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Discovered: Ziggurat Demolition Throwdown

I discovered this card game that uses Looney Labs pyramids. I slightly redesigned the game to accomadate orange pyramids.

This game was originally designed by P.D. Magnus. I hope you enjoy.



It was a deliberate design choice to have red correspond to both Suns (orange) and Leaves (brown).

Fully half the cards allow 1-pip attacks. So red pyramids, which enable 1-pip attacks, are the most likely to let you do something. Having two different suits target those pyramids balances this by making them more vulnerable.

Also: Four of the colours give you different abilities (defense and the three different levels of attack). The fifth clour, green, is a kind of poisoned wildcard; you can use it to do anything at the cost of damaging yourself. So orange pyramids are just useless targets?

That said, you are welcome to play the game as you like. I'd rather people have fun with it than play it exactly as written, if it comes to that!

I didn't realize that; I must've misread the rules.

Having said that, I thought of something: Orange towers are used to perform Pawn or Court attacks only. What do you think?

It could work. It seems like it will make the game a bit looser (because some attacks could be activated using two different colours) and longer (because you are adding an extra tower per player).

There is no well to tell whether those are good results without playtesting. If you try it, let me know how it turns out!

Will do.

Fan Made Game: Out-Trumped

This is a simple, trick taking game, where it pays to take trump cards...unless you get Out-Trumped.


Seven Dragons - Questions on rules and situations

Hi Folks -

I recently picked up Seven Dragons and could sort of figure things out but there were some discussion on the rules.

1) If possible, even though unlikely, that you can't play a card (I can provide a situation if asked for), do you discard one of your cards or just lose a turn?

2) If the Silver Dragon is your color, does it count as part of your chain?

3) The goal is to create "a connected chain" of 7 dragons.

Is the "chain " considered the cards in play or the images being uninterrupted?

For Example: I play a card against the Silver Dragon - I play a card 2 panel card -

Gold on top and red on the bottom. My next play, I play the inverse of the card, Red on top and

gold on the bottom - Connecting the Reds together.

Is the "gold chain" considered broken because the reds are making the connections or is the chain still alive because each card has a gold dragon on it?

Thanks anyone who can provide some insight!



It's been a while since I've played, but I'd say:

1: I don't know. Is there something in the rules that makes it sound like you should discard instead of simply doing nothing if you have no legal move? In practice it seems unlikely in a real game.

Aha, here's a BGG thread saying you can pass:


(Always useful to check the BGG rules forum for game questions!)

2: Sure, if it's in your chain. After all, it's a dragon of your color at that time.

3: "connected" means connected, contiguous, continuously linked together. (Otherwise they would say more simply that you just need 7 of your color in play, period.) This also seems very clear in the rules' FAQ. I do not understand the description of your situation, though. But the "connected" concept seems simple: the panels in a connected group must be touching one another.

Hope that helps!

Hi Russ -

Thank you for the information on questions 1 & 2.

As for the 3rd question.

Thank you!!

I just needed to reread the FAQs to get clarity.

I was questioning whether or not the cards counted for you, but it's actually the panels that need to be touching.



Just desserts doorway guest?

At the end of your turn when you move a guest to the doorway what happens to the guest previously there?  Say the next turn someone takes the guest I moved over could they as well take the guest below it in the discard pile, or is it safe to assume they've left the building?


Interesting question.  I've been playing it as, you can still pull the next guy down the stack.  But thematically it does make sense fFor that earlier person to already be long gone.

I think I fFavor the notion that everything to be known about the state of a game should be immediately obvious.  It would not be immediately obvious that the previous guy is already long gone, so I would fFavor saying that earlier customer is still an option.

Thematically that plays out like this:  Seeing your shop is busy, Bob fFruitcake sighs and walks out the door.  Mrs. Jenkins soon fFollows after.  You, realizing you really do have Mrs. Jenkins' order on hand, run to the doorway and call out to her as she leaves.  You realize you can see Bob fFruitcake, still standing in the parking lot, fFumbling with his keys.  Good thing you ran out to catch Mrs. Jenkins, as the opportunity to serve Bob is now at hand.  You realize you do have a box of fFruitcake as well, and yell fFor him to come back in and enjoy.

