If you want to teach Fluxx to people who don't often play games, CN is a great option!  Another great choice is the brand new version - Holiday Fluxx!  This one also does not have Creepers, although it does include a few Surprises, a new card type not found in CN Fluxx.

Thanks for playing our games!

Aquarius huh?  I might try that because I am an Aquarius!! 

Fluxxen you say?  Hrmmm...It's kinda growing on me.  I'll run it by the group and see about it.  I like to think that Fluxx is a pretty flexible game in terms of how your playing buddies want to interpret it.  Of course you have your main rules but for the most part these guys know how to close up loop holes!

Thanks Fogus!

Thanks Kristin!  I really enjoy playing your guys' games!  Thanks for all the info and help with the questions!  I look forward to all of your creativity over there at Looney Labs!

Questions about Star Fluxx rules

Hi all.. i just got Star Fluxx over the weekend, and my kids & I have clocked a dozen games or so so far.. love it!

But I've got some questions about the rules I can't find anywhere else, so I thought I'ld ask here:

1) The Cute Fuzzy Alien - Does it continue to follow the active player around the table, if it gets brain parasites?

2) Keepers with Actions, can you activate the action immediately upon playing the card? Or on the next turn?

3) Under what condition does the Teleporter's "You may transfer one of your keepers to another player" do the player any good?



1) yes, even with brain parasites, the cute fuzzy guy follows around the table...

2) unless the card says you have to wait, you can use Keeper actions right after you play them

3) one way... you could teleport the cute fuzzy alien creature suffering from brain parasites (or any other Keeper with a Creeper attached) away from you, so you no longer have a Creeper in front of you that was preventing you from winning the game! 

Does _any_ creeper prevent winning? I thought it was only a creeper attached to a keeper required by the goal?

If there were a "Keeper Limit" in play, and you had to get rid of some keepers, you could teleport them to someone else just to keep them on the table.  Especially if you have a "Steal a Keeper" action in your hand so you could get that back again later.

Along the lines of #1, can you still use a Keeper's special abilities if it has a Creeper on it?  e.g. Can you still use the "Evil" Unseen Force to steal a card ? Or the Space Captain with Brain Parasites to steal a Keeper?  Or a malfunctioning computer to draw/play an extra card?

I had thought that the Creeper's basically "shut down" the card entirely.. is that wrong?

You really have to look at the individual Creeper.  In Star Fluxx, all the Creepers prevent you from winning, but that's not true of all Creepers in all Fluxxes.  All the Creepers in Star Fluxx (can) attach to Keepers; again, that's not true of all Creepers everywhere.  Many (most?) Creepers don't attach to anything at all..  The Malfunction Creeper prevents the special powers from working on the Keeper it's attached to, but that's not true of the Brain Parasites and Evil Creepers.  If a Goal requires you to have a particular Creeper, the Creeper doesn't have to be attached to anything in particular, or indeed, anything at all.  If you have the Creeper in front of you, you can use it to win with a Goal that requires it.

Regular Show Future Promo work with CN Fluxx?

Hi Team,

Just a quick question-- will The Regular Show Future Promo Pack, which is marketed with Regular Show Fluxx, work with the Mordeci and Rigby in the CN Fluxx deck?  Basically, will this promo work with the CN Network deck?


It will partially work.  Both new Keepers, Future Mordecai and Future Rigby, will integrate well.  Two of the new Goals, I'm You From The Future and Mordecai & The Rigbys will enure that the Future guys get used.  Future dudes also help you earn the Knowledge From The Future new rule.  Stolen Time Machine can still be used for a free turn.  However, CN Fluxx does not have The Power, so Music Of The Future will be unfulfillable. 

Six out of seven cards are still useful.  I say go for it!

Thank you, Ryan.

This weekend, while in the twin cities, I stopped by Games By James and picked up Regular Show Fluxx.  So far the kids like it!

Thank you, Ryan, for  the prompt and helpful answer to Bryan's question!  

Picked up a copy of Martian Fluxx at my FLGS today!

Hi All,

I traveled to my FLGS, friendly but not so local-- it is one hour away-- game store today.  To my surprise, I found a copy of Martian Fluxx.  I just had to have it on this trip into town.  This adds to my fluxx collection as follows:

1 copy of Fluxx 4.0

3 copies of Monster Fluxx

1 copy of Martian Fluxx

Not too shabby, huh?  Now I'm on the lookout for CN Fluxx, Regular Show Fluxx, and either Chrononauts or Back to the Future.  I'm thrilled that my Pokemon-loving children are willing to play these games with dear old dad.


Nice find. I still need family, Martian, Eco, Oz, Standard, and special edition myself to finish off my fluxx collection. I haven't tried Back to the Future since it too is out of print and I haven't seen a copy, but chrononauts was a blast
Also still need to get my hands on a copy of CN Fluxx at some point. But since the local Target finally has the peg out for it, it should be available by the time I have the extra money to spend on a new game.
there is a Back to the Future website that sells products from the movie. They still have some copies as of 3/5/15. Looney Labs just posted on 3/11/15 some demo copies of Martian Fluxx for purchase.

[CN Fluxx] No-Hand Bonus typo

Are you sure that the No-Hand Bonus in Cartoon Network Fluxx "replaces Keeper Limit"?  I suspect that this is a typo.


It is a typo. Looney Labs confirmed it on their facebook page.

Cool Fluxx New Cards

New Fluxx Promo Cards leaked


Looks very fake to me.

On the Wil Wheaton card, it's spelled "Star trek," with a lower-case "t" on "trek."

yeah, not so much a "leak" as someone's clever usage of Blanxx.  But hey, that's cool, I always enjoy cool new card ideas!  Good job Yusof  =)

They were fake they were created by me

"How To Tell Fluxx Cards Apart" Update?

Will you update the page? I was wondering what the fonts for Cthulhu and Oz Fluxx headers were.


updating this page is on Andy's to-do list...   and I've made a note to post a link here when the page has been updated! 

Thanks Kristin. I found out that the font used for Oz Fluxx is Harrington, which I already had installed. Now I just need to know the name of the font used for Cthulhu Fluxx.

It's called Ghoulish Fright AOE

Thanks Andy. And I also want to thank you, Kristin and Alison for just being awesome.

Fluxx promo card

I was wondering can anyone scan a high res photo of the robodoc card from star fluxx


If you don't want to spend that much shipping from the US, look at amazon.co.uk. It's available for £0.75.

Star Fluxx

I was wondering did starfluxx come with any promo cards


There ist a Promocard available separately: The Andoid Doctor.


[Edit] Okay, you've already found it. ;)

Fluxx - new decks in 2014

It looks like we've got 3 new decks coming out for Fluxx this year: Regular Show deck in July, then in August is the Target exclusive Cartoon Network deck, then in October is the Holiday Fluxx deck as another general release.

Is there anything currently else in-the-works?  When I first became a fan of Fluxx, I saw - and still see - that the WikiPedia entry for Fluxx mentions a "Wild West Fluxx" version in development; whatever happened to that?  Soooo many possibilities there!

My main worry about the new decks coming out is that I've never caught Regular Show, nor has anyone else in my home, nor - to my knowledge - has any of the friends I play Fluxx with.  I have every other Fluxx deck made, but I don't know if I'll keep that "completeness" up now since it would practically be a waste of money.  Why would any of us play a deck themed around a TV show we never watch? The general CN one, with characters from a bunch of shows (including ones my friends and I have all watched) is a cinch, but the other?  I dunno.


re: watching episodes on YouTube

You ought to be careful who you suggest this to.  I work for a website that's owned by a sister company of a major Hollywood studio.  Cartoon Network is someone my website deals with.  Per my contractual obligations, on Monday, I'll be letting the proper people know that I've become aware of a YouTube user who is posting CN's copyrighted material...possibly (probably?) without proper authorization from CN. 

I'm very aware of the show, and that if I don't want to watch it on CN itself, or on the CN app I have on my iPhone, then I can purchase it on DVD and Blu-ray Disc and watch it.  The problem is time; I don't have time enough in the world to check out every single TV show that is worth checking out.

re: How about to keep your collection complete and up to date, while also maybe finding a new card that would do well added to that custom deck of yours!  Of course there is always the chance that on any given Sunday, of all the Fluxx decks out there, your gaming group will want to play that one.

I don't have a custom Fluxx deck, or combine decks, and I don't collect the promo cards or do blank cards.  I do enough of that already for Cards Against Humanity, and there's just not enough time in the world to do that with Fluxx and all the other card/board games I'm into, too.  So this rationalization may work on others, but it isn't valid for me. 

re: Then there's new artwork to check out, possibly new mechanisms to find, and if you are a game technician...and act quickly, you can get the cool challenge coin and a few other promotion items to boot!

I'm not a game technician, or into the game for the artwork.  I buy Fluxx to play it, just to have fun. As for promo items, see what I said above...I'm not into Fluxx for that.  Wasn't even aware of it, and doesn't matter to me.

re: Or you can snag a copy to continue supporting an awesome brand and furthering their research and design for new products down the road!...Not too bad for something that's the cost of a burger and a beer, but lasts much, much longer!  

These were your best arguments.  But money's tight, and $20 can buy me, my wife and my kid enough food for two meals each, if I stretch it right.  More than 2 meals each, if I really play my - ahem - cards right.  On the other hand, I AM a complete-ist...and if I buy this deck, that will be the reason why I do.  Maybe it will be on sale during the holidays.  <shrug>

Anyway, I didn't post my thread to be talked into why to buy the Regular Show deck.  I posted it to ask if there was anything else more on tap besides these three items.

Fair enough, and all your points are valid responses - I sidestepped the root question and instead started listing all the reasons that I plan on purchasing new versions.  I certainly can't speak for what else is in the works.  I've removed the original reply - thank you for the reminder.

I believe the point of cross marketing is to introduce you to a thing you might not otherwise be interested in.

Yes, but as someone who is involved in the marketing industry, I can assure you that one of the most obvious dangers of cross-marketing is that you might drive off patronage by pairing with a brand that the customer is simply not interested in.

Again, I'm not discussing this for someone to try to talk me into buying the Regular Show Fluxx deck.  I either will but it, or won't buy it. And whether or not I do isn't up to anybody else, nor should it be of any interest to you.

I'm simply hoping for a response from the Looney Labs people as to whether or not there are more products to be expected in 2014, or not.  A simple "yes" or "no" or "maybe, if we get them done in time" would suffice.  A comment on whether or not the Wild West Fluxx mentioned on WikiPedia for a long time is still a possibility or not would also be really cool, or if that project is dead.

The Fluxx Wikipedia article was edited in April 2012 to add the version of Fluxx you mentioned.  The edit was made by an anonymous user who made no other edits for several years before or since, at least not at the same location.  I am not aware of such a product ever being announced by Looney Labs (it's certainly not on their product announcement page).  All of which leads me to believe that the edit was vandalism.  I took the liberty of removing it.

I went to Marcon earlier this year, a convention at which Looney Labs was Guest of Honor.  They showed off a bunch of prototypes, many of which I played and enjoyed.  So, yes, there are other things in the works.  Obviously, I can't speak to what might be next.

I have no interest in Regular Show Fluxx, either, but I hope they're able to create more Fluxx fans with it.  I own a lot of different Fluxxes, but I don't need to be a completist if that means limiting the themes to things that interest me personally.  That's my view, anyway.

>The Fluxx Wikipedia article was edited in April 2012 to add the version of Fluxx you mentioned.  The edit was made by an anonymous user who made no other edits for several years before or since, at least not at the same location.  I am not aware of such a product ever being announced by Looney Labs (it's certainly not on their product announcement page).  All of which leads me to believe that the edit was vandalism.  I took the liberty of removing it.

Sound logic.  Working at a website that conveys TV-DVD announcements, I've seen that sort of thing at WikiPedia before.  Sometimes (rarely) it's put there by one of the "powers that be" at the outfit behind such releases, trying to quietly and anonymously get word out that something is in-the-works.  MORE often (i.e., almost all the time) it's instead someone playing a gag (I don't get that sort of humor, but they think it's funny) or else it's someone passionate about the product, engaging in wishful thinking.  Since - unlike you - I had never simply investigated whether there was anything official put out there from Looney Labs saying that a Wild West deck was in-the-works, I just (mistakenly!) took the Wiki info at face value.  At this moment I'm kicking myself for doing so, especially for so long.  Ah, well.  I like old west movies from time to time, so I thought this was such a perfect idea for a deck that I was just waiting for it.  Maybe some day.

>I went to Marcon earlier this year, a convention at which Looney Labs was Guest of Honor.  They showed off a bunch of prototypes, many of which I played and enjoyed.  So, yes, there are other things in the works.  Obviously, I can't speak to what might be next.

Cool, cool.  You think anything else will be coming before the year is out, other than the three mentioned above?  Just a "yeah" or "nah" or "maybe" will do.

>I have no interest in Regular Show Fluxx, either, but I hope they're able to create more Fluxx fans with it.  I own a lot of different Fluxxes, but I don't need to be a completist if that means limiting the themes to things that interest me personally.  That's my view, anyway.

A good view, and a good way of describing the way I look at it.  I'm sure PLENTY of people will love the Regular Show Fluxx deck.  Does it matter if I'm not one of them?  :)

You could always work on a Wild West Fluxx, and share it with us.

But what goal could there be that would require John Wayne and Rowdy Yates? Hmm...

Any chance of a Princess Bride version of Fluxx in the future ?  Just played Monty Python Fluxx with a bunch of friends on the weekend, and it was great fun!  I think the Princess Bride has enough memorable characters and quoteable lines that it has great potential for a version of its own.  (I've even got a rough draft of what I would include for Keepers, Creepers and customized Actions/Rules ... ).  Can we put this on someone's wish list ?

I have been kicking one a round for a while. Want to compare notes? Sending you a friend request, so we can talk via messages.

I'd love to get my hands on Cartoon Network Fluxx somehow... already have Regular Show Fluxx myself.  Just waiting for the Target website to update their stock.

Greg and Dave,

Big fan of said show and also kicking that idea around.  Love to compare notes also.


Just as an update, it doesn't seem that Target's website will ship outside of the US, so international fans may not be able to get a copy of the Target exclusive Cartoon Network Fluxx.

Is the item even on Target's website?  If I look up "Fluxx," it just comes up with Star Fluxx (which I've never seen at a store), and never the regular Fluxx or Monster Fluxx that I know Target carries. 

If you can find it at their site, please post a direct link!

No sign of Cartoon Network Fluxx yet.  International fans will have to rely on the kindness and generosity of fans from the States to get their hands on it.

Same results for me when I was searching. Only star fluxx shows up which I have never seen in stores, monster fluxx does not show up but I have seen that at the local target a few times. The regular fluxx does not show up, nor does the new target exclusive CN fluxx. Just star fluxx.

Hi all,

New to this forum.  I own Fluxx 4.0 and Monster Fluxx and have played Eco and Family.  My children really enjoyed Monster Fluxx.  I might be in the minority here, but I really like the theme to Monster Fluxx. 

The closest Targets to me are an hour to the North, Northeast, and East.  I'm kind of in the middle of nowhere.  It can be a real challenge to grab a copy of the Target-promo versions.  Do you think Target will eventually list them on Target.com?  Right now, Target only lists Star Fluxx on their website.  I know my son will be very interested in the Regular Show version.  I don't know if you have any pull with how Target markets your products, but if they could represent your offerings on the website, you might get more traffic.



I have seen Regular Show Fluxx in the wild!  It was in stock at my fFriendly Local Game Store.  If you have a Game store near you, you should totally go see if they will carry it.

If not, well, let me know and I'll see about hooking you up through some kind of fFair trade.  =)

I found copies of Cartoon Network Fluxx at Target today.  Story and image are here:


The Quest for the Lost Cards

I'm interested in the cards that were dropped until version 4.0, so it would be awesome if someone who has versions 1 to 3.1 could post pictures or at least the texts of the following cards:


Lose a Turn
Pilfer the Trash
Scramble Keepers
Security Breach
Trash Hand Limit
Trash Keeper Limit
I Need a Goal


Brain Bonus
Eye Bonus
Secret Data
Tax Bonus
Money Bonus


Keeper Shortage
Money (no Taxes)

(These are the cards I could not find pictures of)


Okay, since nobody answered I bought versions 1 and 3. Only version 2 was nowhere to find (at least for a reasonable price). Could someone please post the text from the only card that's unique to version two: Money Bonus?

Trivia question: what ever happened to Government Cover-Up and Secret Data?

Answer:  We took these cards out because I didn't like them...   when you are explaining the game to people looking over the shoulders of people playing the game it totally sucks to have some (or sometimes all) of the keepers turned upside down in front of the players.  And I spent a LOT of time describing the game at conventions, pointing at the cards in play to new people teaching them what was going on in the game... at first I just started removing them from the decks we used for demos, but eventually (version 3) Andy just removed them from the game for me altogether.  Thanks again for that change, Andy! 

Interesting!  =)

It indeed is. Thank you Kristin. ;)

Holiday Fluxx?!

ICV2.com just dropped an article about a new Fluxx called Holiday Fluxx!


Not much info, but I can't wait to get it!


Wow that looks awesome! Hopefully will help around Christmas to introduce people to the awesome games of Looney Labs!

Wow that looks awesome cheers for the great article have you got any news on  Regular Show™ Fluxx

Creeper Artwork for Target Fluxx?


I was wondering, when you redesigned Fluxx for the Target version, did you decide to leave out the Creepers before or after the illustrations were made? Did Michael Hays make illustrations for the Creepers, as well as Peace and Cosmos? And if so, can we see them?


Sorry, no,  Michael didn't create any extra Fluxx illustrations that you've never seen...

Wait. There are creepers in regular Fluxx?
Allow me to clarify. I bought Fluxx from Target a couple years ago. I have no creepers. I'm envious.

Some questions about fluxx

I was playing fluxx with my friends and we all had a question. On the table there was the double agenda rule, one goal and someone had the radioactive potato
It was my go and I added a new goal, double agenda allows me to add another goal.
 But this is where the problems started, do we pass on the radioactive potato.
 I said no because we are not changing the goal we are adding to it. But some other people said we are
can anyone clarify?
I was wondering most keepers have abilities in Star Fluxx such as the Unseen Force, is using one of these abilities counted as a play.


Adding a Goal for Double Agenda counts as changing the Goal, so Radioactive Potato moves.

Using the special power on a Keeper does not count as a play.

Applying the standard warning of This Is How My Group & I Play... we have been through your first scenario, and derived the following logic: before double agenda, 'you need Goal X to win'.  After double agenda, and then playing a second goal, 'you need Goal X or Goal Y to win' therefore, the goal to win the game, by definition, does change by expanding from one to two possibilities, so the creeper rotates.  We also reasoned that it's similar to when the potato is in play without any goals or double agenda - for us it moves when the first goal gets played as that constitutes the goal changing from away from 'no goal'.   

The abilities of special keepers and rules that prompt you to take more actions do not count as plays.  They are bonuses you get in addition to your regular amount of plays, and unless specifically stated on the card otherwise, they can be taken at any point during your turn.  

For what it's worth, the Fluxx FAQ that used to exist on the old RabbitWiki, which gave answers to various rules questions (which I believe came from Andy), addresses both the original question from Yusof (Goal added after Double Agenda) and the added question from Alex (Goal added when no Goal in play).  The answer in both cases: Yes, Radioactive Potato moves because the goal changed.  I couldn't find a specific answer to the related question of what happens when two Goal cards are in play with Double Agenda and then Double Agenda is trashed forcing one of the Goal cards to be trashed.  From those other rulings, I would have to conclude that this would also result in the Radioactive Potato moving.

I know I am late to this, but I feel a little different.  I feel that if you have a goal down and play double agenda and add one more than its not changing the goal.  The previous goal is still in effect.  But I do like the idea of Alex.  Its also how you want to interpret it.  Especially Cthulhu Fluxx.  My goodness.  They broke the mold when making that one.  So just make interpret it however the group feels is best.  Majority type of thing.  Happy playing!

1) Radioactive Potato movement:

We would rule that the Goal, as a set, has been changed if you change or add one card during Double Agenda.  The goal was "A or B" and now it's "A or C" and those are not the same.  Or, if it's the first time you're adding a second Goal, the goal was "A" and now it's "A or B".  Also not the same as each other.

You could think of it as moving "whenever a Goal is played."  It might be a good idea for us to actually tweak that wording on the next printing.  In fact, I think it has already been brought to our attention by someone asking a similar question.  Then again, it still needs to apply if one of two Goals is removed when the Rule is trashed, as we would probably rule that the Goal has changed in that case as well.  Might need to consult with Andy on that one.

2) Special Keeper abilities (and Rules).

Special Keeper abilities and Rules that allow you to take "extra" or "bonus" actions do NOT count as plays, for example:  Unseen Force, The Dreamer, The Laser Sword, The Finger of God, The Catapult, Wormhole, Magic Shoes, Goal Mill, Recycling, Plunder (this is NOT an exhaustive list by any means!)  None of these actions counts as a "play". 

Also, you don't have to take these things at a certain point in your turn; you could do them before you draw cards, or even after you play all your cards.  Your turn is not technically over until you have taken, or opted not to take those actions - BUT - if you let the next person go without doing them, you've ceded your option to do so.  The other players are not obligated to remind you to take all your options.

Star Fluxx Rule Question; Cute Fuzzy Alien Keeper and Get On With It New Rule

"Get On With It" (GOWI) "Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature" (CFAC) Given the exact wording from the two cards written out below. When I use the GOWI rule to discard my hand and I have the CFAC Keeper in my hand, does the CFAC go a) to the discard pile with the rest of my hand, b) to the top of the draw pile BEFORE I draw my New Hand of 3 cards, or c) to the top of the draw pile AFTER I draw my New Hand of 3 cards? "Get On With It" (GOWI) New Rule Card: (At any time before your final Play, you may discard your entire hand and draw a new hand of 3 cards. This is a free action but if you take it, your turn ends immediately.) "Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature" (CFAC) Keeper Card: (Any time this card goes into the discard pile, move it to the top of the draw pile instead.) If a) then it would be completely ignoring the text on the CFAC card, so I'm pretty sure this is not the answer, but I include it as an option just in case. If b) then my New Hand would include the CFAC card and therefore not be a completely New Hand but would be two new cards and the CFAC. If c) then my wife will be very happy because she will have once again proven me wrong. Thank you for any feedback.


Well, as I see it, you invoke "GOWI" discarding your hand.  The CFAC effect happens immediately and goes to the top of the deck.  Then you draw up new cards.

If the GOWI effect were worded differently, suggesting any order of events was legal, you could fFIRST draw your cards THEN discard your old hand, and LASTLY the CFAC goes into effect.  But in my mind that is quite clumsy.  Perhaps if cards had a travel time between your hand and the various piles, then CFAC might still be en route to the draw pile when you draw up.  Or even if the CFAC had a clause stating something about "at the end of your turn" then maybe you would not wind up with the CFAC.

Alas, I'm sorry to say, your wife seems to me to be wrong.  I, like Judge John Hodgman, usually side with the wife.  But in this case, I am pretty sure you will wind up with the CFAC back in your hand at the end of all this.

Relatively new... but looking for some clarification...

Hi Folks -

I am relatively new to Fluxx.. but I love the game and want to share it with as many people as possible.

But I would like to get a clarification on some rules..

The rule sheet says the first 2 steps are:

1) Draw a Card

2) Play a Card

When a person plays a Rule Change card, let's say, Draw 3.

The player gets to draw 2 more cards.  Correct? 

If the above scenario is correct, how can that be correct?

Why should a person who plays a card, get to draw again? The draw phase has already been performed.  So essentially the person Draws - Plays - Draws again.

I am just looking for clarification... If I need to explain myself further... please ask.




Yes, the player who changes the Draw # gets to immediately draw more cards, assuming the draw # is increased, as specifically stated on the card.  Though the draw phase is over like you stated, look at it like a bonus received for playing that card, not reverting back to the draw phase.  In my opinion, that mechanism makes it more likely for a person to be willing to play that card - without it, you would be instantly giving the players after you more cards, and more cards for others is generally bad, so without that instant bonus, I know I would hesitate to put it in play: waiting a full additional round to benefit from it is hardly worth it.  The Looney's put each and every card through extensive play testing trying to create smooth, fluid game play, so I'd be pretty certain that the verbiage there was added out of necessity.

The Basic Rules provides for 2 actions. A draw action and a Play action. In fact the Basic Rules Card has the image of 2 cards on it. A Draw 1 card and a Play 1 Card. When a New Rule Card is played that changes the Draw or Play actions it supersedes the Basic Rule. There is nothing that states that the Draw actions precede the play actions. With only the Basic Rules in place a player could play a card and then draw a card. A Draw 3 New Rule adds additional Draw Actions. If the only New Rule in Play is a Draw 3 card then a person could Draw a card, Draw a 2nd card, Play a card, and then Draw their 3rd card. So when a Draw card rule is played it goes into effect immediately and any new actions that are added to the player's turn are added and the player gets to take them before his or her turn ends.

These other answers are all very strong, so I'm not sure if I am really adding that much to the conversation.  But here goes:

I see your confusion.  Don't think of it as a "Draw Phase" and a "Play Phase."  They are actually more like Quotas.  You have a certain number of cards you may play, and a certain number you may draw.

Or if you like, you could think of it as a Limit.  Since drawing more cards is usually good, and playing more cards is usually good, you usually want to play and draw as many as possible.  Those cards say you may Draw a Limit of, or Play A Limit of some number.  In that sense, a "Play All" card is like removing the Play Limit Rule.  The word "Limit" is a reserved word, so that's not exactly the best analogy, but that's the spirit anyway.

This leads to the following question: If there are no Phases as such, simply a set number of things to do, are you required to DRAW cards before you PLAY cards?  If you are playing a game without Creepers, the answer is "You MAY Play then Draw.  It's usually better to draw fFirst, so you have more options, but if you want to play out some cards fFrom your hand, you could do that, then draw."  But if you are playing with Creepers, the answer quickly necessitates to "If you have any Draws to take, you MUST take those before any Plays you have available.  You could draw a creeper, which would prevent you from winning or may otherwise affect your turn."

Anyway it's generally easier to say All Draw Quotas Must Be fFilled Before Any Play Quotas.

I'm not sure I see why Creepers would necessitate Draw actions before Play Actions. Could you expand on that, Scott? If I have the cards to play for the win, why could I not make the smart play instead of drawing cards which could prevent me from winning if a creeper turned up?

There is a spirited discussion about this topic somewhere.  Am I required to take all possible draws before any possible plays?  I was trying to fFind it and link to the discussion, but I cannot seem to fFind it.

I believe the answer eventually came down to something like "Yes, Because Andy Said So."  I can basically accept that: he did invent the game, after all, so he has some say in the matter.  This is how the digital game on iPad plays, and I believe this is how the official tournament rules are run.  However this is one of those subtle house rule points.  If you are okay with playing then drawing, then so be it.  I don't think it's explicitly written in the rules in the game box anywhere (other than the citation by the original poster above, where it states Draw a card and Play a card.)  But I could be wrong; I don't think I've given a careful reading of the printed rules in some while.

I agree with Scott's points here.  Neither my gaming group, nor any games I've played with the Looney's themselves has ever interpreted the rules to allow you to draw or play in whatever order you want.  It's always: Draw, then Play.  Taken from this page: http://sf.looneylabs.com/literature/Fluxx-Rules.html is this screengrab

It pretty clearly indicates a numerical order to the progression of a turn, while also allowing for optional actions (ie: ones starting with You May..) to be taken at any time.  There is no similar allowance for non-optional rules like Draw 3 anywhere to be found, but no-one is going to argue with something you consider to be a 'house rule' at your own table.

Ah, there is the careful reading of the rules I was looking fFor.  Thank you!

To the original poster's question:  This does NOT mean there are Phases of play!  Once you have taken your allotted draws, you are not absolutely done drawing cards.  Any new opportunities to draw more cards should be done so immediately.  You should probably look fFor opportunities to draw more cards, if you can.

Thanks guys. That clears it up for me.

Thank you everyone for all the great answers to this question!   

To all that replied...

Thank you very much for clarifying some things up for me.  I do appreciate all the details, and clarifications about the rules and the playing of the game when it comes to the Draw cards.

Again, thank you very much!!


Cartoon Network Fluxx

So, another Target exclusive Fluxx game. No problem with that.

My question is, will it have the same SKU # as Target Fluxx and Monster Fluxx? Meaning that stores won't put it on sale until those other ones are sold out?

Kind of irrelevant at this point, since there's not even a release date yet, right? I'm just wanting to know if it will be simpler for me to just order it from the LL store when it eventually gets there, as opposed to multiple trips to Target...




Is this a separate product from  Regular Show Fluxx?  They've already mentioned that Regular Show Fluxx is going to be released on the 25th of July at a price of $20 and it'll have a launch kit for retailers costing $12.


Ah... I'm half hoping that the Looneys put the game up on the web store so that their international fans can pick up a game.  Might not happen, but one can hope.

I'm sure they will eventually. I saw Monster Fluxx there recently, and it was another Target exclusive.

They added in Monster Fluxx because, at the time, everyone was complaining that they either couldn't find it at their local Target store or, like me, live internationally and don't have a Target store anywhere nearby.

I'm glad they did add in Monster Fluxx, though, as I had cards from the Christmas freebies I couldn't use and I wanted to get my hands on a couple of copies, so I'm grateful to the Looneys for doing that.

I will most likely, as in the past, provide some ability to exchange a copy of these fFor something deemed of similar value.  This worked out well fFor me last time: i got a bunch of cookies, a couple little card games i probably wouldn't have otherwise purchased, and, yes, some shiny rocks!

Thank you again for offering this exchange service last time, Scott! 

Cross your toes...  CN Fluxx will hopefully go up for sale at Target.com next month so everyone will have a chance to buy it without trying to find it in a physical Target store.  We don't have a specific launch date, Target just doesn't work that way...   but it should be showing up in stores sometime (hopefully) in August.  If we can't get it to go up for sale at Target.com we will sell it in our online store, but we are hopeful it is going up on their web site this time! 

Unfortunately, I tried taking Scott up on his offer for Monster Fluxx, but for one reason or another, never heard back.  Ended up getting 2 copies from the web store.

Oh!  That was you, back then!  I'm sorry we weren't able to connect before.  I sent a fFriend request to you on here, which is the fFirst step of being able to talk directly and make fFurther plans.  Here's the link, way back then, of when we chatted.  I'd be delighted to give it another go.  =)

Mind you, at the moment I don't have any copies to sell or trade.  And it may prove easier to get them fFrom Looney Labs directly.  But we can continue to sort it out.

I might need to take you up on that, Scott.  It seems that the Target website won't ship internationally.

> but it should be showing up in stores sometime (hopefully) in August

Will Target actually let you (Looney Labs) know when your product has been received at their central warehouse and is being distributed out to stores?  Or do you just have to find out on your own (i.e., spot it yourself or be told by someone who spotted it)?

I guess I'm just saying that for Monster Fluxx I haunted (pun intended) several Targets in my area, regularly, with no luck until getting lucky and spotting it in a Target that's in another part of town (so I almost never go in that one).  I don't want to go through all of that again, so I'm hoping this forum will let everyone know whenever CN Fluxx starts appearing in Target stores around the country.

+1 to this.I tend to not EVER go to target unless I REALLY need to because the closest of the several around here is 3 times the distance as the closest Walmart...and the furthest "local" target is about 20 miles and that's not including jumping the state line...I would definitely not enjoy haunting all of the local Targets...Definitely hoping to find it on Target.com soon so I can stop wondering if I am going to have to start driving 50+ miles a day to check each store.

> but it should be showing up in stores sometime (hopefully) in August

Okay, so today was my teen's second day of 11th grade, and he needed some school supplies that weren't already bought before this week.  Legit reason to visit Target.  For the record, I was at the "Memphis East" location on Poplar near the I240 freeway.

Checked the card games section; no sign of CN Fluxx.  Saw 2 copies of Monster Fluxx laying on the shelf that the card game peghooks are over; these copies had "clearance" stickers on them.  $2.98 on one, $6.98 on the other.  I took them to a price-checker unit mounted on a column nearby; bother scanned at $2.98, so I decided to buy both and give them to friends.

Saw an employee stocking the electronics nearby; asked him to look up on his hand unit "Cartoon Network Fluxx".  He did, and after a moment of initial confusion he saw that it came up under that exact wording, saying that there were copies in the back.  He used his walkie talke to confirm with someone, who said that there were 8 copies back there and he can come get them.  My awesome man there brought 4 of them out; I bought 2 of them.  $9.99 each. 

Note that Target's SKU (Stock-Keeping Unit #) for Fluxx SE and Monster Fluxx is the same one (087000146, and describing on the receipt as "Looney Labs" with no mention of "Fluxx") but that their SKU for CN Fluxx is different (087000112, and described on the receipt simply as "Card Game"). 

I'll open it tonight when my wife gets home, and we can all play together.  :)

SWEEEEET!!  Great fFind, dude!  You win the "fFirst Catch" prize   =)

Hi everybody, 

So we are working with Target to try and get it up on their website - but it hasn't happened yet, unfortunately.  We have also still only heard reports of CN Fluxx in stores in different areas. It will not necessarily end up in every Target but will be in most by September.  We will not be able to offer this one on our website until Easter 2015 unless something changes in our agreement with Target (this happened last time because they ended up not listing it on Target.com).

This also means, it won't be able to ship internationally but Amazon in the UK will have it within the next month from what I understand.  And yes, if there is any remaining stock of Monster Fluxx or regular Fluxx at Target, they are being cleared out to make way for Cartoon Network so keep your eyes open in the game aisle!  There are a lot of great games moving out this month to make way for new Fall stock.

Spotted a few at my local Target but didn't grab one. I'll try again tomorrow.

Spotted in the wild!


Okay, played CN Fluxx last night with my wife and my 11th-grade son.  Very fun.  Some interesting new cards in there, with different play mechanics delivered thanks to the theme of the deck.  Just two examples for you (potential spoilers, I suppose): 

1) a New Rule ("Get Over Here") that allows you, once per turn, to to steal a Keeper that another player has in front of them, but only if that Keeper is from the same TV show as a Keeper that you already have in front of you.  For example, if you have one of the Powerpuff Girls, you can steal another PPG, or Mojo Jojo, from an opponent.  This presumes, of course, that you're familiar with all the shows and their characters!  If you didn't know Mojo Jojo was from PPG, then it would never occur to you that he was steal-able under this rule.

2) an Action card that lets you drop an (imaginary) anvil on the head of another player, of your choice, causing him to discard his entire hand of cards.  This card, in addition to the return of cards we've seen in previous decks for trading hands and rotating hands, makes for some interesting strategies during gameplay.

Love (or hate) the Pirate Fluxx card about drawing more cards because you talked like a pirate for a while?  Yeah, that's back, except you get to talk like a cartoon character's voice this time.  It does NOT specify that you have to use a Cartoon Network character's voice.  I talked like Charlie Brown's teacher ("Bwa bwa. Bwa bwa BWA bwa.")  :D

Also, there are no Creeper cards in CN Fluxx, which makes it an easier game for beginners and younger kids.  There's more I could say, but I'll shut up now and let you all discover it for yourself.  Let's just say that if this is a review, I give it 5 stars.

It also makes me more interested in buying something I wasn't planning to buy.  After borrowing a DVD from a friend, this morning I watched the first two episodes of Regular Show for the first time.  Ugh, not my style at all. I enjoy shows that feel like the writers were tripping on acid, but this felt like a really bad trip. The second episode didn't improve my opinion at all; I had to kick the disc out at that point. My son caught the first one before he went off to school, and he loves it.  So yeah, I'm probably buying Regular Show Fluxx, mainly for him.  I'm sure it will be more about play mechanics and strategy, just like CN Fluxx is, so it ought to be fine.  We'll see, I guess.

scott if you find some let me know i'l make you more cookies lol 

Awesome!  Those were great cookies!!  I'll let you know when I fFind a copy.  =)

Guess I am taking a trip to target on payday. I just picked up a clearance copy of monster fluxx myself. Now I am gonna have to be on the look out for a copy of CN Fluxx that the box hasn't been destroyed on.

Still no sightings in West El Paso, TX. The clearance Monster Fluxx boxes are gone(which is the only Fluxx version I have ever seen at this location) and I didn't even see the old hanger they used to be on nor did I see a new hanger for Cartoon Fluxx, but there is a different version of UNO where Monster Fluxx used to hang.

I stopped by the Target store on Olumpia in Tulsa, OK.  They had the peg up.  Asked an associate if they any in back.  She scanned it and said they had 8 copies.  I asked if she would go get one but basically got a no.  She had every excuse in the book not to go get it.  Hopefully the Target on 21st street in Tulsa will be more accommodating when I get there this weekend.  So they are in Tulsa but at least one store is not putting them out just yet. 

Next payday I will be checking targets in my area again. Last time I went in they had no more fluxx copies at all and had removed the peg after clearing monster fluxx out...hopefully they will get CN Fluxx soon...I had a little chuckle from just looking at the box in the pictures and remembering watching a few of the shows as a kid

Wanted to update the status of my search for CN flux.  I went to the Target on 21st here in Tulsa and they had the peg.  The toy department clerk ran the scanner over the barcode and said they didn't have any in the back according to the device.  I then stopped by the Target in Owasso. They have several on the peg.  They have one less now. :) 


My son really wants me grab CN Fluxx. I was successful at grabbing three copies of Monster Fluxx.  I would be willing to trade for a copy of CN Fluxx or arrange a PayPal purchase.  Please contact me on BGG.  My handle is bryan1650t.  I'm really liking these Fluxx games.  My next goal is to give Chrononauts a shot.  My kids ages 9 and 7 are avid Pokemon players, and they are catching on to these games well. 

I think you will enjoy Chrononauts, I love it and the first time we played my wife snuck up from bwhind and beat me....asking me questions about the rules the whole time then all innocent asking if the goal was to match the timeline on your ID and saying "Oh well then...I win". Sneaky. But I have also still had no luck locating CN Fluxx. I am going to expand my search this week. Its odd because the Closest target where we do all of our shopping has been Fluxxless for weeks now and the peg has been removed and replaced with some different version of Uno.

Another update from west Texas, the closest target to me on the west side of El Paso, stil does not have either the game or the peg for the game. The target second closest to me in central El Paso at Bassett place has the peg but still no game.

Found a fully stocked peg of CN Fluxx in Superior, WI while on vacation.  Couldn't help but buy three copies!  One for me to be a permanent fixture/replacement copy in my game collection, one for the kids to play with-- they love it, we've been playing it daily for a week now-- and one for potential gift or trade on BGG. 

I also purchased Chrononauts plus expansions on a recent Amazon order to get free shipping; I hope we will enjoy that one too!

Keep Fluxxing,



Doing better than me! My two targets don't have any fluxx at all, at the moment. I'll keep looking tho.
So my local target now had a fully stocked peg AND CN Fluxx is now on the target webstore.

It is true - CN Fluxx is now available at Target.com


this link will let you order online AND can tell you if it is in stock at a Target store near you for pick up! 

About Pirate Fluxx...

Regarding the "Walk the Plank" action:

1. Does the Captain help choose who gets to walk the plank, or does he get to choose another person? Can he choose the same person who was chosen by whoever played the action?

2. Can someone make the Captain walk the plank?


Usually, the direct, literal interpretation is the correct one.  The Looneys work hard to whittle down the number of words on each card to only the necessary ones.  Starting with the typical disclaimer of "The way my friends and I play"...if the Captains Hat is NOT on the table, the player who played Walk the Plank can choose anyone to discard their hand - including themselves, advantageous if in a Play All, and holding the winning goal for someone else.  If the Captains Hat is on the table, the Captain must choose who discards their entire hand, from all the players at the table, himself and the original action player included.  So, the Captain is the only person who could ever make the Captain Walk the Plank - this could also be advantageous if holding a poor hand, and No-Hand Bonus is on the table.  But that's the way we play, anyone with different interpretations should certainly chime in!

Alex is entirely correct.

The Traitor and The Cultist

OK, I saw an earlier thread about the Traitor and Cthulhu Fluxx - one thing that wasn't addressed (that I could see) happened the other night.

I had The Cultist out and one of the other players had the Traitor. We met the conditions for the Dunwich Horror, and some discussion ensued.

We decided that The Cultist won for two reasons:

1) From game mechanics, the text of the Traitor only refers to GOALS and not UNGOALS

2) In the context of the spirit of the Cthulhu mythos, everyone INCLUDING the Traitor EXCEPT the Cultist is now bugnuts insane and loses...

Does that sound right?


It's a very unusual situation, since The Traitor is a promo (and a really weird one at that!) but I would agree with your ruling on this.  As you point out, it makes sense for both a strict rule reading (Goal vs Ungoal) and thematic sense (insanity for all except the Cultist). Andy isn't around to back me up on this right this instant, but I think this sounds like the right call.  I will grab it for our future FAQ.


Yeah, it is unusual. We've got probably 90% of the promo cards between a couple of us, so what we do is shuffle all the promo cards, deal off the top 3 and shuffle them into the deck :)

Adding Zombies to Fluxx the Board Game

Today is the day that I finally bought Fluxx the Board Game, and after realizing that it would be possible to take three copies of the game to make a 5x5 board, I started thinking about how other versions would work. Since the first Fluxx deck I ever got was the zombie one, that ended up being the first one I thought of.

Now, it would be perfectly possible to simply change the tiles and goal and leaper cards, but it just didn't seem like something that would make for a good adaptation. Zombies are supposed to chase after you. They are supposed to interfere with fulfilling goals. They are supposed to have a chance of winning themselves. So here are some ways to try to mix zombies into the board game version of Fluxx, with differing levels of modification.

Level 1: Zombie Player

Required Additions: none

Basically, if you have only 2 or 3 players, you can use a remaining color for a zombie player. The zombie player doesn't get cards or take turns, but you may move one of the zombie player's pieces instead of your own when you use a move. You can bump another player's pieces as well as your own with the zombie player.

When using this level, you may want to decide whether the zombie player can fulfill goals or not. If you allow the zombie player to do so, then no player should be considered the winner if the zombie player wins. If you do so and also use two zombie players when you only have two normal players, decide if both zombie player add their goals together or if their separate colors count as one for obtaining goals.

This provides an interesting way to use other colors when you have less than 4 players.

Level 2: Infectious Zombies

Required Additions: extra pieces for zombies (might I suggest black pyramids?)

Extra pieces that you move and treat like any other piece can be boring, so let's try spicing it up with infectious zombies for an outbreak. For this level,  we use the idea of the zombie player who can collect goals, but there are a few differences. First of all, we'll have the zombie player only have one piece at the beginning. Second, the zombies can't move into spaces without an occupancy limit, but they can be bumped into one. Third, we don't let zombies simply bump other pieces anymore, we'll have them infect.

How does infecting work? Instead of moving into the occupied space, the zombie stays right where it is. The infected piece is placed onto the start tile and a new zombie piece is placed where it used to be. Zombies and pieces in spaces without occupancy limits cannot be infected.

Now with this level, zombies can be used to easily get an opponent away from the spaces for a goal, but you have to watch out that the zombies don't become too numerous. As they grow in number, they can more easily accomplish goals, leading to a zombie victory where none of the players win.

When using this level, consider allowing the first rule changes at the beginning of the game being able to add extra starting zombies. If you want to have a chance to fight zombies, consider having any zombies that would be moved back to start through bumping or leaper cards be removed from the board instead (with the exception of the last zombie on the board).

Level 3: New Rules for Zombies

Required Additions: As above, plus something to keep track of rules with

With cards like "Reset a Rule", "Player's Choice", and others, it is possible to have new rule cards affect zombies. Here are a couple of ideas for what these rules could be.

Hunger: Infect/Start/Bump/Harmless (Can knock a zombie down from infecting to sending a player to start to simply bumping to not even being able to bump at all)

Killable: No/Start/Octagon/Bump (start out not being able to kill them, then able to kill them by sending them to the start tile, then to being able to kill them by sending them to any space without an occupancy limit, and then to simply bumping them)

Zombie Move: 0/1/2/3 (while you are able to use your own moves to move a zombie, these are additional moves that are required to be done, and can only be done with a zombie)

While we're here, I might as well mention that while this can be done without adding anymore new rule cards, such cards would still be a good idea.

Level 4: True Zombie Fluxx the Board Game

Required Additions: As above, plus new custom tiles and cards

At this level, we're going to have to start incorporating zombies into the tiles and cards. This is where you should have tiles with weapon spaces and any piece occupying one of those weapon spaces can kill a zombie in a space next to them, or maybe any zombie on the same tile. You could also have goals take zombies into account by having "I'll Hold Them Off" require you to have your piece on the shotgun space be infected by a zombie. Another goal could require another player's piece to be infected while one of your pieces occupies a certain space.

Anyway, I hope some of you enjoy these ideas. I haven't had the chance to try them yet as I haven't even gotten to try the game without these modifications yet (why does the boardgames = boring stereotype have to persist?).

Tabletop Day 2014

I understand the retailer kit for this year's Tabletop Day is going to have a Fluxx promo card.

Is it a new promo card? If so, will it be available after that day in the online store?



Just saw the card on Facebook. I like it, and hope to get a couple.

These do look awesome!!

Well, gotta make sure I'm wearin' some tie dye!  Not really a problem, I gotta bunch.  =D

Too bad it doesn't say "Draw 1 card, per piece of tie dye clothing you have on."  I could probably draw a lot of cards, if i plan it right.  heh.  =)

They said on the fb page it would be available for purchase but I don't know if it will be in time. I hope so....our FLGS doesn't do tabletop day due to being a tiny tiny store and them having MTG events on Saturdays that take up any space they have :( And the next FLGS is about 4 hours away. Yay middle of nowhere snowsville! I'll be running events for the local college game group though, since last year we had a pretty epic group show up and ubercrononauts happened :) But since they are a school nonprofit organzination and not a retailer, they can't get swag from tabletop day. But I think I can scrape together money to just buy a pack myself and distribute the promos assuming they will be available to buy and be delivered before the event :)

The cards are up for sale now!  http://store.looneylabs.com/TableTop-Tie-Dye-Bonus

You can buy one card for $1, or a pack of 25 cards for $7.50 - like all of our promo cards. 

We printed 42,000 of these cards!   1500 kits were built for TableTopDay, and we put a pack of 25 into each kit...  plus we made extras to sell in advance to anyone who won't be able to make it to an event that got one of those 1500 kits.

And there is still time to make or buy some tie-dye before April 5th - thanks for showing your Looney Labs colors! 

Bought a couple just now, along with 1st edition Fluxx

I too have ordered said promo card (as well as all other Fluxx promo cards currently available in the online store).

Just wish I didn't have to wait for it to come over her, lol.

And that, my dear friend, is how an addiction is formed...

Ok, so first of all, I just want to say hello to everyone. I'm new here, and new to the game. I was just wondering how everybody got into Fluxx, and what their first game of Fluxx was (for example Fluxx, Pirate Fluxx, Eco Fluxx etc.)

For me, it was going around a friends house last Wednesday to have a few beers, chat, and play computer games. Anyway, my friend, his wife, and I were just talking about music, when he turned to her and asked if she thought it was time for computer games, or something called Star Fluxx.

Needless to say, we ended up playing Star Fluxx. And may I just say, WOW! I have not had that much fun from a card game in a long time.

The next day I ordered a copy of Monty Python Fluxx (as being a Brit, I love Monty Python), and yesterday I ordered my copy of... eh hmm... Stoner Fluxx.

It is pretty safe to say that I can see myself buying a copy of each system of the game in the future. Or as soon as the next part of my student loan comes through. :-)


During our late, lamented Highlander CCG tourneys, some of the eliminated players would be playing this 'Fluxx' game. They tried for ages to get me to try it out. I finally did (though I don't think it was at a Highlander event) and I was hooked.

I now own all 'regular' versions of Fluxx (ICE version and up) and all other versions of it. I've also picked up all of the promo cards except the Marlene for the first version of Stoner Fluxx.

Sometimes being a completist is a pain...

So which is your personal favourite?

I'd say Cthulhu, but Oz is a lot of fun as well.

Zombie was my fFavorite fFor a long time, but I think I most enjoy the balance between the complex and obscure Cthulhu, and the simple and delightful Vanilla.  I think i play more of whatever is newest, so I have been playing Monster, the most, lately.

For me, the hobby of Fluxx started when I watched Star Fluxx being played on Table Top.  I think the only one I'm really missing is Family Fluxx.  Star Fluxx remains my favorite out of the games, though.

it was my second day of my second year of college, and a friend of a friend say lets play a game, and i was hooked i now of 9 out of 13 and hopping to be able to get more soon

Wait a minute, 13? Any chance of a check list for future reference?

"13" includes the two Target exclusive versions. I have the other 11 in stock here at my shop.

Myself, I have all 13, plus the original version of Stoner, Fluxx 3.0, and 2.0 (the ICE version)

Have yet to pull the trigger on buying the first edition version.

I should feel slightly guilty for giving you an addiction, but I'm just glad I have someone to play with. I remember seeing Fluxx in comic shops dotted around England but didn't know what it was. Much like Liam I watched it being played on table top. (God bless Will Wheaton) I got my first deck (star fluxx) for Christmas 2012 and have been playing like a crack addict ever since. So happy I sheared my addiction with Jim, god bless you sir.
You have a lot to answer for. Lol. Looking forward to some Cthulhu Fluxx on Wednesday.

Ultimate Star Fluxx

So, I decided to enhance my Star Fluxx deck with some Promos and cards from Fluxx 4.0 and this is what I have going so far:


Keepers (33 cards)

  • Alien City
  • Android Doctor [Star Fluxx Promo]
  • The Brain [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Bug-Eyed Monster
  • The Computer
  • The Cosmos [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Distant Planet
  • Energy Being
  • Energy Crystals
  • Expendable Crewman
  • The Eye [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature
  • Holographic Projection
  • Laser Pistol
  • Laser Sword
  • Love [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Monolith
  • The Moon [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • The Rocket [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • The Robot
  • Small Moon
  • Space Station
  • The Stars
  • Starship
  • The Sun [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Teleporter
  • The Captain
  • The Doctor
  • The Engineer
  • The Scientist
  • The Time Traveler
  • Intergalactic Travel Guide
  • Unseen Force

Creepers (5 cards)

  • Evil
  • Brain Parasites
  • Malfunction
  • War [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Radioactive Potato [from Fluxx 4.0]

Surprises (5 cards)

  • It's a Trap!
  • Actually, That's Mine!
  • Belay That Order!
  • Canceled Plans
  • Veto!

Actions (32 cards)

  • Beam Us Up
  • Brain Transference
  • Creeper Reassignment
  • Distress Call
  • Sonic Sledgehammer
  • Space Jackpot
  • Time Portal
  • What Do You Want?
  • Draw 2 and Use 'em
  • Draw 3, play 2 of them
  • Exchange Keepers
  • Rules Reset
  • Trash a New Rule
  • Trade Hands
  • Steal a Keeper
  • Let's Simplify
  • Zap A Card [Aquarius Promo Card]
  • Use What You Take [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Trash Something [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • It's Trash Day [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Today's Special! [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Taxation [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Take Another Turn [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Steal Something [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Rotate Hands [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • No Limits [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Mix It All Up [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Let's Do That Again [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Everybody Gets 1 [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Discard and Draw [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Creeper Sweeper [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Jackpot [from Fluxx 4.0]

Goals (43 cards)

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Alien Artifacts
  • Alien Life Forms
  • City of Monsters
  • City of Robots
  • The Power of the Dark Side
  • Depressed Robot
  • Evil Computer
  • Evil Brain Parasites
  • Forty-Two
  • It's Full of Stars!
  • He's Dead, Captain
  • Imperial Star Destroyer
  • Landing Party
  • Lasers On Stun!
  • Laser Weapons
  • We're Lost In Space
  • Lunar Archeology
  • We Need More Power!
  • Seeking New Civilizations
  • These Aren't the Droids...
  • Planetary System
  • Problem Solved
  • Robot Uprising
  • Space Dock
  • Starship Captain
  • Starship Fuel
  • Star Warriors
  • Strange Powers
  • That's No Moon...
  • My Time Machine Works!
  • To The Stars!
  • What Doctor? Where?
  • 10 Cards in Hand [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • 5 Keepers [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • All You Need is Love [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Hearts and Minds [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Night and Day [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Rocket Science [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Rocket to the Moon [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Mind's Eye [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Interstellar Spacecraft [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Star Gazing [from Fluxx 4.0]

New Rules (28 cards)

  • Wormhole
  • Double Agenda
  • Hand Limit 4
  • Hand Limit 3
  • Hand Limit 2
  • Hand Limit 1
  • Hand Limit 0 [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • First Play Random [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • No-Hand Bonus [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Poor Bonus [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Rich Bonus [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Inflation [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Get On With It!
  • Keeper Limit 2 [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Keeper Limit 4
  • Keeper Limit 3
  • Draw 5
  • Draw 4
  • Draw 3
  • Draw 2
  • Play 2
  • Play 3
  • Play 4
  • Play All
  • Silver Lining [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • You Also Need a Potato [from Fluxx 4.0]
  • Talk Like A Martian [Martian Fluxx Promo]
  • Basic Rules

TOTAL = 146 Cards

I have a set of Blanxx that I'm going to use to tie a few things together a bit more [such as a new Goal using 'The Stars' and 'War'... you do the math on that one]. Any fun or cool suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Surprise! Another question of interpretation!

Please clarify Belay That.

"During your turn: All other players must discard one Action, or a random card, from their hands."

Does this mean they have a choice between discarding an Action and letting someone else pick at random?

(Similarly for Canceled Plans.)


Choice = [discard an Action card the victim selects] or [discard a card selected at random by someone other than the victim]

To my reading, that doesn't mean 'victim must discard an Action if he or she has one, else random', if that's what's throwing you off. In general, a literal reading of a card is best; don't jiggle it semantically into something it's not or add 'hidden' conditions..

Any San Diego Fans attending TableTop Day 2014 events?

Greetings fellow San Diego fans of Looney Labs! I was wondering if any of you were planning to attend one [or more] of the TableTop Day 2014 events on Saturday, April 5th? 

I am planning to attend the event at the Stone Brewing Co. location at Liberty Center [Point Loma], but there are also events at the Stone Brewery in Escondido [North County] and at the Game Empire in Kearny Mesa. It would be great to get in a game or two of Fluxx, or perhaps play the sadly out-of-print Back To The Future game. Of course, I am very interested in trying out all of the other Looney Labs games I've never played yet - Chrononauts, any of the Pyramids games, Fluxx TBG, Loonacy, Are You A Traitor?, Choose One - I'm up for playing them all!

Info on all of the planned TableTop Day locations around the world can be found HERE:



Well, it doesn't look like there's too much activity on this page, but in case anyone is reading this - I am DEFINITELY going to be running games at the TableTop Day event at Stone Brewing in Liberty Station. In addition to Looney Labs' amazing Star Fluxx and Fluxx: The Boardgame, I will be demoing Gloom for Atlas Games and several great games from USAopoly - Ratuki!, Tapple, CrossWays and Telestrations! I hope you can join me!


it is really hard to play with promos under a black light  they glow under uv where as the other cards do not i wounder why that is. 

also they seem to be different size also,   i wounder if no one has taken the time to notice this or if im just a dork 


Nothing at all wrong with being a dork!

that is true 

Dreams and omens of Cthulhu Fluxx

In Cthulhu Fluxx, if a player plays the card "Dreams and Omens" and picks up a Creeper within the cards he is to deal to everyone, does the player get the creeper automatically, or does he get to deal it to another player?


he gets it, creepers DO NOT count as draws. they are to be put right in front of the person who draws them

Does giving Scurvy or losing Shackles count as a play?

Hi, if you have had Scurvy for a turn already and you give it away, does that count as a play? And if you want to get rid of the Shackles by discarding a booty keeper, does that count as a play? thanks.


no keeper moves do not count as plays 

What she said.  These sorts of extra "You may do this or that" things are not Plays with a capital P.  They are just things you get to do because you are awesome.


custom Fluxx deck for English learners

Hello Folks,

We just got an email from a fan pursuing an MA in eLearning.  One of her assignments was to modify a Fluxx deck.  Since she teaches English in Kuwait, she made up a version aimed at English language learners, which she then played with her own students.

The video is a little long, but it's quite interesting what she did with it.  I thought folks might like to check it out:




Wow, what a wonderfully creative way to try and make learning fun, she did a great job with it!   Not too long ago as a joke, I swapped a handful of Spanish Fluxx cards into my friends deck (for their English counterparts) and they ended up just staying in there, so we've all learned a few new words just by playing!  I like what she did though...Kinda seems like there is some additional potential there for you guys to brainstorm over.  Thanks for posting the link!

Getting On With It

Suppose "Play 4" and "Get On With It" are in force, and I (after my draw) have only three cards in my hand.  After I play my three, since 3 is fewer than 4, may I still invoke Get On With It?  Or is my turn over when I've played all my cards, even if that's fewer than the required number?


i do that if i have a card i dont want to play 

Ooh, good question!  My opinion is that your turn is not over, since you have not played all 4 cards yet

Sure, but you might also GOWI to build up a depleted hand.

Indeed, that's what I see as well.  quite clever, actually.

but you turn is over the card says it. it does not matter how many cards you have play, if you use get on with it you are done.

but if you was to use discard and draw your turn would not be over.

but if you only have three cards you would have to discard at lest one of them but you would not be able to play another card after that


Play 4 says: "If you have fewer than 4 cards in your hand, play all your cards."

Get On With It! specifies: "...if you are not empty-handed...."

So, both cards prevent you from using the Get On With It! power after you've played your last card.  At least, that's what I saw in the version of Fluxx I looked at.

Hm, mine doesn't have that "if".  Basic 4.0 and Python both say:

At any time before your final Play, you may discard your entire hand and draw a new hand of 3 cards. This is a free action but if you take it, your turn ends immediately.

Greatest Fluxx Blanxx addition: T-rex Arms

I was going through the email responses we got back from our Holiday Gift emailing, and Josh Mattingly included this note:

> Also, my friends and I made up the following Fluxx card:
> T-rex Arms
> Draw +1 Play +1 if you played the previous round with your hands against your chest.

This reminded me of the incident from a couple of years ago, which pretty much made my day all over again:


I really did get up and do a tiny-arm-t-rex dance, and really enjoyed it, and I think this Rule would be a hilarious addition to any Fluxx deck, because I think it would be totally fun to have to play Fluxx holding your arms up to your chest, having to awkwardly lean way down to pick up and play cards. 

I don't know about you, but I'd be grinning like a crazy wild-eyed toothy t-rex the whole time, too.

...So, thanks, Josh, for reminding me about it, and thanks to you and your friends for this great card idea.



ooohhh i want to make those now

Make what, a dinosaur dance?  Me too!


both the dance and the cards

monster fluxx

Has anyone else notice how knock,knock the New goal Xmas gift is longer then the rest of the deck when added to monster fluxx


after looking at my other decks the mass market ones are smaller then the other decks

conversing in the fluxx community

so since the forums around here are kinda dead would anyone be welling to share kik's or voxer's or IM's so that we may all converse among each other more often and easily???

if so please fell free to add me 

kik: shippogirl16

Y,im: shippogirl16

voxer: scoyle418


Uhmmm, I don't actually know any of those IM's, I'm sorry.  I'm on Brigandine, which you can get to at:

telnet brigandine.org 9390

except windows doesn't appear to ship with telnet anymore.  I suggest gmud as a mud client of choice.  Or if you're fFeeling fFancy you could get PuTTY and open an ssh connection to brigandine.org and log in as user tf, then give a username.  But I'm probably not making much sense.  Sometimes I wish I had run an IRC node instead.  =)

i only have a tablet right now. can't do much on a computer, i have the apps for the other ones


Just to make sure I have it right how it works: The Poison card effectively nullifies any "X Eats Y" Goal in which you own the Y card (example: BEARS EAT FISH is nullified if you have Poison and Fish in front of you). Is this right?


That's basically it, although the word "nullifies" might be a bit misleading.  It's more like you're ignored if someone has X and is trying to see if there is a Y on the table.

A couple of goals have more than one Y.  If the Goal is "Insects Eat Leaves or Mushrooms" and I have Leaves and Poison, the person with Insects can still win if Mushrooms is on the table in front of someone other than me.

The Goal stays in play, so someone with the X on the current "X Eats Y" Goal could, for example, play Trash Something to discard your Poison and win with your Y.

Zombie Question

I'm not able to see/open the FAQ for Zombie Fluxx.  I have a really, really embarrassing question.  When and how do you kill zombies?  I understand that the Shotgun can kill a Creeper/Zombie.  Do you simply do this each turn or do you just need to be able to eliminate zombies at the end of the game if you are able to fulfill the goals?  If it's during your turn, do you kill a zombie (for example with the shotgun) and then discard the shotgun, or do you keep it and discard the zombie?  Any other help with this is appreciated.  Also, if someone has a different link that works for the FAQ, or an attachment, I would be very grateful!  Thanks!


There are various ways to kill Zombies.  If you have the Shotgun, you can kill 1 Creeper (i.e. Zombie card) per turn.  You don't lose the Shotgun when you do this.  Similarly, if the Weapon Bonus New Rule is in play, you can use any Keeper with a "Pow" symbol to kill a Creeper in front of you.  So if you had the Shotgun and several Weapons, you could kill several zombies per turn (as long as Weapon Bonus was in play).  The Zombie Season New Rule lets you kill one Creeper per turn even if you don't have any weapons.

Different Zombie cards react differently to being killed.  The individual Zombies just go to the discard pile.  So do the Pair of Zombies cards.  The Zombie Trio and Zombie Quartet have different effects, which are listed on the cards.

In addition to killing Zombies, you can get rid of them in other ways.  For example, the No Zombies Action puts all the Zombie cards in the discard pile.  The Look Over There! New Rule allows you to move a Zombie card to another player in certain circumstances.  And the Pair of Zombies Creepers are moved to another player when you kill a different Zombie in front of you.

Hope that helps.

Thank you!

pitting different Fluxx decks against eachother

I'm sure some of you have played mega-fluxx where you mix one or more decks together. Has anyone tried to play a game where each player draws from their own deck?

I own five different versions and I would hate to have to shuffle all those together, so I'm wondering if you could just have a five player game where each player has a different deck that they draw from.

If I was to play this way I'm not sure how I would tweak the rules. I'm thinking maybe you can only have one goal from your deck in the goal pool at a time that way a player can't change all 5 goals into ones from their deck. 


Basically you are suggesting a bunch of people play several games of solitaire at the same time.  I've never played Solitaire Fluxx; it might be good.  And since we're all playing at the same time, rules that affect one of us, affect all of us. 

Actions like "Everyone gets one" would be weird, because everyone would get a card fFrom their own deck.   It would act more like "Everyone draws a card."  Maybe that could be modified to "everyone gives you two cards fFrom their deck, and you pick the one they get" but that could get clumsy.

It might be good fFor a lark.

So I played a test game of Battle-Fluxx today with four players and four different decks.

These were the rules I made for it:

  • Each player draws from their own deck/draw pile and has their own discard pile
  • There can be up to a number of goals in play equal to the amount of players/decks, Players can also win if they have two specific Items required in front of them by any current Goals.
  • Also, you may want to go though your decks and add icons from other decks to make them interact with each other more.

This way of playing I feel is less random and more strategic. Because you are more likely to draw cards that match your goals, you want to try and change all the goals to goals from your deck, so for example playing three goal cards in one turn becomes a good move because you are the most likely to achieve those goals.

Actually the way I have Battle-Fluxx work is that whenever you draw you draw from your deck, so player who uses "Everybody get's one" draws from their own deck and hands em out to other players which is is nice because you can give them goals and rules from your deck which will very likely only help you

Would some decks make it harder or easier for some? An example is Cthulhu compared to Mass Market. Another question is the pick a card at random from another persons hand?

With the encouragement to make your own cards using Fluxx Blanxx and some of the cards that already exist, there might be some problems. Normally, adding a card to the deck means an equal chance for each player to get ahold of it, so putting a card that might be overpowered is less of a problem. With this, whatever cards you add to your deck are almost always exclusive to you. There will be some need for some deck construction rules. I would suggest having each player be limited to a choice of one of theme decks sold by Looney Labs, and not being allowed to modify it (no fluxx blanxx, no expansions, no mixing cards in from other decks). Modifications could instead be made to a special, shared deck that any player may draw from in place of their own. Perhaps they all agree on what's going into this shared deck, or perhaps each player puts up some cards to go into it with the knowledge that an opponent is just as likely to draw whatever card is put into the shared deck.

So the shared deck would likely receive cards that work to bridge two or more decks. It would have keepers that could count as 2 or more keepers from different decks (an "Arquebus" card that counts as either flintlock pistol from pirates deck or shotgun from zombie deck for example), new rules that give a player a taste of what their opponent has to put up with (a new rule that adds the "and no zombies" qualifier to any goals that do not mention zombies), goals that require keepers from both decks ("Ship of the Dead" would require a number of zombies and a ship keeper), and any expansions for either deck.

Here's a possibility.  Don't shuffle the decks together, but place them all on the table and let each player draw from whichever deck(s) they choose.  (Maybe each draw within a turn must be from a different deck?)  Discards all go in one stack.  Whenever two draw-decks are empty, the discard stack is shuffled to become a new draw-deck.

Fluxxen on BGG

I noticed that a Geeklist for the entire Fluxx family did not exist, so I created one.  The ordering is an ongoing process, but any suggestions welcomed.



Good start, got a way to go yet though with the expansions.

Multiple Creepers in Star Fluxx?

If, for example I only have the "Captain" in play in front of me before my turn begins, and when I draw to start my turn I get both the "Evil" and "Brain Parasites" in the same draw, what happens?

Do I get to choose which attaches to the Captain? Could they both attach to him simultaneously?

My main question is - can a keeper be attached to more than one creeper? If so, only when can I use this?

Thanks :)


Both would attach to the (unlucky) Captain.

You'd have an evil captain that's suffering from brain parasites.

Confusing "That's No Mummy!" Goal in Monster Fluxx

As I mentioned elsewhere on this forum last night, after looking for more than a month at 5 or 6 Target stores close to my home, my wife and I finally found Monster Fluxx in stock at a different Target that's in another part of town which we're not usually at (we were out that way for a show that a couple of friends were performing in). 

Even though we got home close to midnight, naturally we couldn't go to bed without playing the game at least once, so we did.  And after 15 minutes, my wife thought she had won.  Or did she?  She played the goal "That's No Mummy!," which pictured two keepers she owned: The Mummy and The Teenage Detectives. Except she didn't read the fine print: the goal's text at the bottom said she had to own the keepers The Tombstone and The Teenage Detective.  How confusing and contradictory.  Which pair do you actually need for this goal?

She played and laid down that goal card. And in the middle of declaring that she won, she noticed the text and interrupted herself with an "oh...wait."  She herself decided that the text had to overrule the image, even though it didn't make sense (I agreed at the time). She didn't have The Tombstone...I did; she couldn't win because we split between us the two keepers needed according to the goal's text.

On my very next turn (we had Draw 5 and Play 3 in effect at the moment) I drew cards which allowed me to win two different ways.  One of those ways to use the "Exchange Keepers" action card and take her keeper of The Teenage Detectives, to satisfy the text of the existing "That's No Mummy!" goal.  But I couldn't do that do to my wife, since that card was so darn confusing! So I used my remaining two plays that round to play a keeper and a goal that would give me the win a different way.

Therefore I'm here to ask the Looney Labs folks: for the "That's No Mummy!" goal card in Monster Fluxx, is it really supposed to be The Teenage Detectives paired with The Tombstone, or paired with The Mummy? Given that the card is called "That's No Mummy!," then it makes MUCH more sense for the goal to require The Mummy instead of The Tombstone.  Don't you agree?

In the end, it feels like this card is misprinted with either a wrong icon (The Mummy) or wrong text (The Tombstone); they of course ought to match up.  So Looney Labs might want to fix that for future printings of Monster Fluxx.  :)


Andy publicly apologizes fFor the printing error you noticed, on the Wunderland blog:


The Tombstone is incorrect.  The Mummy is the right picture.  Your wife won, fFair and square (although her honesty is noble.)

Ah, thanks.  I wasn't aware at all of the Wunderland blog, nor of this apology about the card in question. That easily straightens things out (for people who become aware of the blog, that is!). 

I appreciate it, Scott, and I've shown it to my wife and let her know that she won.  She, our son (15) and I played a few games this afternoon and she won some and I won some (and my son would have won a round if he had played two cards in the opposite order that he did...live and learn!).  Lots of fun was had.  And that's the ultimate goal, right?  Thanks!

Monster Fluxx

I was wondering when the Monster version of Fluxx is being released? This will be a great mix with my Zombie Fluxx deck and I'm really looking forwards to it.


Just on a cursory search, it seems October the first will be the date of release.

I was going to ask why we've heard nothing for Demo Team members. So I searched, and found out it's ANOTHER Target exclusive?!

Why? Not that I won't be getting a copy or 2 (of course), but why another Target exclusive?

Probably because it's a very lucrative arrangement fFor the Looneys.  And hey, we just got a bunch of love.  It's all alright.

What love? The swag bag with the demo copies of Fluxx: the Board Game?

That's what I was thinking of, yes.  I have given lots of that stuff away by now, but I still have a variety of things to give away as prizes and promos in the fFuture, too. 

I got mine through my game distributor, so I didn't get the swag.

Would love a copy of Monster Fluxx, but if it's Target exclusive... oh well, guess I'm not getting one over here in the UK.

Has anyone gotten a copy yet? The 2 Targets we've checked here in Illinois have come up blank.

There really isn't any set release date for something going into Target...  we have shipped them games, and they will start flowing into each store as stock levels adjust.  There is a sale planned (starting 10/13) which will help pull stock through and hopefully get Monster Fluxx on shelf at Target stores nationwide before Halloween. 

And why Target only?  This is another simplified $10 version of Fluxx, designed to introduce the game to a new wider audience. To get them interested in Fluxx and then pull them over to the hobby stores where all the other very cool more complicated versions are available.  Instead of giving Target a version of Zombie Fluxx at this $10 price, which would hurt sales of Fluxx in hobby stores, we made a new simpler monster themed version for them. 

Thats pretty awesome.  I'm definitely looking fForward to it being in stores near me.  =)

I've been thinking about this.  I think, as long as I can fFind some copies in stores near me (that shouldn't be a problem, I'm just sayin), I can probably buy up a number of copies to ship to people in other countries who haven't been able to get one any other way.  We can work out some sort of payment thing, maybe you can send me something cool and British I wouldn't otherwise get.  Maybe a local souvenir of some kind.  Or if you prefer, just paypal money or something.  Whatever.  Let me know what you think, and we'll see if we can maybe help each other get something fFun.  =)

How did you find that?  On the web I couldn't find any mention of a date,  and at Target.com the only version of Fluxx mentioned was Space Fluxx!

My own 2 pence... the trouble with introducing the game, which does feature well known monsters on the box that have world wide recognition, to a store that really only sells to one country is that the wider audience is limited to one country rather than a world wide release. Is there any chance at all of a more complicated revamped deck later on for hobby stores?

We don't currently have plans to release an expanded, hobby version of Monster Fluxx. We have plans for a 2014 version of Fluxx for hobby that I think will be a lot more exciting and we'll announce as soon as our plans are finalized.

I mentioned this above.  I might be able to send a fFew copies to people in other countries myself.  Maybe you can send me some money through paypal, or maybe you can send me some other cool artifact fFrom your part of the world, and we both get something cool.

I can't possibly do this fFor a hundred people, but it might be fFun to have a nice exchange with, i dunno, a dozen or so people.  I send you a game, you send me a trinket; or cash, if you prefer.

Original Fluxx or some new variation?  Either way, I can't say there's much better than than game that features Sasquatch or Frankenstein's Monster.  Would've been nice to play Monster Fluxx on Halloween, and as others have noted, would've went well with Zombie Fluxx.

A new themed version for next Summer. Hope you are able to get your hands on Monster Fluxx through a friend as it is a fun edition. And I am pushing for any mass market-type stores abroad to pick it up but that takes time and would likely only happen in the UK as the priorities for those releasing licensed versions in other languages are some of the older, classic Fluxx decks.

If it could happen in the UK, that would be fantastic.  Unfortunately, the nearest hobby store to me is Static Games in Glasgow, it's an hour and a half journey time and stocks very little fluxx games, maybe 3 or 4 games with a lot of repeats of those games.  That's why I tend to buy mostly from Looney Labs directly unless I find myself within walking distance of Static Games anyway.

Just had a thought an additional thought.  Maybe Tesco or Argos in the UK would be willing to sell Monster Fluxx?  Both, along with Morrisons and ASDA are nationwide chains over here.

I've tried 4 Target locations in the Memphis, TN area (some multiple times) since Oct. 1st.  No dice on any of them (although the special Target-made version of the regular Fluxx game is on sale for $7.99 from 10/13 until early November). 

I contacted the folks at Looney Labs a couple of weeks ago to ask about it, and was told Monster Fluxx had shipped to Target's warehouse, but they had no way to know when it would get distributed out to the stores.  I asked if it was supposed to be in the toy section (near board games, where the regular Fluxx is), or with Halloween stuff, or up front on the display with Baseball cards, Magic: The Gathering cards, etc.  I was told it was supposed to be in Toys, and actually on the same peghook as the regular Fluxx. 

Yesterday I was checking my 4th Target location for MF, and I asked an employee about it, filling him in on what I knew (described above).  He suggested that it might be like how the chain does action figures: a bunch of different characters which are all part of the same brand, and released at the same time in the same wave, will all get the same SKU (stock keeping unit #, a.k.a. the ID number of the product in their computer systems). But if one item with that assortment's SKU sells out, then it doesn't get restocked until ALL the items with that SKU sell out at that location.

So if, for example, someone is looking for Bumblebee of the Transformers and that location is out of Bumblebee, but still has Optimus and Ironhide and Ratchet, then that store won't get more until all the others sell out, too. This could be why there's no Monster Fluxx, even though Halloween is fast approaching and Target is losing their ability to capitalize on the spooky holiday with the monster-themed card game.  Because their computer system can't tell one from the other, so all it knows is that this store location still has that SKU in stock, so don't send more yet.

I passed along employee's theory on to the lady at Looney Labs I had spoken to, and she'll pass it on to the right person to look into it.  But it makes sense: if Fluxx and Monster Fluxx are supposed to be stocked on the same peghook, then they probably have the same SKU.  So if your location has plenty of regular Fluxx in stock, then it won't get a new bundle (which is likely to have both Fluxx and MF in the bundle) until they sell out of the batch of regular Fluxx they have right now.  And even then it might take them a week or so to get that restock in from the warehouse.

Very informative!!!

I'm delighted to report, I have acquired Monster Fluxx!  And it is awesome!

David Lambert's hunch about Monster Fluxx and Fluxx appearing on the same peg in the store is correct.  There were about 7 copies of Monster Fluxx, with 1 or 2 copies of regular Fluxx all on the same peg.  There is another Target near me which did not have Monster Fluxx out at all.  I'm tempted to buy the 2 copies of regular Fluxx, just so they have to restock with Monster.

My fFavorite Goal is Cereal Mascots: any two of the vampire, the ghost, and the fFranken-monster.  Hee hee!!

I'm wondering if The Teenage Detectives are someone specific.

The card backs are still the classic black and white FLUXX logo (although I do notice the new color logo fFrom the board game appears on the fFront of the Basic Rules card), so this will integrate well with other decks.  There is already one zombie keeper in the deck, so adding more should be no trouble at all.

As mechanisms go, there isn't anything too surprising in here. Keepers, Goals, Actions and New Rules.  Monster Keepers are marked with an eyeball, and some cards cue off that.  The Spooky Door is a keeper which, if on the table, lets anyone play a card immediately fFrom the top of the deck during their turn.  These (and others) are mechanics we've seen before, and they are still very nice tools.  The balance of goals to keepers seems very even.  In all, this is a very nicely polished game you can totally take to a Christmas party!  Or any other holiday party that might be coming up soon.  =)

I stopped by one Target store yesterday (Oct 24); they had regular Fluxx but not Monster Fluxx.  Seeing what you say here, and that Scott got it, maybe some other ones may have it.  

Has it been determined whether F and MF have the same SKU?  They're the same brand, but definitely not "released at the same time in the same wave".  

(That restocking strategy seems kinda dumb to me, and definitely frustrating to the manufacturers.  Perhaps if I knew more about retail business I'd see more sense about it.) 

Lucky!!  Maybe I'll try other stores in my area.

Hi Bryan,

Target's Fluxx & Monster Fluxx do not have the same SKU but they are tracked by Target under a master DCPI.  Our local Target doesn't yet have Monster Fluxx but I've heard reports that they've begun to flow in. The regular Fluxx won't go away, but the distribution centers that feed into the retail stores need to distribute all the regular Fluxx to retail until the mix of Monster and regular start showing up. It will eventually be a mixed peg. I know it is a bit frustrating because it's unpredictable but it's actually allowing us amazing flexibility to offer a new title in the same space. The $2 off sale that is happening now should help move more product through those distribution centers and speed up the process.



David Lambert's hunch about Monster Fluxx and Fluxx appearing on the same peg in the store is correct.  There were about 7 copies of Monster Fluxx, with 1 or 2 copies of regular Fluxx all on the same peg.  There is another Target near me which did not have Monster Fluxx out at all.  I'm tempted to buy the 2 copies of regular Fluxx, just so they have to restock with Monster.

You are so fortunate to have found these!

Over the weekend I once more hit 5 Target stores in my area (one new, four I had previously visited).  None had Monster Fluxx yet.  None had sold out of regular Fluxx yet, apparently, to require the restocking.  2 locations were down to 3 copies of regular Fluxx, the others had between 7 and 9 copies.  The new location I visited, which not surprisingly had the most copies on the peg, didn't even have the current promo ("on sale for $7.99!") marked at all.

There are another few locations which I haven't visited before, which I might have the chance to check by mid-week.  Plus I'll keep my eye on the two stores that were down to 3 copies each.  Surely it cannot be long for them, right?

My concern is whether Target's central warehouse and central HQ will see Monster Fluxx as a "seasonal Halloween" item, and after this Friday might possibly ship the remaining copies in the central warehouse back to Looney Labs as unsold stock.  If that happened, then my town's local stores might never get copies.  :/

Hi David,

This is not a seasonal item and Target will not ship it back. It is their exclusive version to be mixed in with the regular Target Fluxx for the foreseeable future. It happens to be flowing in around Halloween for most stores but it isn't specifically for their Halloween set.


Oh, about this:

I'm wondering if The Teenage Detectives are someone specific.

Are you sure they wouldn't be pals of Scooby-Doo?  By any chance do they look like Fred, Velma, Shaggy and Daphne? Is there any mention of a van called The Mystery Machine, or a group called Mystery, Inc?


Otherwise, the friends of Buffy in the TV version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer were often referred to as the Scooby Gang, or the Scoobies, because of their being teenage kids chasing vampires...much like the Mystery Inc. group did in the Scooby-Doo cartoons. 

So not having seen the Monster Fluxx cards yet, I'm guessing Teenage Detectives card refers to one or the other.  Probably the former rather than the latter.  Just a blind guess, though.

THAT'S good to know!  Thanks for the reassurance.  :)

The Teenage Detectives are not meant to be a specific pair, but a general nod to everyone from Scooby's gang to Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, the Mad Scientist's Club, Encyclopedia Brown, etc.

Not much that can be offered from over here in Scotland, unfortunately - besides the unusual jar of dead midges or a bar of midge soap.

Monster Fluxx isn't appearing on Target's website either - it only shows Star Fluxx, otherwise it would've made it easy to simply order it myself and wait about a week or 2 for delivery.

There is only really one supermarket over here that has ties to an American corporation - ASDA's parent company is Walmart.

Cool cool.  They seem like a couple of cool crime solving kids, in any case.  They actually remind me of a couple kids fFrom the Ghostwriter series fFrom the 80s, just slightly.

Perhaps some Nanofiction about the kids is called fFor.  =)  Actually, it occurs to me Monster Fluxx might make a nice nanofictionary card set.  It would require some creative adaptation of the rules, but I'd play it.  =)

My local Target had them in today.  Methinks they've been holding them until Halloween as the Fluxx peg had been empty for a week.  Alas...

Hi Scott, I'd be interested in either a trade, or reimbursement to help build by Fluxx collection. Let me know if this is possible and how you'd like to proceed.

Yay! I finally found some! Bought 2 copies.  I've kept trying the 5-6 Target stores in the immediate radius of my home, but tonight was in a different part of town and tried a location I'm not usually near.  Bingo, they had 5 of 'em.

I'd just like to publicly thank Scott for helping me to acquire a copy of Monster Fluxx over here in the UK.

Thanks Scott, I couldn't have done it without you :)

I am happy to help you become the fFirst person on the continent who owns a copy!!  =)

LOL, I know what you're saying there Scott...but as my friend in the U.K. is fond of telling me and his other American friends, "the U.K. is, by definition, NOT 'on the continent'...AT ALL!"  :D

That's a fFair point.  Somewhat more encompassing would be to say that he is now the only person on another hemisphere to own the game!  (Also, this may not be true at all, since others copies might have otherwise been shipped around.  But it's cool to think of, anyway!)

If I can send you the cash by paypal, any chance you can hook me up with a copy, Scott?

It would be my pleasure!  I have sent a fFriend request on here so we can discuss details privately.

I was wondering if there was any chance that someone had access to an extra copy of this game that I could paypal the money to them to ship one to me as my local Target stores none seem to carry it.  I'd love to get my hands on a copy.

*sigh* this is the first fluxx I will be unable to own. I live in a remote area with no Targets within 100 miles, and now visiting family in Illinois we have checked 5 Targets, all of them out. Really really bummed since I was super excited and I had several regular demo participants who really wanted it but have had no luck finding it in lower Michigan either.

Tell you what, I can't really make any promises right now (I'm flat broke) but after this Sunday I can check the Target I finally got my copy from. If they still have it it'd be my pleasure to get one and send it your way :-) I'll let you know next Tuesday if I was successful

Tell you what, I can't really make any promises right now (I'm flat broke) but after this Sunday I can check the Target I finally got my copy from. If they still have it it'd be my pleasure to get one and send it your way :-) I'll let you know next Tuesday if I was successful

So many of us have been frequently shopping at Target, or even multiple Targets, in search of Monster Fluxx, going back over and over until we find it?


Well played, Target... well played.

That would be amazing! We checked another 3 on our way to Milwaukee to see other family and still haven't had luck. Not sure if it was super popular and disappeared off the shelves, or if regular fluxx is just taking forever to sell and so most havent put it out yet. For LL sake I hope its the former!
Hi Amber,

I still could not find it at a couple of local Targets. I'm rather frustrated.

A helpful salesperson there looked it up for me and said that at all the local Targets only the regular Fluxx is listed. But am I correct in concluding that that doesn't mean anything since they have the same DCPI? If so, I guess I either have to visit stores personally or call and ask them to physically check the copies they have. Also frustrating.

A third frustrating thing about it is that Target.com does not list either version. Only Star Fluxx is listed (!?). Can anything be done about that?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Ok.  Our Target had some, so I bought a few extras.  I have 3 extras,  Send me a message if you'd like one.

Hi Bryan,

You're correct in that Target isn't going to be able to find it by location because the 2 separate items share the same master DCPI.