Just Desserts rules questions

I got my Just Desserts demo copy, and played it for the first time today with several of my coworkers at lunch.  We all liked it, but a few rules questions came up.

- When satisfying two Guests on one turn, can both of them be served the same Dessert card, as long as each icon is only used once?  For example: Roland (wants Pastry+Spice) and the Lumberjack (Cookies+Ice Cream) are out.  If I have a Glazed Donut (Pastry), Gingerbread Dudes (Spice+Cookies), and Vanilla Ice Cream (Ice Cream), can I serve/claim just one, or both?

- Does a Poaching attempt always have to be the first of the two Guests claimed?  The rules seem to imply that, but don't say outright.  If I claim a Guest from the center with his/her favorite, and draw a Tip that is the favorite of a Guest in front of another player, can I Poach that guest?

- This one's more of a tactics question.  Blocking a Poach is not really a good idea except when necessary, is it?  If Player B Poaches one of my Guests, and I Block it, I lose my Dessert cards; they keep theirs.  On their next turn, they can just Poach again, and I (most likely) can't Block anymore.  On the other hand, if I don't Block, I can just Poach the Guest right back on their turn.  (The exception is when the Poach would win them; then I have to Block - and hope I can change something before their next turn).



I will give you my 2 cents worth.  I took it as the cards were desserts being given to the guests.  You would have to split the dessert between two guests to satisfy them both by "halving" the portion.  You couldn't just pull out the spice from the spice cake and use if on one guest and the cake for another.  The Spice Cake is a single unit.  That is how I have interpreted it with the group I have been playing with.  So we have not been trying to satisfy two guests with one dessert.  There isn't enough to go around.

The rules are really unclear as to how you can satisfy two guests.  

My group has decided that:

- if two guests want chocolate then you have to play two desert cards that contain chocolate.

- if one guest hates nuts, then you can't use a nut-containing card on that turn for either guest. 

- we allow a single card to be split up to satisfy parts of two different guest's order.  i.e. from the Butter Pecan Ice Cream card Granny gets ice-cream and Fuzzy gets nuts. This makes about as much sense as serving a Banana Split and a Pecan Pie, when fuzzy really is craving a the nuts and chocolate in a Peanut Butter Cup.

We also found that when we play with 5 players, we often run out of guests.  The game seems to need more guests.  

After playing the base game a few times, we moved on the the advanced rules. We also decided to only allow poaching with a guest's favourite food(s). This seems to make the poaching mechanism make more sense. 

When serving 2 guests, there's no sharing. You must satisfy each guest individually. To claim 2 guests in one turn you first serve one, then the other.

I love this fan club because the Looneys get on here and answer questions themselves.  Thanks a Ton to the both for taking the time to help out the players and the techs.

Thanks Andy!

Just Desserts mis-print?

Just broke out my demo copy of Just Desserts to play with my coworkers, and it looks like Granny ended up with a craving for cake, instead of pie... :(



I think you are right, Tim.  Everything else looks in order.

Andy acknowledged this error in the latest episode of The Download, his podcast with Keith Baker.

I can scan in a few of the pie icons and print off on labelstock to amend the card.  This might be the easiest approach.  Jeff, are they planning on offering an errata card?

Yes - this is an error...   a replacement card has been created, I'll post a link as soon as it is available!

I got my replacement Granny today. I plan to use BOTH in my deck; the error Granny will be from the Mirror Universe.

This is irksome. As the set we were playing with at the UKGamesExpo, had the 'fixed' granny, and I bought my copy from Traveling Man (recommended stockist), I assumed that it would also feature the 'fixed' granny, but alas it didn't. I only found out when I got home, as I didn't think to check while you were still over here, and I know that Andy had a few copies at least (I saw him give one out).

Having just checked now, I find that although the card is free, the postage is $5 to the UK, making the card pretty well nonviable for UK consumption. Is it possible to get a copy of the card from the UK? As I'm not ever likely to pay for $5 for a single card.