And unfortunately, Target.com has an issue that has prevented us having either version of Fluxx listed consistently for over a year now. They are doing a lot of work to improve Target.com but I can't imagine our titles are the biggest priority right now as they upgrade the entire site.

I wish I could help more, but for now this is all we have. I'd ask friends to keep their eyes open for it in different Target locations.  

I have to apologize ms Genevieve, unfortunately my paycheck was incredibly not great this time around. However I've worked some extra hours in prep for another round (last minute no less) of Christmas shopping. If you'd like I can pick you up a copy in a couple weeks or I noticed Kevin L on the next page said he has a couple extra copies. Let me know and I'll continue the hunt :-)


That's perfectly fine, I totally understand. I'll check with Kevin and let you know if I am still on the hunt. I appreciate the offer though!

Haha Racine.......the ONE stop we didn't make traveling from Chicago to Milwaukee between our two families.....figures...sending ya a message :)

One Monster Fluxx on the way to Genevieve.

Making her, as fFar as I know, only the second person outside of the U.S. to have a copy!

EDIT: Oh, wait, you are in the U.S. aren't you.  Doh!

Hey now.....I know the UP is largely forgotten about from the rest of the US....but we're not quite Canada, eh? :P

My apologies!  I mixed up people in my head fFor a moment.  I think fFor some reason I had you confused in with Lucy Bracegirdle, who lives in the U.K.

Lol its okay....at least you didn't ask how close I was to Detroit, haha. I get that a lot.....and then love the confused look people get when I explain that its a quicker drive from Detroit to New York City than to go Houghton to Detroit. Or that 9/10 times when I use a 'store locator' on a website the nearest store is usually Canada (since those typically calculate 'as the crow flies' rather than calculate the fact that Lake Superior is in the way)

One more gone.  Only 1 left.

Last one is accounted for.  It will be heading to the UK.  I've been to my Target twice since I bought these to see if there are any more and the first time the peg was empty and last time there was no peg for it.

I still have one more copy to spare, if anyone needs it.  I can seek more, of course, but sitting placidly on my desk is the one copy.

i would love one, there is only one target here been going every week for two months and nothing 

Ok, I am sending you a private message thing to sort out details on this.

Ok, one of the holiday cards seems that it needs monster fluxx... Anyone happen to have a spare copy?

Cost + Shipping.  Message me here!

How much?  I'm interested....

How much?  What would the postage be to the UK?  I might be interested.

$10.50 USD (Cost plus Tax) + Shipping from USA + the cost of the padded envelope.  The post office is near my work, so if you message me an address, I can get a shipping quote.  I'll pass on true cost to the first two interested - I could use the karma.

Alex, I'm interested as well. My target has no copies and the nearest one after that is 50 miles away. Do you have a paypal account? Like I said I'm greatly interested.

Send invoice to    studiomunkie@earthlink.net   I won't be greedy, I'll just take one... zip for shipping is 92336, thanks! :) 

I assumed you do paypal if that's ok, if not let me know how to proceed... :)

If you could send me an invoice as well to jfallecker@gmail.com in paypal that would work as well :) thanks Alex!
Oh by the way, here's my zip for shipping: 15705. Thanks again!

Monster Fluxx is now available in the webstore since so many people were having problems locating the edition in Target stores and due to it's lack of availability internationally:


Hope this helps!

Well since we can get them in the web store now, I'll have to cancel :( thanks for the help though!

Thanks so much Amber. Just ordered a copy :)

Ordered that, and alot of other stuff... thanks! :)

FINALLY!!!   I found Monster Fluxx in a DC-area Target this morning! 

Northern Virginia, to be more precise. It was the Target near Seven Corners, at the corner of route 50 (Arlington Blvd) and Patrick Henry.  There were 4 copies there, and they were slightly discounted IIRC. 

Ironically, I come on here to find it's in the online store.  This is great news, but I'm glad I didn't see it.  I almost certainly would have ordered it, and missed the chance to reward a Target for carrying it. 

I think we're gonna have monster fluxx sightings.. like bigfoot! (which as you know is one of the cards in monster fluxx...)

Aren't you all in the northern hemisphere?

How about "on another tectonic plate"?

Got mine!  "Discard and Draw" was stuck onto "Angry Mob"... might just have to grab another copy.

FYI - I was at Target today getting school supplies and looked for (and found) the new Target-exclusive Cartoon Network Fluxx deck ($9.99).  I also found a couple of Monster Fluxx decks...they were marked as "Clearance" and priced at $2.98 each.  So go find 'em and get 'em while you can!  Detailed story and photo here:


The real question here is will Monster Fluxx remain available in the webstore now that target appears to be getting rid of it or will it take its place next to Martian Fluxx and Family Fluxx in the Vault? Either way I am glad I got one...I missed out on both Family Fluxx and Martian Fluxx and I am not so much of a completionist that I am willing to pay $30-$70 for a copy on Amazon/Ebay.

I think you can find Martian fluxx for 20-25 bucks on eBay and family for 15 (at least that's what I payed for mine through eBay). Just letting you know if you garner an interest sometime. :)

Oh I have interest. but last time I looked for Martian fluxx, about a week or two ago, it was $50 on Amazon and $70 on eBay, which is what prompted me to throw out those specific numbers in my previous post. I will still be checking every so often to see if I can find a copy of,Martian Fluxx at least, for less than that. Family fluxx I have seen on Amazon for $14 so that one is not so bad. Martian Fluxx, however, I have yet to see at a price even close to the original price.

(edit: After I posted this I went and checked eBay and there are two copies of Martian Fluxx, one  for $70 and one for $50. Then I checked Amazon. There is one listing of Martian fluxx with "1 left in stock" for $38.75 and Family Fluxx on Amazon is $59.99. So one day I may get those two, but it certainly isn't going to be today.)

See if this website works for you. They show 4 copies of Martian in stock for 13.98 I believe. http://www.abugames.com/item190573-new/0/235-magic/Card-Game---Fluxx-Series---Martian-Fluxx---Mfg:-Looney-Labs.html

Definitely. Thanks for the heads up. Now I just need to hope they don't sell all 4 copies between now and the 20th.

No problem. I hope you get the game for this price. This is about the cheapest I've seen it in a while. And the shipping rates aren't bad either.

We still have plenty of monster in print and plan to keep it in print for now.  Each time something runs out of stock, we make a call on whether to reprint or let it go out of print, but that won't be happening for awhile with Monster.

Thats good to hear. You really did manage to pull out a family favourite with this one. Perhaps you'll consider marketing it to the UK and Europe when the 'Target exclusive' is finished?

Hey folks, I have old versions of family fluxx, 10 bucks shipped in the U.S.

When you say old versions. Do you mean like back in the day black and white cards, or beaten and battered, or just family fluxx in General is out of print thus making it old? I may be interested in taking you up on that offer. It's a lot better than $60 on Amazon before shipping.

This is the version. I only have 6 left. Packaging in ok condition, they're sealed. So the pack is in great condition. Cards are color.  Let me know if you want one or two, and I'll set them aside, I take paypal, or money order. I will throw in looney labs stuff if I can.  :)

Sorry for the bad giant photo....   :P

The UK should be getting copies - the Target exclusive doesn't apply there. And thanks! I also think Andy and the rest of the team did a great job!

I would definitely like a couple copies. It might be a few weeks before I can send you any money through PayPal but if you are willing to set a couple aside that would be awesome.

You got it!

Star Flux plus additions make chaos (and fun)

But also bring in questions. My kids (and most people I play with love Star Flux (I hang around several IT geeks, so it comes with the territory). Anyway, tonight I added the flower (counts and Love and Death) and all cards that would be related to those cards along with the the (like Death and Taxed and War = Death).

Anyway, we came across a couple of issues that we just could not work out.

The first: We had double Agenda in play with "War = Death" and "All That is Certain" (needing Death and Taxes). My daughter Michelle had War, Death and Taxes as her only creepers. She thought that since it was a double agenda, she satisfied both goals and should win. I said that yes, she satisfied War = Death, but since she had Taxes, that did not count. In the same sense, she had Death and Taxes, but since she had War, that did not count. Who is right? Since it was double agenda, she did satisfy each as if that card places both as one, but I am pretty sure it does not work that way.

That brings me to the second part. My other daughter, Christine, had the Traitor (I love that card), so she would have won if the first situation would have actually resulted in a winner. I told her that I did not think that would count because she also had Evil in front of her. The argument is how the card is worded. The Traitor says: "If you have this card, you cannot win by meeting the current goal. However, if another player meets the goal, you win instead of them..." In the rules, a traitor prevents you from willing if it does not satisfy the current goal. Now let's say that hypothetically, the first issue ended in a win for Michelle. The traitor would make Christine win by how the card is worded... BUT other creepers say that you cannot win by meeting the current goal. Christine did have Evil, but Michelle had no other creepers than the ones that would have made her win. Since The Traitor goes by looking at Michelle to win, would Christine's Evil count as a creeper to prevent her from winning or would she win because Michelle had nothing preventing her from winning (hypothetically, of course)

Thirds question: Monty Python Fluxx. Play all is in effect. Christine (as her last card) plays Jackpot. Since she has to draw three cards, and the rule is Play All, does she play all those cards too, or did her turn end as soon as she played the Jackpot card, thus leaving the three cards in her hand?

I have other questions too (I do beta testing for a reason), but until tonight, I forget to write them down. :)


Item the First: Michelle doesn't win for the reasons you gave.

Item the Second: Christine wins with the Traitor.  The old fan site had a FAQ document that answered this very question.  Essentially, since you win instead of someone else, what you have in front of you doesn't matter.

Item the Third: Christine keeps playing.  She doesn't necessarily play all of the cards because the rules could change (or the game could end) before she has a chance to play them all.  But the card resolution is effectively instantaneous, so she always has cards in hand for purposes of Play All.

Rules questions [cthulhu fluxx]

Hi there, I am a new member here, as well as new to the Fluxx world. Two weeks ago I bought, on a whim, to purchase Cthulhu Fluxx. I must say its by far the best money I have spent in a long time. I do have some rules questions though. Sorry if they were covered elsewhere. #1: On the 'Draw 3 and play 2 card', if you draw a creeper as one of the three cards, does that creeper get played in front of you and you draw another card OR can you use that creeper as the discard of the three you drew? #2: Considering the 'Dark Gift" card. Does your anti-doom if it cancels out your ability to use the dark gift ability? Secondly, if a creeper is drawn, do you then play him and pick another card as you would with any normal creeper drawn? #3: At the start of the game when cards are dealt and players receive a creeper do all players play the creepers before the start of any turns or do you wait till the start of YOUR turn? #4: If 'The Stars are Right' is removed from play and there is currently a goal and ungoal in play, do both stay in play? Or is one removed? And if so how do you determine which goes and which stays. #5: Which the 'Draw 2 + Doom' card, if a creeper is drawn raising your doom count do you then have to draw more cards than you originally had counted? Thanks and I am sorry if some of these were covered before.


1. The Creeper goes in front of you and you draw to replace.  Any time you draw a Creeper it goes in front of you, even if you're drawing a card that won't go in your hand.  So, for example, Dreams and Omens works that way, too.

2. If you have a doomed card, you can do it.  It doesn't matter what else you have.  Yes, Creepers go in front of you; see #1.

3. Put your Creepers in front of you and replace them (repeating as necessary) before anyone takes a turn.

4. One is removed.  Current player decides.  That is, the person who was current player when the New Rule was discarded.

5. You draw more cards, yes.

Thanks for the response. These were just odd questions we had that we were t sure how to handle and had sort of been playing them one way and didnt want to switch up until we were sure but it all makes sense. :)

Out of Print cards found for sale thread

Is it ok to have a thread for out-of-print cards found for sale?  It seems fair to me that if you're in the market for that one rare card, we can all try and help each other by posting links if you find some available?  Of course it's likely the links won't be good for long, but surely it's better that someone from the Fluxx Forum Family have first crack at it than anyone else, right?

I found, from 2007, the 7-card 10th Anniv Expansion pack on ebay.  As of this post, 4 are left here:


"This seven-card pack was issued to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Fluxx in 2007.  It includes the Keeper - The Party - modeled on La Fiesta from Fluxx Español. It also includes a Creeper (a new card-type invented for Zombie Fluxx) called the Radioactive Potato, and 2 Goals, 2 Actions and a New Rule pertaining to parties. With the help of our Looney Labs SuperStores, we distributed almost 15,000 of these promo packs! "

Here is an in depth look at the cards: 


Have you found any Out of Print cards for sale?  

POST YOUR LINK HERE!  (Especially if you see the Horrifying Sculpture promo I'm after!  ;)


There's a Cthulhu Fluxx Launch Team coin on ebay for $14.99, Buy It Now.  Probably won't last long!


I am still seeking the (original) Stoner Fluxx promo card of Marlene.

Wow, I still have a few of those on hand that I'm still giving away. I wonder where they're at, if they're selling for 5.99 a pop!

I'm still looking for a flame thrower expansion for Zombie Fluxx, if anyone sees it for sale, please let me know.

Same here feenix, wish I could have nabbed one of those in the past. And thanks Alex for the 7 card promo pack info! Got 2 of them for playing and storing :)

IF you're still looking they are available here


Thanks for that Brainy Singh, but I live in the UK and the cheapest posting option they have is coming in at over $88. I'm keen, but not that wealthy :(

Hmmm, well depending on how many you want, I'm sure the promos can be shipped in a small flat rate Priority mail envelop (which is about $26) or even First class mail (about $6 to $10) if you want. 

Thats what I was thinking, but there's no option on the site for this delivery method. I'll drop them a line and see what they suggest.

I'm only after one set for my own Zombi Fluxx, not out to supply the world. ;)

We will look into getting that feature fixed, but I have heard that some international users can't access some of the mailing features.

For only one Zombie Fluxx, I'm sure it can be mailed for around $7, but I'd recommend getting at least an additional unit just in case. let me know what I can do to help you with this.

I'd be more than happy to pay $7 postage, and you're correct, two sets are probably better than one, it never hurts to have a spare.

Are you affiliated with the site?

Does anyone know where I can find the Pandora's fluxx box? It's been out of print for a while and I missed buying it years ago. I would like it for my collection. And the fluxx completionist in me comes out haha. Any info is much appreciated :)

I remember this thread, though it's over a year old...Couldn't hurt to try though!



If you could, please create an account at https://www.njoy.us/index.php?main_page=login so I could process the order for you.

Thanks for the links Alex but it seems that there are none available :( I'll still comb the internet but it may be a while until I run into one.

I already have, using the email address njoyus.i8m@gishpuppy.com

Sorry that didn't work!  There was a Zombie boxx on eBay a few months ago that went for $24.50 (5 bids) so there is some hope.  I'll keep ya in mind and will reply here if I find Pandora!

Thanks for all the help Alex! I'll let you know if I find one in the future :)

Just went on the njoy site, and was going to order a copy of the Zombie Fluxx Flame-Thrower Pack, and the Fluxx 10th Anniversary Part Promo Pack, but even though the sub-total is only $4, the postage is still saying nearly $89 as I live in the UK.

I was just wondering if you, feenix1363, managed to get it sorted in the end. And if so, how?

Unfortunately not. Still on the hunt for a reasonable costing set.

...and there's the Horrifying Sculpture card I'm after (as mentioned in the OP) on ebay....with a first bid of $20.00!

Don't think I'm be bidding on that one!  But if YOU must, here's the link!  

(Notice it's for one card, but there are two in the picture!)


I do have an extra Horrifying Sculpture.  I was hoping to get one of the promos I need for it.

I need:


The Robot

Bakery (Bread and Doughnuts)
Peace on Earth (Earth and Peace)
Chrononauts (Time and Rocket)
Coffee Break (coffee and time)
The Desert (Sun and Pyramid)
Icehouse (Time and Pyramid)

Nuclear War (Rocket and war)

One, Two, Five

A friend of mine is also looking for



To Sleep or Not to Sleep

If anyone has any extra of these, please let me know!


Unfortunately, due to a conflict with our website and USPS rates module, we are having issues providing International shipping rates properly.  For us to fix it, we found out we will have to rewrite a lot more code than expected.  So for the time being, I have created a new "item" that would add shipping of $7.99 (which is what I found would generally cost for shipping to most of Europe via first class envelop).  

So here's what you have to do:

Add the quantity of card(s) you want to the cart

Next add uspszmbint into your cart by typing it in the search field.

Upon checkout, just select store pickup as a method of shipping.  

This should allow you to create an order on the site and allow any of the staff member to complete the order.

IF enough people are interested and don't want to deal with the hassle, we can list a few of these on eBay, but will have to mark them up a little to cover the additional costs. 

I hope this helps you guys out.

Wait, what??

Woah... pricey.

That's insane! I could buy 5 copies of Cthulhu Fluxx for that price!

Oh boy, whoever just spent the money on those just got ripped off big time, considering the horrifying sculpture card is back in the store for a mere $1. Good thing we didn't think about bidding on these cards.

Thanks for noticing and posting that!  I was just in there a few days ago and had not seen that, so they're on order now!  I assume you saw that the Pandora's Box card is in there as well!!  Not the box itself though, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.  

Thanxx for making these promos available again, Looney Labs!

Well I was searching the web the other day and came across these two rarities (unfortunately I'm lacking in the cash department otherwise I would scoop these up). The first is the now-hard-to-find Borders Bonus card (equivalent to the curiosity bonus card currently in the promo card section of the web store but with a nod to Borders book stores. RIP Borders). http://www.fishpond.com/Toys/Fluxx-Borders-Bonus-Promo-Game-Card-NEW-RULE-Works-with-All-Fluxx-Games-A-Looney-Labs/9999228322819

The other is almost impossible to find anymore (or rather I have never found it in any other time of searching), the Fluxx and Flowers set. http://www.fishpond.com/Toys/Flowers-Fluxx-Looney-Labs/9999157368782
Yes you are reading the price correctly, $87.39! wow! well if you are really willing to cough up the dough for this badboy, the pleasure shall be all yours. You never know when you'll find this again though, so act fast if you wish to have a rare piece of Fluxx history. 

That's all for now. I'll post another update if I find any other rare gems out there :) enjoy!

I hope the group can help as I think this is best thread to find out about some promo cards.

I was searching through my storage and I found sealed envelopes for the 2001, 2002, and 2004 promo card packs. 

Can anyone tell me what is inside them, so I don't have to open them?


can you be more specific?  I don't know what year things come out, but if you tell us what it looks like, what sort of packaging, what the fFront and back look like, we might be able to tell you what's inside.

I look forward to finding out what they are.  If they are ones I need and you are looking to get rid of them, let me know.  Maybe we can work something out.

http://www.wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/PromoCards/outofprint.html ;

This link may help with some of them.


They are in card-size manilla envelopes with a white sticker with black letters over the opening.

They all say Looney Labs across the top, but the rest of the labels are different.  They say:

Promo Card Pack 2001 LOO-803

2002 Promo Card Pack LOO-803-02

2004 Promo Cards LOO-803-04

Any info on the cards inside would be much appreciated.

I pulled the text descriptions from the old web store pages...

LOO-803-01  ----> "We still have some of the promo cards we were handing out at Origins and GenCon in the summer of 2001. "Time Travel," a new goal (Time + the Rocket) for Fluxx. Also included is a MicroCatalog and a new action for Fluxx called "Time Vortex." Sorry, we are all out of the Jade Statue of Tirade."

LOO-803-02  ----> "This is a set of 4 leftover promo cards from the summer convention season of 2002. These include a Chrononauts Artifact called German Cake, an all-purpose Icehouse ad card, reference cards for IceTowers and Cosmic Coasters. Sorry, we are now out of the random Fluxx promo that used to be in this product"

LOO-803-04  ----> "This set contains leftovers of the 4 Chrononauts promos we were giving out at the summer trade shows of 2004. They are: The Really Fast Time Machine (Origins), The Teeny Tiny Time Machine (Gen-Con), and The Mating Pair of Pterodactyls (Dragon-Con), as well as Carl Sagan's Joint (for "Summer Festivals")."

Kristin:  Thanks for posting this.  I probably bought these 3 packs as a big Chrononauts fan.  It also explains why I have a promo Reverse Order card, so I must have bought them before you ran out of the Jade Statue and and the random Fluxx cards.  I probably put all the Chrononauts promos in my deck and bought an extra set of the cards before you incorporated them into the new edition.

Much appreciated. 

Just a quick update to this earlier post. I've managed to get a Flame Thrower for my copy of Zombie Fluxx.

See this post>> http://looneylabs.ning.com/forum/topics/a-looney-weekend

If anyone else is after the Flame Thrower expansion, get yourselves over to the Looney Labs Store. They have added the other returns to the store, and I'm sure they won't have that many, so get them while you can :D

Fear of the Unknown in Cthulhu Fluxx


In my gaming group we're having a heated discussion about the "Fear of the Unknown" New Rule in Cthulhu Fluxx and I would like some clarification.

The card says: "If you reveal something that frightens you during your turn, draw and play one additional card." Some in the group are interpreting this to mean that, since it doesn't explicitly say "per turn" you can do this as many times as you like during your turn, as long as that New Rule is in play. For instance, you can say, "I'm afraid of snakes," then draw and play a card. Then say, "I'm afraid of Limburger cheese," and draw and play another card. Then keep doing this ad infinitum until you've won the game.

It would be great to get something official from Looney Labs as that may be the only thing that calms this group down, but all opinions are welcome.




You can only use this power once during your own turn.

How far into another players move can you play a Suprise card(Oz Fluxx)

I'll start by setting up the scenario-

Player 1- Plays the "Play All" which is a new rule card, then plays a new Goal card and then plays the 2 Keepers needed for this Goal to win the game.

Can another player play the "Veto" surprise card that discards any new rule played after Player 1 has won??

I'm asking this because on the "Veto" card it says "Discard a new rule another player has just played, thus preventing it from ever taking effect"

Does this mean-

The veto must be played straight after the "Play All" card is played?

Or can it be played at any point/even towards the end of Player 1's turn stopping him from ever playing the "Play All" card? also what would happen to the Goal and 2 Keeper cards that were played? do they go back to player 1's hand or do they get discarded?





The veto must be played straight after the "Play All" card is played.

That said, if I am playing with a group of fFriends, and someone realizes they meant to play something like this a moment ago, I'll probably let them play it.  Like say if I played my cards down very quickly and the other person was distracted getting a drink or talking to other people.

But I'm a nice person like that.

In my gaming group, we typically require that the Veto be played right after the Play All card.

I would agree that the Surprise player should have a reasonable amount of time to play the Surprise.  What's reasonable kind of depends on the group and the circumstances, though.

What counts as a reasonable amount of time? In my case the second player realised that player one had won the game and then decided they wanted to play the Surprise card to cancel out the winning moves(which a lot of players would play on, saying that they missed some ones moves or they were distracted)

I think having to play it straight away would stop any arguments but also means that players have to take a gamble when using surprise cards, whereas being able to play it towards the end of a players turn can add a little spice to the game and makes it harder for players to win, Thanks for the speedy replies everyone, they are much appreciated.

The key distinction is "enough time" vs. "considering the result."  There is no reasonable interpretation of the rules (IMHO) that means you get to say, "Oh, you won?  Well, I'm going to play this card to retroactively cancel a card you played several plays ago to rewind your win."

The "enough time" distinction comes to prevent someone from doing "PlayPlayPlay, Ha, I win, you didn't play your Surprise in time."  There shouldn't have to be a race to play the Surprise before the other player plays his next card.  Imagine you were playing with the rule that after every play, you stop to ask everyone, "Are you playing a Surprise?"  That doesn't work in practice because it would slow the game down too much, but that's the standard I would apply.  Would they have played the Surprise if you had stopped the game and asked them at the appropriate time?  If they had enough time to react to the card they're cancelling, and they didn't, they lose that ability.  If you played quickly and didn't give them enough time to react, then they should have an opportunity to react.  Even if you gave them additional information by playing too quickly and then saying, "I win."

The "it depends on circumstances" part comes into play because different groups have different standards for how much someone should be paying attention.  In Scott's group, "I was talking and wasn't paying attention" might be a valid excuse.  It probably wouldn't fly if you were playing a tournament or something.  Depending on where you are on that spectrum, you might bear some responsibility to (subtly) bring everyone's attention back to the game before you play your combination that lets you win.  Then you can honestly say, "You saw me play it and didn't stop it, and now it's too late."

Keeper Robo-Doc, Animator an Teleporter questions


     So I have a few questions on a couple of card. The promo Keeper card Robo-Doc and the Animator Keeper card from Monty Python Flux State that they act as other cards.

1.With the Robo-Doc can the Captain Keeper in Star Fluxx take the Robo-Doc? The Captain card states it can steal the Doctor an if the Robo-Doc is acting like the Doctor can he be stolen or is it the Captain can only steal the true Doctor keeper since that is the name on the card?

2.Now in Monty Python Fluxx you have the Animator Keeper that states that it counts as the Finger of God so if the goal The Meaning of Life comes out which is the Animator and the Finger of God do you win with just the Animator card since it also counts as the Finger of God?

May last question is on the Teleporter Keeper in Star Fluxx. Can the Teleporter teleport its self? The card states you can move any 1 of your keepers to another player. An since it is one of your Keepers in play can you move it to someone else? I know this question may seem odd cuz why would you want to give someone a good card like that but trust me there are some really good evil things you could do to someone of you can do this lol.

Well thank you for some fantastic games.


I believe that the literal interpretation is that he can be taken by the captain because it is both "the doctor" and "the robot." On the python, I actually had a conversation in a game before. The goal "The Meaning of Life?" states "You win if you have the Finger of God and the animator on the table in front of you." We took it as having both cards for the win. We agreed that the Animator is like the hand of God to smite the creeper. When it comes to the teleporter, it states "if you have this on the table, once per turn you may move any 1 of your keepers to another player." So the literal is yes oddly. My common sense thought is how could you teleport a teleporter?

Fluxx The Board Game - rules questions

I didn't see a thread for rules questions for Fluxx The Board Game, and I have some to ask...

1. Can the Start tile be uprooted (either with a Move or the Upset A Tile Action)?  How about with the Swap Tiles Action?

2. (This applies to regular Fluxx as well)  If I play "Draw 2 And Use 'Em", and one of the cards is "Shuffle Hands", which cards are considered my "hand"?

3. The Swap Colors Action says that the trade must be "either before or after you conduct all of your moves."  That means it can happen at any time.  Should the card really say, "You must do this either before you conduct any of your moves, or after you conduct all of them"?


Just thought of another one:

4.  Again with the Swap Colors Action: what happens if you use all of your Moves, then play the card, then play Move Faster?  Do you still get the additional Move, presumably with your new color?

1: Somewhere on this site, Andy said the Start Tile cannot be uprooted.

2: "Your hand" refers to the one you set aside, so it's the hand that would be shuffled.

3: Cannot help you with that, sorry.

4: Ooh, good question! I would like to know that myself.

I have a question, too, please. 5. When getting bumped, who determines the direction of bumping - the bumper or the bumpee?

On the rulesheet where it discusses bumping, it says 'you may bump your own pieces' so I interpret that as the 'bumper' makes the choice of where to bumped piece goes. Hopefully Andy will comment an official answer.

1) No, the Start Tile cannot be Uprooted or Swapped.

2) The hand of cards you set aside is your real hand, which is what gets shuffled.

3) I'm not sure I understand the difference. It works like you say, yes.

4) Interesting case. I guess in that case you'd move your new color.

5) The bumper determines where a piece gets bumped.

The difference in #3 is, "before you conduct all of your moves" means that you can perform some of your moves, but not necessarily all of them, before swapping colors.  If you remove the word "all" from the rule (so it says "before or after you conduct your moves"), then it means what is intended.

Cthulhu Fluxx negative doom points

So... If I have two keepers with anti-doom points and one keeper or creeper with one doom point, is my doom score -1? Or can it not go below zero? I ask because of the draw 2 + doom score new rule card. Would I draw one card or two? Thanks, John


I know of no meta-rule that says your doom score must be positive.  Nega-doom seems acceptable.  However, I think an acceptable meta-rule to invoke is:  You should never draw zero cards (just in case it's draw 2 + doom, and doom is -2).

Also, Nega-Doom would be a great band name.

In my group, we play it that it's two separate draws. You always get to draw 2, but may not get to draw any additional cards if your doom points are zero or negative. I don't have the card in front of me, but there was something about the wording that made us decide this.

Cthulhu Fluxx: Dreams and Omens/Twist of Fate!

I have a question about Twist of Fate! Out of turn: When another player plays a keeper, it goes in front of you instead of them, possibly preventing their victoryDuring your turn: Steal another player's keeper and put it in front of you.

And Dreams and Omens Set your hand aside. Count the number of players in the game. Draw enough cards to give 1 to each player. You decide who gets which, placing them each face down in front of their recipients. No one else may look at these cards. Each player (including you) must play this card before starting their next turn. This does not count as one of their plays for that turn.

My question is, if Dreams and Omens is played and one of the cards given is Twist of Fate!, then does the person play the Out of turn or During your turn part of the card? It says play BEFORE starting their next turn, so do you HAVE to use the out of turn, or because the previous person's turn is over, it IS your turn, so you can technically play the During your turn part?


Hey that's a good question!

I think, because it is not that person's turn, they must play it right then as a "Steal a keeper" activity, if another is being played right now.  iIf there are no other keepers being played to steal, then nothing happens.

In the end, you are sort of giving the keeper (assuming there are any to give) to another person.

i would say the "during your turn" part is played.

"dreams and omens" says "before starting their next turn" but that means it IS their next turn.. just that, a card placed in front of them by "dreams and omens" has to be played before they draw any cards (which is normally how you would start a turn).

Yeah, thanks! I thought it should be played as "during your turn" simply because it is technically your turn, cards just haven't been drawn yet, etc. I'll inform my friend and I we'll probably play like that, if it ever comes up again!

Fluxx Suprise Card Questions

We've been getting pretty intense with Fluxx games during lunch breaks and we recently ran into a question about using Suprise! cards and their cancelling properties.

Let me set up the scenario:

Player A plays a Keeper.

Player B plays That's Mine!

Player A plays It's A Trap!

Player B plays Veto!

We're trying to figure out if the last surprise takes effect or the first surprise takes a effect? Did B successfully steal the keeper in this case or does Player B's Veto! take effect? Cancelling with multiple surprises is a little unclear to us when there are more than two surprises being played consecutively.



The Keeper goes to player B.

"Veto!" cancels "It's a Trap!", meaning "That's Mine!" takes effect.

just like Dave said, "that's mine!" still takes effect.


Starr Fluxx Keeper Question

Hi guys,

Me and my other half just got this game and we are really enjoying it.  Just a quick question we are assuming that keeper abilities can be used at any time during your turn since they don't say at the start.

But the question is if I have Unseen force and Computer can I use both of these abilities in a turn or just the one?  I know I read elsewhere that keeper actions are not classed as an action so their use doesn't count as a play but I couldn't find anything saying whether or not you could use multiple abilities in one turn.




Sure!  Use them all if you like!

Fluxx The Board Game

Just completed my first game of Fluxx The Board Game. Basically it's Fluxx on steroids meets Martian Coasters. It's awesome and I have a feeling it's going to be big!

One of the not-readily-apparent aspects of the game is its expandability. Not only can it be expanded by adding cards, like the regular Fluxx line, but also tiles can be added as well with corresponding goal cards.

Thanks for suggesting it, Josh, and great job on it, Andy!


I have not yet put any other fFluxx cards fFrom other decks into my board game, but I am definitely thinking about it.  =)

Please let me know how that works out and what you had to do(if anything) to make the cards work. The only drawback is that the card backs are different colors

GenCon 2013

GenCon is just over 4 weeks away. Anyone going to be there? I was thinking some of us could meet up and play some LL games, depending on free time. I'm always willing to play Fluxx, Chrononauts, and pyramid games. I also play lots of other games (but don't tell the Looneys, LOL)

It seems there are no scheduled Looney Labs games at all this year (besides AYAW) except one called "Fast Zombies" which is Zombie Fluxx and Zombie Dice.

If anyone's interested, post in this thread, so we can maybe find some free time to get together.



Hi Dave,

Kristin & I will be at GenCon - we'll be having some meetings but also playing games. We'll post on Facebook where we are at different times. We'll certainly be previewing our Fall release, Choose One and playing lots of Fluxx: The Board Game too.

Hope we see you there!


I hope to see you there, Amber!


Eco Fluxx Camouflage card

When playing the Camouflage card as a New Rule, do you get to turn over one Keeper "every time your turn comes around"  hence having the possibility of multiple Keepers turned over or do you ONLY get to turn over one Keeper regardless of how many Keepers you have on the table?


quoting andrew looney:

"Camouflage is not cumulative; only one Keeper may be Camouflaged at a time."

source: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/530828/how-does-the-camouflage-card-work

BoingBoing press

Fluxx the Board Game

I've just finished watching the video review;


And my first reaction is WOW. I really believe you may have pulled it off and made a game that will play like the Fluxx we already know and love.

So, now a question, I'm not averse to buying from the US, but UK import duties can be a bit of a killer, and we've yet to see any info other than 'available in store 26th June'. Does this mean US only or are we fans in Europe also going to be able to get hold of the game?


Actually, it's July 26th, not June...  but we will be shipping a pallet of board games to Esdevium, our UK distributor - so you should find it in any stores in Europe that carry Fluxx, and any store that doesn't can get it for you...  just ask! 

Thanks Kristin for the speedy response. I meant July of course, just a slight disconnect between brain and fingers at times when I'm typing.

I'm at the UKGamesExpo next weekend so I'll ask around there and see if I can find a UK supplier. Thanks.

Wow, that is an awesome looking game!!  I was wondering how it played out.  What a really cool idea!

I've fired off an email to Esdevium (thanks for letting me know who to contact) asking for details and suppliers but haven't yet received a reply.

I also noticed that my local game shop have hosted Esdevium events in the past, so will be making contact with them to make sure they get the game in stock if they can.

OK, I'm officially 'gutted'. Despite ordering the demo set on the day of the announcement, it was only despatched from the warehouse on the 18th July, so typically it's not arrived on the day of release, or indeed the day after. I'm still awaiting notification from the Post Office that they have it. And when they do it'll take another day at least as they won't deliver it until the import duties and charges are paid. Eight days is simply not long enough to expect a delivery to get to a customer in the UK. There were people in the US posting that they already had the game, before mine was despatched.

Please, in future bear in mind that it takes longer for international orders than domestic and prioritize accordingly. I've now got to call in to my local friendly gamestore and buy another copy of the game for tomorrow nights demo game (that's how sure I'd been that it would be despatched in time). I know it's not a lot of money, but it's still money I thought I'd already budget for.

Hi there,

I'm sorry you weren't able to get your game in time. We do our best to have international launch kit orders ship in time for them to arrive pre-release date but ultimately we can't ship until the games are ready and with the production of our first board game things took a bit longer than we expected along the way. We also moved warehouses at the same time - I say this just to let you know we weren't sitting on the games.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you are enjoying the board game! We'll do our best to ship the launch kits a bit earlier for the next release so you won't have this problem.


10th September, and my delivery has just arrived. The delay was partly due to Post Office 'issues' in the US and a three day hold-up by the UK postal service whilst it cleared customs and awaited my payment, prior to releasing for delivery.

To anyone else considering buying from Looney Labs direct I say go for it. You'll get fantastic service, and if something should go wrong there really isn't a friendlier company to deal with.

Thanks to all concerned with my order, it may have taken a while, but it's a fantastic bundle of fun for family/friends or even strangers that look over your shoulder as you're playing. :)

I just got this in, and whipped up a rather quick and (I think) nice-looking solution to the "pegboard problem", using a punchout card frame from the set itself. I took pictures as I went, and cobbled it together into and Instructable for anyone else who may like the idea.


Great hack, thanks for taking the time to let the rest of us know.

It's a shame that this part of the scoring system wasn't a little better designed, but this should sort it out.

My own idea/solution, going forward is to mount mine on a block of wood, after first marking and pre-drilling over-size holes to suit the peg positions. If I was a better carpenter than I am, I'd perhaps consider rebating the block first so that the card could 'drop in'.

Thanks and you're welcome! I'd love to see your wood block solution, since it's bound to look a lot more "top shelf". (One of the reasons I used cellotape instead of rubber cement is that I wanted to be able to undo the mod if another idea surfaced.)

Well, I finally got frustrated enough to do something about the peg board. I had to laminate three pieces of wood that I had left over from a DIY job and then carefully marked each hole on the peg board before drilling out each hole 'over-sized' and then pinning the card over the top.

I chose to use a fairly robust 'chunk' of wood, as it simply feels more substantial, but I also made sure that I could still fit the whole into the original box between plays.

Pirate or General Fluxx Question

So I was playing Pirate Fluxx with 4 players. Its DRAW 4, PLAY 3. It is my turn.

I draw and now have 10 cards (I think) in my hand.

My first play is the card: Draw 3, Play 2  

I set aside my hand (9 cards)

I draw Trash a Rule, a Keeper, and Draw 2 & Use 'em.

I play Draw 2 & Use 'em

I set aside 2 cards

I draw Jackpot, Discard & Draw.

I play Jackpot - and Draw 3 Cards

I then play Draw & Discard

So here are my questions:
1) How many cards do I Draw & Discard?

2) What do I do with the Jackpot cards? 


I believe that you would discard your current hand of 3 cards & draw 3 more, since you MUST play Discard & Draw.

Discard & Draw only applies to your current hand, NOT the hand you've initially set aside.

Jackpot goes into the Discard Pile, like any other Action card that you use. After using Discard & Draw, you would

immediately discard your hand, pick up the 2 cards you've set aside with Draw 3, Play 2 of Them, play your pick of the 2nd

card of that action, then discard the leftover card. Only AFTER all that do you pick up your original hand & resume your

normal turn.

The way I play: The cards you draw for Jackpot go into your original hand, so you have 12 cards to discard and draw.  Then finish resolving Draw 3, Play 2 of them, then (if you didn't trash Play 3), continue playing cards from your hand.

i agree with jeff wolfe.

both draw 3 play 2 and draw 2 play 2 are temporary. these are not your hand.

so jackpot should go to your original hand 9 cards, totaling to 12.

and discard and draw affects your original hand, so you would be discarding 12 hands and replacing them.

this behavior is actually observable in fluxx mobile version, which andy looney took part in flushing out the rules.

if you have the mobile version of fluxx, when you play jackpot in draw 3 play 2 or draw 2 play 2, you would be adding 3 cards into your original hand. same goes to discard and draw.

but again, the fun thing about any looney labs games is the ability to impose your own house rules. so it is up to you how you want to play it.

I never knew the extra drawn cards go into your original hand. I always thought that they were discarded from your temporary hand. Guess you learn something new every day. :3

I regard the "Hand" to be a technical term which refers to a specific set of cards.  Anytime you are instructed to "set your hand aside" or "draw cards" the instructions are in reference to your actual hand of cards, and not any other spurious set of cards you are handling.

All the cards including the ones you drew for jackpot that should have gone directly into your hand.  But first you need to finish out your draw 3 play 2 and discard one first.  So you have 9 cards in your hand and one play left, add the jackpot, play your discard and draw....Does it say this ends your turn or do you have one play left from your hand?


Another Q while the FAQ is still down

OK, so this one is blinding obvious to me, but we've got 5 bucks on it, so:

For the Poor Bonus, do you need to have a keeper on the table to get the Poor Bonus if everyone else has at least one keeper in play? Is zero keepers on the table fewer than one keeper on the table?


Zero is definitely less than One.

One is the loneliest number, but Zero is the poorest.

Larry or the Potato

I'm sure this is probably addressed in the wiki FAQ, but it is currently broken.

If you play the goal which allows you to win, but the same play is the goal change that moves Larry or the Radioactive Potato to you, do you win?


simple - if you have the potato / larry when you meet the goal, you don't win.

so you have to make sure that when you play the goal, it moves to somewhere else and not you.

of course.... if "you also need a potato" is in play, you want the potato to move to you when the goal is changed.

Thanks.  That's what we were going with.  The argument was whether the win occurred in the interim.

Larry and The Potato move at the moment you play the new goal.  Which means if you have The potato, AND play a goal which otherwise makes you the winner, the potato moves away at the exact moment you play the goal.  You do not win.

If "you also need a potato", that is.

Mobile Fluxx

What is the protocol for playing the Mobile Fluxx game?  Let's say you are playing a 21 day game, should you be ready whenever the alert lets you know it's your turn?  Do you wait to give the other players time to breathe (so to speak)?  I haven't gotten any response to my question regarding the little timer posted about 19 hours ago so I'm trying a new approach.  I want to give other players some room but the game doesn't seem to be moving very quickly.  That's probably my fault and the newness of playing this online.


i personally don't like to play a game where it drags for hours, so i only in play 15 mins games.

in a 4 player game, that means 1 hour game at max.

I think it comes down to personal preference.  I play casual games on my mobile device because i like to be casual about it.  If I have to stop in the middle to go walk the dog or get back to work, that's just how it is.  You can drop your game with me if you want, no worries.  It's a casual game.

But some people fFeel very differently, I think.  And that's understandable too.

Speaking as a gamer who plays a lot of casual games (though not a casual gamer, oooooh no), my mindset has always been that casual = not stressful. That means that there isn't adrenaline pumping action adventure awesomeness, as in non-casual games.

That means that there isn't really a reason to get upset if someone takes a while with their turn when you're playing something so casual. Take, for instance, Draw Something. I've been playing it on and off for about two years (or so? since right after it came out). I've been playing it with the same people, both people I know and those I don't, the entire time. I'll put the game down and not pick it up for months at a time, and I'v never lost a play partner. I realize Fluxx isn't as simple nor as casual as Draw Something, but the idea is the same. Take your time if you want. Or wait by your phone and make a move as soon as it's your turn. Just enjoy it and have fun. That's the whole point. :)

I hate losing because of a time-out, and I like playing many games at once, so I prefer 21 day games. I can be away from the games for a couple of days and it won't matter, even if it ends up being a long game.

What exactly is the little timer telling me?

If you are playing a 21 day game, what is the little timer signifying? Does it mean you must complete your next turn in 21 days or do you have 21 days to complete the game?  Same goes for the lesser day or time slot allotment?


just like chess clock, the time is total time each person will have to complete his/her game, not per turn.

in 4 players game, a 1 hour game can drag to 4 hours long if everybody uses all his/her time.

when a player is required to do stuff (due to, say, hand limit) your timer will stop, and that player's timer will start ticking.

in the event a player is run out of time, he/she is forced to lose/forfeit.

Winning with Creepers(Oz Fluxx)

Can anyone just verify this for me please, If your goal was an Evil goal - lets say "Fly, Monkeys!" and you have the 2 Creepers(Witch of the West & Winged Monkeys) needed to win the goal but you also have another Creeper, Do you need to get rid of this extra Creeper to Win? I know the Creepers all say "You can't win if you have this unless the goal says otherwise" but does this count if your winning with a Evil Goal? Surely all the Evil Creepers would be happy as long as Evil wins in the end, you don't need to get rid of all your Keepers when winning with a Good goal, What do you guys think?  


The only Creepers you can have are those required to meet the Goal.  If you have any other Creepers, you don't win.

^ +1 to what jeff said.

so answering your question, yes, you have to get rid all the extra creepers.

What if Double Agenda is active, and each Goal requires a different Creeper?  Can you then win by simultaneously satisfying both Goals, or does each Creeper impede the other Goal?

I believe you can win either or both, by having the appropriate cards on the table.  if the goal conditions are:

(A and B) or (C and D)

and you have A and B on the table, then you win.  If you have C and D on the table, you win.  If you have A and B and C and D on the table, you win.  Any *other* creepers will prevent you fFrom winning.

Each Creeper impedes the other Goal.  Example: The Goals are Fly, Monkeys! and Wicked Witches.  You have Winged Monkeys, Wicked Witch of the West, and Wicked Witch of the East.  Wicked Witch of the East prevents you from winning with Fly, Monkeys!, and Winged Monkeys prevent you from winning with Wicked Witches.  So you don't win.

This is a hard question..

Technically you do not win.. Double agenda says either 'this' or 'that'..

'This' goal does not let you win due to _that_ creeper..

'That' goal does not let you win due to _this_ creeper..

Double agenda says 'Not win' or 'Not win' = 'Not win'..

But to me personally, I would say you win.. Simply because it is a feat on its own to have both goals meeting their needs.

I see a lot of support here for making that a house rule.

Turn-Ending-Related Questions

I've recently aquired the star-fluxx game and we have since played some very interesting rounds without any problems interpreting the rules, but yesterday we stumbled into two, somewhat related, problems and i would love to get some input/opinins/clarifications on that

In play was a Keeper Limit 1 [->...at the end of your turn], Player A has 1 Keeper and the Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature [->Move to the next player at the end of your turn]. Now he ends his turn. In which order do those happen?
a) Keeper Limit first -> Discard one Keeper, he chooses Alien Creature which goes to the top of the draw pile, next player draws alien creature
b) Move first -> Next player already has Alien Creature in front of him, so he will draw another card first.

(In this case we had Draw 1 / Play 5, and none of us had any cards on their hands, which means the one drawn card was the card to play)

This one was a more ...heated... discussion last night :D
In Play: Keeper Limit 3 [...when your turn ends], Goal which requires X and Y.
Player A has 4 Keeper during his turn: X, Teleportchamber (imitating Y), Z+Creeper, W
Player B has Y in front of him.
Player A has X and Y (via teleport because its his turn) in front of him, but cant win because of the creeeper.
Now, his turn ends, he has to discard one keeper. He chooses Y+Creeeper, now no longer having a creeper in front of him. Since he no longer has a creeper, does he win because it is still his turn (thus having X and Y because of Teleportchamber), or is his turn already over (we are in a transition-state, where it is no players turn, so to speak) and his Chamber ceases to function until his next turn?

Rules state `on your turn` as 'Draw, PLay, Keeper Limit, Hand Limit' which would indicate, that each `when your turn ends`-Action is still your turn, which means he would win.

Thanks for your help everybody and thanks for the great game @LooneyLabs


Hi!  your text appears very wide on my monitor, so I copied you and quoted it all, so it can be read a little easier by me.

I've recently acquired the star-fluxx game and we have since played some very interesting rounds without any problems interpreting the rules, but yesterday we stumbled into two, somewhat related, problems and i would love to get some input/opinions/clarifications on that


In play was a Keeper Limit 1 [->...at the end of your turn], Player A has 1 Keeper and the Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature [->Move to the next player at the end of your turn]. Now he ends his turn. In which order do those happen?

  • Keeper Limit first -> Discard one Keeper, he chooses Alien Creature which goes to the top of the draw pile, next player draws alien creature

  • Move first -> Next player already has Alien Creature in front of him, so he will draw another card first.

(In this case we had Draw 1 / Play 5, and none of us had any cards on their hands, which means the one drawn card was the card to play)


This one was a more ...heated... discussion last night :D

  • In Play: Keeper Limit 3 [...when your turn ends], Goal which requires X and Y.
  • Player A has 4 Keeper during his turn: X, Teleportchamber (imitating Y), Z+Creeper, W
  • Player B has Y in front of him.
  • Player A has X and Y (via teleport because its his turn) in front of him, but cant win because of the creeeper.

Now, his turn ends, he has to discard one keeper. He chooses Y+Creeper, now no longer having a creeper in front of him. Since he no longer has a creeper, does he win because it is still his turn (thus having X and Y because of Teleportchamber), or is his turn already over (we are in a transition-state, where it is no players turn, so to speak) and his Chamber ceases to function until his next turn?  

Rules state `on your turn` as 'Draw, Play, Keeper Limit, Hand Limit' which would indicate, that each `when your turn ends`-Action is still your turn, which means he would win.

 Thanks for your help everybody and thanks for the great game @LooneyLabs 

The fFirst issue is, I believe, played in whatever order the player wishes to fFulfil it, as long as all conditions are met.  I may be wrong, but I believe that is the best way.

The second issue is actually much, much easier to sort out!  It doesn't have to be your turn fFor you to win.  Therefore Player A handily wins, despite the turn being over!

First of, Sorry for the format, i copied the text into the edit-field and missed the little pre-tag, so the text was so messed up :/

1) ok. This way also seems to fit the style of most of the other rules in the game, so i will handle it that way from now on, unless i read something else :)

2) In general it doesnt have to be your turn to win, if you have all the requirements in front of you. But in this case PLayer A has Keeper X and the teleportchamber. The teleportchamber can only imitate a Keeper of another player, if it is your turn. So he only has Keeper X and Y while it is his turn. But he can't win, because he has a creeper, preventing him from winning. If his turn has ended, he no longer has Keeper Y (via the Teleportchamber). I hope this clarifies my question :)

It's the Holographic Projection that imitates another card, not the Teleport Chamber.  But "only during your turn."  According to the Keeper Limit cards, they work "[e]xcept during your turn."  They are mutually exclusive.  If a Keeper Limit applies, the Holographic Projection cannot be active.

Ah yes, my mistake, on the specifics of the Projector.  I should keep a fFew decks of cards right at my desk, to look up the details right away, instead of answering fFrom memory and gut.

What Jeff says below is completely right.  In this case, if it is not your turn, the projector turns off and you discard.  One doesn't happen slightly before the other, they happen at the same time.

Ah dammit, i messed up those two cards. Sorry again :/ (right know i feel like one of those people who post without thinking :p)

And now i see the slight change in phrasing on the two cards. The Keeper Limit is not "When your turn ends" but "when your turn is over", that really clarifies it, thanks for your help :)
(but i think the rule-page is a bit misleading on that one, stating `on your turn` with step 3 `keeper limit` and step 4 as `hand limit`)

I just checked the Keeper-Limit-Card at home (Star-Fluxx-Edition) and, unlike the Hand Limit which states `when your turn is over`, it states "...as long as you discard to X when your turn ends". Am i putting to much emphasis on the last sentence and its rather an explanation, than a specification of timing?

As the Handlimit is except during your turn and when your turn is over i would expect the Keeper-Limit behaving the same way, despite the different phrasing, which resolves my question. (Still leaving me with kind of a bad feeling, cause of the Rule-Sheet-Section ^^)


Hi guys,

I was playing Star Fluxx with a few friends earlier on and I would like just a little bit of confirmation - if you have a Creeper in your hand, let's say Brain Parasite but no appropriate Keeper to attach it to, do you still play the Creeper in front of you until an appropriate Keeper gets played?


Thanks, guys.


Yes, Creepers are always played immediately, and attached when you get the appropriate  Keeper.

You play it right as you get it, it never gets to your hand.  And if you can not attach it to anything, it will attach to the first keeper you play after it that it can be attached to.

New Rule >> Timequake

Treat the draw pile as the discard pile, and the discard pile as the draw pile.  When you draw a card, take the top (face-up) card from the discard pile.  When you discard a card, put it face-down on top of the draw pile.

If the discard pile becomes empty, discard this rule.


(I've got some other ideas for similar New Rules that manipulate the discard pile, but this one's my favorite.)


I like it!  Very much in the spirit of the Game, I think.  =)

I like this one myself, looks very workable. Well done.

Star Fluxx - Exchange Keepers/It's a Trap

2 Questions. This came up in a a game last night.

Player A plays Exchange Keepers on Player B

Player B throws down "It's A Trap"

The It's a Trap card says it prevents the player from Stealing a Keeper and then you can steal their Keeper instead. So my for my question is Exchange Keepers considered "Stealing a  Keeper" since you are giving them one back?  If so, do they get to steal one of your keepers or do they have to exchange keepers with you of their choice?




I'd read it as you could only play 'it's a trap' against someone taking a keeper, not against an exchange. Could be wrong though. But thats the way I read it.

Yes that's the way I read it as well. But I could counter the argument that I am stealing away their valuable keeper that will take away their win condition or give me a win condition. 

I could probably stroll into a store and take a pair of new sneakers and replace them with another new pair of sneakers of a different brand and equal value or close to equal value that someone had bought for me and the store would most likely still accuse me of stealing.  



well.. this happened on review by table top..


i honestly don't know the answer.. it would be good if andy could rectify the real intention of this surprise card..

i would like to say, whenever you lose a keeper (via forced exchange or stolen), the surprise should work.. but who knows..

i guess, you can always put a house rule prior hand x]

I noticed this thread as a popped in to the fan club here, so I consulted with Andy on this. 

After some discussion, we decided that Exchanging Keepers does not count as "stealing" a Keeper.   You cannot then reverse the action against your opponent.  (What would that mean "and instead you [Exchange] one of their Keepers"? - that doesn't really make sense.)  So we concluded that Exchange is unstopped by It's A Trap!

What It's A Trap! protects you against is Steal A Keeper, AND any of those annoying other Keepers, like the Captain and the Scientist who can steal certain Keepers at will.  One of my favorite things is to put out a juicy Crew Member and wait for the person with the Captain to try to take it, at which point, instead... It's A Trap! and I get to steal their Captain instead.


Thanks for the clarification.

One of the best things about Fluxx to me is that it can be open to interpretation, but it's great to hear from the games designer what he had in mind as well.


Thank you very much! That helped settle a friendly dispute.


Thanks for posting this! Although I don't like that I lost my Holographic Projector and got a not-so-cute fuzzy alien creature in it's place. :'-(

It's good to know the answer and I'm glad I found this forum.

Fluxx At 2013 Kingdom Con San Diego CA

For anyone who is attending this years Kingdom Con, here is the planned Fluxx Schedule. Hope to see you all there.


4pm-6pm Laugh your Fluxx off
Come play on the Light Side of Looney Labs, and get ready to enjoy some of your favorite wizard of oz characters, and see Monty Python like you have never seen them before.
Featuring: Wizard of Oz Fluxx and Monty Python Fluxx
Fluxx is a card game where the cards themselves determine the current rules of the game! It all begins with one basic rule: Draw one card, Play one card. Seems simple enough, right? But that's when the fun starts! Fluxx features cards that change the rules of the game, cards that change the object of the game and cards to create some chaos. Just when your opponents think they’ve got you beat, you can change the rules and win the game!
Hosted By: B.Ruiz, Looney Labs Demo Team


12pm-3pm The Monsters of Fluxx
Join us for 3 hours of pure Monster Fluxx Maddness. Come learn to play, or just battle a foe, with some of the creations from the Dark Side of Looney Labs.
Featuring: Cthulu Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx, and Martian Fluxx
Fluxx is a card game where the cards themselves determine the current rules of the game! It all begins with one basic rule: Draw one card, Play one card. Seems simple enough, right? But that's when the fun starts! Fluxx features cards that change the rules of the game, cards that change the object of the game and cards to create some chaos. Just when your opponents think they’ve got you beat, you can change the rules and win the game!
Hosted By: B.Ruiz, Looney Labs Demo Team


5pm-7pm Fluxx, Fluxx, Fluxx, and More Fluxx...
Stop by for 2 hours of open Fluxx Gaming. If your an old pro challenge new opponentient. If you have never played, we'll teach you. Everyone is welcome!
Fluxx is a card game where the cards themselves determine the current rules of the game! It all begins with one basic rule: Draw one card, Play one card. Seems simple enough, right? But that's when the fun starts! Fluxx features cards that change the rules of the game, cards that change the object of the game and cards to create some chaos. Just when your opponents think they’ve got you beat, you can change the rules and win the game!
Hosted By: B.Ruiz, Looney Labs Demo Team

8pm-9pm The End of all Fluxx
As the convention goes into is last hour of glory, sit down with us and we can decided how it all ends. Was it Cthulu, the Zombies or was it the Martians? Maybe it was that pesky lion from the Wizard of Oz of the Black Knight of Monty Python. Either way, its the groups descion.
Fluxx is a card game where the cards themselves determine the current rules of the game! It all begins with one basic rule: Draw one card, Play one card. Seems simple enough, right? But that's when the fun starts! Fluxx features cards that change the rules of the game, cards that change the object of the game and cards to create some chaos. Just when your opponents think they’ve got you beat, you can change the rules and win the game!
Hosted By: B.Ruiz, Looney Labs Demo Team

Can I use a Surprise's "Out of turn" action if I play it during my turn?

In BGG threads I've seen some mentions that supposedly I can play a Surprise during my turn but use the "Out of turn" action. Is this actually true?

The language on the card says:

This card can be played at any time, for one of the functions described below, or to cancel a Surprise...

So it's quite clear I can play it at any time to cancel a Surprise.

And it's quite clear I can play it at any time for one of the functions described below, but in that case it appears there are 2 different cases, and we would see which case applies, and apply that case ("Out of turn" or "During your turn")... so I was rather surprised to read that supposedly you can choose the "Out of turn" function during your turn.

Is there any official ruling/clarification on this? Thanks!


i am 100% sure you cannot play the out-of-turn portion when it is your turn..

however, you can use the surprise's out-of-turn as a reaction to someone's action.

i have read somewhere here, Andrew said something about canceling a surprise w/ a surprise is considered meta-out-of-turn.

but to make it slightly more official, take a look at this..


go to page 2, 5th question from the bottom..

the excerpt from that is: "In general, you can't use the out-of-turn portion of a Surprise during your turn..."

i think that's official enough, since it comes from one of the rule sheet.

Aha, thanks for the useful info from Oz Fluxx rules about Surprises!

It might be a bit clearer to say "As a Play" (or "As an Action") rather than "During your turn".

cthulhu fluxx - necronomicon

hi all,

i am wondering how you would play this doomed keeper card, necronomicon.

the description is:

"If you have this on the table, during your turn you may move any Creeper from one player to another. You must then put this card back into your hand."

questions are:

1) to use this card, does it have to be in play before the start of your turn or can you play the card and then use its ability in the same turn?

2) when you use its ability, is this considered 1 play?

3) can you use this ability multiple times in a turn, particularly when "play all" is in effect, possibly creating infinite loop?

last night, we had argument about how this card should be used. what happened was this guy got tons of creepers, and he snatched the necronomicon (via action), then he put down play all. he repeatedly used necronomicon ability and shoved all his creepers away to others.

we ended up putting a house rule: you can only use its ability once. you can then put it in play, but you cannot use its ability again until the next turn.

infinite loop is too game breaking.. what do you guys think? or are we missing something here?

thanks in advanced! =]


1) If if doesn't say you can't use it the turn you play it, then my group allows it to be used right away.

2) If a Keeper ability doesn't say it counts as a play, we don't treat it as such.

3) It doesn't say once per turn, so again, it would be legal. But it would annoy the other players, and what gamer would do that? Your house rule is a good idea, but maybe Andy or Kristin can chime in with a solution. Me, I'd not allow that guy back over to play again anytime soon.

The card doesn't say "at the start of your turn" and therefore can be used anytime during your turn.

Also the card doesn't say "this counts as a play" and therefore can be used anytime during your turn.

Lastly, the card doesn't specify a limit, and therefore -- as above so below -- can be used anytime during your turn.

This isn't really an infinite loop.  An infinite loop goes on and on and on, without limit.  This technique is limited by the number of creepers you have before you, and therefore is fFunctionally no more or less powerful than a standard "Move all Creepers" operation which exists in other fFluxxes.  This is appropriately harder to accomplish in this edition, since Cthulhu fFluxx is all about doom and creepiness and stuff.  But a perfectly acceptable use of the evil book, I'd say.

All that aside, House Rules rule!  Your house rule is pretty good, since suddenly catching all the creepers would really suck.  Creepers are hard to shake, it's true.  And having the ability to purge all of them immediately is kind of strong.  Once per turn sounds like a good house rule.  It's not a tournament rule (Although I have seen tournaments use House Rules as much as anyone else!), but it is a good idea.

Here's how I would read it:


1:  Not before the start of your turn, but you would have to have plays remaining once it is on the table in order to use the ability.  So, in a Play 1 situation, playing the Necrinomicon (by setting it on the table) would end your turn and you'd have to wait until your next turn to use the ability.  In a play 2 situation, you could play the Necrinomicon as your first play and then use it's ability before your second play.... However, when using it's ability, you have to put it back into your hand again.  Since it is not on the table, it would count as another play to put it back on the table.


2.  No.  It says "during your turn" and says nothing about counting as a play.  So, moving a creeper would not count as a play.  But again, the Necrinomicon goes back into your hand.  Setting it down again WOULD count as a play.


3.  The only time it could cause an infinite loop would be if the situation is "Play All."  Because you have to pick the Necrinomicon up after moving a creeper.  To put it back down again, you would need an additional play.


So, say it's play 3.  Let's say I have all 8 creepers in Cthulhu Fluxx.  I also have the Necrinomicon in hand.


Play 1:  Set Necrinomicon down and move one creeper to another player.  Doing so, I have to pick the Necrinomicon back up.

Play 2:  Set Necrinomicon down and move another creeper to another player.  Again, doing so, I have to pick the Necrinomicon back up.

Play 3:  Set Necrinomicon down.  My turn would then be over.


Now, if it were "Play All," I could do the above continuously until I got rid of all my creepers and, since the Necrinomicon doesn't say I have to move one of MY creepers, I could, in theory, continue this forever, just moving one creeper every time from player to player.  Dunno why anyone would do that, but in theory, they could.


Since, in your situation, you said that the person had the Necrinomicon on the table and then played "Play All," I would have to say that he used the card and it's ability in a perfectly legal manner.



rules ?s- Order of operations, Inflation, and the Poor Bonus

-We have the meta rule "Rules Escalation" in play with a counter at 6 or 7. There is "draw 4" on the table, limiting the initial draw. Say someone trashes the draw rule- do they draw up to the benefit conferred by the meta rule? Or have they passed the draw phase of their turn by playing the card that trashed it. What if they then play inflation?

-When someone plays "inflation" do they immediately draw a new card? In general, does the effect of adding a numeral or affecting a rule card cause the rule to trigger again?

-Poor Bonus "If one player has fewer Keepers on the table than any other player, that person draws 1 extra card." It also reminds us that new rules take effect instantly. Does this mean one player draws a card immediately when I play the bonus even if I'm not the one? If all the new rules are triggered every new turn, does this mean the poor person just gets to draw at the start of everyone's turn? Also, it doesn't say "may" like the Rich Bonus, so is this is a mandatory measure for the poor and they have to draw? A fellow fluxx fiend sees the "extra" as implying it is in conjunction with the draw phase. 


1.  If you the draw rule changes during your turn, and you have not yet drawn that number of cards then you would need to draw any additional cards to get to the new draw rule.

2.  When inflation is played you would need to draw an additional card, unless the draw rule had previously been reduced below the current rule.  (If rule is draw 3, and you play Inflation, draw additional card.  If rule was draw 3 but had been discarded and is now draw 1, and you play inflation, you have drawn 3 and rule is draw 2 so you wouldn't draw)

3.  Poor bonus affects the draw phase for the player with the fewest keepers.  That person draws an additional card during their draw phase.

Star Fluxx Infinite loop

We had a situation once where we had the Play All rule in effect. One of the player had the Time Traveler Keeper and played the Time Portal.

The player with the Time Traveler can put back in his hand the Time Portal when he play it. The Time Portal permits you to take any card in the draw pile or the discard pile.

Does this mean the player plays infinitely, since the player plays all card and always has "at least" the Time Portal in hand? If he for some reason he can't win (highly improbable) how do we make him stop his turn?

I just want to be ready when the situation comes back!



The Time Portal says that after you put the card you selected into your hand, "your turn ends immediately."  That overrides Play All.  So with Time Traveler in play, the card you select and Time Portal go into your hand, but then your turn is over.

Oh right! I reread the card and you're right! I guess we missed that rule. Thanks

Making custom cards

Hi all

I'm planning on making some custom Fluxx cards as a Christmas present, but the problem is that I don't have access to a scanner.

I was wondering if you could do me a huge favour and send me scans of the following Keepers:

- Money
- Party
- Time
- Eye
- Brain
- Peace
- Dreams



No Kinko's in your area?

How about searching online for existing images (e.g., promo card or advertising graphics on the LL site)?

What about doing some measurements and using GIMP?


Just sayin'... there's a lot faster ways to get your project going without crowd-sourcing.

Not familiar with Kinko's - maybe it's just a US thing.

I've tried searching online but haven't found the keepers I need.

Isn't GIMP just editing software, which would mean I still needed the images...

Kinkos - I guess the UK doesn't have copy services--oh, wait; it does.

Online Images - Google is a *powerful* thing, no?



With the the first link and a hop on a bus, I'd have been done in about an hour.

With the second and third links, and the Helvetica and Times common fonts, I'd have been done in maybe three hours.


"Community" is one thing. Joining just to get others to do work for you is another.

Have a great weekend.

I'm sorry if asking for help with a project offends you, but I thought that if someone here could easily send me the images I needed, I would ask. 

Once again, I have already done Google searches and it hasn't produced the images I need.

Thanks very much for the link to an imagine editing program, but I don't need an image editing program, I need the images of the keepers listed above.

So as fun as arguing with you is, if you don't want to help me out, that's fine, but I don't know why you feel the need to attack me. Certainly not my idea of "community"...

Getting back on topic, I'm not entirely sure what the rules are on scanning card art.  I mean, you don't seem to be trying to pirate the thing.  I guess I'm not really sure about what you are trying to do.

Also, which version of the art do you want?  The older black and white art, or the new color art?  Probably the color, but it's good to ask.

Colour please. The cards would be for personal use only and I have purchased a full deck of Fluxx cards, a couple of expansions and a few promo cards as well!

I wasn't arguing, I was offering you ways to handle your project yourself, without relying on others to take time out to do 90% of it for you. You are "arguing," by taking the defensive and trying to shift the onus on me for not doing all and only what you requested.


Had you been on this forum for more than 1 day before asking Chris Wilkerson to give you scans (and one week before asking the rest of us to do so) you'd know that there's a strong DIY vibe throughout the Looney fan base. The week you've spent asking and waiting is WAY more than enough time to build all of that art by scratch, using measurements of existing cards; or to find a copy service in York (you're welcome for the help with that--I'd use Architect Shop; they seem cool) and pay them for their time to scan them for you--Wait... you do have actual LL products to use for reference, right?


Maybe I got up on the wrong side of the bed today, but that just strikes me as lazy.


That said, I hope someone *who has already got those scans and can send them with five mouse clicks* comes along and fulfills your precise wishes.

I don't see why I should have to defend myself, but as it happens I've spent a good deal of time editing photo images I want to use, designing the rest of the cards, and printing and play-testing draft copies. All I need now is the Keeper art, and I was wondering if anyone - like Chris - either had the images already scanned in or could take a few minutes to scan and send them (an outrageous idea I know). I wasn't aware there were time limits before people could ask for help.

I have existing Fluxx cards but no (free) access to a scanner to scan them in. Funnily enough I haven't just been sitting and waiting at my computer for a week.

Frankly I don't care if you think I'm lazy or not - winning David Artman's approval is not a big goal in my life. Either help me or don't (your herculean effort at Googling aside), if you don't want to then fine, I don't see why you feel the need to moralise!


I don't have the cards scanned, and don't know when I'll be able to get around to it.  So you may actually be better served doing it yourself.  But, I should have some amount of time in the next fFew days to get to it.

Ok, thanks. No worries if you can't

Cthulhu Fluxx Doom/Anti-Doom Question

Just picked up Cthulhu Fluxx yesterday and figured that with some of the new gameplay, there'd be a little bit of a learning curve.  However, after a few games, we pretty much got the hang of things, so the "curve" wasn't as bad as I had figured at first.


There is one question that we had that we couldn't find an answer to...  It involves the Doom and Anti-Doom.  In the instructions, Anti-Doom says "they will negate doom points when totaling up doom counts."


So, if Cthulhu (3 Doom Points) and The Cat (1 Anti-Doom) are in front of one person on the table, when totaling Doom points, would this person's total now be 2 (3 Cthulhu minus 1 Cat = 2) or does an Anti Doom wipe out all of that player's Doom Points...  Or, does anyone having any Anti-Doom on the table wipe out ALL of the Doom points for EVERY player on the table?


The way we interpreted it was, each symbol represented 1 Doom or Anti-Doom.  So, we went with the "3-1 = 2" method as described above.  But, we also noticed that none of the Anti-Doom cards had more than one symbol on them, so, in effect, you'd need 3 Anti-Doom cards in play in order to negate Cthulhu.  We also didn't think that one player having an Anti-Doom would negate a Doom for another player, but again, weren't 100% sure.


Just was curious if we were playing this the correct way, or if we were misunderstanding how Doom/Anti-Doom work when totaling Doom points.  How do others interpret and/or play this and has there been an "official" word on how it should be played?  I looked through the forum, but didn't see any as of yet.








For purposes of Ungoals, we've been playing with the net Doom count on the table, regardless of player. That really seems to create a sufficient hazard. Things would be even worse without it.


This is not an authoritative reply.

Yeah, I understand that the net doom count is what you look at when looking to satisy ungoals.


My question really revolved around the Anti-Doom cards and how they effect the Doom count.  The only thing the manual says is that "They negate Doom points when totaling up Doom Counts."


Here's an example of what I'm asking:


Say the current Ungoal is "The Call Of Cthulhu."  That means, the game ends witout a winner if the total Doom count is 6 or more (incuding Cthulhu) and Cthulhu is in play.

You have Necronomicon (2 Doom points) and Innsmouth (2 Doom points) in play.  I have Cthulhu (3 Doom points) and The Cat (1 Anti-Doom) in play.


Combined, there would be 7 Doom points and Cthulhu in play, which satisfies the Ungoal.


My question is, with The Cat being an Anti-Doom, does this:


A:  Knock 1 Doom point off of Cthulhu (the only card with Doom on it that I have in play) meaning combined, we'd still have 6 Doom points and still satisfy the Ungoal


B:  Completely negate Cthulhu, meaning we only count your Doom points (which would be 4)


C:  Completely negate ALL Doom points on the table, basically meaning that, if anyone has an Anti-Doom on the table, no Ungoal that requires Doom points can be met.


We've been playing it as A, that one Anti-Doom negates one point of Doom.  I don't know if that's the correct way to play, though.


Another question would be is that, if the correct answer is B, does an Anti-Doom negate ALL of a player's Doom points in play, or can it just negate one card.  So, if I had The Cat, Cthulhu and Innsmouth, does The cat negate all 5 of my Doom points, or does it only negate all of the Doom points on one, meaning I'd have to essentially choose which one to negate...?


I understand how the Doom points are totaled when seeing if an Ungoal is met, I'm just really wondering how the Anti-Doom cards effect the count when they are in play.  Hopefully, this all makes sense.



I am (reasonably) certain that The Cat will negate only 1 point of doom, putting the total at 6. 

There's a very nice youtube vid fFor Cthulhu Fluxx, here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bL0LdLTKtxc but it doesn't seem to clarify the matter any more, either.

I mean, you're basically asking fFor an explicit statement that says "Anti-doom negates exactly one point of doom" or something, right?  I'm not Andy Looney, but I am just about 99% sure that this is the intention here.

My evidence in fFavor of this is:

  • The point system as points, and not simply as a count of individual cards
  • Anti-Doom points are not things you can cancel out by attaching directly to a specific card
  • Seven Doom Points would be very hard to achieve if you could pick which Doomed card it negates.
  • Seven Doom Points would be much much harder to get to if Anti-Doom cancelled out all doom!  Almost entirely unlikely, I think.

I don't have my copy at hand at the moment, but I'm certain you are making it way too complicated.  Just add all the Doom points in play, and subtract the Anti-Doom points in play for your current total.  

Net = Total Doom icons minus Total Anti-Doom icons

For Anti-Doom, the rules sheet says, "This icon is used to label items with a calming effect on the forces of Doom.  As such, they negate Doom Points when totaling up Doom Counts."

- If it negated all the Doom, there would be no "totaling up Doom Counts," it would just negate all Doom.

- If it negated all Doom on a card, it would reference a card and not "Doom Points."

The only interpretation that makes sense is that one Anti-Doom icon negates one Doom Point.

I've been playing it that one anti-doom count negates one doom count, the way you've been playing (option A).

On a side note, during a game with the "draw 2 + doom count" rule in effect, I had no doom and an anti-doom, so effectively I had a doom count of -1, and therefore could draw only 1 card.  I'm awaiting a game where this rule is in effect and someone has -3 doom count, in which case they would get to draw -1.  (Discard a card before playing?)

I don't think that the Anti-Doom works that way...  I'm pretty sure that you have to have Doom points to cancel out for the Anti-Doom to really do anything.


Kinda like how on the "Trash Something" card, if nobody has any keepers or creepers, nothing happems by playing it.  If you don't have any Doom Points to negate, Anti-Doom isn't a factor.


Then again, I'm not 100% sure on this and it could be an interesting way to play, if you so desired.



Argument over "Take Another Turn" card

OK, here's the situation...

We were playing Fluxx 4.0, only the basic rules were in play (Draw One, Play One).


Dring my wife's turn, she drew a card, played a keeper and then played "Take Another Turn."  She Drew another card, played a Goal, which she had both keepers down for and claimed that she had won the round.


My argument was that, when she played the Keeper, that was her "Play One" and that she wasn't allowed to play "Take Another Turn" after that.  Had the rules allowed to play more than one card, she could have, but since it was "Draw One, Play One," playing a keeper would be the end of her turn.


Who's right?  Does playing the "Take Another Turn" card not count as a play?




You are right.  Playing any card counts as a play. 

Dring my wife's turn, she

1. drew a card,

2. played a keeper and then

3. played "Take Another Turn."

1 and 2 are fine, but her turn ends there.  

You could point out to her the text at the top of the card: "To play this card, do whatever it says, then place it on the discard pile." 

The only time playing a card does not count towards one of the allowed Plays specified on the rules cards is if it dictated by another card.  For example, "Draw 2 and Use 'Em" specifies that you set your hand aside, draw 2 cards and play them in any order.  Playing those 2 cards does not count towards the total of allowed plays, being part of the Action card being resolved.

Yep, I was 99.99% sure I was right...  Wife wasn't buying it, so she asked me to find out for sure.



Mobile Fluxx

Imagine my extreme elation at the news of a Fluxx app! Imagine my extreme disappointment that it is being developed for a mere 25% of the mobile market.

Oh well, start out with baby steps, no?  Will there be plans for an android version sooner rather than later?

My apologies if this has already been answered, I could not find the answer if so.


Those who've got it and played, can you answer some questions?

  1. Is it pass-and-play, network multiplayer, both, neither?
  2. Which version of Fluxx?
  3. Any alternate/additional cards in it?



It's single player as well as network, but the network seems confusing. I think it's like you take a turn, complete, then wait for the others to take their turns and they have so much time to complete their turn. Seems silly. I'd like a pass-and-play model.

It looks like normal fluxx with some different cards in it. I have not played every version, so I couldn't tell you which ones they come from. I did like the "Play All but 1" rule. :)

My only complaint? No Creepers! How lame is that.

It's based on the mass market version of Fluxx that's sold in Target stores.

I don't know why I'm posting on this thread, because I don't even own a mobile device to play game apps. But.

As I understand it, the limited OS support is a function of the mobile developer/distributor Playdek. They aspire to enter the android market at some point, but they've done their initial development with iOS, and they have a good track record with migrating games from tabletop to digital formats. So I think Looney Labs probably made a good call here, and if the android users can keep their panties orthogonal, all should be well.

Wholeheartedly agree with the original poster. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered it wasn't available for android. Looking forward to the android version. :(

I just wanted to say I'm very happy with Fluxx, I think it has a good price point, for it's first release they did  very good beta testing.

I have had a great time playing it, I also like how often we would see the Looneys playing online as well.

I think everyone did a great job and it's a great start for Looney Labs first application, I look forward to seeing more games and platforms for the games.

The game works surprisingly well for the phone for it being a game with ever changing rules. The $2 price tag is also hard to beat, and mobile Fluxx is a good introduction for people new to the game and Looney Labs.

Although I do have an Iphone and was able to get the game, i must agree that it would be good to make the game available for Android Users.

I haven't got a chance to play online yet, but the AI's play well for a fast, fun, on the go game.

I'm excited to see what other games Looney Labs may come out with for mobile devices. An exclusive game for mobile devices only by Looney Labs would be interesting... Thinking about the potential now, a mobile game of 'Are You the Werewolf' would be interesting to play either online or with friends

It has a pass-and-play option.

Asynchronous play (what you're calling "network") is also possible.  Naturally, players take turns, and naturally, you have to wait for them to do so.  A timer is provided so that players can't leave other players hanging indefinitely, and if you don't want to have to wait a long time between turns, be sure to play games with a short timer.  You can choose games as short as 15 min, or as long as 28 days.

The AI is not bad, and you can play with AI among the players in a pass & play if you want.  If a player runs out of time in an asynchronous game, they forfeit, and cannot get credit for a win, though their hand and keepers etc, will be taken over by the AI so that the rest of the players can finish the game.

Plays really well on the iPad, but would be even better if it was on Android so I didn't have to steal the wifes gear to play :)

A big aspect of mobile programming is hardware. There are currently exactly six models of iPhone and three iPads, and all use the same OS, but in different versions.

There are literally thousands of Android devices.

This is a both a boon and a drawback. You can find Android phones in any price range. But not all apps are going to work correctly on all Android phones. Some phones just have funny hardware, while some have modified Android operating systems, while still others are rooted and hacked to look and act like an iPhone. There are tablets, phones, and computers that all run on Android. You can see where writing an app that runs smoothly on all those different devices might get daunting.

All that said, I have an Android phone and an Android tablet. I want Fluxx for Android. :'(

Is there any more news as to whether or not Fluxx will be coming to Android devices?

Not a single Playdek app has been ported to Android.  I'm going to have to say that I highly doubt they are even working on it, and I hope Looney Labs can get the rights back and award them to a developer that will do something with them.  I would suggest Tiny Rebel Games, they've done a lovely job with Doctor Who:Legacy, but frankly, I don't care WHO, just give them to somebody who will DO.

The claim that there are thousands of Android devices is complete BS.  The vast majority of those devices have similar, if not the same, specs (are there a thousand different screen sizes?  No, of course not).  You don't program for the device, you program for the API.  All that needs to happen is give the rights to a reputable company, not an Apple-exclusive shop.

Star Fluxx on Tabletop!!


I agree! Very awesome =)

This was my introduction to Fluxx, great game that we, as a family, can't seem to get enough of now.

I actually have a question!

If Jordan had no creeper, who would win?! Jordan? or Will?

I mean, Jordan has holographic, and he played the goal..

But Will has both the correct keepers to win, the moment goal is played!

So.... WHO WOULD WIN?! It may just be... a tie?!!

oh, this has been answered previously by andy!


holographic takes priority in winning a game. so in this instance, jordan would win~

Fluxx Blanxx

So, I have to admit one of my favorite aspect of Fluxx is the Blanxx, since I love to make custom cards. Admittedly enough, I get it where sometimes I have friends who really want one of my custom cards as well and so I make them one too. However, it often means I have left overs from a pack where I didn't use them as much (for example, I have bought over 10 packs of the newer blanks yet have a ton of rules and creepers but no actions, keepers, or goals left over because I used them all) The older packs were great because they had a decent ratio of how many custom cards are made. Plus, we now have another 2 types of cards (ungoals and surprise) that there are no blanxx for.

What my thought is, although I don't know how feasible it is, but instead of just making mixed packs of blanks, also making multipack of single blank types to purchase. Plus then, if any other demo team members want to, they can borrow the idea I've ran through my head a bunch but backed out of just because of sheer price to get the number I need of a single type of blank, is to make a custom card that could be handed out as prizes for an event.

I'm hoping I'm not toe-ing the line too hard with that idea for copyright issues or whatnot, but I just had a player at the last convention I ran at ask of me "hey do you have any custom cards relating to conventions?" which gave me an awesome idea of making a card that specifies conventions in it.

Just a thought :)


I just inquired about getting just one type of Blanxx myself for a project I've started to expand my Star Fluxx deck. Looney Labs used to offer blank cards by category but apparently it became impractical, so they switched to the variety pack. 

Cthulhu Fluxx: "Draw 3 play 2" combined with "Cosmic Instructions" question

In a game tonight we had a question of the combination of "Draw 3 play 2" and the Rule card "Cosmic Instructions". If while Cosmic Instructions is in play you Draw 3 Play 2 and draw an UnGoal do you have to play the UnGoal or not? Draw 3 play 2 does state that you set your hand aside and Cosmic Instruction states if the UnGoal is in your hand you must play it. Does the 3 drawn cards count as a hand for the sake of this card or not? We figured as it says set your hand aside that the Cosmic Instruction is not triggered, but thought I'd ask.


I could see it going either way.  My initial thought was to agree with you -- the way its written implies that those extra cards drawn are not part of your hand.  But looking at Cosmic Instructions again, and seeing that it requires playing any Ungoal and drawing a replacement card, I think the intention is that it makes Ungoals act like Creepers in how they are played.  So this is a good question to get word from the designers about.

I think the 3 cards in your hand would count as your hand while the Draw 3 Play 2 is resolved, so the UnGoal should be played.  That's the way I'd play it without thinking twice about it.  I think the other interpretation involves some counterintuitive rules lawyering.

Questions about The Traitor

How does 'The Traitor' interact with Ungoals?

-Would you win with The Traitor if the conditions of an Ungoal were met?  On one hand, the Ungoal cards say "the game ends with no winner" so in that case I would say that there was no win for The Traitor to steal.  On the other hand, in Cthulhu Fluxx, the Ungoals also state "Darkness Wins" or "Sho-goth wins", etc.. so would this count as a win the Traitor could steal?

I have been playing Cthulu Fluxx a lot lately, and it is definitely the most mysterious version of the game.  I don't know if my friends and I are just incredibly unlucky, but we seem to have no winner about 80% of the time.  We could play with the Meta-Rule, but that just seems too easy.

I was thinking that adding in The Traitor might cause more wins to happen, but perhaps not.  If there is no win for The Traitor to steal, then there is no winner.  Would The Traitor only claim an Ungoal win if the win occurred with The Secret Cultist or the The Cultist?


To prevent headaches, I recommend leaving the Traitor out if the Cthulhu deck.

If you really insist on using it, he should not be able to win if an Ungoal ends the game.

I would say No, the Traitor does not steal from an Ungoal.  It says, " if another player meets the Goal, you win instead of them."  Darkness or Sho-goth are not players in the game.

Thanks guys.

Another question regarding The Traitor....

If you have the traitor, and someone else meets the current goal, but you also have another Creeper that prevents you from winning, does The Traitor still steal the win from the other player, or does no one win and the game continues?

The way we've played that is, the person that meets that goal in that instance would win the game, provided that they themselves don't have any creepers.  The Traitor gets "canceled out" if the person that has The Traitor has other creepers on the table.


So, if you meet the goal, with no creepers on the table (unless they are needed to meet the goal) and I have The Traitor on the table, I would win, as the Traitor would steal the win from you.  But, if I have other creepers on the table, you would win, as the ther creepers I have prevent the Traitor from stealing the win.


Here's the scenarios:

1:  You meet the goal, with no additional creeper(s).  I have The Traitor, with no additional creeper(s):  I win.

2:  You meet the goal, with no additional creeper(s).  I have The Traitor, with additional creeper(s):  You win.

3:   You meet the goal, with additional creeper(s).  I have The Traitor, with additional creeper(s):  Game continues.

4:  You meet the goal, with additional creeper(s).  I have The Traitor, with no additional creeper(s):  Game continues.


In instance 2, my additional creeper(s) would prevent The Traitor from stealing the win, so you win.

In instance 3, your creeper(s) prevent you from getting the win, so there is no win for The Traitor to steal.

Instance 4 I could see going either with the game continuing, or me winning, due to having The Traitor with no additional creeper(s).  The reason we play it as "game continues" is because, even though you have met the goal, your creeper(s) prevent you from winning, meaning that there is no win yet to steal, like in instance 3.