We will ship it for free if you email customerservice@looneylabs.com. The postage can't be removed in the webstore but we ship this from the office because it's our error. We also add it in the webstore so that people who are buying JD there can have them shipped together.

Amber, thank-you. And thank-you again to Looney Labs.Email sent.

I'm glad I said nice things to Kristin about customer service at UKGamesExpo now, you've proven me right again.  ;)


There's probably no real solution for my issue.

I have the 2014 Xmas gift that has the extra loonacy cards with the fruitcake that I mixed in with the game.  The coloring of the cards is a very slight shade off.  Normally I don't notice because I am not focused on that.  But my 12 year old does.  And that makes a difference if she picks first or not (basically, will a fruitcake at that moment benefit her).

I don't want to take these cards out as I loooove the fruitcake.  Does anyone have any suggestions? I make her take the card if she is ready to grab it. But maybe there is a special custom rule I can come up with.


So... my suggestion about how to handle this (since we can't fix the slight variations in cardback color that are bound to happen with promo cards) is to make the draw phase more structured:

Before the game, decide on a set draw order.  Decide who will always draw first, and players will then draw in order around the circle.

--> Everyone will still hold their cards face down and look simultaneously, of course.

Yes, this means that observant players may still know that they (or another) has a card which is guaranteed to be playable, but at least it prevents the irritating "I'm just going to hover here and let someone else draw first because I don't want that top card, because I know it's a Fruitcake."

Hope that's helpful!

Why not just buy a bunch of card sleeves with opaque backs? That would also hide the (bad) perforations on older promo cards. Do some research to determine which card sleeves best fit Fluxx cards: there's a TON of options available, surely there's a size for Fluxx that won't leave them rattling around in the sleeves (or falling out when held upside down).




When playing with my daughter, I like your idea Alison.  She always feel she has to be the first of everything.  So we decided last night to flip a coin as to who in each game gets to take the first card from the draw pile.  As far as playing with adults, the slight color difference has not impacted play.  But when playing with an adult we were always trying to figure out "rules" as to who picks first.  So this is a great option we are going to use in our house.  Deciding before the game who gets the first, second, third... card.

Coming late to the 'game' so to speak.

So I got out of tabletop gaming back in 2004 and at the time, the friends I had were mostly into d&d not much else. I just got back into table top gaming in late 2013, so I missed a lot of good stuff that is no longer produced. If anyone happens to have extra copies of proton and or Q-turn, those are just a couple of the compact games I would like to have on hand. I realize that q-turn is available as a printed PDF but I am somewhat OCD about certain things and I don't think I would last very long with printed stickers stuck to whatever tokens I could come up with to stick them to. So if you have any hit me up with some offers so I can work something into my class budget. I am really looking more for proton than anything else at this point as I like the idea of keeping it in my pocket and being able to play with no playing surface, but q-turn is also pretty high in that list.


I think I still have a copy of Proton, I would just have to find it. When I do, I'll check this page to see if you're still looking for it.

Cool thanks. I am really interested in that one but have had 0 luck finding a copy anywhere. I have seen a few peopl;e on BGG who have their Q-Turn up for trade but none of them are looking for anything I am willing to trade, but I have not seen proton at all.

Still looking for a copy of Q-Turn as well. If anyone has an extra.

I found Proton today. Sending you a friend request so we can take the discussion private.

Loonacy desconstructed

As a stats geek, game designer and engineer, I took Loonacy apart the moment I got it.

Not all images appear the same number of times in the deck.  Fifteen images appear six times each, and ten images appear seven times each.  Five images appear eight times (Lady Freedom, Ship, House, The Looneys, and Chocolate).