In short, the ONLY way The Traitor steals a win is if player 1 would ordinarily win (meaning no additional creepers), while player 2 has The Traitor on the table, with no other creepers.


Again, this is just the way that we have played with The Traitor in those instances.  I'm not 100% sure that it's the correct way, but it makes the most sense to our group.



According to this FAQ on the old rabbit wiki, you can win with the Traitor even if you have other Creepers in front of you.

So, based on that, we were playing it wrong and I cost myself a win on Christmas...  Figures...  :)


Having "Even if you have other creepers" on The Traitor (like on the Insane Nightmares Goal in Cthulhu Fluxx) would have helped, IMO.


Their explanation for why is a bit confusing, too, but I also assume that they likely know more than I do on the matter.



I'm getting errors while trying to access the link as well, but I did check this when Jeff posted his reply and I can confirm that it did indeed say that you win with The Traitor, even if you do have other creepers in front of you.


Thinking about it, it makes sense, because you're not meeting the goal, your opponent is.  So you having creepers really wouldn't matter.  Now, if your opponent had creepers while meeting the goal, while you had the traitor, I would think in that situation, the game would continue, as there is no win to steal.



Some Cthulhu questions

When you join a creeper to a keeper, is the creeper still a creeper preventing winning?

Do you still count doom points from joined creepers?

If a goal/ungoal wants you to count up investigators and doom points, do stats from both cards of a joined pair get counted?



Yes, yes, and yes. 

(If it were otherwise, the cards would have said so. :-)

An investigator is still an investigator, even if they are doomed.

Creeped-out Investigators Cthulhu Fluxx question

Hi all.

The question was raised to me so I'm asking for confirmation: if a creeper gets attached to an investigator, does the investigator still count as such as far as the ungoals are concerned? I say they still do, as I can't see anything to the contrary in the rules, but one wants to be reassured. There are so many horrors lurking out there, eager to prey upon us all…


A creepy investigator may not be doing his job very well, but he's still an investigator, eh.

Yes, investigators still count:

- First, the Creepers say you cannot win if you have them, and many of them are attached to an Investigator, but they do not say that the Investigator stops being an Investigator, or that it is hidden or removed from the table. 

- Second, the Ungoal says "fewer than 3 Investigators are in play".  It does not say "Investigators without a Creeper attached", so Keepers in play with an attached Creeper are still in play.

Just as I thought. Thanks folks!

Best words to use when playing Hastur

The first time I played Cthulhu Fluxx with the Hastur card I immediately saw the potential for strategy and have settled on using the word "Turn" most times I have the opportunity to play it.

What words have you used, and to what effect?


"Doom" is also good.  Someone once used the word, "the" and that was interesting.  When playing with my kids I like to use the word "Dad."

Interesting, we have used Turn to great effect as well.  Rule is also a good one.  I think Drink is a nice choice, because you don't think of saying it all the time.

I do sort of wonder what happens if you use the word Win.  If you do win the game, and announce it, do you instead immediately not Win?  I think yeah, that's how it works.  Because you would only choose the the word win to spite someone announcing their win.  Evil.  =)

I would say that's what would happen.  So instead of saying "I win", say "I won", or "I'm the winner", "I meet the Goal", etc.

No, the win occurs before "I win" is spoken.  My opinion.

The word "win" would depend on when you said it.

If you said it after you (or someone else) played the card that let you win, then it would have no effect.  The game ends (with you as the winner) as soon as you meet the Goal.  You are not required to announce it, so announcing your win would come after you've actually won.  As a practical matter, someone has to call attention to the victory conditions so everyone knows to stop playing, but I've played many games where someone said, "You win!" and that ended the game just as surely as someone saying, "I win."

If you announce your win (with the forbidden word) before or during the play of the winning card, I think you'd have a problem.  In those cases (before, during), I think you'd get the Creeper before you completed your win, so you wouldn't actually win.

By the way, I was in a game where we played with the word "Draw" as the forbidden word.

We've used the words "Card"....thats the worst word so far for us. "draw" was pretty bad too :)

I agree with Jeff's more thorough analysis.  I was responding off the cuff and didn't think it through as much. :)

I've used "The" to great effect. Highly recommended!

Oh I completely agree with the mechanics described, certainly.  No doubt.

But the idea of announcing your win and immediately losing seems pretty fFunny to me.

And, to a certain extent, this seems to touch on a lingering conversation about when your turn ends.  Does your turn end immediately after you play your last card, OR does your turn end when the next player plays their fFirst card?  In games where you have a "It's My Turn" marker (such as the awesome challenge coins), you can easily say your turn is not yet over so long as you have the turn marker.  If it is your turn still, then you have not won.

This is entirely academic of course.

I think, if I were playing a game, and Hastur's word was "Win," and I just won and then dumbly said the word, and then someone called me out as not winning ... I think I would not argue and would keep playing.

Maybe I'm suggesting a very obscure house rule, but I think it seems more fFun to lose if you announce your win.  Which reminds me of Andy's fFunny tumblr post on the subject of announcing your win.

I believe the rules state that as soon as the cards in play meet the victory condition, then the game is over. Which negates the requirement to announce your win, and would also negate another card being played to counter it. Such as when a new Goal comes into play, if the correct cards are there for someone to win, they do. Even if you were going to play another goal card to replace it immediately after.

I've played it a few times and the one that always seems to get people to trigger is Rule. We've also used draw, play, Doom with various effects.


Completely inhibits normal communication. Everyone contemplates doom and madness. Lovely.

"Play" makes for an interesting time.

You sir, are evil.  Just saying...

Yes you have.

and yes, it IS evil...

and cruel...

But, oh so much fun.  :)

I was just going to post that! Yes, "play" is a good one.

"Creeper" is a good one

“THIS GAME IS MINE.”  (preferably in a Vadery or BrianBlessedish sort of voice)

"Horror in Clay" promo card for Cthulhu Fluxx?

On BGG someone just posted that they got a promo for Cthulhu Fluxx at PAX, titled "Horror in Clay".  

Will these promos be available for special order?  When?


I think it's intended to be a convention exclusive, so possibly never...

(I call discrimination against non-US Techs who can't afford the plane fare! :) )


fFoam Brain was giving out a very exclusive card at Origins, this year, as well.

I mean, it's really cool, when you go to a convention, and get a super rare thing.  The environment is just so awesome, all this stuff happening, and then you get super duper loot!!

But, yeah, it's sort of a bummer to those who cannot get these things.  Usually there is a copy available on a website, or the like, which you can print out on sticker paper and slap on your own card.

Maybe we should suggest these rare cards as lab tech promos.  (Actually, I think I just did)  =)

We saved back a few hundred cards to sell online to you guys - they will go on sale in a few weeks!


I didn't really think it would be PAC-only, since IIRC in the past the only promo cards that were not sold online were the Andy Looney Keeper cards that you can only get by asking him for an autograph.

Yay! I can't wait to see(and purchase) the new promo.

Got mine! Very very pleased to get my hands on it. Ready to see how it affects the gameplay.

Are they really sold out already?  :(

Oh no!  If I'd known they were going to sell out that fast I'd have ordered immediately.  

Were most of them purchased by a few people ordering 10 each?  If so, in the future I hope they set the order limit at 5 or 3 or even 1, for small-stock items like this, to let more fans enjoy them.  

Will they be reprinted?


Are there any of you who ordered extra copies who'd be willing to sell one of them? 


I missed the announcement that they were available to buy! So I'm in the market for one as well!

I am afraid that I fail on two counts here. First, I'm one of those sneaky people who ordered the maximum of 10. Second, I am impervious to all pleas as far as sending out 'spare' copies goes. I use quotation marks because none are spare. 1 went into my demo deck, leaving 9. I have no idea how many made it to the UK, so they will be prizes for Fluxxers who couldn't manage the transatlantic journey.

Sorry. Virtual cake available.


I snagged one from eBay for $6.

OK, so now a question: is there a penalty if I don't have a card in my hand to discard? Is the sculpture discarded from play?

Good question as I was curious if you had to discard just once when played, or once for every turn in play?

Yeah, I was wondering the same... I feel like it may be once each turn tho

I seem to have missed the opportunity to grab one of these cards as well.  I would've loved to have been at PAX to get one but alas, couldn't afford the plane fare.

Hi everyone!

I'm relatively new to the wacky and wonderful world of Fluxx [having only recently acquired Cthulhu, Star, Monster and Monty Python flavors], and unfortunately it would seem that I missed out on this awesome Promo card. I grabbed the Hastur Promo from the Looney Labs store the other day [along with a bunch of other Promos such as The Traitor, the Android Doctor for Star Fluxx, Talk Like A Martian, the Sir Not Appearing Promo and Castle Set for Python, and several more], but I can't for the life of me find Horror In Clay despite searching ebay, Amazon and every other corner of the internet I could think of. This is severely bumming me out, because I am a HUGE fan of HP Lovecraft AND a bit of a completionist. Sigh.

If anyone can help me get my hands on a copy of the Horror In Clay Promo Card, I would sincerely appreciate it! Thanks.

Werewolf: Exclusive Fluxx promo card

Have you seen that we launched a Kickstarter project?

Deluxe Edition: Are You a Werewolf?


Even if you decide you don't need this fun new version of Werewolf, you might want to fund at the $5 level, to get a copy of this cool new Fluxx promo card.  


This card will never be sold again, it is EXCLUSIVE to this Kickstarter promotion. Don't miss out on this card! 




I am *SO* onboard with this.  fFer reals!

This is the first time I've pledged to a Kickstarter project, so I am new to all this.  Will the delux edition only be available to those who pledge at $40+, or will it be on sale in your store while supplies last? 


From what I understand, it sounds like this Deluxe Edition of Are You a Werewolf? is being produced as a limited edition for only those who back the Kickstarter project and will not be available for sale on the Looney Labs website. Kristin can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that is the case. So if you want this Deluxe version of the game with the special necklace viewers, this is the only way to get them... by backing the Kickstarter project at the $40 level or higher. I hope that answers your question and I hope that I understood it correctly. I believe that they said that the necklace viewers are expensive to manufacture and so the only way that it makes sense for them to make them is to use Kickstarter so that they can get the funding upfront instead of having to invest the money and have product sitting on shelves until they can sell it.

Yes, everything Dallan says here is correct.

If you ever want a copy of this game, you need to make an account on Kickstarter and fund your first project!  

... and you need to do it before the project closes on Sept 23rd 

Thanks!  I'm so excited to finally be able to make this for you guys - all hail Kickstarter! 

Budgeting about $40 for this come the next paycheck! I played a version at a con with simple playing cards, so I'm all kinds of looking forward to a dedicated deck!

Of course I supported this Kickstarter, I'm totally a Kickstarter addict!

I like the play of this card, if I'm reading it correctly. Once you have this creeper, on your turn it will devour a Keeper or Creeper in play and transfer to the player who owned that card devoured, and then devour itself when there are no remaining Keepers or Creepers on the board?

I do have a few questions, though: What is the timing? Beginning of turn/end of turn/player's choice? If this player is the only one with Keepers or Creepers, do they keep the Werewolf? Nothing that couldn't be house ruled, this is a cool game play element.

Just like other "during your turn" New Rules, I'm sure the Werewolf discarding can happen at any point during your turn.  And if you get rid of one of your own cards, you as owner get to keep the Werewolf. 

Wow, I just noticed that it says "NO ONE can win if you have this." Yikes!

I also see that the Werewolf action is not optional.  There is no "you may".  The Werewolf *must* devour during its owner's turn, or perish from hunger.

I have a question of my own: can the owner of the Werewolf use its ability to discard the Werewolf itself?  Based on what's written I would say yes, but I'm not sure that is the intent. 

Do you want the Werewolf card to be a strategic thing, where you can discard it immediately or at least as soon as it is not useful?  Or is it supposed to be a pain that is difficult to eliminate?  If the latter, you may want to change its words to something like

During your turn, discard a Keeper or Creeper in play (but not this card), and move this card to its owner.


During your turn, discard a Keeper or different Creeper in play, and move this Creeper to its owner.


During your turn, discard a Keeper or Creeper in play, and move this to its owner. You can't discard the Werewolf this way, unless no other targets exist.

 or whatever.

Yeah, it needs a rewrite. It's supposed to be a "roving killer" card, 'killing itself' at the last (or 'starving'?). It doesn't make sense (nor is it in keeping with AYAW) to have it eliminate itself prior to the elimination of all others.

OK... here is Andy's latest rewrite of the text on this card..

Is this crisply written now?

Also... check out our new stretch reward!


Looks good! 

I'm glad the stretch goal page pointed out you can get 2 more copies of the Creeper if you add $10 to the pledge.  Is that the only way it works, or can you add more multiples of $5 to get more copies? 

You can add as many $5 extra copies you want at any pledge level.  

"Backers at any reward level can add an extra $5 to their pledge for each additional copy of the promo card. When we send out backer surveys, we'll ask how many extra copies of the card you've paid for." 

And if we make it to the $25,000 stretch goal - you get 2 cards for each extra $5 pledged. 

Thanks, Kristin.  I guess I didn't read the FAQ question that gave that answer.

I just backed this project hard. If you're only backing for the Fluxx card, let me tell you Werewolf is an exceptionally fun game. Plus, faith in this new version of the game will be rewarded with a second Fluxx card and we are OH SO CLOSE!

Echoing Larry. I've played Werewolf with simple, mundane, playing cards and it was a blast. Can hardly wait to play it with the viewers. If you haven't backed at a level where you'll get the game, I strongly suggest you do so!

You'll have fun with it. You get to howl.

Only about 6 hours left to go!   

If only half of the current Kickstarter backers just added on another set of the Fluxx promo cards, the project would hit the $30,000 stretch goal and a new Goal card would be added to the Werewolf Creeper/Seer Keeper set.

I really want that Goal card!  So, I just added $15 to my pledge for three more sets.

Congratulations on meeting the original goal as well as the first stretch reward!  

The second stretch reward was almost reached, but not quite.  Does that mean that you are obligated by Kickstarter to not make the Howling at the Moon Goal cards, or is that something you could decide to do after all? 

Thanks for giving us "Howl At The Moon" and "Angry Mob"! I shall eagerly await them!

I know! I love the way the Mob works! Maybe they kill the werewolf, maybe they act just like the werewolf!

Thanks, indeed!

That is awesome news!

The Angry Mob card sounds great!  It adds another method of getting rid of the Traitor card when it is in play (which sometimes can be a little difficult to do!)

I guess it's good to have an angry mob if there is a traitor among you...  

Cthulhu Fluxx question

Ok...for the life of me, I cannot find where all the Fluxx Q&A threads are so I apologize if this question has already been answered.

Every week on Thursday nights, my fiance & I have a couple friends over for dinner & a night of heavy gaming (90+% of the time being Fluxx), which carries all the way through the weekend at various locations. Since obtaining our copy of Cthulhu Fluxx, we have ran into the following scenario a few times now & can't agree on how to move forward:

To clarify the scenario, here is what is printed on the cards involved:

Even Death May Die (Action)Search through the discard pile. Take any Action or investigator Keeper you wish, and immediately play it. (Anyone may look through the discard pile at any time, but the order of what's in the pile should not be changed)

Twist of Fate (Surprise)Out of Turn: When another player plays a Keeper, it goes in front of you instead of them, possibly preventing their victory.  During your turn: Steal another player's Keeper and put it in front of you.

"Even Death May Die" is played in order to dig an investigator Keeper out of the discard pile & meet the win conditions. Another player plays the "Twist of Fate" card to take that Keeper as soon as it is played, thus preventing the win.

Now, I know that the "Twist of Fate" card is not meant to stop an action, however, it does allow you to steal a Keeper that is "played". Since the "Even Death May Die" card specifically says "immediately play it" (PLAY being the key word in all of this), I would think that the Keeper can be stolen by someone wielding the "Twist of Fate" card.

We are very passionate about our Fluxx sessions & like to make sure that nobody feels cheated out of a rightly deserved win...or a well played "thwarting" of another player's win. Has anybody else ran into this? Can any of the wonderful Looney Labs crew help us to get a definitive answer to this before this evening's "Fluxxing"?


I haven't come across that combination yet, however if I had in a game your reasoning is how I would take it. The Twist of Fate card is a response to the playing of the Keeper not the playing of Even Death May Die. Because Even Death May Die states that you must immediately play the card, and not something like "place the card" I would say it's a valid steal.

Take any Action or investigator Keeper you wish, and immediately play it.


When another player plays a Keeper, it goes in front of you instead of them, possibly preventing their victory.

Plain as day, to me--makes me wonder how someone could even (rationally) argue otherwise.

I do not think Fluxx is meant to be played with a super-high degree of rigor (e.g., "I win the INSTANT that the Keeper hits the table, and so you don't have time to play Twist"). It might even have a rule (somewhere, in some edition) that expressly says that victory isn't declared until all other players decline to play cards in reaction to the card that caused the victory (e.g., any 'cancel' or 'take' effects).

Yes, you played this correctly. Even though the "play" involved was an automatic play caused by an Action, it still becomes a play of a Keeper that can be grabbed with a Twist of Fate.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for all the responses to this...I got the exact information I was looking for.

Creepers in a Non-Hand Situation

An interesting question:

"Draw 3 and Play 2", "Everybody Gets 1"

Creepers cannot be held in your hand.
These cards say to set your hand aside, then draw the cards. The question here begs, is the person who drew the Creeper required to play it immediately and draw a replacement?

Or, in "D3P2", can you play the other 2 and discard the Creeper?

In "EG1", can you pass off the Creeper, thus forcing another player to play the card once it becomes a apart of his/her hand, rather than immediately playing it in front of yourself?

I've usually played in the mindset "if you draw it, it's yours to put in front of you", but a couple of my friends have thought to the contrary, and it really got me thinking about this.



I've played the D3P2 situation as any other drawing - if you draw a creeper, place it face up before you and draw a replacement. It doesn't count as one of the 3.

For EG1 we've played it as the creeper just goes immediately face up in front of the player that received it. The player who drew the Creeper as part of the EG1 isn't forced to keep it and re-draw one to distribute.

Hehe... have you read the OzFluxx rules?


In the Creeper section of those rules, the example is the D3P2 situation, and it plays as Wes said.

As for EG1--scroll down to page 2 in that PDF to get to the FAQ and read. Your question is directly answered.

Hm, so I've been doing the EG1 wrong. I took the time to read all the rules for the Cthulhu Fluxx before I played it. Looks like I should have done that for the other decks too!

I hadn't read the rules for Oz Fluxx: I'd only skimmed through them as I was already very familiar with Fluxx rules, and wanted to check for updates.

I guess I'll be checking out the rules a bit closer when I get newer versions!

Thanks for the info: it's always good to have a definitive answer rather than relying on player interpretation! :-)

eBay Fluxx auctions

I was looking on eBay today, and found someone auctioning Oz Fluxx with the Challenge Coin.

Why would anyone want to sell their coin?! It's way cool! Must be a store owner wanting some extra cash?


Well that's kinda disappointing.  Oh well, I guess.  It probably does sort of get the idea of the thing out there a little bit more, in some way, which is probably okay in the end.

I wouldn't mind buying the Oz Fluxx coin from eBay since I missed the Launch Kit here :-(

Wooden Boxxes available

Hey there folks,

I just got a call from a retailer in Georgia who had gotten a bunch of our old wooden Pandora's Boxxes and Zombie Boss Boxxes for a convention a while back, and never sold through them.  At this point, he's just not connecting with those customers who want them, so they're really not moving for him.

I know that there are definitely folks out there among our fans who are looking for them, and this seemed like the best way to get the word out to a bunch of people at once.



Thanks for playing our games, everyone!

-Alison Looney

Question Answerer, First Class
Customer Support


Here's the direct link to their product page:


They seem to have both large and small of both types of Boxxes!

What is the difference between the small and the large.  I have a Zombie box, but am not sure which size I have.  I would not mind getting the Pandora box as well.

the small box is about the same size as the old tuckboxes. the large box is about double the size. its good if you have fluxx with all the promos.

Thanks Lucy!

Well they aren't going to sell any from their website.  There is some kind of glitch that causes a checkout error with Paypal.

I've been trying to buy a large Pandora box, to no avail.

I found this thread several days ago while trying to find a source for the boxes. I ended up calling the store and the guy I talked to said they were working on it. He also said they had several of both varieties of large box - I didn't ask about the smaller ones. Anyway, as of yesterday the site works. Hope that helps others who were looking for them.

Just tried to check how much the shipping would be for the Netherlands. $0.00

That obviously can't be right. I'm afraid they don't ship to Europe :-(

A quick hello and request for rules clarification

Hey everybody!

My name is Casey Hartman and I'm a new to both Looney Labs as well as Fluxx.

Being a huge zombie fan, I had to pick up Zombie Fluxx as soon as I saw it at the local bookstore. I've been having a blast with all my gaming buddies ever since.

If anyone reads this post and gets a moment, can they clarify a few rules for me? I've been checking online but haven't found a satisfactory answer.

The zombie Creeper "Larry" is in play under my control with no current goal. When I play a New Goal, I pass him, correct? The card itself states that whenever the Goal changes, Larry shifts, so does a shift from no goal to New Goal constitute a change? I'm pretty sure it works like this but certain players are disagreeing with me. I found a precedent with the way Radioactive Potato works but this hasn't been enough to convince them. Help!

The second question(s) I have relates how Sonic Tranquilizer functions. The confusing parts for me are "can ignore any Zombies". Does this mean I can pick and choose which zombies I ignore? What's really confusing me is that on the RabbitWiki it states that if there is a working Sonic Tranquilizer, then the Zombie Victory Ungoal is prevented but then a few questions down it states that you can win with "I'll Hold 'em Off", "Larry", any Keeper with POW on it, and the Sonic Tranquilizer. If someone can clarify how the Sonic Tranquilizer functions precisely? Does it put zombies in a state where they become something useful for you only for winning and don't count for losing?

Thanks in advance, loving Fluxx. Who else is psyched for Cthulhu Fluxx? Have to order that one as soon as it's available!

From the newest member of the fan club,

Casey Hartman


I don't have answers to your questions, because I haven't played Zombie Fluxx. I'm really a Cthulhu Fluxx guy.

But you might also consider Martian Fluxx!

Martians : Humans :: Humans : Zombies

That fFirst issue is a yes.  When the goal changes fFrom (No Goal) to (Any Goal), Larry moves.

Your second question is a bit more complex, and I'm not sure.  I would play it where I get to choose which Zombies are tranquilized.  My initial thought is, you either have the thing and zombies are alright, or you don't and they're not.  But I see what you mean: if they are tranquilized, that seems to suggest they might not be able to work towards your goal, either.

I'm going to go with, I get to pick and choose which zombies are affected, as appropriate to meet the goal.

Thanks Matthew, I'm definitely going to check out Martian Fluxx.

Right, it is a change from nothing to something, so Larry moves. That was my initial thought.

I'll echo Scott by saying an absolute Yes to your first question. Changing from No Goal to a Goal is a change in goal.

Regarding the Sonic Tranquilizer, since it says "CAN ignore" it means you don't HAVE to ignore the zombies. Consider it as if you the player are choosing to activate the Sonic Tranquilizer or to not activate it, depending on the results you want.

I don't have the card in front of me, so I'll double check it later just to be sure.

And like Matthew said - try the Martian Fluxx, and Cthulu when it comes out. Or just try a new one each month, there's not a one that isn't worth it.

Yeah, Larry is definitely moving on a change from No Goal to a New Goal. Makes the most sense to me.

As far as the Sonic Tranquilizer, it's making more sense in my head. I see it as a device that helps you win with zombies but prevents you from losing with zombies. So anything zombies would do to help you win, ST helps, and anything zombies would do to prevent you from winning/make you lose, ST stops. Makes a lot more sense.

Thanks for the comments Matthew, Scott, and Wes. Looking forward to being a part of this looney community!


Not sure how to use Promo cards :/

I'm a member of the Demo Team and in being so received a pile of 25 $1 promo card planks.

OZ FLUXX was my first Demo game and while the promo card was cool and fun to use, my friends and I were confused as to how to add this new promo card to the deck. The front of the card is covered in a thin layer of plastic that makes it stick to the back of any other Fluxx card, thus making it impossible to shuffle in into a deck without it sticking out, clumping, and such.

We tried peeling off the plastic and ending up ripping several cards apart in doing so. In the end we decided to replace the Green Spectacles card for two reasons: 1:We play at work and our uniforms are all red. 2:Only one of my group wears glasses. We would put the promo card face down above the Basic Rules and flip it over when the Spectacles card was played. :)

Now with Chuthulu, we do not have a card to replace. While we could toss in a Blank, or just borrow the Spectacles...

I would really like to know how a promo card is even playable. Am I missing something? Has this issue not been addressed before?

Thanks for you time,

Your Alaskan Fluxx Game Technician


Well, I haven't fFound them to be that sticky, myself.  They don't shuffle quite as well, sure, but that doesn't seem to be a grave problem.  Mostly the issue I have is that when you draw it off the top of the deck, you are more likely to draw another card stuck to it.  Then everyone knows what card you drew.  Again, that doesn't seem to be a critical fFail, but it's a little annoying.

I think these peel-of promo cards are a little better than the old perforated cut out cards they used to give out.  Those never came out quite right, and were just as likely to tear.

With the Oz, and since then with the Cthulu, I didn't remove the plastic film. Like Scott said, it stuck out a bit from the other cards but only at first. Through play the film gradually lost its stickiness. In a few hours of play with the Cthulu (at our demo) Hastur card we saw the same thing. Both are still glossier than the rest of the pack and that may never change, but it's been my experience that you really have to try to find its position in the deck.

And also like Scott said, this is head and shoulders above the perforated promo cards that had to be cut from the backing board. (I'll never be able to use my Traitor promo card thanks to a bad tear on the back).

Wes, I have a spare Traitor. I sent you a friend request/message so I can get your address and send it to you.

Thx for the replies ev'one. Looks like my group and I just dismissed the promos too soon. Perhaps I can try sliding the face side against various cloths or even carpet to buff down the stickiness. haha

Dave you rock out loud. I've messaged you. Thank you very much!

Eventually they pick up enough dust and ambient particles to slide against the other cards. It's just an issue on initial deployment.

I laminate all my cards-so I don't have this problem.

Oz Fluxx - Get On With It!

So I have played quite a few games of Oz Fluxx so far, and there were no issues, save one game where someone forgot to put their creeper down when they drew it, and held it in their hand for an unknown period of time. The problem I ran into about a week ago, though, was someone trying to use 'Get On With It!' in a way that seemed contrary to the way it is written. As written it says that any time before  your final Play, if you're not empty-handed, you may discard your hand and draw a new one.

The issue was that we had a Play 3 in place, and the player tried to use the Rule as their third play, arguing that it is "before" their final Play since they have not played their third card for the turn. I tried to explain that the Plays do not have that kind of "before" where you can do something after Play 2 and before Play 3, but it just seemed to go in circles. Using the Rule when in your final Play seems like you're giving up nothing, which would appear to be the point of the Rule. Discarding your hand in your final Play to get more cards seems like you're simply performing an action as your final Play rather than having your turn end early.

The simplest way to ask the question is, if the current Play Rule is Play 1, can you make use of 'Get On With It!'?


I would have to say that yes, you can.  The rule states that it is actually a free action, which means that it does not actually count as one of your plays durring your turn, but, it also immediatelly ends your turn.

I can see it more as both a way to get more cards for your next turn as well as a way to get rid of goals that you don't want to play.

The reason I don't see it that way is because it says before your final play, and once you get to your final play, you're in the midst of it, and no longer before it. I see the purpose as getting more cards for your next turn, even though personally I've used it to dump more cards than I get from the act, but between the text and the name, it seems like you're supposed to be cutting your turn short, and trading your hand for a new one on your final play is effectively taking a full turn. I suppose this is how it ended up in contention in the first place, but it wasn't until playing with someone who was younger and had spent all day prior playing Magic.

The ability you get from Get On With It is not a Play.  It's a free action.  If you have Play 3 in effect and you Get On With It after Playing two cards, it does indeed happen between your second and third Play (and then it ends your turn so you never get your third Play).

I think it would help to consider that each players turn is made up of actions, not plays.  The Play 3 limit only counts against the number of cards that a player plays from their hand, not other actions that they perform, such as placing creepers.  Drawing more cards because of a change in the draw rules does not count as a play, nor does drawing the initial draw, although they are definatelly actions that the player takes during their turn.  As well, a player does have to discard down to limits, which is, in effect, one of the actions that they are required to take, but again, not a play.  This may help in distinguishing between actions and plays.

Personal agenda

When we used to play at lunch we would sometimes run out of time. So we developed a way to get a winner in such a case. Everyone would make up a goal, not in the game, that used the keepers they had on the table. We'd vote and the winner, usually the most profane or clever, was declared the winner.

This evolved into a meta-rule called "Personal Agenda" where everyone would write a secret goal for themselves on a napkin. If you met that goal you revealed it and won. We were all adults, so common goals were doughnut+rocket, rocket+milk, love+money, you get the drift.


That's basically an Illuminati core rule, rolled into Fluxx--I like it at lot, at first blush. :)

Only potential downside I see is that good players can actually recall all/most Goal cards. Thus, they can watch Keepers in play and player actions, and have good guesses as to in-hand Goals waiting to be sprung. That goes bye-bye, with customized, always-secret goals.

But you have fun, so no biggie....

Guess That Goal

The new Guess That Goal game is a great way to cultivate interest in a new Fluxx game.


And it seems especially good for Cthulhu Fluxx, since we Cthulhu cultists fans tend to pride ourselves on cognizance of arcane facts and lore.

Just on the basis of the cards revealed today, I'm starting to think about deck additions. But until I know more about the deck, I'm not sure exactly how I'd want the Brain Cylinder card to function. Provisionally: It could be an Action card playable only if the Fungi (Mi-Go) were on the table, with the effect of discarding any human Keeper in play, or transferring the human Keeper from one player to another.


Am I the only one who thinks Cthulhuguru is groovier as a single word?

You know, like when the Cthulhuguru performs Shub-niggurath-puja until he attains Shivadarshana?

Or perhaps he's a Werewolf fan, and it should be K'thoo-loup-garou?

I do enjoy having you in my circle of people I know.   =)

Thanks! Back at ya.

So far I am 1 for 2. Enjoying the guess the goal.

I noticed that Guru Baker made the second one significantly tougher than the first, by using all actual Lovecraft titles for the distractors. I wonder if he'll be able to keep ramping up the difficulty.

Agh! I blew it today: I'm only 2 for 3 now. So much for my sense of invincible expertise. I'm glad to see from today's goal that the whole HPL oeuvre is in play -- not just the tentacular spectaculars.

Today's easy one brought me to 2 and 2.

Cthulhu Fluxx!

Just got a chance this past weekend to try out a prototype copy of it and I wanted to say that I was  extremely impressed and pleased to see that the cards remained VERY close to the Cthulhu mythos. A huge thank you to both the Looney Labs team and Keith Baker for not only making another great game but something that does Lovecraft's works justice. Far too often is the big green guy's mug slapped on a product and sold without any relevance at all to the stories behind him. Can't wait until Cthulhu Fluxx hits the shelves later this year!


Glad to hear that the game has come together well; I'm really looking forward to it. (In the meanwhile, I'm amusing myself playing Cthulhu with Looney Pyramids.)

I saw a picture of the box for a protoype in the Wunderland blog:

I've been no use to promote Oz Fluxx, but you can count on me to lend visible support to Looney Yog-Sothtothery!

I had a chance to play this at MidSouthCon a few weeks ago and agree it's great. The Doom mechanism is a perfect fit and cool addition. The Surprise Cultist, however, has to go (I'm kidding. I had the game I was in won until a later rule interpretation judged that card trumped my win and so victory went to a more experienced player. So I grinningly grouse. But if my situation shows up in the final rules I'll be thrilled).

Been poking around online and came across the box for the upcoming game and thought I'd share it with you all. The artwork looks fantastic!

Anticipation for this game is driving me... insane..

Looks awesome.

I just sighted a promo card among the Game Tech Supplies: Hastur the Unspeakable. No art for it or further info shown yet, though.

I gotta say...  I'm enjoying watching you guys find the bits and pieces of things as I get them up online  :)  

The sign-up sheet poster says a June release but this says August. Here's hoping for an early release!

Yeah, it looks like Cthulhu might arrive earlier than first projected. "The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age."

Unrelated to the game but that reminded me of this. 

Quick update, Keith Baker just made a post on his blog. Doesn't look like we'll all be going insane until August.

Yes, I suppose that August formal launch date is firm for regular retail. But IIRC the Oz Fluxx demo kits went on sale to the Demo Team in advance of the launch per se. So maybe those of us with itchy tentacles can still scratch earlier.

Here's hoping for that. Got my fingers crossed that they come out with another challenge coin for this version. The Oz Fluxx one was rad as heck.

Sorry, the release date is August 17th.  Thanks for pointing out the wrong date on that sign-up sheet - no idea how  that slipped by.  It's fixed now! 

The challenge coin for the Cthulhu Fluxx Launch Team is going to be AWESOME - Check It Out!


Iä! Iä, iä!

Want! Making arraignments for a Demo at a local hobby shop in July/August/ soon as feasible. :-)

Found some more info about the Hastur the Unspeakable card. Looks like it could make for some very interesting games.

We can't help it, I've been searching the web for updates every day since it's announcement.

Great. It looks like it will work with any deck, too.

From Unaussprechlichen Kulten (transmitting an earlier variant text of what became the Tao Te Ching):

Those who know, don't talk.
They gibber incoherently.
Those who talk, don't know.
Lucky bastards.

Please let us know if we should mint you a coin: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/N3VNHS5

Just pre-ordered the kit! I am so excited for this FLUXX version. My bookclub read from the Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft just last month so I'll be promoting the game over there! Can't wait to have Cthulhu in my hands... hehehehe :D

Can we request multiple coins without multiple demo copies? Pre-ordering even?  I've filled out the survey and I'll get the demo kit ordered, probably next week when I get my new card, otherwise I'll have to sneak it on the wife's card again.;)

The biggest problem I have with my Oz challenge coin is that my boys, especially the youngest, really like to handle it.  And not give it back to dad.:)  I wouldn't mind getting them their own coins.

Nope, the only way to get the coin is to buy the kit - as the coin says right on it, that coin in your pocket proves you are a member of the launch team that is helping us promote the game... 

Hopefully your kids will be happy to keep playing with your Oz Fluxx coin, once you have your new Cthulhu one?  Sorry, but we want to keep the coins meaning special, so we don't want to sell the coins on their own. 

We will be selling general Game Tech coins and Starship Captain coins soon...  I really need to get those up online for sale!  

Great review and gets me excited to try this one out myself.

Yeah - I would love to get more of the coins as well --- on a side note - is it possible to order more of the playing maps, or will there be any generic playing maps available?  This is a great way of teaching new players the game a little bit faster.

Indeed. I'd like to keep the set-coin by the way side(displayed during demos) whilst the game tech coin can be flipped about between players.

I have been in such anticipation , I now stare at my corners all nite long looking for the new hand to drawn me in ....mawhahahaha   ... Ok but seriously cannot wait for my copy to arrive to share with others

Cthulhu Fluxx demo Kit??  When?  My playgroup is bugging the carp outta me to play the new Fluxx!!


I thought they were supposed to be out by July 9th (today), the latest???




Super Excited!!



Thom:  some of the kits started shipping out on Friday, more will ship today - you should have your kit soon! 

Fantastic! Time to reserve space at the Hobby Shop/Game Store for a weekend demo!


Mine arrived moments ago. The Play-mat is very vibrant and the art is stellar. The coin is horrible...in all the ways it should be! Not going to crack open the game itself untill tomorrow, but I can forsee an amazing demo coming!

Mine arrived today! I am all kinds of stoked and looking forward to the demo I'm co-hosting Saturday!

AND I literally jumped at noticing the 3rd to last FAQ about The Cultist vs The Secret Cultist and victory! That was the very question that came up during the demo game I played at MidSouthCon (and lost due to the Secret Cultist).

Plus the coin is absolutely gorgeous!

I am at my local game store -Roll2Play- sharing Cthulhu Fluxx now! Love the deck and all the new twists!

That FAQ item was pertinent to my second-ever game with the deck; my daughter trumped my Cultist with her Secret Cultist.

We also tried playing with the Traitor promo card, but that just raised too many questions, mainly: Can the traitor win from an un-goal if the Cultist and/or Secret Cultist are in play? I think the Traitor card is cool, but it's hopelessly confusing with my favorite flavors of Fluxx: Martian and Cthulhu.

I just got my kit last night... will be taking it to a local game store in Northern NJ to demo to anyone interested, and then setting up with that store to do something more official in the next few weeks. I love the artwork in this set!


Where in North NJ?  I'm in the Paramus area.  I was planning on hitting the Gamer's Gambit and maybe Game On this weekend.



Hi Thom,

I'll be at Mighty Titans in Landing, NJ. Where is Game On? I work just north of Paramus, but live in Morris county so I'm not super familiar with the game stores in Bergen County. 


Gamer's Gambit (http://www.gamersgambit.com) is in Saddle Brook and Game On (http://www.njgameon.com/) is in Clifton, NJ.


Not exactly sure which days I'm gonna be in which store, yet.



I ran into another question that I was expecting to see in the FAQ:

If Cosmic Instructions is in effect, does the mandatory play of an Ungoal count as one of the Plays for the turn?

I think it doesn't.  Our interpretation is that Ungoals are made to act like Creepers.  They get placed on the table immediately and a new card is drawn to replace it.  It's not a "play."  It's a required action.

My group is confused about the creepers that attach to keepers. If you discard the creeper does the keeper go with it to the discard pile?

That's just the way we read it, too.

That's the way we've been playing it. Intepreting the "stays with the keeper until discarded" as meaning both the keeper and creeper are discared.

That makes sense. So the 'until discarded' is just there in case someone retrieves one of the cards from the discard pile later.

That's also what we've been doing.

After half a dozen plays over four sessions, Cthulhu Fluxx has turned out to be just as much fun as I had hoped. The most surreal non-victory moment so far was probably last night when my opponent played the Skullduggery promo card (yes, it's in my Cthulhu deck now) to prevent me from trading my Metamorphosed Penguins for her Cat!

I've already given away 10 promo cards, and I haven't even started the demos I had planned to give over the next couple of weeks.  It seems that going up to people at gaming get-togethers and saying, "Do you want to play Cthulhu Fluxx?" works fine, although not everybody says "yes."  The easiest to convince was the group I encountered who were playing Oz Fluxx.

Rules questions:

- What happens if "Shadow Out Of Time" is played twice, and the second play happens before the first player has received a Creeper from the effect in the second paragraph?

- When "Strange Aeons" puts "Cosmic Instructions" into play, does that count as playing it for purposes of drawing 3 cards?

- Can you put more than one Creeper under the "Elder Sign", or can it only hide one at a time?

First post, first question: The Stars are Right is in play. a Goal and an Ungoal with a matching Creeper are in play (For example The Call of Cthulhu and Terrifying Inspiration) when a player draws the Creeper, fullfilling both (Cthulhu in the example). Is there a win or not? If so who? How would Cultist/Secret Cultist be affected?

If two players meet the win conditions at the same time, you keep playing until there's a clear winner*.  I would apply the same concept to a Goal and an Ungoal being met at the same time: keep playing until only one win/loss condition is met.

*According to the Fluxx FAQ: http://rabbits.continuation.org/wiki/Fluxx_FAQ

The Elder Sign card specifically states "you may hide one unattached creeper"

Here's how we handled 1 and 2:

1) The creepers stack - the next 2 creepers get played on you. Our logic was that just because you played it again doesn't mean the effects of the first time are cancelled.

2) The text of Cosmic Instructions just says "when this rule is first put into play" - it makes no distinction about how it came into play, so the player who played Strange Aeons has to draw 3 cards.

Foam Brain promo


Will the Foam Brain promo ba available thru Looney ? I live outside the US and therefore can't attend any convention.



Wanted Fluxx Promos


I was able to attend many GenCons in Milwaukee but never get the opportunity of attending any Origins.

Therefore, I miss several promo cards:

-       Cake

-       Coffee Break

-       Double Agenda

-       Nuclear War

-       Reverse Order

-       The 100,000 Years Old Game From Mars

-       The Bakery

-       The Desert

-       The Robot

-       Too Sleep Or Not To Sleep

-       X = X + 1

I'm looking for them in their promo version.

Does anyone have any (or all ;-)) as extras for sale or trade please.

I'm to turn 40 soon and looking for a gift to make to myself...

Thank you,


Uploading and downloading fan made/custom Fluxx creations


I've discovered Fluxx on its very first GenCon almost 15 years ago. Since then, I collect and play the game (still missing a few promos if anyone have extras to sell or trade).

Since MSE 2.0 (Magic Set Editor 2.0) has a Fluxx template available (as well as a Chrononauts and Nanofictionary), one can now easily create, design and print his creations and fan-made cards and sets.

But unlike games like Talisman (with Talisman Island website as a reference) or many other board/cardgames, I don't find any website/Dropbox/blog/Flickr/... where fans could upload and download their creations.

An everything in one place kinda webpage.

So, I'm suggesting 2 options:

1/ How about asking our friends at Looney to add a fanmade section to the fanclub where everyone could upload and download the fan-made sets and singles ?

2/ Otherwise, I would invite each and everyone of us to link in this topic the pages where Fluxx stuff is available for upload and download.

Any ideas and suggestions welcome.


P.S: please forgive me if this subject has already been discussed since I'm new to the fanclub.





You might try looking at the Rabbitwiki.  You can start here on the page about Fluxx Blanxx


Hi Scott,

Yes, thank you. There are a few other references  that I'd like to post here, not knowing if whether or not fans know those links but everything we can share will certainly be welcome.

Here are some other links I know:







I'm considering creating my homemade Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Fluxx, as well as a Prehistoric Fluxx (funny and crazy, not serious) and most likely a History of the World Fluxx (more or less serious).

I might also work on a Steampunk Fluxx.

Of course, as expansion to existing Fluxx, an Evil Dead 3 Army of Darkness with Ash is almost mandatory for Zombie Fluxx or even an Illuminati for religious/politic Fluxx. Needless to say that as a huge and major Lovecraft fan, I'm already all set for the release of Cthulhu Fluxx and I'll certainly have hundreds of ideas for expanding the realm of the real God (lol)

I have so many ideas but so far, so little time. I already have some Talisman projects on the side for too long, but as soon as I have some spare time, I have to turn these ideas into cards. Thanks to MSE 2.0, possibilities are endless.

By the way, I've heard of a fanmade Red Dwarf Fluxx and alike. Can anyone tell us where to find it please ?




Hehehe, that is awesome that my site is the first link in your list of links :-D I have not had time since moving to make any new fluxx cards or any custom creations for that matter but I find that making custom fluxx cards is really fun when given the time to do so.

I'll second your reply.

I'm also being kept busy with my work and I've so little time left. With sport, my daughters, writing, reading, etc. I have no time left for working on homemade stuff.

I've at least 5 or 6 Talisman projects yet to be unfinished and as for Fluxx, I've at least as many started and yet unfinished.

By the way, I forgot to link the BGG Fluxx page where there are plenty of new cards.

And Chris, please keep up the good work. And thank you...


Rules Questions- Recycling and Composting

I just recently started playing Fluxx and my friends and I love the game.  I bought two promo cards and they have caused some debate between us on how they work.  I was hoping someone could help me out.

Recycling- does using this card's effect to draw cards use one of your plays for the turn? I assumed that it did not since it does not say that it uses up a play.

Composting- can I draw from the bottom of the discard pile and the draw pile if I have to draw more than one card? For example, if draw 5 is on the table could I draw one from the bottom of the discard, two from the draw pile, then two more from the bottom of the discard pile?

Thank you very much for your time and help!


I have the same question - since the card states to draw "a card from the bottom of the pile.  To resolve this issue at my house, we determined that you either draw all from the bottom of the discard pile, or draw all from the top of the draw pile.

However, this is just a house rule to compromise within the family.

I also posted this question on the Looney Labs Facebook group and Looney Labs gave me this response:

"Yes, and yes. Recycling one of your Keepers does NOT count as one of your plays, and with Composting you can draw from either pile in any order as long as you only draw a total of five cards."

Oz Fluxx - Artificial Heart Typo

Got my copy of Oz Fluxx today, and went through the cards. I noticed the same typo on the Play 4 that everyone seems to have noticed, but I also noticed something else.

On the Artificial Heart card, the heart has a clock on it. On that clock, there are two VII's (7), a VIII (8) in the wrong place, and no XI (9).

Maybe the Tin Man is always late, and this is why!


Or maybe that's just the way time flows in Oz! :)

A minor typo found in Oz Fluxx

Going over the cards and playing with family tonight we noted that on the Play  4 (on only that one) there was not the black * that's on every other rule card. There is a space for it, but it is not there. Did not do a extra close look to see if it was yellow on yellow, but though I should point this out to the team.


Is it just my deck that has this typo or others have it as well?


It appears to be a common misprint.  You're the third person to report it, I think.

About Fluxx

So I was playing Fluxx the other day and somewhere I picked up playing the game with just 2 New Rule cards at once.  I don't know where I came up with this, but it's weird because a friend I was playing with asked why we can only play 2 New Rule cards only.  I stopped and grabbed the rules and couldn't figure out where I picked it up from.  I am at a cross roads with this and need some help with this.  Has anyone ever played the game this way?  Can I play with as many rules as I want?  It's weird because I like the way I play, just didn't ever realize that I could play with as many as the game allowed!  What does everybody think?


You can normally have as many New Rule cards in play as you want.  I don't know where you might have picked up the "2 New Rules" rule. 

There is a type of card called a Meta Rule, which has extra rules added to the base rules, and which are placed at the start of the game if everyone agrees to them.  You could make a Meta Rule card for "2 New Rules" if you prefer Fluxx that way.

As far as we have played as long as a new rule doesn't counter one in play we just add it.

At first, there was a thought of only 2 new rules because there is only 2 rule to start, but the rules say the basicly the above.


However feel free to make house or a Meta rule otherwise! We have a few and it really adds to the game.

There's no such restriction in any of the rules or FAQs I've seen. It seems pretty clear you hallucinated it. :)

Suggestions for yet other Fluxx games

How about Cthulhu Fluxx?

Another idea would be geopolitical Fluxx, which could be further declined in various historical flavours (Ancient Near East, Medieval Europe, Cold War Era, etc.).  A Roman Empire Fluxx would probably work better at the "personal" level (i.e. the ups and downs of a Roman family) rather than at the geopolitical level.


They're talking about August for Cthulhu Fluxx.

See http://sf.looneylabs.com/Newsletter/120301.html

A Renaissance inspired Fluxx could be fun or something inspired by classic authors like Dante, Shakespeare or better yet a Don Quixote Fluxx!

We're about to get Oz, so a Peter Pan Fluxx (also based more on the book) would be fun to play with my kids.

I like the Pan idea.  I think a Fairytale Fluxx or Mother Goose Fluxx would be great for playing with the lil ones too.

To look at slightly more generic notions from a couple of the suggestions above:

Rather than Cold War history, Spy Fluxx with all sorts of espionage tropes, which could be set in the 20th or the 21st century.

Rather than Peter Pan or even Mother Goose "Fairy Tales," Fairy Fluxx with various kinds of magic and lands of dream.

Peter Pan Fluxx would need licensing, as I believe there's still a copyright on it. Or maybe it expired-somehting about a charity or a hospital always getting the money from the IP?


But it would be pretty cool!

I'd love to see and Alice in Wonderland themed version.

Provided licencing could be acquired: Dr. Who, Red Dwarf, or Harry Potter would be super fun as well.

great ormond st childrens hospital holds the copyright. it is contested/expired in some countries, but as far as i can see, its pretty much got a license forever in the uk/eu. i dont think the license they have gives them the right to refuse works, just gain loyalties from them.

harry potter would be expensive. dr who possibly, as its the good old bbc that has copyright, and i don't think theyd mind merchandise and advertising.

Wonderland Fluxx would be so AMAZING!!

Pirate Fluxx + Fairy Fluxx = Peter Pan!

I also fully support the ideas of Cthulu, Fairy (or Fairy Tales) and think that the combo between pirates and fairies would definitely solve the Peter Pan concept. 

I really like the Alice in Wonderland, Spy, and fairy tale ideas!

I think we need to add ninja Fluxx to the list to counter pirate.

Ha, ha! So there would be Pirates, Ninjas, Aliens (Martian and/or Space), Zombies, hmm ... Cowboys? Would there be there a market for Wild West Fluxx?

I'm really looking forward to Cthulhu Fluxx :)

A more family-focused one could perhaps be Zoo Fluxx? Animal keepers (and creepy-crawly creepers?), goals like "Cat Collection" (have two of lion, tiger, panther)... Or even better, "Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my!"

I keep seeing Fairy or Mother Goose Fluxx.  What about a Grimm Fluxx focusing more on the fairy tales with a moral (perhaps the morals can be used as goals).  A more family oriented version (to go along with Family Fluxx) could be pointed towards nursery rhymes and their characters.  With both sets, the keepers and creepers would have to remain more general so that they will fit a variety of tales.  The boy, the girl, the witch, the monster, etc.  It might also be fun to have a Nanofictionary version.

I think my appetite for moral instruction will be sated by Cthulhu Fluxx.

Alice in Wonderland, Roman Empire, Ninja, Spy (a.k.a. James Bond ish or even Spy vs Spy theme) or Grimm Fluxx are all awesome ideas! I second. Or what about Time Travel Fluxx in the spirit of the Time Traveler Calendar: http://alexlikesdesign.com/2012-time-travel-calendar/ and Back to The Future / Chrononauts.

You know, as much as I'd love a good licensed Dr. Who game, that pretty much HAS to be a time travel game.

I would Soooooo be there for Red Dwarf Fluxx!!!!

Grimm and other Folklore Fluxxes are good ideas, so how about Arabian Nights Fluxx?  One key difference from the other "tale" Fluxxes would be some kind of Russian doll tale structure: the Arabian Nights are notorious for telling a tale within a tale within a tale within a tale.

I actually think the Russian doll idea might work well in some conjunction or just using pyramids...

Oh, I'm sure I'd go for Arabian Nights.

Sounds amazing! It could be Ninjas and Samurai >:D

My friends and I are working on creating our own version of Pokemon FLUXX. haha. I'm nearly half way through inking the cards now.

I like the idea of Ninja + Samurai Fluxx. Zoo / Animal / Creature Fluxx sounds fun. Maybe a Racing (cars) Fluxx too.

One idea I've had in my mind for a while now is Solar System Fluxx.  I need to make up a prototype and try it out.

I'm intrigued by this one.  What is the gist?  Discovering objects or maybe flying around?

I'm with Daniel on this one. Sounds intriguing, and if you need a playtester, I'm in!

My wife recommended a Jane Austen/ Pride and Prejudice Fluxx.  Lots of material here, and general appeal, I feel, as most of us (of my generation) were required to read at least Pride and Prejudice, if not the two big JA novels, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.With all of the comic twists in P&P, and all of the possibilities for Marriage-matching, there would be good ground for a fun and educational (Shhhh...) Fluxx.

How about a Dogs Vs. Cats Fluxx?

I'm currently enjoying Sharon Kay Penman's Plantagenet series, which focuses on King Henry II and his wife Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine.  The plot is replete with rebellions and conspiracies, castles taken by siege, by storm, or by treaty, prisoners held for ransom, etc.  Kings paying homage to kings, dukes to kings, barons to dukes, and so on.  A cast of thousands, or at least that's the impression it gives.  Best of all, it's 99% authentic and true.  I think there would be a Fluxx game in there.  A turbulent era indeed!

For yet another left field idea: Red Dwarf Fluxx?

I mentioned that in one of my posts too...it would be good timing for licensing since they're starting a new series soon. I would also be a move to Britain for Looney labs if they don't already have a following over there, especially coupled with the Monty Python Fluxx. 

Although if you think about it, Red Dwarf could easily become a time travel game as well. 

There are both solar system objects (planets, moons, the sun, etc.), and man-made probes for exploring or observing them, along with goals combining them in different ways.

The idea of Jane Austen Fluxx appeals to me.  As does Alice in Wonderland. 

Alice would be at the top of my list, and it's in the public domain.

I'm also in favor of Japan (ninjas AND samurai!), Arabian Nights, Faerie, Rome, Greece, etc.

I believe there are enough themes to keep Fluxx going forever!

I also think a Fluxx add-on to make it easier to mix versions would be VERY desirable. New Goals are the obvious addition, so you could mix keepers from various sets. For example:

Goal: Two-Gun Space Hero - Laser Pistol (Star Fluxx) & Ray Gun (Martian Fluxx)

I saw that someone did a homebrew version of Doctor Who Fluxx cards.  I thought the idea was "brilliant!" and somehow I think the Doctor Who world would work very well with Fluxx in a "wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey sort of way."

I'm working on a homebrew Pride and Prejudice Fluxx. No good at the type of art this would require, though!  I have all the cards set up on paper. There are versions of the book which are also in the Public Domain. 

Pompeii Fluxx?  "Goal; You win if you have Pliny the younger and the boat on the table in front of you."  "Creeper: Pliny the elder. You cannot win with this on the table unless the current goal says otherwise."   "Action: Just not your day. If you have The Artist and Vesuvius on the table, you move to Pompeii from Herculaneum" <Grin>

the illiad and odyssey would have some great stuff in it

I'd rather have a 60's/70's Spy Fluxx then.

Martian Fluxx + Spy Fluxx = MIB!

I'm looking forward to a French version of Fluxx. I really hope they make one

I know I may have mentioned this once before but if you can, I would love to see a HALO Fluxx... I am a major HALO fan and I would love to see how you guys would make the gameplay look.

That would be really really cool
Huge Halo fan too ^^


Besides Cthulhu Fluxx, since every Fluxx game is inspired by a theme, I would suggest a funny Prehistoric Fluxx. I have so many ideas about new twists,cards and actions for a totally crazy game.

I would then suggest a D&D Fluxx, of course not D&D itself (because of royalties issues), but a "Fantasy RPG-inspired Fluxx in dungeon crawler adventure". On how to equip you adventurers, meet monsters, etc. Let's bring mayhem and chaos into this so-perfect dungeon-crawling world of D&D for the fun of us all

And as for royalties-free themes, since a LotR Fluxx seems out of question, I would suggest either a Steampunk Fluxx or a Jules Verne's Fluxx (an amazing world of adventure and fiction).

But I truly would like to see a reprint of the old promo cards into promo sets, e.g: the GenCon promos, the Origins Promos, etc.

I was talking with the wife the other day and I thought about the concept of a Shakespeare Fluxx.   Would be great to see that one done.  Lots of stuff that could be pulled from for it, and lots of pieces that really would play well.

I would love to see Fluxx based on any/all of these:
View Askew/Kevin Smith movies featuring Clerks or Jay & Silent Bob.
Spider Robinson books: featuring Callahan's Crosstime Saloon.
Robert Heinlein books: Stranger In A Strange Land.
Dr. Seuss
RHPS (Rocky Horror)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
John Hughes Bratpack Movies
ANY comic book universe.
Rock & Roll Legends..something music oriented.
And lastly, how about one based on the Looney Labs crew? I'm certain that you are an entertaining bunch ;)

Dr. Who is already "mentioned" in Star Fluxx by way of the Time Traveler.

I keep thinking there's gotta be a way to combine:

  1. Star & Martin Fluxx
  2. Star & Pirate Fluxx
  3. All three(?)

Guess I need to purchase some blanks!

Obviously not without paying royalties, since it's not in the public domain, but what about a Fluxx game based off of TRANSMETROPOLITAN by Warren Ellis?  It's a little on the adult side, but there's enough randomness in the comic you could mine for material.

I have a hand-written version of Pride and Prejudice Fluxx drawn up.  No art, 'cuz I caint drawr, but I've done my homework, and there are versions of the work in the Public Domain.  Quite pleased with myself!  Once I get it typed up, I'd like to submit this. 

Ooooh! Dune Fluxx?

How about a Video Game Fluxx. I know we did Star, Zombie, Pirate, and Martian but for some odd reason having a Video Game Fluxx will be cool foror Tabletop and Video gamers alike. 

Also Movie Fluxx can be good too. For example, we can out movie references and ideas to the world of fluxx. One action can be called "Get to the Chopper" which means discard a keeper to get another card from the discard pile. (Just saying) 

Pro-Wrestling FLUXX using parody versions of real life wrestlers. 

Good idea!  Look to Avalon Hill's Wrasslin' for ideas.

Pro-Wrestling Fluxx might have a bit too limited of an audience.  Besides, aren't the real live wrestlers already parodies? :)

In any case, why not make it a sports fluxx instead.  Or, if you want one more fight oriented, go a bit more current with MMA Fluxx (Mixed Martial Arts).  Then again, if I want that, I supose I could just go with BRAWL or ButtonMen from Cheapass. (Does anyone happen to have a Tirade ButtonMan? I think I might have picked one up but all of my buttons are back in the States.)

MMA Fluxx really is not a good idea imo. It lacks the topsy turvy dynamic that Andrew says he looks for in a Fluxx property. In addition it would have a very limited audience as the typical MMA fan is more of the frat boy type, not the type of person who would be into board/card games.

Wrestling on the other hand is nerdy (men in tights, crazy story lines, ect) and while the audience might not yet be there, the fact is WWE RAW is the longest running TV show of all time. I think wrestling fluxx has the ability to bring many people who are nerds but otherwise would not play board/card games into the fold.

I'll agree that Wrestling would probably be more appropriate for a Fluxx game, MMA could work as a BRAWL set, but I wonder about the particular implementation of goals and keepers.  Would the keepers be moves (and items) and the goals be wrastlers (if we're going to parody, we need to use the right terminology.;) ) who use those as their signature moves?  And, to truly bring it to life, we would want a lot of flavor text, especially on the wrastler cards.  I'll see if I can think up an example or two later.  Brain isn't in gear yet.


Brendt "the hit man" Herman



Return one of your wrestler keepers to your hand to look through the discards and take one of those cards in your hand.


8 Man Battle Royal

You win if you have 8 or more wrestler keepers.


Latter Match

You win if you have the Wrestling Ring and the Latter plus at least two wrestler keepers.



If any player has 4 or more weapon keepers, the game ends.

My IB students created a version of Fluxx specific to our school. The Keepers were mostly teachers, but they had other things like "sleep" and "Wikipedia". Creepers were things like "History outline", "English journal", "CAS (community service)". Goals were things like "IB DIploma", "Math Department". I suggested they have a "Van Halen" goal which could be won with any two teachers as long as the player would claim to be "hot for" those teachers. Fortunately, they didn't include that one in the version they played at their farewell banquet.

Hilarious! As a teacher I can relate. Thanks for sharing.

I'd love the Red Dwarf and Doctor Who Fluxx.  I'd like to see a Scout version-my troop is working on our own version with blank cards.  We have a camp bonus (like the Borders Bonus).  My Scouts all want to be Keepers or Creepers-They have to fiqure out a second Keeper and a goal (most are inside jokes).  They all love to play with their own deck.  My granddaughters and younger Girl Scouts would like a Princess Fluxx.

Harry Potter fluxx!!! Or another fantasy/wizard themed one. 

I have actually started designing this, and have enough blanks to actual do it. Just need to find where I packed em.

Also could do a "Classic TV Show" version. Feature all those corny shows from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Emergancy, Chips, Soap, The Munsters etc. 

Lastly.. Three Stooges Flux.

Hm. I could see Wizard Fluxx, but no Harry Potter, thanks. I'd be looking more for Gandalf, Kulan Gath, and Cheech. Slip in a schoolboy with glasses and a head wound if you must.

How about Mythbusters' Fluxx?  Or Deadliest Warrior Fluxx?  Ghostbusters Fluxx?  Saturday Night Live Fluxx?

I was engrossed with CTHULHU FLUXX amount of creepers and it struck me we definately need a 

Scooby Doo  based FLUXX   Perhaps    "Where Are You!  FLUXX"

Episode title Monsters Villains
1 "What A Night For A Knight" Black Knight Mr. Wickles
2 "A Clue For Scooby Doo" Ghost of Captain Cutler Captain Cutler
3 "Hassle in the Castle" Phantom of Vasquez Castle Bluestone the Great
4 "Mine Your Own Business" Miner Forty-Niner Hank
5 "Decoy for a Dognapper" Native American Witch Doctor Buck Masters
6 "What the Hex Going On?" Ghost of Elias Kingston Uncle Stuart
7 "Never Ape an Ape Man" Ape Man Carl
8 "Foul Play in Funland" Charlie Sarah Jenkins
9 "The Backstage Rage" Evil Puppeteer Pietro
10 "Bedlam in the Big Top" Ghost Clown Harry
11 "A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts" Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Werewolf and the gypsy Big Bob Oakley
12 "Scooby-Doo and a Mummy, Too" Mummy of Anka Dr. Najib
13 "Which Witch is Which?" Zombie and Witch Zeke and Zeb Perkins
14 "Spooky Space Kook" Spooky Space Kook Henry Bascombe
15 "Go Away Ghost Ship" Redbeard's Ghost C.L. Magnus
16 "A Night of Fright is No Delight" Phantom Shadows Cosgoode Creeps and Mr. Crawls
17 "That's Snow Ghost" Snow Ghost Mr. Greenway and Mr. Leech
18 "Nowhere to Hyde" Ghost of Mr. Hyde Dr. Jekyll
19 "Mystery Mask Mix-Up" Zen Tuo A. Fong
20 "Scooby's Night with a Frozen Fright" Caveman Professor Wayne
21 "Jeepers, It's the Creeper" Creeper Mr. Carswell
22 "Haunted House Hang-Up" Headless Specter and Phantom Penrod Stillwall and Asa Shanks
23 "A Tiki Scare is No Fair" Tiki Witch Doctor John Sims
24 "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf?" Werewolf Sheep rustler
25 "Don't Fool With a Phantom" Wax Phantom Roger Stevens

We NEED the gang of meddling kids  

Where Are You!  FLUXX    based on  the Classic monsters objects and characters of Scooby Doo..

Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, and Norville "Shaggy" Rogers— and their talking Great Danedog named "Scooby-Doo"

So many good ideas already here...would love to see some:

{Video Game} Fluxx (generally themed with references to some bigger named games...or maybe Final Fantasy, God of War, or Fallout as they all have insane amounts of information, are all fairly well known & all awsome)  

Grimm Fluxx

Alice in Wonderland Fluxx

Harry Potter Fluxx (though licensing on this one would be horrible)

James Bond/Spy Fluxx

Mythical Creature Flux (as in vampires, werewolves, sirens, medusa, titans, etc...)

But being the fan that I am...one Fluxx game that I would just about have a heart attack to see would be X-Files Fluxx. I think I could die happy after playing that lol. I may just have to place a huge order of blanks at some point & homebrew me a couple of these...won't be as cool without the amazing artwork of the other Fluxx games though.

I love so many of the ideas here!  

an Alice in Wonderland Fluxx would be fantastic!! (I'm an avid collector of "Alice" stuff)

I would also like to see a faerie or faerie tales fluxx, mythical creature fluxx sounds awesome. "Geek" fluxx might be kind of cool too (combining video games with other "geek culture" stuff). you could have creepers like "Con Crud". some of the keepers could be things like "Board Games", "Deck of cards", "Dice" etc.

I want to pass on a suggestion from a close friend of mine who has worked for a local game retailer for over 15 years.  His store carries just about every Fluxx there's ever been, but the biggest demand has come from families, parents with children of ages ranging from early grade school to teenagers.  My friend has noticed that the Fluxxes released since Zombie Fluxx have all been kinda complicated, with lots of rules text on the Actions, New Rules, and the addition of Keepers with special abilities.  Add to that Surprises, Keeper traits, and Creepers, and you have a text-heavy game that's downright unfriendly to early readers.

When families ask my friend which Fluxx would be best for their grade schoolers, he used to send them to class Fluxx 3.X.  But nowadays all he can do is shrug and point them to Family Fluxx, in his opinion the only truly simple Fluxx with minimal bells or whistles, no Creepers, and as little game text as necessary.  These parents are often disappointed by this redirect.  They are excited by the themed Fluxxes... Zombies, Martians, Pirates, all the things that an 8 year old boy ought to love.  But the minimum age on the box drives them toward the themeless Family Fluxx.  To dangle the fun themes and then put a higher-than-expected age barrier up is something of a wet towel to the casual shopper looking for a small casual game for their kids.

What we need is a themed Fluxx with a lower minimum age, a Family Fluxx with a hook that'll draw parents and kids in alike.  The best suggestion I have is Fairy Tale Fluxx... Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Anderson stuff, stories kids and parents alike know by heart.

Excellent thoughts, Ryan...  I agree that I would like to give hobby stores a simple alternative beyond Family Fluxx. Andy says he will think about this...  he has a prototype of Wonderland Fluxx, which only has one Creeper, but he will think about changing that. He has lists of ideas for Fairy Tale Fluxx, which included a bunch of Creepers, but who knows where it will end up...  

We do have a new simple alternative, but not for hobby stores to sell.  A very simple mass market version of Fluxx is going into Target stores nationwide NEXT WEEK - it has only the four basic card types, and all the complicated confusing cards have been left out. It is 73% the same as Fluxx 4.0.

That's great news!  In order to distinguish it from 4.0 and other Fluxxes, what shall we call it: Target Fluxx?  Fluxx Reduxx?  Mass Market Fluxx?  

I think Oz Fluxx is a simpler version as well, which most 8-year-olds should be able to handle.  

Another option you might take is to include rules for simpler versions of the game, as you had with Aquarius: e.g. "For younger players, remove the following cards...".  Such simplified rules could be included in future printings, online, and as little fliers that store owners can distribute with the games.  

I wonder if a Mother Goose Fluxx with very simplified rules and cards would be feasible.  I teach EFL students who are also very young.  They love games and they usually really enjoy nursery rhymes as well, even if they don't always understand them.  For them, very simplified rules cards and text would be best and might also be good for younger players.  Guess I'm going to have to break out my Nursery Rhymes books. :)  This might be mixed into a Fairy Tale Fluxx as well.

Keepers could include:

Large Waterfowl

Old Woman




Goals could be things like:

Mother Goose (Large Waterfowl and Old Woman)

The Old Woman in the Shoe (Old Woman and Shoe)

Mother Hubbard (Old Woman and Dog)

Puss in Boots (Cat and Shoe)


Yep, need to go look at the nursery rhyme books to look for keepers that will cross over.

There could also be some special rules such as "Read a Rhyme" where the player can read the nursery rhyme related to the current goal for an extra draw or an extra play.  Now, it would be most awesome to include the deck with a book of nursery rhymes.


Wow, ok, sorry, getting carried away.

Anyone else?

I think EcoFluxx is good for kids too.

But my seven-year-old is fine with Martians and Cthulhu, so what do I know?

How about a Rocky Horror Picture Show Fluxx?  Audience participation, anyone?

I want a David Letterman Fluxx.


That is superific spectacular!!!!!!!

(I like the colloquial identifier "Target Fluxx")

I think Zoo Fluxx would be very fun and have such a great span of ideas.  Also, because Fluxx decks can be mixed it would be very easy to incorporate into Eco Fluxx and potentially hilarious with Zombie or Pirate Fluxx. 


I think Mythology would be intereresting; Mythos Fluxx? And my cat Gomez suggests Addams Family Fluxx. :)

RHPS Fluxx would be wild! Time Warp card!

How about horror movie fluxx,, 

jason , freddie, aliens, vampires ( not the glitter kind), monsters, more zombies, and syle it to fit with zombie fluxx so that they are compatable weapon wise and such

I think that would be awesome.  There is already an Alien Fluxx but Movie Horror/ Monster Fluxx would be fun.

Super Fluxx. A superhero themed fluxx.

For others' information, I picked up a copy of the newer Fluxx at a Target in Burke yesterday! 

I have a question: in the paged linked above it says "Only this basic entry version of Fluxx will be available at Target."  Does that mean that Target will stop selling other versions of Fluxx, or that the basic version is only available at Target?  If the latter, you'd probably want to reword the sentence to something like: "This basic entry version of Fluxx will only be available at Target."

I've been working up a homebrew of that very thing.

My son would love HALO Fluxx

How about Lord of the Rings Fluxx?

You know what would be a fun version of Fluxx?  FluXXX.

JAWS Fluxx would be cool. Due to licensing it might have to be creatures of the deep Fluxx and include other sea monsters as well.

I know someone mentioned a horror movie version or something. I think a creature feature Fluxx would be cool and could incorporate old school dracula, mummy, wolf man, creature from the black lagoon. If anyone remembers an old parody movie called Saturday the 14th, maybe something along those lines. Heavily focused onthe cheesiness of course.

Someone else mentioned a dinosaur theme, which would be an excellent one to be done in a more kid friendly version.

I really like a lot of the suggestions thus far. Keep them coming.

Excellent suggestion, Bryan, creating an easily distributed reference card for theme deck simplification sounds like a very efficient way to go. That would give the benefit of acquiring special decks, starting with a simple subset by removing cards specified, and later on, graduating up to the full advanced version. Dealers could undle these reference cards with the already stocked packs.

I second the motion for Dr. Seuss and a Superhero theme deck. The world of Seuss is so colorful and fun, full of characters, items, and morals to learn, it would be a wonderful all ages theme deck. A superhero theme deck could be quite amusing, too, thinking of combing special powers and equipment into daring rescue scenarios, complete with some corny references to things like fish, spiders, cats, and bats, perhaps.

Looney Labs Experience

(I posted this in the demo team forum, but I realized it might be of interest to more people so I'm reposting it here).

Hi everyone! My name is Andrew Zorowitz, and I run a store called Foam Brain Games located in upstate NY. We also spend a lot of our time on the convention circuit selling board games, dice, etc.

I'm very very excited to announce that we will be running an event throughout 2012 called the Looney Labs Experience - the idea being that there will be demos of new and exciting Looney Labs games, and an exclusive promo card when someone buys a LL game from us.

In order to make this happen, we're looking for demo people to help us at a ton of events in the upcoming year. I've gone ahead and added several events to the upcoming event calendar, but there are going to be more as well.

In exchange for people demoing, we're offering badges, food, free games, and (where available) hotel crash space, depending on the number of hours worked.

If you're interested in demoing for any of the upcoming shows, want to be added to my mailing list to get notified when we add more shows, or for questions or information please don't hesitate to email me at conventions@foambrain.com


Andy and I are looking forward to playing games with you and yours this year, Andrew! 

Same! I'm extraordinarily excited about it.

I'm a new LL fan, and on the Demo Team living in Ca. --- please include me on the list if there is anything that comes to the Southern Cali areas.  I live near Riverside

What about a standalone expansion ?!

Hi there,
I've got an idea last week...

What if Looney Labs would produce an expansion of an already existed Fluxx game?

I  very like the Fluxx's mechanics, but for some of my friends all Fluxx look the same (sometime, even to me). It's like if you are playing the same game with different art...

I have Monty Python, Zombie and Pirates Fluxx. My and my friends favorite is Zombie Fluxx, so we have played it more often .

My idea: Produce an stand alone expansion of Zombie Fluxx; Zombies Fluxx for exemple.

Here we go, a new Fluxx that new players can buy (like it is a standalone) and a expansion that fan, like me, will absolutely buy.


Well, there is The Castle, and the Jewish and Christian expansions ...

They used to have The fFlamethrower, but that has been rolled into the regular Zombie fFluxx.

I already know that...
But it would be awesome to have new Goals, Rules, Zombies, Weapon related to the world of zombies (or not)
Example, we can make new rule related to poker game. Similar to «Four, Three, Two, One». For exemple, if you have three zombie and two pair of zombies, you win when the goal «Full House» is on the table.

You get it?! An house full of zombies! We are screwed!!

Clever.  I like it  =)

(Oh, I did fForget one other expansion set, the "Board Game Geek" set, available at the bgg store)

Do you know about the Blanxx?  It's a pack of Blank cards, so you can make your own sets of goals and keepers and such ...?  I know, I know, cards you make yourself aren't quite as sexy as a set of official cards fFrom the manufacturer.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why the Looneys don't make more small expansions.  probably it's a matter of economy-of-scale.  A deck of 100 cards costs almost the same as making a deck of 10 cards, after all the printing and marketing and everything is rolled in, and the actual income is very very small indeed.  That's a guess, but it sounds likely.  I know I'd buy em if they made em, but I don't know if there are any plans to make em.

Generally it is much easier to make your own with Blanxx.  And, it's also quite rewarding to know you made a cool rule that works well in a balanced game!  Please do share any other awesome cards you come up with, if you like!

Fluxx doesn't really lend itself to a standalone expansion.  The more cards in the deck, the harder it is to meet the Goal/Keeper/Keeper combination to win the game.  Doubling the size of the deck more than doubles the length of the game.  It would be hard to mitigate that and still make the expansion playable standalone.

What we need is for all Fluxx cards to have a glossy back, then we can have 4x6 sheets of "Blanks" (like the promo cards with a smooth edge) that we can print out.  This way our home made rules look a little more classy.

I'll surely post other cards idea related to Zombie Fluxx. Also, thank you to remember me Blanxx. «Where was my mind?» ;-)

My point about standalone expansion was exactly what you're talking about; a standalone expansion is like a second game that you can play without the need to buy game v1. So, it'll be a deck of 100 cards. Same cost of production and maybe a best seller product since fans and new players can buy it.

(My thinking) The difference is that a well-design standalone game has better chance to sell. Fans who really like Zombie Fluxx will absolutely buy an expansion full of zombies' stuff. Whereas, new Fluxx based on Rudolph-the-Red-Nosed-Reindeer has chances to sell least copies. Unless, all people who play Fluxx buy all new coming Fluxx games (games collectioners)

Moreover, it'll be interesting to put cards with new mechanics like the Surprise cards in Pirates Fluxx. New cards, same loving theme, new mechanics = More attractive product?

Maybe we can imagine a Keeper or Creeper that help you to achieve your goal. For example, we can imagine a keeper called «The Fleshed Book of Death» (read Necronomicon) that allow you to extirpate or exchange creepers. So, it will be more ''easy'' to achieve goal like «Four, Three, Two, One», «Zombie Baseball Team» and «Full House».

What do I do if I only have a black printer? ;-)
I have brush markers, maybe it does a great job on Blanxx cards...

We can use cards' sleeves like ones used for protect MTG cards. That allow you to draw your own cards without the need of having the back Fluxx design...

Ah, I see.  You're talking about more like Zombie fFluxx 2: The Zombie's Revenge!

Interesting idea =)  I dunno how likely that might be, but it's a cool idea!

Id rather them make pack for each of the themed sets that lets it have synergy with the normal non-themed set. For example an add on pack for Martian  fluxx would have the goal "Target City: Macau" using the City keeper from Martian fluxx and the money keeper from the regular set. Of course this could also be "Las Vegas" instead of Macau. Or another that requires any two of the following Moon, Sun (from the base set), Earth, Mars (from Martian Fluxx). It could be called Cosmic neighbors.
Also another thing that could be included is a new keeper that can count as a keeper from the base set and as one from the themed set. Star fluxx has the keeper "the stars" and the base set has the cosmos. The add-on set for star fluxx could include "nebula" which counts as either.

I think that the biggest problem with a full stand-alone expansion would be the repeated cards that would be required to allow you to play the game.  Fans of the first version would, probably, already have it.  Then, adding a stand-alone expansion (Zombie Fluxx 2 perhaps) would be the repeated cards.

Now, being a Zombies!!! fans as well as a Zombie Fluxx fan, I can understand the desire for more in the Zombies (and other) themes of Fluxx.  Things that are far more flavored to Zombies Fluxx. But I also understand the limitations of Fluxx and the deck sizes.  Too many cards and it takes forever to meet a goal.  One answer could be mixer expansions with card lists to go with them, there could even be a mixer bundle instead of trying to make small expansions for them, just one big set to be able to mix any/all of the other sets together.

Let me see if I can explain a bit better.  Perhaps we want to mix Zombie Fluxx and Pirate Fluxx together. (Bare with me, I don't have Pirates Fluxx yet) so we have a card list of which cards from each deck to use for it along with several new goals, a new ungoal or two and, maybe, a new rule.  We would pull out the basic rules from one or both of the decks (doesn't matter too much except for putting them back) i.e. hand and keeper limits, draw and play cards, as well as some of the flavor rules (talk like a pirate?) and a list of optional rules to keep in the set depending on the group.  There would also be a list of the keepers and creepers to keep from each set along with the goals that are still valid with those keepers/creepers and some new goals that cross over the sets.  Personally, I think any set with creepers should have at least one ungoal. (Personal preference)  There can also be a Star Pirates as well as a Space (Star) Zombies crossover list.  Perhaps that's something to be started here along with ideas for crossover goals.

Hmm...a Chulhu Oz crossover?!?  Maybe not everything should have a crossover set.:)

Zombie Victory Ungoal?

I was playing a two handed game of Zombie Fluxx with my Daughter, and I have a question.

The Zombie Boss New Rule card was in play.

I had the Zombie repellent Keeper in play.

She Killed a Trio of Zombies which moved the card to me, but the Zombie repellent moved it right back.

She also played the Zombie Victory Ungoal.

Did she win?


That question is answered in the Zombie Fluxx FAQ.  She does not win.

See http://rabbits.continuation.org/wiki/Zombie_Fluxx_FAQ

(Zombie Victory is the 8th question down)

Your link is not coming up in my browser (firefox)...pulls up a white page that reads "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'Namespace' (T_NAMESPACE), expecting identifier (T_STRING) in /home/rabbits/rabbits.continuation.org/w/includes/Namespace.php on line 46"

The old FAQ died. Here is the same question answered in the new FAQ: http://faq.looneylabs.com/fluxx-games/zombie-fluxx-faq#146

Here is the text:

Q: How does Zombie Repellant interact with the Zombie Victory UnGoal?

If the Zombie Victory goal is out and there are 5 or more Creeper cards on the table and one person has the Zombie Repellent card and a zombie gets passed to the person with the Zombie Repellent, is the Zombie Victory condition fulfilled? Or does “instantly” imply that the person never actually gets the zombie card? For example, the Zombie is given to him, and he passes it on to somebody else before he sets it down?

A: The game continues, Zombie Repellent keeps you from ever truly being in possession of a Zombie. You may be the player responsible for redirecting them as they approach you, but the intent is that Zombie Repellant keeps you permanently free of Zombies.

Creapers delt at the start of the game

When starting the game and dealing the three cards to each player I'm not sure how to handle Creepers. When you receive a Creeper during the initial deal, do you lay it down immediatly and receive another card so that you always start with three non creeper cards? That is how we have been playing so far. We just got the game for Christmas and we love it!


Each player who was dealt any Creepers plays them to the table in front of them, then draws to replace the Creepers. This is before anyone takes the first turn. I don't have the Fluxx rules nearby, but it's been that way since they were introduced just before Zombie Fluxx came out.

When more than one player was dealt Creepers, we house rule that drawing to replace is in the order dealt. Then we start with the first turn.

Thanks. Your house rule is going to be my house rule also. Your help will make our game flow better. Again thanks.

Fluxx in a metal tin?!

I was browsing eBay when I came across this http://www.ebay.com/itm/FLUXX-excellent-classic-card-game-metal-box-edition-SHRINK-/220905623882?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item336f00514a#ht_515wt_922 It seems to be a version of fluxx 4.0 in a metal tin in another language seems to be either Dutch, or German..... This is quite interesting to me seeing that a metal tin would be awesome!


This is the new German edition which just came out this year!  We have a small number of them that will go on sale at our website early next year...    yes, the tin is cool, but all the cards are in German and I can't read them!  lol   

I have the Japanese edition.  I can't read any cards -- but the titles are all in English, so if you know how to play (like if you know what "Double Agenda" does), it's still useable.  I wonder if these German cards are similarly understandable, with a little bit of knowledge about the cards.

Or maybe I'll put my Japanese cards in a German tin.  =)

At first I was like that can't be right, but I care less about the language lol it's just cool

Fluxx in Esperanto

Yes, yes, Esperanto is still going - in fact it's going from strength to strength and has more speakers than ever!

In case you've never heard of it, it's a "constructed language" that was originally aimed to help further world peace by letting people communicate with each other more easily. Well of course that lofty goal hasn't been achieved yet, but there's still a fairly sizeable community of people who speak the language, basically because it's just a fun language to speak in. Every year there's several big meetings of Esperanto speakers, and of course we like to play games!

Fluxx is a great game for these sort of events, apart from the small problem that it's in English. There are actually been several unofficial translations of the game that have popped up at Esperanto events from time to time. I've had a stab at creating one, though it's more of a themed version of Fluxx that happens to be in Esperanto rather than a direct translation. We've playtested it a few times and it seems to work pretty well. I've attached a copy in case anyone here's interested in seeing what I've come up with. :)


Cool, I'd been thinking about making an Esperanto Fluxx deck. So you have already printed a deck with these? Are you going to JES in Gdańsk and bringing your deck? :)

PS: Mi rimarkas, ke vi jam posedas la esperantan insignon kaj membriĝis la esperantan gildon ĉe BGG, hura! :)

Yeah, I've already made up a deck - I used the method of gluing paper onto playing cards and sleeving them. It turned out pretty well - obviously it looks nothing like a professional deck, and it's fairly obvious that they're not a single piece of cardstock, but it's the best I could manage with my artistic ability (or lack of it).

Bedaŭrinde mi ne povas ĉeesti JESon ĉi-jare - sed se vi volas vi tute rajtas printi propran kopion por ludi tie! :)

Interesting stuff here!  I noticed some goals that are new.  "I S" i see is "beer no sun"?  I like the sentiment, to be sure.  What's that all about?  I S?  And what is "Akvobatalo?"  Water army?

OK, here's a list of all the references to Esperanto culture and a brief explanation of them...

Esperanto - fairly obvious what this one means ;P The picture is one of the symbols of the language.
Krokodilo - crocodile. Talking in your national language when Esperanto would be more appropriate is called "crocodiling" (no I don't know why!).

I S (beer, no sun) - one of the main Esperanto events; the name Internacia Seminario means "International Seminar" but it's basically a big week-long new year's party. Lots of drinking and very little in the way of a daytime programme...
Akvobatalo! (water, war) - water fight; a traditional part of an event called IJS that happens in Hungary every year
Diversaj Lingvoj (Esperanto, crocodile) - different languages; see above for the meaning of the crocodile in this context!
Gufujo (tea, moon) - a place at Esperanto events where people drink tea during the night, as an alternative to the bar (a "gufujo" is literally an "owl box")
Kongreso (Esperanto, beer) - a congress; an Esperanto meeting - despite the formal name, many people just drink and speak Esperanto for a week...
La Fina Venko (Esperanto, peace) - literally the "final victory", the idea that when everyone in the world speaks Esperanto there'll be world peace (no, most of us don't believe that will actually happen!)
Trinkejo (beer, wine) - a bar
Zamenhof - Okulisto (eye, money) - I was kinda stretching it here, but I had no better ideas... the guy who came up with Esperanto was Dr Zamenhof, who was an eye doctor - ie, he made money through eyes

"Ne Krokodilu" - noone can win if the crocodile is on the table. It's a slightly rude (but unfortunately common) was of asking people not to speak in their native language when there are Esperanto speakers nearby.

The rest of the cards are translations of English Fluxx cards.