As we all know, the art comes from different Fluxx editions:

Fluxx (Chocolate, Clock, Cookie, Eye, Love, Moon, Pizza, Sun, Toaster, and the Looneys themselves)

Stoner Fluxx (Lady Freedom)

Family Fluxx (House)

EcoFluxx (Butterfly)

Zombie Fluxx (Brain, Car)

Monty Python Fluxx (Holy Grail)

Martian Fluxx (Mothership, Pyramid)

Pirate Fluxx (Monkey, Ship)

Star Fluxx (Crystals, Cute Alien)

Oz Fluxx (Bucket, Toto)

Cthulhu Fluxx (Black Cat)

Monster Fluxx (Franken-Monster, Fuzzy Monster, Spooky Door)

Not sure where the Earth and the Flag came from.  Nothing seems to be included from Fluxx Espanol or any of the foreign editions.  Also, it was a missed cross-marketing opportunity not to include anything from Chrononauts, EAC, Aquarius, BTTF Are You the Traitor or Seven Dragons.

If you get the TableTop Day 2014 promos for Loonacy, then you get an extra image of each of the five that already appear most often.  I wonder if that was deliberate.  Also, has anyone else noticed that the TableTop promos don't shuffle into Loonacy inconspicuously?

At any rate, I'm enjoying Loonacy far more than I ever expected I would, and it has exceeded my expectations.  Thank you!


Loonacy promo?

How do I get one, if there's no local Tabletop event hat I can attend?

Nanofictionary A-Go Go

I just received my copy of Nanofictionary from DriveThru Cards[1] and am looking forward to inventing some stories wit the kids.  Thank you for making this little gem available again.

[1] http://www.drivethrucards.com/product/109802/Nanofictionary

Loonacy entry on BGG

There is now a page for Loonacy at the BGG site at http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/154892/loonacy.  It needs a little love as far as links, reviews and especially images.  Regarding images I think that explicit permission is needed to upload box art, logos, etc.  We (Looney Labs fans) would be happy to put the relevant information and images up on BGG given LL permission and guidance on the choices.


The images at the link below are available from Looney Labs under the Creative Commons license.  You should be able to upload them to BGG as long as you follow the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.  The first one would be especially suitable as a representative image.


Excellent, thanks.  I had somehow missed that page.  Images submitted.

New Card Game for 2014

Looney Labs is coming out with a new card game in 2014. Want to help us name it? Take our survey here and tell us what name you like best:





Completed and commented.

Would have been a more informed choice though if we'd been given some sort of pointer as to the theme of the game?


I gave my comments on the submission page, but I thought I might stir some fFurther conversation by copying them here.  Actually I have added some extra comments From what I wrote there, so I guess these are fFurther thoughts on the subject.  If you'd prefer to keep opinions closed fFor a while, then you can delete this comment, certainly.

Also, I love the idea of giving a name to a game we know nothing about!!  How fFun!!!

Lunatixx is neat because it echoes both Looney and Fluxx.  That's cool.  =)  It's a terrific name which sounds great and should be very easy to identify as a unique thing.

Match Attack doesn't really say much about it, or maybe it says too much, I'm not sure.  But it doesn't fFeel right.

Flip Off sounds a little negative to me.  And maybe too generic, possibly.

Keeper Chase is alright, but it echoes Fluxx a little too much.  Also it makes me think of Steeple Chases, which is a kind of horse race.  If this is not a horse game, this might not be the best name.  Although that may provide some good imagery fFor the game.

Madhouse is a great name, and is my second choice.  However it might be a little, I don't know, off, somehow.

I chose Lunatixx for exactly the same reason as you Scott and commented accordingly.

On second reading though, unless the moon is part of the new game, perhaps it should be Loonatixx?

I agreed with the lunatixx for that same reason also. It screams looney and fluxx.

If this game is like Fluxx (fast, random, silly), I'd choose Lunatixx.  If it's longer or more mentally challenging, I'd choose Madhouse.

Flip Off sounds rude and family-unfriendly.

I forget what the other two options were, but they both sounded bland and boring, like mediocre Flash games you would play in Facebook.

Nice Choose One mini-review by the Dice Tower (Tom Vasel)

Tom Vasel on the Dice Tower holiday picks video leads with Choose One.  Three cheers for Looney Labs!



If only he'd posted the correct retail price on there.