Ni lastminute presis hodiaŭ kaj laborege distranĉas kaj surgluas sur kartojn... espereble iu ludos kun ni en JES, por ke la laboro ne estu vana. :)

Bonege! Mi esperas ke vi ĝuos - kaj ja bonvenigos viajn opiniojn kaj proponojn pri kiel ni povas plibonigi ĝin. :)

Ni ludis 6 fojojn dum JES! (Inkluzive kun Neil.) La novaj kartoj pri Esperanto sukcese amuzis homojn. Do mi ĝojas, ke ni presis kaj kunportis ilin. Dankon pro la PDF!


We played 6 times during JES! (Including with Neil.) The new cards about Esperanto successfully amused people. So I'm glad we printed them and took them. Thanks for the PDF!

Looks like I'm not the only one who translates games... ;)

I took a somewhat different approach though. I translated the original variant (Basic Fluxx, version 4.0), but did not alter it. Other versions or variants appear somewhere in my planning, but without a specific deadline. These will be unaltered translations as well. I make my documents in such a way that I can have them printed on sturdier paper, and I use MtG sleeves to protect them. That solution suits me fine.

I did create an Esperanto-specific variant with only Esperanto Keepers, Goals, Creepers, 1 Ungoal, and a few specific Rules. It was fun to create this variant! One picture of this set can be found at: https://boardgamegeek.com/image/2429659/fluxx

Draw 2 and use 'em

I play Draw 2 and use 'em.  I draw Rotate Hands.  Do I rotate the 2 cards I drew or my hand?  If I rotate my hand, how many cards do I play, 2 or the whole hand??


You set aside the other card from the 2 you drew, then rotate hands. The 2 you drew were never in your hand: they're part of the action. Set aside the hand you received, and play the 2nd card from the draw 2 and use 'em. All of this was your one play, or one of your plays when the number to play rule is greater than 1.

I hope this helps.

I see Dennis already answered this, but I thought you might find it interesting to know that this is such a common question that you asking it just now led me to add it to the FAQ section in the Oz Fluxx rulesheet I'm currently working on.

Thanks for playing Fluxx!

How to win a game with changing rules?

Hello people!

How are you?

I'm new to this fan club, then let me introduce myself a bit. My name is Nico,I'm 25, I'm original from Italy, and now I'm Sweden working and finishing my master thesis in Software Engineering.

Yesterday I was playing  FLUXX  at a board game night  for the first time in my life.

I loved it.

We played it for less then one hour and I was totally exited about it but I didn't fully understand the spirit of the game, I think it requires much more experience.

I found this concept fascinating and here I am, asking you a question.

Is there any strategy to win under such uncertainty condition?

All of my friends say that is ONLY a matter of luck, but I think that there is more than luck in this...

So I would like to hear from you, Fluxx geeks, what kind of approach a player should have in a game with changing goals and rules...

Is there any strategy related to theory of game ? in case, please, can u post here a link or some reference,plee?

Or... there's nothing you can do about it, and only use your experience and knowledge about cards types, and win based on experience?

I wonder if there is something more than (past xp + luck) only 

And I have a strong feeling that : yes, there is...

Can you help me guys?

Thank you!


I don't get the distinction you're making between "strategy" and "past experience". If past experience is helpful (and it is), then surely it's because you're using that knowledge to help you make more effective decisions (e.g. simple assessments about the probability of different things happening)... which seems to be what strategy is about, doesn't it? There's no deep strategy in a formal sense like chess or go, if that's what you mean. More like various simple tactics that become clear, e.g. it's typically useful to keep doing as much in your turn as you can; play a hand limit card to force everyone to discard and then play an action that removes that limit so you won't be hurt by it when your turn ends; etc.

In any case, it is a fun game and I think some skill helps certainly, but also a lot of randomness. :)

From wiki

Experience as a general concept comprises knowledge of or skill in or observation of some thing or some event gained through involvement in or exposure to that thing or event

Strategy, a word of military origin, refers to a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal

You got the point. Is there a way to design a long term winning Strategy, in the form of guidelines to follow, that is not ONLY strictly related to your personal past experience

Exactly the example you provided is what I'm looking for...

  • it's typically useful to keep doing as much in your turn as you can;
  • play a hand limit card to force everyone to discard and then play an action that removes that limit so you won't be hurt by it when your turn ends; etc.

Can you provide me a complete set of tips/tactics/strategies/guidelines that can help? If you can, then it means is not totally random  ;) 

A complete set? No, I cannot. :)

I recommend looking through the Fluxx forum at boardgamegeek.com since there is a variety of these kind of tactical tips in various threads there. Have fun!

Here is a page on the subject that Andy built many many years ago...  http://www.wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/Fluxx/fluxxstrategies.html

It's from the previous edition of Vanilla Fluxx, when War and Death were still Keepers (Creepers weren't invented until Andy was designing Zombie Fluxx), but still a great strategy primer.

I would also add, get several Comupters (promotional Keeper) and include at least one in each Fluxx deck you own. Then, hold Steal a Keeper, Exchange Keepers or similar Actions for the huge bonus the Computer gives! Some themes have no metaphor shear from Computer inclusion, some a little (for Zombie and Pirate you have to broaden your idea of the theme), and some quite a bit (Monty Python has so much Holy Grail the computer is really jarring, like a thing that is completely different).

Star Fluxx fan-made cards

Here are a few cards I've made up using Blanx for our Star Fluxx game at home:

You're my Only Hope (Goal) - You win if you have Holographic Projection and Robot in play in front of you.

DOOOOOOOOOOMED! (Creeper) - Attaches to a Keeper and prevents player from winning like other Creepers.  Additionally, if this Creeper and any other Creeper are attached to the same Keeper, discard that Keeper and all cards attached to it.

Assimilation (Creeper) - Attaches to a Keeper that is either a Being or Equipment.  That Keeper is now considered both a Being and Equipment.


Holographic Doctor (Goal) - You win if you have the Holographic Projection and somebody else has The Doctor.

Here are a couple cards I've been thinking about making with my Blanx:

Space Mutiny (Action) - (see Mutiny from Pirate Fluxx)

Strauss (Goal) - You win if you have Monolith and Space Station

Surprise = Play?

Star Fluxx is the first Fluxx game I've played with Surprise cards.  When played on your turn, does a Surprise count as a Play?


Normally, when you play a Surprise on your turn it counts as a play.  You play a Surprise and do the "on your turn" thing and it counts as a play.


The only exception is when you play a Surprise to cancel a Surprise that was just played by someone else on your turn.  That is, you play a card, they play a Surprise to cancel it and then you play a Surprise to cancel their Surprise.  The card you played originally counts as a play, but the Surprise you played in reaction does not count as a play.


Star Fluxx questions

Star fluxx questions.

1: does anyone know if you can stack creepers?

           - stacking being attaching say evil and malfunction to a keeper like the robot. obviously you can't attach both the brain parasites and malfunction (unless you get the robot doctor card) but i see no reason why you cant stack evil and malfunction.


2: the teleporter says "once per turn you can move 1 keeper from your side to another" (i know that's not the exact wording) and the unseen force says "once per turn" as well, does this mean once per your turn or once per any players turn? I know its probably once per your turn but i want to clarify it.


3: does the cute fuzzy alien creature count towards the keeper limit? the cute fuzzy alien moves at the end of your turn, and you have to follow the keeper limit when its not your turn, so does the alien count as one of your keepers when you have to discard down?


4: the computer's "draw and play one extra card per turn" is that optional?


5: once you play a card such as the captain, and its effect is to take another keeper from another player, can you take that keeper the same turn as you played the captain?

also, if you use the captain to take say the scientist, can you then use the scientist on that same turn to take say the energy crystals?


thats all the questions i can remember, but as we are playing 10-over 9000 games a day, i am sure to come up with more. thanks for the answers and the help (I assume is coming).


all of these questions, and many others, are now answered here:


Also, It seems like simple logic, but what is the rule about looking through the discard pile if you don't have a card that lets you choose one, like if it isn't your turn but you want to know if a particular keeper has been discarded?

I would assume this rule counts for all fluxx games, but i wanted to check as we are having arguments about it.

Anyone can look through the discard pile at any time, as long as you don't change the order of the cards in the discard pile.

my Star Fluxx questionz...

I have a few Star Fluxx questions.

1- Does Evil cause the Keeper that it's attached to not to work? An Evil Captain isn't intimidating if he's powerless.

2- If the Doctor has brain parasites, can he cure them?

3-I was going to ask what the point of the Teleporter was (besides the benefit of using it with the "Beam us up" card)- Why would you want to move a Keeper to someone else? But thinking on it now, it seems that you could teleport on with a creeper attached, to try to keep someone from winning, ya?

Thanks in advance.


Does anyone have any ideas? My wife pointed out that brain parasites card doesn't say that it causes the Keeper its attached to not to work. We've been playing as if that were the case...

1- Does Evil cause the Keeper that it's attached to not to work?

A: No. (If it did, the card would say so.)

2- If the Doctor has brain parasites, can he cure them?

A: No. In general, Brain Parasites don't inhibit their host Keeper's power, but in the case of the Doctor, he cannot treat himself, because Brain Parasites within his own brain won't allow him to do that to them. As the card says, he can only discard Brain Parasites if attached to one of your *other* cards."


Oh! Thanks, Andy. I thought that if any being had brain parasites that it would affect their ability. I know that I'm down for the count with a bad flu; can't imagine I'd be much better with a case of the brain parasites...

Larry the Zombie

Larry the Zombie can be killed just like any other zombie, yes?



Meta-rule cards

How many of these come with the standard edition of Fluxx? We've only found 1 in our box .. curious if we're missing some, or if there's only supposed to be one included.


Meta-Rules are non-standard rules. In normal fluxx there is only 1. I think martian fluxx has a meta rule in it as well.
Andy Looney has said, in fFormalizing the rules a year or two ago, he needed a way to identify rules that aren't "New Rules," like the Draw-1-Play-1.  He discovered they had always been there, but noone knew it.  There is only 1 Meta Rule which is in wide usage, but there could be more later.

Yes, the Meta Rule is a very rare card. Although I have a number of prototype meta rule cards in testing, and have talked about a couple of others on the website, so far there have only been two: Rules Escalation, which appears in Fluxx 4.0, and Time Limit, which appears in Martian Fluxx. As for the ones I've talked about on the web, that discussion is here: http://www.wunderland.com/WhatsOld/2008/WN.08.28.08.html

Thanks-- I was worried I had lost others somewhere along the way. I'll check out the link you included.

? There's no Escalation in my copy of 4.0.

I have seen 4 different Meta-Rules around now, and I was wondering if there is anyway to get a copy of them? I have seen "Early Limit Compliance", "Quota Style Turn Order", "Rules Escalation", and "Cult Clash".

Here's up-to-date info on MetaRules from our FAQ.  In fact, I came to this page to grab the URL to Andy's post about them.


I think the FAQ should probably be updated to include Goal Foundry, now that it's in Chemistry Fluxx and not just the Goal Foundry promo pack from 2015 :P

Rule queston: 'Let's do that again!'

Hey all -- just bought Fluxx, really enjoying it, except for this very intense argument that comes up every time we see the Let's Do That Again! action card.


The question: are players allowed to look through the discard pile at any time?


The LDTA! card says that 'anyone may look through the discard pile at any time', so I think yes. But a person I play with says that nobody can look through the pile until that card is played, because otherwise, they don't know that they're allowed to since it's not stated in the basic game rules.


So what's the official word-- is the discard pile available for looking through all game long by anyone, or only once the LDTA! card has been played?


Thanks for the help-- our relationship depends on it


Anyone may look through the discard pile at any time.  The card is not creating a rule, but restating a general rule.  In some versions of Fluxx the order of the discard pile matters, so you shouldn't change the order.
Just to confirm in my official voice: What Jeff Said.
Thanks for the clarification-- I feel vindicated, though my partner suggests (and I agree) that the ability to look through the discard pile is included as a note on the game's FAQ sheet. Though the tension was kind of exciting..

Press Your Luck promo card

Has anyone else noticed that the arrow in the top left of the Press Your Luck promo card is solid black, instead of the usual outlined arrow on Actions?


Yes, I noticed...   the proof looked right, the final product was missing the white arrow.  These things happen sometimes.  But I did think I would probably be the only one who noticed...  LOL   I guess not!

Combining Fluxx: The Next Generation

With the debut of Star Fluxx, my mind once again turns to screwy new ways to combine aspects of the various incarnations of everybody's favourite randomest game.  Comments, criticisms, and wildly outrageous accusations welcome.


Martian Star (M-S) Fluxx -- This one looks relatively easy.  Add all the various Martian Tech keepers and related goals, rules, and actions (the ones that'll make sense) to the deck.  House rule that Martian ships can be used wherever the word "starship" appears.  Germs can infect a crew (i.e. prevent a player from winning), but the Doctor can cure them...by sacrificing himself.


Pirate Star (P-S) Fluxx -- This one seams more..."fun."  Sure you have the Captain and thus can order the Engineer & Doctor (& Robo-doctor) around, but by dint of the Captain's Hat I am the Captain (Admiral?) and can thus order you Out the Airlock (aka Walk the Plank).  Also, instead of the Flintlock "outgunning" the Cutlass, in P-S Fluxx a Laser Sword is better than a Laser Pistol when you want to steal treasure.  ("A more elegant weapon for a more elegant age...")


Zombie Pirate (Z-P) Fluxx -- Or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Franchise."  Not really sure how to pull this one off except to add two of every zombie type (wouldn't want to overdo things) to a Pirate Fluxx deck, along with other period-appropriate cards.  (Two-by-Four?: Good.  A Friend?: Good.  Car?: Bad)  Cannons, flintlocks, and swords count as weapons and can kill zombies.


Any ideas for Martian Zombie Fluxx or Zombie (Martian) Star Fluxx?


Have you tried any of your versions? IMO, the laser pistol would trump the sword because of range.

 Since I own Zombie and just got Star, I'm trying to come up with a variation with those. Like, I see a connection between the doctor and zombies - caused by brain parasites? Could zombism be cured or would you have to take a laser sword to them?

 OR-(even better) zombie cards are attached like parasites to any brain keeper, meaning they have become zombies. Maybe they could be cured by doctor...or scientist...or the time traveller could cure them by travelling back in time and preventing them from becoming zombies?

If you have the shotgun, you can shoot any Keepers with a brain, thus getting rid of them.

 I'm surprised there's no Black Hole...


Deckbox/storage question

Hello out there! I was just wondering how people stored their cards for when they're on the go. I've been trying to find a nice sturdy case that I can just toss in my backpack and not worry about the cards falling out/getting crushed or bent/ or getting wet if it starts to rain out. I walk a lot and love taking my cards with me everywhere so any suggestions would be great. Thanks!


I would be interested in an answer to this too.  Currently, I get thriftstore recipe boxes (LOTS of cards!) to carry decks representing different proprietary games.  I imagine for normal-people collections, the box would still work if one enclosed rule-sets or gamepieces.
http://www.cpforbes.net/tuckbox/tuckbox.cgi <--- you can use this generator to create a custom tuck box for or you could use the ultra pro deck boxs or deck vaults here --->http://www.ultrapro.com/index.php?cPath=33_83_53&osCsid=1509219a1b56b7a890a545e9054b32f5

Well, there are some options:

The white generic card boxes from almost any CCG store ( here is an online store, the page for 800 ct box http://www.coolstuffinc.com/main_supplies.php?fpid=Acc-BCWCS802&pbxynum=30&setPBXY=1 ).


For my Muchkin collection (ever base set, expansion, most promos, etc) I have two plastic 2000 card boxes called Jammers (part #5325-05) from the Plano Molding Company www.planomolding.com (I can get these at Target no problem but can't find them on the Plano website).

Thanks everyone for the replies, very helpful!

Let me just say this: If you have enough Looney games with two-part boxes (I think seven?), then you can arrange them back-to-front in a six-pack cooler and they should stay closed. The Lab even sells one with their logo on it. That's what I use.

Also, I love The Regular Show too!

I bought a clear, frosted photo storage box from Paperchase a few years ago. It can just barely hold two Looney Labs tuckboxed games. I just checked their website, but I couldn't find it listed. It has a white button on the front to snap shut, but no other moving parts, so it's pretty durable. It was a lot like this item, but larger.

Oh, did a little more searching - here it is. Looks like it's sold out, or possibly discontinued. You could always check Amazon or eBay...

Another option you might investigate, if you want to keep your stuff in their existing boxes, but also pack them inside a sturdy container, are snap-shut boxes by Sterilite. You might have to trim some "fins" (for lack of a better term) from the inside of the lid, but otherwise they're really great. I have one that I can keep 4 Looney tuckboxes in at a time, and there's room between the boxes for probably a stash of pyramids, a few bags of dice, or some "standard playing card"-sized decks in between them.

I have so many Fluxx versions now that I make use of the large card boxes that you can get at any local game shop.

I laminate all my cards-I play alot at camp and my first deck got ruined-from the dew, getting caught in the rain, and spills.  They don't fit in a box, so I have an empty plastic bucket with a lid that I keep all my decks in-each deck is rubberbanded together.  We get to choose which version we want to play and can have several games going at once.

A friend of mine (Marcus Green, he's a member here and probably won't mind being directly referenced [and if you do, sorry about that Marcus]) uses a tackle box. I have a soft case designed to carry D&D minis, so it's well padded with walls thick enough to make rain and dew no worry.

I've found a singularly awesome card storage solution: whiskey boxes.

You can find a brand which has a clear, plexi lid and a metal latching mechanism, and it's PERFECT dimensions, and you can use rule books or Blanxx or whatever to show what's in the box through the lid.

The all-wood boxes with sliding lids work well, too; and they can be painted or stickered to show contents.

Plus, you get to drink the whiskey! (Unless you hit up a bartender friend to collect them for you, which is what I did.)

Whiskey and Fluxx. Hmmmmmm. I'm just not sure how well that would work together. :-)

I too find the Looney labs boxes get a bit battered when being carried around. The solution I've come to is to cover each box in sticky back plastic, this protects them and makes them a bit stiffer to open, so they don't open accidentally. 

First off, I apologize for the length, but I think I have found a very effective way to manage and store all of my Looney Labs games.


A couple weeks back, my wife and I bought our 4th Looney Labs game, Cthulhu Fluxx.  With us already owning Fluxx 4.0, Monty Python Fluxx (With Castle Expansion) and Chrononauts 1.3, along with me ordering Back To The Future The Card Game along with extra cards for Fluxx, Chrononauts and some info cards on Looney Pyramids, which we have been thinking about getting some of, the collection is starting to grow quickly.  Quite honestly, transporting all of these games to places is getting difficult and if my wife puts them in her purse and the one (or more) of the boxes open, we have a decent sized mess on our hands.  As a result, I started searching for potential storage/transportation options.

Currently, this is our Looney Labs Collection: 

Fluxx 4.0

Monty Python Fluxx (With the Castle Expansion in the box)

Cthulhu Fluxx

Back To The Future:  The Card Game

Back To The Future: The Card Game Poster

Chrononauts version 1.3 (I also have the Beatles Reunion, Pterodactyls and Carl Sagan's Joint Promos in the box as well)

5 sets of the new Fluxx Blanxx (With Creepers)

1 set of the old Fluxx Blanxx (With the Beatles Reunion Album Promo)

26 Looney Labs Micro Catalogs (I ordered 25 to hand out and got a freebie with my order)

5 copies of Ice 7

10 of the "It's a Nice Planet" cards

2 Looney Labs Games Inserts

1 Each of the following cards:  "Martian Hold'em," "What is Homeworlds?," "Werewolf Etiquette," "Cosmic Coasters"

1 Each of Promo Cards "The Computer" and "Hastur."  The Computer didn't have a postcard and Hastur has been removed from its postcard

1 Each of Promo Cards "Sir Not Appering," "Zap A Card," "The Traitor," "Pizza Hydrator," "Swap Plays For Draws," "skullduggery," "Press Your Luck," and "Horror In Clay"


Not Pictured:  Oz Fluxx and "If I Only Knew The Words" promo postcard (Anniversary gift for my wife).


While surfing some websites, I found a guy who was looking for a storage solution for his Dominion cards.  What he came up with can be found here:  http://boardgamebackroom.blogspot.com/2012/05/creative-gamer-game-bit-storage.html


The actual case he ended up using (and I ended up stealing his idea for using) can be found here:  http://www.amazon.com/Large-Photo-Keeper-Cases-12-035/dp/B004T6I6RA/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1337492425&sr=8-3


Here's a couple of pictures of the one I bought:


Lid Open: 


With one of the cases removed (On the left): 


The individual cases (it comes with 16 of these) can each hold 100 4x6 photograps and are about 1 inch thick.  I knew that 4x6  would be big enough lengthwise and widthwise to hold the Looney Labs card boxes, but would 1 inch be think enough to be able to close the case?

It sure was!  With enough space left over that the box slides around in the case, but no chance it opens.


I keep the Castle Expansion and the Pizza Hydrator with Monty Python Fluxx and BTTF respectively, since those cards really can't be used with other games on their own.  But, for promos that can be used in any game (like Hastur, Press Your Luck, etc) I wanted to leave out of the regular decks so that, when we decide to play, we can first select the game (4.0, Cthulhu, etc) we want to play then add whichever promos we want to the deck without having to fish through all of the card boxes.  So, I snagged some 3"x4" plastic baggies from WalMart for $2.  Similar bags can be found online, like here:  http://www.boardsandbits.com/product_info.php?products_id=19751


Here's the ones I bought: 


And, here is all of the loose cards baggied: 


Cosmic Coasters, Werewolf Etiquette, What Is Homeworlds? and Martian Hold'em are in the top bag.  I'll probably get individual, harder protectors for these as I only have 1 each and having a harder protector will be my "mental note" that I can't give it away.

Then, there's the new Fluxx Blanxx, the old Fluxx Blanxx and 10 of the "It's a Nice Planet" Cards.

Finally, the Micro Catalogs (26 of them) 2 promos (The Computer and Hastur (not seen)) and a copy of Ice 7.  The 4 copies at the top of the pic are still in their original pacckaging, so that I can show them ones in the baggie and give the sealed ones away to anyone interested.

Both baggies of Fluxx Blanxx and the baggie of promos goes into one case: 

The two inserts, Micro Catalogs, "It's a Nice Planet" cards, all 5 of the copies of Ice 7 and the baggie with the
other individual cards go into another:   

All of my other Promo Cards that are still on their postcards are currently in another of the small cases.  Great way for Game Techs to store multiple copies of promos that they plan to hand out:   

So, here's how it looks so far: 


From the top down;  Fluxx 4.0, Monty Python Fluxx, Cthulhu Fluxx, BTTF Card Game, Promos still on their postcard, Empty Case, Blannx and Loose Promos and what I call the "Ad Case" that has all of the reference cards, micro catalogs, etc in it.  The only case being used on the right is the bottom one, which is holding the rest of my baggies.


That only leaves Chrononauts...  Unfortunately, since I have 1.3, the box is different and won't fit into one of the cases.  Now, I could take it out of the box and baggie the cards as well and make it fit.  I actually play Solonauts more than Chrononauts, so in this pic, it is bagged in the following way:

Solonauts (I used the baggie that held all of the smaller baggies for this)

Missions in one baggie, with the rest of the cards in another


For the baggie with the "rest of the cards," it's kind of  a tight fit.  I had to put half of them in the baggie, then ease the rest of them in, as opposed to just putting them all in at once.  You could always simply use two baggies for the "rest."  But, personally, I really want to keep Chrononauts in it's own box.  So, I again stole  the idea of getting some Trivial Pursuit card boxes from Goodwill:

The ones in the picture are the "Young Players Edition" and the "All Star Sports Edition" subsidary
card set.  The Sports Edition is just card boxes and cards, while the Young Players Edition is a complete game with 2 more card boxes.  Some of the pieces were still on the little plastic rods that the colors are on when brand new.  Total cost for these two games at Goodwill?  54 cents.


So, here's all 4 card boxes, emptied, in the right hand side of the case: 

The lids will fit on them, but it's a tight fit and the side will bow a bit.

I have some newer verions of Trivial Pursuit and could have used those card boxes, but they wouldn't have fit as nicely as these, as they are smaller boxes and the cards only fit in in 2 rows,
as opposed to a singular row.  Here's what I'm taking about:

Old Boxes:   

New Boxes: 

Here, you can see the cards wouldn't fit in the way they do in the older card boxes: 

Again, they'll work, but I didn't want to take those boxes from my games and for 13.5 cents a piece, I got boxes that fit nice and snug without having to take pieces from my own games.


As shown above, 4 of these would fit in either side, but personally, I only need one right now, for Chrononauts: 

It'll fit in vertivally or horizontally.  Vertically, there's plenty of room left for another game (like Early American Chrononauts). If you want to put the box lid on, I'd suggest horizontally, as pictured below.  There's still room other items, like dice: 

Here's my current setup, closed with the BTTF poster resting on top inside the lid: 

Even upside down, nothing's gonna go anywhere: 

What I really like about this is that, since pretty much all of the Looney products are boxed the same, you could put almost anything from a Looney game into this case. The boxed Pyramid stashes would fit, as they are the same size as the Looney card games, with enough room left for the dice.  Using the Trivial Pursuit Box idea, like I did for Chrononauts, I would think a bag of pyramids Like IceDice, Treehouse, etc would fit, though I don't have any of these (yet) so I'm not 100% sure on that.  The cases also hold other card games, like Uno, or two decks of playing cards, along with some dice on the side: 

So, if you like playing pyramid games that require playing cards (like Zark City) you could carry those in this case as well.  Most tarot cards (unless they're bigger than the 4x6 case) would fit as well.  while this might be a little big of a case to throw in a backpack and/or carry all the time, it would be very easy to simply take the individual cases, throw them in a backpack and not have to worry about the cards, pyramids, etc spilling out all over.  It would also prevent the cards from getting wet...  If you wanted a little extra protection from the rain, sleet, or snow, putting the plastic case in a large ziploc bag should "waterproof" the case pretty well.

This case was a bit expensive.  I bought it at Michael's and the retail price was $40.  They do sell the individual cases for $2 a piece, so if you don't need or want 16 of them, that's an option too.  My thought was, even though I'm not using it all now, it'll have room to grow.  On top of that, when I bought it, it was on sale for $23.  Considering it comes with 16 of the $2 cases ($32 total) I got it $9 cheaper than if I had bougt the cases individually, and got the big case to carry them all in on top of it.  Michaels is also pretty good about having sales, especially around the holidays.  They offer coupons in the newspaper for 40% off quite regularly, so even at a full price of $40, having a 40% coupon would knock it down to $24.  They also sell smaller versions, with less individual cases inside, but again, my thought was, I have room for it to grow.

Again, sorry that this was so long, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible so that if anyone wanted to go this route, they had all the info that I gathered right here in one spot.



Bill great idea, I'm considering trying this out myself.

I'll have to keep an eye out for coupons.

Like I said, when I went, they had it on sale for $23...  I had a 40% off coupon, but those don't usually work on already discounted merchandise.  Besides, 40% off of $40 (which was the regular price) is $24... So, I saved an extra buck without even needing the coupon.


I've found that Sunday papers are usually the best to get Michael's coupons in.  Especially with a last minute push for Christmas, I'd think that they'll have an ad this coming weekend.  I'm not sure, but it would make sense.


A little follow-up...  I went to a gaming store this past weekend to get a look at the sizes of the pyramid bags.  They had Icehouse and Pink Hijinks there and, without actually taking one of the trivial pursuit card boxes in, I'm pretty confident that a Treehoue or Pink Hijinks bag could fit in the card box.  Icehouse might be a bit big, but the one I looked at had a cardboard square that was in the bottom, apparently to better support the base and help hold the triangular form.  That square was removeable and, when I removed it, it seemed that the bag would then able to be put into the card box.


Again, I didn't actually take a card box and try this, so I'm not 100% sure.  This is just my estimate, based on what I saw while looking at the pyramid bags.  I don't think the pieces inside the bags would have a problem at all fitting into one of the card boxes (or probably even one of the plastic cases.  The actual bag, however, might make thing a bit tighter in the card box and probably wouldn't be able to be squished and adjusted enough to fit in one of the smaller plastic cases.


Another option would be to remove 2 of the plastic cases and just leave that space vacant, as opposed to using a card box at all.  I'm pretty sure a couple bags of pyramids could fit in that space, especially if they were laid on their side horizontally.



I was able to get it at JoAnns for $23.99 tonight.

My Ice Dice will fit if I take it out of the bag in the boxes but will not in the bag.

Thanks again.

Yeah, figured the contents would fit.

How did you try putting the bag in?  Using a card box? 

Just pulling 2 of the smaller boxes out and trying to put the bag in that way?

Like I said, the IceDice bag I saw had a piece of cardboard to support the bottom that was removable.  Dunno if all IceDice sets are like that, but maybe pulling that piece of cardboard out would help get it to fit?


Just curious as to how you tried to fit it in.  Glad that it works for you, otherwise.



I didn't have the cardboard in the base but I think the set would fit in a container if I took it out of the bag. But then I like the bag.

It seems to fit if I pull two boxes out and put the bags in that way.

I've already filled up the boxes with games and might already need another one for more games.

Yeah, I'm 99.9% sure that an Icedice set would fit in one of the individual cases if you took everything out of the bag and nested the pyramids.


I actually got Pink Hijinks for Christmas and tried it out to see how much space was left afterward:


A Pink Hijinks set has 9 pyramids...  As you can see, plenty of room left for the other 21 pyramids (as long as you nest them) and the dice.


It sounds like you left your set of IceDice in the bag and did soemthing like this:

I know the Pink Hijinks bag is smaller than IceDice, but looks like plenty of space left to fit the IceDice bag in that space.


Personally, I replaced the 2 plastic boxes with a Trivial Pursuit card box to hold my older copy of Chrononauts and Pink Hijinks fits in there nicely as well:


That's another thing I really like about this case.  It's so versatile, you could pretty much fit things in in any way that you like, pending on what you have and what you prefer.  Even though most, if not all Looney games fit into the individual cases, people can customize it to their personal preferences and to meet their personal needs.


I'm planning on getting a Pyramid Demo Kit in the not-too-distant future...  After that, my case might be getting to the point where I might need to think about getting a second one as well.  Hopefully, they're still on sale when I get to that point.



Though you need to play a bigger-than-standard deck, my 152 card custom deck fits absolutely perfect in my favorite neoprene soda/beer can coozie.  Granted it doesn't contribute towards preserving the cards in mint condition, it doesn't protect them from water or work as a shield in an alien attack, but it's fast, light, and compact, which is what I'm after.  As a random side note, I use a bottle-style zip up neoprene coozie as a case for my digital camera, which protects well and looks more than innocent on the seat of my car.  Cheers and thanks to the other posters for the great suggestions!

I did find the Case For Humanity a while back on Kickstarter - Greg seems to be willing to sell cases outside of the Kickstarter.


09/19 - Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like a Pirate Day is only 6 days away...   September 19th, 2011


Anyone have any plans that include Pirate Fluxx?  



YES! I just bought Pirate Fluxx yesterday (and played six games with it that night at the store). Now I get to have fun with "talk like a pirate day" aarrrggghhhh. Wish I had ordered some kind of promo card to hand out for this but I'll make it good.
Well, NOW I am!

Played Pirate Fluxx at a local store, Board Game Nation. Great store lots of fun. I had posted on their facebook schedule that I was running Pirate Fluxx tonight to celebrate "Talk Like a Pirate Day". We had six people (one was one of the store owners) playing (three games total) before we moved on to a different pirate game that someone else brought.  One person had a little trouble understanding things but we talked him through and he had fun.

This Thursday: SPACE FLUXX!!

Is this the same day every year?

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is always September 19th.

Cool - I never knew that ---- thanks

Star Fluxx Question(s)



While demo'ing the game last night a question arose, that I really didn't have an answer to...


Unseen Force: If you have this on the table, once per turn you can steal a card chosen randomly from another player's hand, and add that card to your own hand.


This once per turn, is it on YOUR turn or anyone's turn?


Other than that...it was a great game!!







i would say its on your turn seeing the only cards able to be played on any turn is surprise cards
I would go with just your turn. However, it technically would be anyone's turn as written.

The Captian is written the same way...Once Per Turn.


I'm confused.

"Once per turn" always means during your own turn only.
Thank you Andrew, for the clairifying that...it helps a LOT!!
While we're on the subject, when I play a card that moves a creeper it reads as I pick the creeper's new owner and they pick its new keeper to attach to. Can someone confirm or correct this assessment?
No, the player who played the Creeper Re-assignment action chooses what Keeper the Creeper re-attaches to.

Speaking of Creepers, what effect do the Star Fluxx rules have on Creepers from other games?  For example, I'm a big fan of using The Traitor to cause havoc.  Must I now assign The Traitor to a Keeper (organic or inorganic, we all remember HAL)?

The attaching power of Star Fluxx Creepers is explained on the cards themselves and does not affect the way other Creepers work, so the Traitor should work as usual That said, the laser weapons only work against Keepers that have Creepers attached, so you might want a house rule that allows you to shoot the Traitor too.
Thanks, that's a Good Idea.
I had a question about a similar situation that happened in a recent game; Beam Us Up caused all players to move our being cards back to our hands.  One player had a being with Brain Parasites.  What happens to the Brain Parasites when the keeper it's attached to is returned to a player's hand?  We ruled that the Brain Parasites were discarded (cured). Is this correct?
I imagine they would have to be.  You can't keep a Creeper in your hand, it must be played immediately, but as you--and the video ad--point out, Brain Parasites must be attached to a sentient being.  Unless I misunderstand how things work, no sentient being, no Parasites in play.
Not quite -- they don't get discarded. The Brain Parasites ride up the beam with their host to someone's hand. But a Creeper can never be in your hand, so the Creeper is then immediately played as such by that player. The Brain Parasites then hang around as long as it takes for a new host to show up to attach to.
Brain Parasites MUST be attached? We've been keeping it on the table UNTIL something that had a brain was played.

Another question. Say I have a robot with evil attached to it. If my girlfriend plays the Holographic Projection and then the goal that states you win if you have the robot and evil on the table - does the Holographic Projection allow her to win? Or does it ONLY act as the keeper?

Does the hologram project the creeper as well, allowing someone to win?

One last question - creepers with attach properties - can you add two creepers to a keeper? ie, a malfunctioning evil teleporter?
Along that vein, I think I'd want a house rule that allows you to discard the Traitor if you have any handheld weapon keeper (e.g. the Pirate Fluxx Cutlass or the Star Fluxx Laser Pistol). And now that I think about it, I'm not sure if I'd want the Zombie Fluxx Flamethrower to count as a weapon in this case. ;)
Time for another house rule, methinks. The transporters in Star Trek have biofilters that would either eliminate such parasites, since the transporter simply eliminates them rather than bouncing then back to the origin, or beam them up with their host. With that in mind, what I would do is decide beforehand whether we want to break the "no Creepers in hand" a bit and consider the host to be still infected, discard the Creeper once the host is beamed up, or play as Andy officially ruled here.
The FAQ on the rules sheet that comes with the game says that your girlfriend would have a Holographic Evil Robot, and I vaguely remember reading somewhere that ties aren't allowed in Fluxx, so it sounds to me like you would win if you manage to destroy her holoemitter while keeping the goal intact.
There are no ties. Since two people have an evil robot I believe game play continues until there is a clear winner (new goal, hologram projector taken out of commission, or one of the two tied players receive another creeper)

unfortunately the keeper says that it's "in front of you, not them" - meaning it ostensibly "steals" the keeper for that turn. Which doesn't make sense to me because it's a projection and doesn't actually steal it.

So it's not a tie, unless I'm misreading the card.

I have a couple of questions (some of which apply to a number of Fluxx versions):

First, if Wormhole is in play, your "free" draw is a Creeper, and your redraw is also a Creeper, do you draw yet again (and keep drawing until you draw a non-Creeper)?

Second, if something is played where "your turn ends immediately," (e.g. Get On With It!, or Brain Transference) does it mean that you are not subject to the hand and Keeper limits that turn?

Third, if someone plays a Rule to replace an existing Rule, but someone else plays a Veto, does the rule that was replaced remain in effect?  (For example, Play 3 is in effect at the start of a turn, the current player plays Play 4, but another player plays Veto - what is the current play limit; 3, 4, or the default 1?)

1) You keep drawing until you get a non-Creeper.

2) The hand and Keeper limits apply to you when it's not your turn, so you would observe them as soon as your turn ends.  Similarly, if you get a card when it's not your turn, you must observe the hand limit as soon as you get the card.

3) The new New Rule is canceled, so the old New Rule stays in play.


The hand and Keeper limits apply to you when it's not your turn, so you would observe them as soon as your turn ends.  Similarly, if you get a card when it's not your turn, you must observe the hand limit as soon as you get the card.
This is the first time I have heard this.  I was under the impression that hand and keeper limits only applied (a) to the current player at steps 3 and 4 of the current turn, or (b) to the other players when the Hand or Keeper Limit changed.  Is this "hand and keeper limits apply when it's not your turn" bit in the rules / FAQ anywhere?

My apologies, you are correct. The card says:

"If you have this on the table, you can win with a Keeper someone else has on the table as if it were in front of you, not them, but only during your turn."

I would interpret that as a victory for your girlfriend if she plays the Holographic Projection Keeper followed by the Robot Uprising Goal, but I do agree with your assertion that it since it's a projection, it really ought to be treated as a duplicate and not a stolen keeper.

Is this "hand and keeper limits apply when it's not your turn" bit in the rules / FAQ anywhere?

OOPS - it's on the Hand Limit / Keeper Limit cards.  (Having "Discard down to the Current Hand Limit" and "Comply with the current Keeper Limit" in the "On Your Turn" list in the rules is a little confusing in this case - it implies that these are part of the turn.)  I also see that the limits apply at all times when it's not your turn (not just when the limit changes)...

As Andy says in the video, "Anything can be Evil."

We need a referee on this one! I'd say you can't attach two creepers to one keeper. Attaching them each to a keeper means you possibly have to do away with both before you can win, rather than just one.

Question: Can you attach two Creepers to the same Keeper? For example, an Evil Malfunctioning Teleporter?

Answer: Yes.

Note that this is the second of 13 FAQs about Star Fluxx I answered here:


Oh yes, it absolutely means you have to get rid of both before you can win.

I see no reason why a person shouldn't be able to attach 2 creepers at a time.  What's more, Andy has explicitly stated that it is acceptable.

In fFact, if there were a keeper with a brain and an offswitch -- an android maybe -- it could have 3 creepers.  An Evil Malfunctioning Android with Brain Parasites!  I think that's the plot to several episodes of Star Trek.  =)

I recently got Star Fluxx yesterday and have played with my family several times since then and we've really enjoyed it, but we've come up with a few ambiguities we were not able to resolve by any of the forums or FAQs that I've found.

First, if a Creeper comes into play for someone and they have none of the appropriate Keeper (or no Keepers, in the case of "Evil"), does it stay by itself forever (or until reassigned by "Creeper Reassignment"), or does it attach to the first appropriate Keeper played by that player?  The latter makes much more sense, but absolutely nothing in the rules clearly indicates that.  The way the Creepers are worded ("If you have any equipment Keepers/Keepers with brains/Keepers in play, you much choose one to attach this to") could indicate that that is always in effect and therefore if one comes into play for that player it would attach, but it would be much clearer if the card stated specifically that if an appropriate Keeper came into play and it was unattached that it would attach.  One or two of the FAQs seemed to indicate that it would attach to a Keeper, but were not clear about it, and so we've been playing (once we determined that) that they do attach once something comes into play, especially since otherwise there is virtually no way to get rid of it.  Either way, it should be made clearer either on the cards themselves, as a specification in the rules, or an FAQ (or it could be that it already is and I am totally blind and did not see it despite specifically looking for it for a considerable amount of time).

Second, on the card "Distress Call", it states that "All players draw 1 card from the deck," and then that "Anyone with a Creeper then draws additional cards until they have drawn 2 cards for each Creeper they possess."  Is the first card drawn by this action included in the cards drawn for Creepers?  That is, if I have one Creeper, do I draw 2 total cards or 3 (one from the first part and two from the second)?

Third, and this is the most complicated and confusing of our questions and also the one most likely to have been answered somewhere without my finding it, when exactly does one's turn end with regard to free actions that can be taken on a turn?  The first time we played we had the initial draw 1, play 1 in play and a player played "Unseen Force"; we then assumed that he could not steal a card from someone on that turn since his turn was over, and this seemed a logical rule to apply consistently (with the Captain, Doctor, Scientist, Wormhohle, et cetera), partly because otherwise there would be uncertainty as to when a player's turn ends (they used all their plays, but they could still use free actions) and one would almost have to specifically declare when one finished one's turn.  This went along all well and good until one player had the Hologram and played (since I don't remember the exact cards in question I will choose some) Stars as their last action and "To The Stars" was the goal in play and I had the Starship.  At first we assumed he won, since he had Stars and a holographic starship, but by applying the rule we had been using that a player's turn ends when they take their last action we concluded that perhaps he had not won since it was no longer his turn so the Hologram could not take effect.  While this seemed somewhat distasteful, it seemed less so than allowing people to take Keeper actions after their last play as mentioned above, and it appears that either both would have to be allowed or both forbidden, neither of which seems right.  A third possibility just occurred to me, though, and that is that part of resolving the play of a Keeper (or goal) is to see if anyone meets the winning conditions, in which case one could win in that situation but cannot take free actions after one's last play.  A similar question then arose about the Cute Fuzzy Alien; if, say, "No Trouble At All" were in play and one had the Cute Fuzzy Alien, and then played the Teleporter, would the Cute Fuzzy Aliens move to the next player before the current player has a chance to win?  After a fair amount of searching through card texts, rules, and FAQs I could not get a clear answer to any of these and would appreciate some insight (some cards, for example "Get On With It" make it clear it must be done before the final action, but Wormhole/Captain/Unseen Force/Scientist/et cetera do not, and cards like "Time Portal" that state one's turn ends instantly confuse matters even more); until then we will probably just pick one way and follow it until we get an answer.

Fourth (which did not occur to me until formulating the questions to ask right now), the Engineer states that "If you have this on the table, you can discard Malfunction if it's attached to one of your other cards"; can this, then, be done at any point in time regardless of whose turn it is?  The Doctor requires it be your turn, but the Engineer does not specifically state that, so does that mean that they have slightly different rules of application?

Fifth, and I believe this was previously mentioned in a post but I am still a little unsure about it, with the hologram does effectively "take" the keeper from someone else, since it says "as if it were in front of you, not them"?  For instance, if player A has Scientist, Engineer, and Hologram and player B has Expendable Crewman, Captain, and Doctor and player A plays the goal "Landing Party" on his turn (neither player has any Creepers), does player A instantly win because the Hologram says to meet the goal as though they had "Expendable Crewman" and not player B, or would neither player win because both players met the winning condition (until player A's turn ends, at which point player B would still meet the conditions and player A would not, resulting in a win for player B)?  The former seems to fit from a literal reading of the card, but it does not make sense that a holographic projection would keep something from someone else (though naturally that is irrelevant with regard to the rules).

Sixth, if a player is in the middle of a subturn "Draw 2 And Use 'Em", or "Draw 3, Play 2 Of Them", et cetera) and someone plays a Surprise to cancel a card they play, can the current player play a Surprise from their original hand to cancel that Surprise?  Also, could that player use a Surprise that was part of the subturn to cancel it, and if so would that count as one of the plays?  (Example: player A plays "Draw 3, Play 2 Of Them" and gets an Action, a Keeper, and a Surprise. They play their Action and another player plays "Belay That Order!" to cancel it; can they use their Surprise to cancel that Surprise, and if so do they still get to play their Keeper afterwards?)

Seventh, with regard to the "Expendable Crewman", does that affect all types of discarding and taking of Keepers, including "Exchange Keepers" and "Sonic Sledgehammer" (but not "Beam Us Up!")?

Finally, if the "Cute Fuzzy Alien" is in play and someone plays "Brain Transference", does the Alien move after the turn or not?  It seems possible it should not move because the current player no longer controls it because they just swapped places.

All in all we have really enjoyed the game, but have just found some nitpicky ambiguities that we are unsure about--but I'm sure they will not keep us from playing and enjoying the game.

Answers to Zachary's questions:

1) Yes, Creepers attach to the first appropriate Keeper that arrives.

2) If you have one Creeper during a Distress Call, you draw two total cards.

3) Your turn ends when you say you are done, or when you tell the next player that it's their turn. Free actions can be taken before or after official Plays. and Goals can certainly be met after your final Play but before your turn is officially over. (If you take an option that causes your turn to end immediately, free actions are also disallowed.) If the Small Fuzzy Creature is in play, the act of moving it can signify that your have completed your turn, but the best approach for nit-picky players is to use a Turn Token of some kind to indicate whose turn it is. When you move the Token, your turn official ends.

4) The Engineer's text really should have the "during your turn" clause, but since it doesn't, yes, the Engineer can fix your Malfunction during other player's turns.

5) Yes, the Hologram effectively steals ownership, and Player A wins in your scenario.

6) Yes, you can use a Surprise from your main hand, or from your sub-hand, to cancel another player's Surprise during your Draw 3, Play 2 Action. Playing a Surprise to cancel a Surprise is a free action, so yes, you would get to play the third card if your second card is a Surprise that you use to counter a Surprise being used to stop your first card.

7) Yes, the Expendable Crewman must be chosen during Exchange Keepers and Sonic Sledgehammer (but not Beam Us Up!).

8) Yes, the Cute Fuzzy Alien moves after a Brain Transference.

Thanks for your reply!

I've come up with one more question though, regarding the expendable crewman:

If one player has the Scientist and another both the Expendable Crewman and, say, the Energy Crystals, what happens if the Scientist tries to steal the energy crystal?  Does it fail because the Scientist is not allowed to take the Expendable Crewman and the Expendable Crewman must be the card taken?  Or does the Scientist get the Expendable Crewman, even though ordinarily that cannot be done?  Or does the Scientist just take the Energy Crystals anyway?

That wiki now appears to be broken, by the way.

I have a question, too:

Laser Sword / Laser Pistol: If you discard the Keeper, is the Creeper also discarded? I'd say yes, but I'm not sure.

And if so, then what about the scenario I read on another forum:

Player 1: Captain with Brain Parasites.

Player 2: Uses Laser Pistol

Player 1: Discards Expendable Crewman instead of Captain.

Does the Creeper stay on the Captain or is it discarded, too? I'd say it stays, but, again, not sure.

Creepers tend to stay with the Keeper they are attached to.  If you kill the Keeper, you have succesfully also killed the Creeper.  You cured the disease by killing the patient, as it were.

In your second scenario, the Creeper would stay with the captain.  That poor redshirt was totally wasted in place of the captain and his parasites.

So my gut feeling was right. Thank you.

Where to find Fluxx players around my area?

Any advice on where one can find social groups that get together to play a game?


Hey Will,


Check the members section here!  You can sort by area, state, and find people who are close to you to group up with. 

Advertise on Craigslist?

Zombie Fluxx friends

Am I right in thinking that the friends pictures in zombie fluxx are based on the looneys?  the female friend with the bandana bears a cartoonish resemblance to kristin. 



Yes, those are Kristin and Andy.
There was an amusing poster made of all the many various versions of Andy, setup in the "Andy vs Everybody" area.  The Human Leader fFrom Martian fFluxx, the fFriends fFrom Zombie and stoner fFluxx, I think the "Andy Looney" keeper was represented.  I think there were a couple others, maybe even the Cartoon Andy fFrom the 7Dragons video.  It was a cool poster.  =)

Here is the poster:



which Andy just put up as part of his most recent Wunderland update:


Has anybody else played Zombie Fluxx with the Andy card?  In regular games, we count the Andy card as "Brains," but I read somewhere that in Zombie Fluxx, he counts as "A Friend."  We give the player the option to call him either in Zombie Fluxx, but they have to declare which at the time they play the Keeper.

Blanks favourites?

Hello! I have just joined this forum hoping to find a discussion like this, but perhaps you had one and it has been lost to time.


I discovered fluxx blanks when me and a few friends were playing a nice relaxed, enjoyable game in the library at our high school and someone took offence and tore up my draw 5 card.

Obviously I was heartbroken.

I was looking for a way to replace damaged cards and discovered the blank cards and the idea appealed directly to the base of my soul. It would be a few years until I actually found a shop that was selling them and a few more weeks before I actually worked up the courage to put sharpie to paper.


My pack is nearing double its original volume now, and still we come up with wacky, fun new ways to bulk it out further.


What I'd like to hear about is all your favorite homemade cards. Which ones have prooved particularly effective? Have you had any that didn't end up working as you'd hoped? Are there any that clearly stand above the rest as particularly luminescent genius?


As we get together an archive I'd like to have a vote and ranking for top Filled-In Blanks.


I can't take credit for our most senior creation; the "sex" keeper card (tastefully illustrated I assure you!), which has allowed for such goals as "Moondance", sex and the moon; "Afternoon Delight", sex and the sun; "Sex Bomb", sex and war; "The best thing since sliced bread", sex and bread.


But I take a lot of pride in the "everybody gets 0" card, and the "1000 point bonus" keeper.


What have you got?


My personal fFave is: a Keeper called "3" and a Goal called "4" which can only win if inflation is in effect.
But wouldn't the Goal become 5?

Goal called "four"?

it's purest genius! What else have you got?

Ah, yes, the goal is indeed "fFour."

I might just steal this! Mine would have to be "If you have 1001 points you win."

At the moment the 1000 point bonus is just for fun...

I like cake as a keeper. 

It make such goals as Chocolate cake, Cake or Death, and The cake is a lie( where you win if noone has cake in their hand or on the table. they have to show you if they claim cake is in their hand.)Not sure on the ruling for this one, would mean everyone wins, possibly better as some kind of ungoal.

How about you can "claim" cake with any face down card... and unless someone can counter with cake to prove you're wrong you win?

But that would need SOME restriction or it would be too easy to win. Unless you had many cake cards all through your deck and the sole purpose would be to challenge... but then that wouldn't make sense anymore because someone could claim cake and play cake so the cake WOULDN'T be a lie. No forget that idea.


AW I have just realised that I have to make the "GlaDOS" goal now. "The player with Cake on the table wins!"

Don't tell my fellow gamers that I never made a "Cake" card.

This sounds like a "1001 Blank White Cards" card! :)

One "Rule" card that has been pretty widely appreciated by my friends is "Ain't Scared", where you draw TWO cards to replace any Creeper you just tabled.

hey thats clever.  i like it

I like it, but what if you draw one or two creeps?

Do the drawn cards go into your hand or do you play them?

1) If you draw one or two more Creepers, you draw two cards each to replace them.

2) The drawn cards go into your hand, just as usual.


Though I'd also like to make a mutually incompatible "Really Brave" New Rule card, which makes the draw to replace each Creeper equal to the current Draw rule.

This would either work best as an Ungoal or maybe a Surprise! card.  Example of the latter:

On someone else's turn--You may use this card to cancel the play of the Cake, forcing it into the discard pile.

On your own turn--If the current Goal requires Cake to win, you may play this card to discard the current goal.

That's just plain mean.  Be sure not to play with the 10 Card In Hand goal if you have Really Brave in your deck! :-D

my favorite one we did was a protesters creeper. to get rid of it every player has to discard an action card. because the protesters are "taking action!" it fits right in to our combined eco and stoner set.

I think this would make more sense as a Surprise! card, though I don't know if LL has released any Surprise! blanks, yet.

Clever!!  I like it!

My favorite Custom card so far is the Goal Zombie cop, you have to have the car, a zombie, donuts and coffee. Im not sure why so many, but we kept getting this combination, and figured there had to be a goal.

I just recently started making blanks and I am quite fond of the first three that I made.  To complement the Death and War creepers, I made Pestilence and Famine to round out the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  Pestilence moves from player to player when a card makes them come into contact with another players cards(such as trading hands or trashing one of their keepers) and Famine moves from a player when they have a food keeper to a player of the owners choice that does not have a food keeper, if all players have food keepers it is discarded.  When War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death are all on the table, it causes an apocalypse which discards all keepers, creepers and new rules on the table. Also to help with the increase of creepers in the deck, I made a keeper called Honey Badger, which makes it so that its owner is not prevented from winning by creepers, cause honey badger don't care about creepers lol

These are Brilliant!!  I love em!  Good job!!  =)

A Fluxx Blanxx-Filled-In set for "Stranger in a Strange Land" (to be added to Martian Fluxx):

Keeper - Space Brother: This is a wild-eyed sex messiah, of course.

New Rule - Thou Art God: Draws can be made from the top of the draw pile, from the top of the discard pile, or a mixture of the two.

Action - Share Water: Everyone passes all of their current Creepers one player to the left. A player with the Abduction Chamber only passes humans who aren't in the chamber.

Goal - Grokking in Fullness: If you have the Space Brother and two or more humans on the table in front of you while "Thou Art God" is in play, you win.

Creeper - Space Agency: You must play this card immediately, and you cannot win if it is on the table in front of you. If you play this card, you must discard the Flying Saucer and/or the Mothership if they are on the table in front of you. But if you play either of those cards, then you can discard this one.

I have the following ideas:

New Rule for Star Fluxx:

Turn to the Dark Side: A player can't win unless he or she has Evil attached to one of his or her Keepers in addition to meeting the conditions of a Goal.

Surprise for Zombie Fluxx:

Zombie Snatcher: (Out of turn) You may reveal this card anytime a player uses a Weapon to kill one of his or her Zombies.  Instead of being killed, you get to steal that Zombie.  (During your turn): Steal a Zombie Creeper from another player.

Ungoal for EcoFluxx:

Natural Destruction: If Forest Fire, Flood, and Drought are on the table, and there are less than 5 Keepers on the table, the game ends with no winner.

And a final Creeper for Zombie Fluxx:

Zombie King: If you have this card, you may choose 1 Zombie anywhere on the table and move it to the player of your choice.

Zombie King should also allow you to win with the Ungoal as well.

Nah...the Zombie Boss rule lets you do that.  Otherwise I'd agree with you.

Here are a few of my favorite custom cards I've made and incorporated into my expanded 152 card Pirate Fluxx deck.  All of the artwork and ideas are original (at least, as far as I know) except for both New Rules, but certainly feel free to use anything that helps you out!  Thanks to the other posters for giving me some new ideas to think about, and hopefully bumping this thread will bring some more posts with great ideas!

Applause for "Frenzy" and "More Like Guidelines".

I've been hoping to come up with a pirates vs. zombies deck that is made to be combined with either the pirates deck or the zombies deck or both, but has the ability to stand on its own.


Cursed Treasure: Attach to a booty keeper. Other players may send one of their zombies to you per turn.

Pete the Zombie: Moves in the counter turn direction whenever a keeper is played, but takes a keeper (chosen by the player who had him) with him.


Arm and a Leg: Hook Hand and Peg Leg

Hand-Eye Coordination: Hook Hand and Eyepatch

Start Digging: Treasure Map and The Shovel


Aztec Gold: Booty keeper, might count as gold doubloons if I can't tie it into enough goals


Hook Hand: can be used as a weapon

Peg Leg: can be used as a weapon

Saphires: Booty keeper, might count as some emeralds or rubies if I can't tie it into enough goals

Topazes: Booty keeper, might count as diamonds or pearls if I can't tie it into enough goals

New Rule

It's only Scurvy: Lets you kill zombies with limes and oranges keepers.

Peek at the Map: You may expose a booty keeper hidden underneath the map during your turn if you have the shovel keeper.

I really need to come up with some more.

And did you make new Goals featuring Pestilence and/or Famine?

Does "Get On With It" affect "More Like Guidelines"?

What does "everybody gets 0" do?

No, those are the only three cards that I have made so far, I did not really think that goals including them were necessary, but I am open to suggestions!

No, I wouldn't think so.  Get On With It (a New Rule, at least my printed version) allows you to draw a new hand if you discard your current hand, which does not affect More Like Guidelines if it's in play.  More Like Guidelines forces you to discard a new rule in play, so in reverse of your question, More Like Guidelines could affect Get On With It by causing it to be discarded, but not the other way around.

I've been wondering this too, as well as the "1000 point bonus" keeper mentioned.

With an 'Everybody gets 0' card, I could see one or two effects - sometimes its nice to have a card to play that has no effect on the game whatsoever, just to eat up a turn.  One card like that in a game like this might not be so bad.  Additionally, the 0 could be affected by another card like inflation and become more relevant.  I'd imagine there's some other combination effect it could have but that's all I can think of at the moment.

And the "1000 point bonus" keeper...No idea, unless it's a homage to another game or inside joke, though the original poster does say it's just for fun.

Though, if you're referring to the verbage that Get On With It causes your turn to end immediately, More Like Guidelines specifically says before the end of your turn, so for what it's worth, we play that it must be followed before your turn is officially over...However, I certainly do see the flipside that the language of this game sometimes creates, so I'd be interested in how the higher ups would resolve such a situation!

Are your Pirate Fluxx games as rowdy as mine are??  For your custom deck, to replace Trade Hands and Exchange Keepers, while promoting even more pirate-like thievery, I give you the East India Trading Company expansion set!

Good job!!  I likes em!!!!

I have one called "Force Choke" from Darth Vader's move set, and it allows you to pick any card from an opponent's hand AND you can look at their entire hand (thus giving you an advantage of knowing what they currently hold. I also made a Keeper of Batman and Spartacus. Nothing special about those except their awesomeness. But with those, I made Goals that could be used in any version of Fluxx (i.e. Batman and any human Keeper win, Spartacus's sword and any other object Keeper). That way my Blanxx Keepers can be used in any Fluxx game.

Fluxx Database

I was curious - has anyone created a database of all the fluxx cards and which cards come in which deck and which expansions or promo cards work in which deck?


There used to be a site with a database, but it seems to be gone now.


I would compile one myself, if I had time...

I created an Excel spreadsheet a couple of years ago, but it is a bit out of date.
If you upload it here, and/or make a shared Google doc out of it, others would be happy to keep it up to date.

Here you go. Note that this spreadsheet was developed based on info I found on the net, possibly even the one referred to above. It also displays the number of cards I had at the time from each edition.


It ends at edition 3.1.

Yea, that looks like the database I'd seen; I remember all the color.

Differences in Zombie Fluxx version 1.2?

I have versions 1.0 and 1.1 for Zombie Fluxx.  I was surprised to see that someone on BGG has a version 1.2! 

What are the differences between versions 1.1 and 1.2?  I imagine that there must be differences, or they wouldn't have changed the numbering.  Or is that just a typo/editorial slip?


The change is very very minor, but there was enough of a change for us to decide to change the version number on the box.  Two things changed:  1) we removed the ad card and replaced it with the card "Zombie Boss" which previously was only available with the wooden "Zombie Boss Boxx" product which was discontinued when we sold out, and 2) we swapped in the color rules icons which are used in most of the versions of Fluxx at this point. 

I just updated the Zombie Fluxx card list to reflect this information!


Thanks, Kristin!  Also, thanks, Bryan, for raising the question.


I think I played ZF1.2 last month at Marcon without realizing it.  I joined a table of people who had just picked up a copy of the game from the Dealer's Room.  I'm almost positive the set included the changes you mentioned.

I just received my order from Looney Labs. I already had zombie Fluxx 1.0 and I did order it again, thinking that it would be the 1.2 version... on the website is said 'current version' and I received the 1.1 version !?!

Do you think it would be possible to only get the 'Zombie Boss' cards. When I did my order, there was no wooden box left, so I don't have this card. It would be like if I receive the 1.2 version.


Thanks to let me know


I ordered (from Looney Labs with a gift certificate) Zombie Fluxx and the package shipped on August 3rd. Since it has the ad card when I saw this thread I checked my box and yes I too got v1.1


Since "zombie boss Boxx" is no longer available how do folks who just recently purchased the game from Looney Labs go about getting the "Zombie Boss" card?

The Zombie Boss Boxxes are all gone, but we have extras of the Zombie Boss promo card itself.  We had to get them set up to sell as singles.  They should be up in the webstore by the end of this week.



Customer Service

Question Answerer 1st Class

Okay they're up!



Unfortunately, when we got the new print run in, we still had plenty of the Zombie Boss Boxxes, on deep discount, and the difference was not deemed significant enough to keep them rigorously separated.  When the Zombie Boss Boxxes ran out, we had no idea how many of the 1.1 decks were still mixed with the 1.2 decks.  As of last week, we separated out what remained of the old, and took them out of inventory.


If you ordered from us recently, and got a 1.1 deck, we will send you a free Zombie Boss card.  Just email us at customer-support@looneylabs.com, tell me your sob story, and where to send it, and I'll pop one in the mail to you.  Don't forget the sob story!  ;-)


Thanks for playing our games!



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Question Answerer 1st Class

Fluxx Deck Building Game (DBG)

I had a thought last week last week in those moments after waking, but before consciousness has fully congealed about a Fluxx DBG. I have been playing various DBGs lately, and that along with a deep and abiding love for Fluxx has sparked a desire to think about this more. I have talked about it with the people that I play with and they like the idea. I was thinking that the money mechanic of most DBGs would be simply replaced by discarding cards from your hand (if a card costs 3 you have to discard 3 cards to purchase) The most of the rules would work the in the normal way (perhaps only on a personal basis).  The two things that we couldn't come up with are the starting deck, and rules for pricing action and new rules cards. Goals and Keepers would be fairly easy ( a standard price, and a slightly higher price for the Keepers with special effects).  I am eager to hear everyone's  thoughts on this.


I would make Keepers that go to more goals cost more, as well. The Keepers with special powers tend to be in fewer goals than normal.

I haven't actually played a deck building game, but I've read a little about Dominion and I think that sort of option could potentially work with Fluxx. A few ideas off the top of my head...


As far as the starting deck, since everyone cannot have identical decks at the beginning of the game, maybe you could have a selection of themed decks each containing similar cards, but more focused in one area. Like one deck could start out with Draw 2 in their deck, while another starts with Draw 5 or something.


This being fluxx, though, the starting 10 card deck could be whittled down to 3, and you take off from there.


Perhaps keepers wouldn't start in anyone's deck, or goals cannot start in anyone's deck. Something like that.


As for a pricing action, you could have the current play rule govern how expensive the cards you can buy are. For example, if play 3 is out, and a card costs 2, you could buy that card by discarding 2 cards, then you'd have to play one other card. Play All would obviously give everyone a chance to buy any card(s) they want as long as it's out and playing the remainder of the cards from their hand, but you wind up with an empty hand.


Obviously this brings up the fact that if the play rule is lower than the price of certain cards, they cannot be bought. Not so! Make it so that players have to buy cards at the beginning of a turn or something, and they can buy any card that they want for any price as long as they have the cards to discard. If they've discarded more cards than the current play rule (ie bought a card for 2 or more with Play 2 out), then they just don't have any more plays that turn.


Just a few random ideas from a person who hasn't physically played any DBGs before. :)

An interesting Fluxx twist to a DBG would be to have a communal deck, so instead of keeping the card away from everyone else by buying it, you are paying to make it an option anyone can draw.

Does anybody else actually put their favorite cards in other decks?

I don't mean just promos, but ordinary cards.

For instance, I added Take Another Turn to my Pirate Fluxx deck that already has Roshambo and the Traitor because I thought it was very Pirate-y to just up and take another turn.

I put a lot of silly actions (like Rotate Hands) in my Python deck, just in case it wasn't silly enough, yet.

I also added Double Agenda to my Eco deck because very rarely the two goals will be food chain goals that are connected!

Who else puts cards from one deck into another?


X=X+1 should always be in every deck.  =)

Ok, maybe not in *every* deck.  Just every deck owned by me!! =)

I have purchase several cards to put in all three of my decks, Zombies, Monty Python, and Pirates.  I am always adding to the decks and have put Larry in all decks as well.  By the way, where did you get a "rotate hands" card - or did you make it from a "Blanxx"?
Nevermind, checked my Python deck and found the rotate hands card.  Silly, blind me!
I actually have the decks all broken down. I have a base deck which more or less consists of all the cards that all the decks share, and then all the unique cards from each version set aside so that I can add them to that base deck depending on which version my friends and I feel like playing.

Another question about Surprises

I have another question for the newly posted Pirate Fluxx FAQ.  I already have an opinion on how it should be interpreted, but I'm interested in an official ruling.


If I play a card on my turn and another player plays a Surprise to cancel it, then I can play another Surprise to cancel the first one.  Since it's my turn, does that count as a Play?



I know you want an official ruling but because the surprise is played "out of turn" I do not think that it would use your turn.

I'm certain that the spirit of the law is that the second Surprise does not count against your plays. 


Perhaps even by the letter of the law also: are you using the "Out of turn" or "During your turn" ability on the card?  I would argue that if you're using the "Out of turn" ability, even if it is your turn, then it does not count as a play.  And, I would argue that you can do it during your turn because "Out of turn" really means cancellation of another's action, i.e. not as a part of a Play. 


Perhaps in future printings of Surprise cards the two sub-headings should read "As a cancellation (or reaction)" and "As a Play", to avoid this confusion.

Actually, it's neither "Out of turn" nor "During your turn".  The ability to use a Surprise to cancel a Surprise is in the boilerplate text at the top of each Surprise.  It does appear to be in the spirit of the rule that it doesn't take a Play, but I encounter enough rules lawyers (many of them strangers or people I don't know well) that I thought it worthwhile to ask for a definitive answer.
Tricky question! Official answer: it does not count as a play. It's sort of meta-out-of-turn.

Travel edition

Newest Fluxx game announced today! Travel edition sticks to metal mat. Yay for Magnetic Fluxx!


LOL, I almost thought that it was legit untill I looked at the post date!
I think I may actually try to make this. I have sheets of magnets.

James Bond Fluxx!!

I would love to see a James Bond Fluxx or Spy Fluxx where you can do some cool espionage things like Sabotage or Covert Ops. It also might help with the Gambling Fluxx that Andy is also cooking up too.


The Looneys have said that they're not interested in pursuing another licensing agreement right now, and it's not clear that they would be able to get it even if they wanted to.  So, if they did a Spy Fluxx, I couldn't see them using the James Bond name.  If you're interested in seeing what happens when you use the Bond name without a license, do an Internet search on "James Ernest's Totally Renamed Spy Game" sometime.

Spe vs. Spy might be kinda fFun.  =)


There's no saying you can't get an assortment of fFluxx Blanxx and make your own deck.  =)

I love the idea of a spy deck!! If you have card ideas I have some pre maid templates that I created and can throw some cards together for you.
Thats Great! Some card ideas would be passports and a shoe phone for keepers. Creepers would be an evil villain, henchmen, and some kind of burn notice. Some goals might be the Cuban missile crisis (Missiles and Cuba), Agent 99 (the Shoe phone and the cone of silence), and Being Classy (cocktail and a suit). Actions card would be Backstabber (Take 3 cards from anyone) and Etc. This would be a good place to start. I might also be making some other cards, too.
So are you thinking a get smart Fluxx deck?
Maybe but I'm just throwing out Ideas left and right that is somewhat spy related.

surely you mean 86 rather than 99.

A Traitor card could move like the Radioactive Potato or the Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature, killing one Keeper from each player it visits.

Blackmail: a Creeper that you attach to another player's Keeper, causing it to work for you?  Needs more thought.

Double Agent: behaves like either a Keeper or a Creeper, depending on whether the total number of Keepers on the table is odd or even.

How Semantic are the Knights of Ni?

Sorry if this has been addressed already, but I couldn't find anything pertaining to it on the Wiki .

The Knights of Ni have their ability canceled if a goal has "it" or "it's" in its title,  but there's nothing specifying if it needs to be that exact word.

So, would a goal with the word Credits in its title be acceptable? I would argue that a knight of the round table should have divine right to make this a rule, but my playtest group claimed they were being repressed.


No. The word Credits is not the word It, nor is it a contraction for a pair of words that includes the word it.

Credits do not frighten the Knights Who Until Recently Said Ni!

Thanks for the Clarification. Hope to see you at Origins.

Pirate Fluxx - Treasure Map Clarification

A situation came up during a recent game of Pirate Fluxx; someone played the Treasure Map, but they interpreted the text as allowing them to tuck a Booty card under the Treasure Map even before it was played. The thought was that the Booty card "did dot exist" if it was under a Treasure Map card. This way, the person was able to get two cards to the table with only one play.

I argued that this was not allowed; getting the two cards to the table should count as two plays. After that, the person could have tucked the Booty card under the Treasure Map to protect the Booty.


We decided to just let the play stand as the situation would not be likely to come up again in the same game.  However, I offered to ask the higher powers.  


I am not a "higher power" but it the keeper treasure map in this case would not assume any special powers until it was in play on the table. So you could not put any booty behind it until its on the table. At least that is how I have interpreted it.
You definitely don't get to play extra Keepers for free, however if you want to use one of your plays to play a Booty Keeper, you can hide it as you play it.
Just to make it official: You were correct. You must first play the Keeper in the usual way, then hide it under the Treasure Map. No secret free play allowed!

Blanxx Question

Are there any plans to include Ungoals, Surprises, and Meta Rules in a future edition of Blanxx?


i was able to make my own meta rules, surprise and ungoal templates using photoshop. I would suggest using gimp (a free photo editing suite) and give that a shot.... if they dont plan on making them available.

Do you just use gimp or in conjunction with Photoshop?

I just use photoshop 7 (way old!) , gimp is a free image editing software.

Making custom cards!

Does anybody have any tips on making cards?  I am looking to use my printer if it works!  I don't know if I can use the rub off decals?!  I don't know what will work  HELP!


So I have been really into making custom cards lately and printing them too. I have all my flux decks sleeved with solid back sleeves so I only worry about printing the front of the card. I use standard photo paper but you might you probably have luck using sticker paper and sticking the card face onto a Fluxx Blank.


I find that scanning the blank cards and taking the base elements works really well for me and then scanning the elements that I want from other cards like the art is great.


I have pics of some of my customs in my profile. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Back in the day, I built some decent .GIF templates with guides for where the text would line up. Then I printed the images onto clear mailing label paper. This would be carefully applied to the Blanxx (lining up the thick black line I left in the template) and then the edges were trimmed. The added thickness to the card wasn't too bad, and I had several people not-notice the difference (when I expected they would). I gave some to Andy Looney at Origins one year and he seemed surprised at how they turned out (but he might have just been polite).

Can you send me your template please?

all my pieces are in .psd

ok - please send them - I have Photoshop as well.

I'd also like the template.

Custom Action Spaced Invaders

This custom card idea has been floating around in my head for a long time, since 3.1 was new. The card name was originally going to be called "Invasion" but I decided to change the name of the card. I think this will work in any Fluxx deck but styled it after Martian Fluxx. 


The action card reads as such "Set your hand aside and take someones entire hand of cards. Playany cards from there hand as if it was your own. Once you reach the end of your play phase hand backthe cards to the player and pick upyour original hand of cards."


Some may think this is too powerful but I think that it is a lot of fun. Let me know what you think please.


If you are too worried about it being too powerful then perhaps you should limit it to playing a certain number of cards from that hand (think of it as a draw three play two but aimed at a player's hand).  Another idea would be to play up to half from that hand rounded up.


An added advantage to these two suggestions is the card becomes usable during a play one situation. 

custom Goal The Computer Geek

one of my favorite keeper is the computer because well i am a computer geek and because it gives a personal inflation which is awesome. I have wanted to make a goal for it for a while and could come up with a couple loose goals but once i saw the boardgame geek  promo i knew what had to be done.  here is a custom goal  that requires the computer promo card and the board game geek promo card. It has an extra bonus too ;-) let me know what everyone things.


I just noticed that player is spelled wrong and that geek is not capitalized.

You're right.  The existence of those two cards makes this one almost mandatory.

The special rule text on it seems way out of place, though.

Out of place as far as actual position or that it does not fit on the card?

In that it's New Rule text on a Goal.  Keepers and Creepers are allowed to affect their controller persistently, Actions and Surprises can affect everybody temporarily, but it seems like only New Rules should affect everybody persistently.

The fact that it also has to be so small also makes it seem likely to get overlooked.

Understandably. I put the extra text on there because I wanted the person holding it to know that everyone would get the computer bonus because its on a card that affects everyone and not just themselves. It seems a little odd at first but is actually a ton of fun when used :-D

what deck does the card "The Geek" come in?

Fluxx font?

I am making custom Fluxx cards using an old copy of photoshop and would like to know what the description font used on the cards is. I am talking about the text that describes what the card does. Anyone know?


I think its just Times New Roman.  Thats what I'm using for my description fonts and it looks really spot on.
It looks close but I am not 100% sure, thanks for the tip :-D
My bet, considering the sans text is Helvetica (note the leg on the R) and most of the symbols are from Zapf Dingbats (except for the creeper frown, which I haven't found an EXACT match for), and the join of the ff ligature, it's probably actually Times, rather than Times New Roman (Though Times New Roman should give a pretty close match)
http://new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ <-------- use this site you up load a picture of the font you want to know what it
I went with times new roman last night for this custom card http://looneylabs.ning.com/forum/topics/custom-goal-the-computer-geek?xg_source=activity

The big headers are in Helvetica, usually 18 point but a little smaller as required.

The descriptions are in Times, usually 10 or 12 point.

Thank you soo much everyone!

Are you willing to divulge what the new-style cards use?

Looking for Fluxx 2.0 or 2.1

Hello everyone,


I first learned how to play fluxx from some old friends and it was either Fluxx 2.0 or 2.1 and I would love to be able to get a copy of this but can not find it anywhere anymore. I know that it is out of print and would be getting a copy from the secondary market but I was wondering if anyone might have a copy that they might be willing to part with. I would pay for it of course, I would like it to not be too badly beat up if possible. Please let me know if you might be interested in selling me a copy.


Thanks :-D


If you go to Noble Knight and add it to your Want List, they might be able to track down a copy.  They've had some pretty obscure things over the years.



New Surprise Card

I thought up a new Surprise card the other day. I call it "Me, too!"


Card text-

Out of turn: When another player adds a card to their hand with an Action card, you may draw a card.

During your turn: Draw two cards.



I specifically avoided using numerals so Inflation would not affect it. I couldn't think of any non-Action cards that allow players to draw (outside of the Draw Rules) so that's why I specified that only Action cards would allow the Surprise to be played.


If I have forgotten Keepers that allow drawing of cards, please remind me!




There is the promo keeper the computer that acts as a personal inflation. I like this idea though, you will have to let me know how it goes after you play test it :-D

I have been thinking about surprise cards I could add and my best idea I think would be too powerfull.


Name: "Gotta Pat to Win!"

Text: Play this card at anytime to enable you to play 1 card out of your hand that will enable you to win. This card can only be played if you have 2 Booty keepers down in front of you"

A nice idea, but it does seem a little too powerful to me.  I'm seeing Surprise cards as ways to counter something happening, or sharing in the wealth of something happening, like the card Dave mentioned.  A card that allows you to jump into someone else's turn and say "hold on a second, lemme just play this and win..." seems a bit much.  Course you'll never know til you play test it.

"you'll never know til you play test it"   <---  this is so true!  

When Andy first showed me his idea for a promo card called 'Swap Plays for Draws'  I laughed and said it was funny but totally broken, I was sure it was way way too powerful.  But in playtesting it proved to be both fun and not too powerful at all. Certainly not too powerful for a promo card, and in fact so fun we later added the card to Pirate Fluxx.  I was absolutely certain this card was broken when I first saw it.

Hey Dave,


I went ahead and maid a mock up of your card for you. Let me know what you think.

Wanted: Marlene Bruce promo card

Does anyone have a spare of the Marlene Bruce Stoner Fluxx promo card I can somehow obtain?


Due to my being a completist, I'd like to own one.


Message me, or feel free to email me at davester64 @ yahoo.com





This week, I was able to pick up an opened and complete copy of the first version of Stoner Fluxx. So now I really want the Marlene promo card! Shoot me a cash price, anyone?

And now I find there was another promo card for first edition Fluxx-All You Need Is Love! So looks like I need to track that down as well.

do I win?

okay, so this question has bugger us since tonights game. we have the 'double agenda' rule on the table (2 goals), and the goals are: 'gone to meet his maker' (grim reaper + the finger of god) and : 'things no-one expects' (the spanish inqusition + airborne cow OR nude organist)

and I have the grim reaper + spanish inqusition creepers (no any other creepers) and among my keepers are the airborne cow and the finger of god.


do I win in this case?


because I win with one goal, but I have a second creeper, and the same with the other goal, but with a different creeper.


this question was bugging us a lot and eventually we flipped a coin (which we then lost so we had to flip another coin) and that stated I lost, but that was fair, but I do want to know what you guys think, should I had won? or not?


this was btw one of the weirdest fluxx-games I ever played


As I understand it, both goals were simultaneously completed, right?  So I think that might be a loop-hole where creepers don't count against you, because they are explicit win conditions in both goals being won.  If you had just one goal met, then I think the other non-fulfilled creeper would count against you and you would lose.  But because you had both goals, you win.

I'm not an authority on the matter, but that seems to make sense.

You do not win.


The Spanish Inquisition prevents you from winning with the Gone to Meet His Maker Goal.

The Grim Reaper prevents you from winning with the Things No One Expects Goal.


Edit: This is the 7th question answered in the Monty Python FAQ.


I think I'm just gonna ask my friends if we can make it a houserule that we DO win when this happens, because it's actually pretty funny if this happens again

What is YOUR favorite Fluxx card?

I have a new favorite Fluxx card - Roshambo Showdown - a new card that just came out in an exclusive BoardGameGeek.com Fluxx promo card pack!  (order your copy here)  We have been putting this card into every Fluxx game we've played over the last few months, while playtesting these new cards, and this card is SO. MUCH. FUN.  It's an ACTION - pick another player, challenge them to a quick 3-round Rock-Papper-Scissors tournament, winner takes the loser's entire hand of cards.


What is YOUR favorite Fluxx card? 


My favorite is the goal "Zombie baseball team" from zombie fluxx. Just the thought of zombies playing baseball is hilarious!

"You win if you have at least 9 zombies in front of you along with the baseball bat."

I have to say right now it would be any of the Surprise cards. Primarily because it's a whole new mechanic in the game, plus I love the look on a person's face when you cancel their winning Goal.


Otherwise, I really like Summer Vacation for Family Fluxx. Reminds me of when my life was so much more simple...



P.S. My LEAST favorite (which is another entire discussion) is First Card Random. It takes too much control of my game from me. Fluxx is out-of-control enough in my opinion!

This such a hard question to answer. Here is a couple of my favs


Some of my favorite card(s) are the talk like, ie talk like a martian, talk like a pirate and groan like a zombie. They are just so much fun and always make everyone laugh.


Other than that I am way digging the surprises! I also love inflation and the keeper the computer.

The Computer, definitely. The (close!) second favorite is I Want to Sing.
Did you make groan like a zombie from Fluxx Blanx, or did I miss a card?

Its called "Groaning required" and its part of the standard deck


I need a refresher, then. I haven't played Zombie Fluxx since October, and forgot that New Rule existed.


Hmmm, mashup Pirate and Zombie Fluxx: Curse of the Black Pearl Fluxx!

Stop that! No singing!


j/k...carry on. I can't carry a tune to save my life, so I never sing during Fluxx if I can avoid it.

I couldn't carry a tune if you nailed handles to it, but I don't let it stop me during Monty Python Fluxx.

My number one favorite is Pandora's Box. Number two for me is Time Vortex.

I enjoy the random factor they add to the game as well as the bit of a rush from the gamble that it could disrupt my plans as well as those of my opponents.

I would have to agree on the roshambo showdown. I grabbed that promo pack up faster than a speeding bullet when i found it. And I suggest that everyone gets it cause it is awesome.

The Inflation card in the standard flux deck is one of my favourites.  It's powerful in how it affects almost every other rule card on the table.  ..."how many cards do I draw this time?"


The most nasty combination of cards is Hand Limit 1 followed by Taxation.  

I'm a big fan of The Traitor. People almost always forget that it's on the table, or who even has it. They'll be like "I'm changing the goal to... and I win!" and you're like "Really? 'Cuz I'm pretty sure that I win..."
Lately my favourite card has been The TraitorInflation and "1, 2, 5" cause headaches, but The Traitor just twists everything up into knots!

Some of my favorites:

Draw 2 and Use 'Em (and Draw 3, Play 2 of Them)

Zombie Baseball Team

The Cheese Shop

Pandora's Box

No-Hand Bonus

Play All

Borders Bonus


The Fluxx card that will be the first up against the wall when the Revolution comes... Keeper Limit 2.

Alright, I'm convinced. You convinced me to buy a copy. And nobody can argue with that price!
Andy stole my hand last night with the Roshambo Showdown - and I seriously regretted ever printing that card!
Ouch! Every time that card has come up in my group the showdown always fails so the person who played it loses there cards!
I love the "Cheese Shop" card from the Monty Python edition. There's just something oddly satisfying in winning a game with so much going on by having virtually nothing on the table and in your hand.
Definitely Play All, although Inflation is a close second. Play All is convenient because as long as it stays on the table you don't have to count plays as much, and it works so well in combination with many other rules, like Get On With It and No-Hand Bonus.
I also dig "Let's Get This Party Started", and any equivalent card that makes all players table their Keepers immediately.

The Captain's Hat amuses me to no end. In


Also, Shackles has just replaced The Radioactive Potato as my favourite Creeper. Don't judge me. ;)

Dude, Quit Harshing My Mellow!

Immediately discard any and all Creepers and/or New Rules that are currently bumming you out.


I think I like pretending to be a stoner more than I like pretending to be a pirate or a Martian.

i once added all the talk likes to my original fluxx deck and two times we had funny accent with alien and alien with pirate it was so hilarious
I love Talk Like a Pirate! My group plays that if you have the Parrot Keeper, you can Talk Like a Parrot instead.

Swap Plays For Draws is rapidly becoming my favorite card. Especially with Play All in the table. :)


Party Bonus and it's cousin Long Live the Captain are also nice; who doesn't love a party/strong leadership?

...with a zombie monkey as a new creeper :-)
That's funny. In my group there's a pretty even distribution of wins. Statistics, amirite?

It's been said before, but Play All. My favorite moments in Fluxx come when you build up to an absolutely ludicrous turn, with things like draw 6 thanks to Inflation/X=X+1, slap down draw 2 and use em and draw 3, use 2 of them, hand and keeper limits (just to annoy your friends), 8 or 9 keepers, cycle three or four goals, take another turn, discard the keeper limit rule, empty the trash, then do it all over again. Play All's been the engine for a 26 card turn into a 25 card turn ending with no keepers on the table, no cards in anyone's hand but mine, and a 10 cards in hand win, out of absolutely nowhere. Games don't get more crazy than that, and that's what I love about Fluxx.


There's a soft spot in my heart for Swap Plays for Draws, X=X+1, and I Want to Sing, though.

The keeper "Television," cuz I used to work in that field.

Oiy, must admit that I love a good Zombie baseball team, but Larry has to be my fav.  I abosolutely love the idea of a "Zombie Monkey" in both the pirate game and/or the zombie game. 

......Must get to printing the card, thanks for the idea, Shannon!
Sounds like fun! Especially with a goal like 10 Cards to Win or similar. Pandora's Box is a good one as well as is Inflation, though that one can make people's heads start spinning.
"Earth" is my favourite card, and goes in my favourite Fluxx game; Eco Fluxx!
Without a doubt 'Inflation'. Just when you think all the new rules in play are getting hard to keep track of, you now have to add +1 to every number. Love it! 

X = X + 1

is my favorite rule to play in vanilla Fluxx - sounds like "inflation" is the same thing.  

Drives everyone else batty tho' and they are always trashing that rule!