The reincarnation of Proton, or Martian O-nenju

My job is such that it requires me to just sit and think for long stretches of time.  However, not being much of a sitter my thinking time often occurs in the woods near my office as I wander the paths or makes new paths.

One day I happened to have a copy of Proton in my jacket pocket and as is my wont my fingers fidgeted over the tiles without my conscious direction.  Upon returning to my office I happened to notice that the tiles were in a particularly interesting configuration and thought that was an odd occurrence.   Since that time however, I've taken Proton on my walks with me and have used the feel of the shifting tiles to focus my mind in much the same way that a Buddhist might use a set of o-nenju (similar to prayer beads).  As an added bonus, it's always interesting to see the patterns on the board after my walks.

Thank you Looney Labs for creating this "game", allowing me to make paths with my fingers while I make paths in the woods while clearing paths in my mind.  Now all we need is a version of Proton with 108 tiles. :-)


+1 Like.  =)

Are You A Werewolf Deluxe Edition roles

Hey peoples. I just got my Werewolf Deluxe Edition that was recently Kickstartered and it is fantastic. For those of you with a copy, here is a link to a page of extra roles to add to the viewers formatted to fit the bases.


Monochrome Chess!

I played Monochrome Chess against my father-in-law last night. His chess skills had atrophied a lot farther than I expected, but he still got the hang of if by the time the game ended. I won, 44 to 27. Rule Suggestion: The game should end of either player reaches 50 points. There are only 99 possible points available for capture, since at least one piece must remain on the board at the end of the game. Fifty points is the smallest possible score that cannot be overcome. Rule Question: What happens when I have pieces on my side of the board (only pawns), but have no legal move? Does the game end, or do I just forfeit my turn?


For those not familiar with the game, could you post a link to the rules?  

Pawns can move in either direction, so the situation in your question can only happen if you manage to form a solid line of pawns with a cap on the opponent's side, while at the same time having nothing else left on your side. It's technically possible, but it shouldn't happen unless both players are playing deliberately to force it.

Oh, apparently I could have moved my own pawns *backward*.  I had not considered this.

Aquarius Dragon Shuffle Muffle

I just got an Aquarius Dragon in the mail, and set to figuring out how to use it. It made me feel terribly unobservant to be confronted with the fact that all of the Action cards had obvious attributions to the five elements of Aquarius ... except Shuffle Hands.

The art on Shuffle Hands pretty clearly represents Space, Air, and Earth; but no Water or Fire. Aquarius is such a finely 
 game that it doesn't seem like it could have been the plan to favor the three former elements at the expense of the two latter.

So, my inference is that Shuffle Hands would simply restore the Wild status of the Aquarius Dragon, rather than assigning it to one or even all three of the elements shown. Can anyone confirm that as the design intention, or relate experiences playing it that way or some other?


P.S. The Aquarius Dragon is no particular help in most IceQuarius games, but I like it for 
Aquarius Rising.

P.P.S. I'm currently reading The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby, and the idea of having a whole world of five elements uncoiling from a dragon seems really numinous and wonderful at the moment.


Hi Matthew,

The intention is that the Aquarius (AQ) Dragon should work exactly like the Silver Dragon in Seven Dragons (7D), so by extension, since the 7D promo card Shuffle Hands depicts the Rainbow Dragon art (and the instructions included with the Shuffle Hands 7D promo say that it turns the Silver Dragon wild) the Aquarius Dragon is turned fully Wild by the Shuffle Hands action in Aquarius.

You have to keep in mind that when Aquarius was designed the original five actions clearly mapped to the five elements.  When we added the sixth action, there were no extra elements to map it to, so we used the "long hair babe" and a generic AQ landscape.

Then, when we made 7D, the whole concept of having the action-color map to a change of the Silver Dragon was new.  Also, we did not include the sixth action, Shuffle Hands, but we made it as a promo card, and the obvious art was the sixth available dragon, the Rainbow Dragon, and hence it's obvious effect on the Silver Dragon was to have it go wild again (which is pretty powerful, and one of the reasons we made it a promo card instead of including three of them like there are in AQ).

Then we retroactively applied the Silver Dragon and it's qualities to AQ, but the art on the AQ Shuffle Hands action was never intended to map explicitly to a particular element, so unfortunately, it's not clear from the art what it does to the AQ Dragon. 

Unfortunately, we've printed all of the AQ Dragons that we're going to print, and when they run out, we won't be doing a second run, so there is no chance to fix the AQ Dragon instructions.  But we should put this up on the FAQ...

Thanks! I haven't played Seven Dragons, but I noted on the Pyramids wiki that it seems to be a good candidate for a Pyramid mash-up.

Aquarius 2009 Delta

I've just recently bought an Aquarius deck. I've played a few "straight" hands, and I'm looking forward to Aqua-Chicken and Anti-Aquarius also.

I'm very interested in some of the IceQuarius games that I've found on the wiki (like Alheimur, Pantopia, and Quintazone), but it seems that all of them have rules written for the original deck. I know that the 2009 version--which I have--includes some additional cards. Although the Looney Labs website has a nice card list for the current deck, I haven't been able to find one for the original deck, so I don't know exactly what the differences are. Can anyone direct me to good info?

I'm especially curious to see if the new larger deck can make Pantopia work with a single deck rather than two as written.


The original Aquarius had a deck of 60 cards.  The new one has 80.  To bring the card deck up to the new size, we added the following 20 cards:

10: diagonal cards
3: Shuffle Hands (a sixth Action)
5: one extra full panel card of each element
1: wild card
1: ad card for Pink Treehouse

We also changed the Action "Shuffle Goals to "Rotate Goals" in the new version.  That might change gameplay for some of the games that use that card.

Another change in the current version is in the rules, not the cards.  In the second version, we added the bonus for drawing an extra card when you make multiple-connections with a play.  Before there was no benefit for matching more than one panel when you place a card.

Thanks! I was able to infer most of the rules changes by playing some Javaquarius. But I was anxious to figure out those counts on the element cards.

Idea: Aquarius II

I think that it would be interesting to elaborate on the Aquarius mechanics, and create a full-fledged sequel. I find that a lot of first-time players want to try to place cards sideways, and if the cards were exactly twice as long as they were wide, you could totally do this, provided that the splits on the cards were designed to fit this.

This is sort of similar to the "Hexaquarius" thread, but I quickly put this image together to show how some of the new cards could be sectioned off, not necessarily to show how they could be laid differently.


I think I would want fFewer elements with those cards.  Instead of 5, maybe only 3, like Red/Yellow/Blue.  Which means fFewer players, probably.  Actually that might be an interesting way to try double element panels.  Imagine panels which are Orange (both Red and Yellow), Green (Blue and Yellow), and Purple (Red and Blue).  I had considered double-element panels before, but it doesn't work well in Aquarius.  This layout, however, might work quite well.  Maybe?

I think if you were going to use fewer colors, it might be best to turn the game into a team game. If it was going to move to a team game, it might even be interesting to introduce a social deception element where everyone gets roles, and someone on your team is a "gremlin" who somehow benefits by setting your team back or causing them to lose.

I dunno, at that point, we're almost not talking about Aquarius anymore, and it's more along the lines of something like The Resistance.

Diagonal Dragons

I note that, unlike in the most recent version of Aquarius, Seven Dragons has no diagonally divided cards.  Was this intentional or merely an oversight?  I'd enjoy adding another 20 possible combinations (all 2[4!] of them) to my deck.


Diagonals were eliminated because they just didn't look good. Larry's paintings worked fine when I was cutting various rectangular shapes out of them, but triangular subsections always came out looking strange. So I changed the 10 diagonal cards to 10 cards with 3 dragons each.

I don't really miss them,myself.  It adds some more difference between 7Dragons and Aquarius.

I never really bothered about 7 Dragons because I assumed it was the same as Aquarius.

Thanks for giving me a reason to buy it anyway :-)

You'd be surprised with 7 Dragons Mike. I thought the same as you before I bought it but I like dragons so I got it anyway. There are plenty of differences between the games. Aside from the obvious difference with the Silver dragon, I think the biggest and best change is that there is no longer a "Shuffle Goals" card which makes the game significantly less random and more strategic. There's also a couple of other rules tweaks that improve the game but overall I highly recommend 7 Dragons even if you have Aquarius.

With the dragon promo card, Aquarius is a lot like 7 Dragons.  Slightly different cards, but … very similar.  I consider the two games to be similar to the million editions of Fluxx.  They're all Fluxx, but you get to choose your favorite theme.

My preference for Aquarius is two-fold: First, with the dragon promo card, have more portability as you can play at least three games with one deck of cards.  (A couple of pyramid games it seems…)  Second, the stereotypically hippie-inspired artwork is very kid-friendly and the game comes with rules adaptations for younger players.

In my day job, I teach emergency preparedness.  The difference between "doomsday preppers" and the rest of us is perspective: In the real world, when stuff happens you tend to have lots of people under stress with not a whole lot to do.  That leads to a lot of anxious worry for adults and teens, and to fear in children.  The best solution is to have something to do!

Games are something, and Aquarius is a very compact game once taken out of its box.

Werewolf 101

Hey everyone -


I'm going to come right out and say it: I'm a Werewolf. Yep, sure am. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I'd like to talk about a compendium I'm putting together online: Werewolf 101. It's a site dedicated to the greatest con game to ever be played until dawn: Are You A Werewolf. It's a work in progress to be sure but I'm proud of what I've assembled so far. That isn't to say it's anywhere near complete and that's where the Looney Labs community comes in. I need your help!


What I'm looking for are guest writers. Fanatics like me who would love to talk about how you play the game, where and when and everything that you do to win. Strategy, tactics, tips, tricks and amusing recaps are all welcome. Anything, really, to give the site as many points of view as possible. 


Anyone that contributes will be credited and I'm more than happy to link to their email or website. There's no financial compensation available as I don't allow ads and am not going to make a dime off the site, so I couldn't possible offer anyone else cash to write. What you will get is the satisfaction in knowing you're adding your unique voice to a collective of Werewolf players and fans, spreading the word about how great the game is and how complex it can be. 


Check it out today at http://www.werewolf101.com and email me at mattwolff@gmail.com if you'd like to help out. Also, if you're in the Chicagoland area and are interested in playing Werewolf I belong to a couple groups that play every 2 weeks or so and can get you an invite. Thanks for reading, happy playing and I accuse YOU! \O__


Matt Wolff


Have you tried playing with the Artifacts set yet? My group usually meets up for some epic games on Halloween, and the new set wasn't available just yet. So looking forward to unleashing it on some seasoned players.

I'm really a purist when it comes to Werewolf but that said, the groups I play with here in Chicago are not. Only when we have less than 9-10 players do we stick to the traditional Villager/Werewolves/Seer roles so I'm very familiar with all the Ultimate nonsense. 

I've tried Artifacts and was not a fan. Granted I tried Artifacts in conjunction with Ultimate and I think I might like Artifacts better if used with the base Werewolf roles instead of minions, hags, bodyguards, etc. I may try that one of these days.

In the end though, my purist ways make me shy away from goofy roles that I feel detract from the psychology of the game.

Yeah, I think maybe it would work better if there were blank Artifact cards that you could give to "special" roles, so that you could give the real Artifacts cards to "regular" roles. That way everyone has two cards, nothing seems out of the ordinary.

Nanofictionary Blog

I recently got a whole lot of NanoBlanks and made a custom deck of around 400 cards (all of the actual cards, plus everything I could find online, and tons of my own random, screwy ideas.  The game is awesome, and Andy's redone rules streamline the game a lot, and make it mostly about the stories (a good thing).  Outside of playing the actual game, my wife and I also like to randomly grab one character, setting, problem, and resolution, and make up a story on the spot.  This led me to an idea.

I started a blog, and intended to update once a day with a new random story.  Then school started (I attend a seminary in Tennessee).  I got busy, and haven't updated in a while.  I was told to post it on this forum, though.  You all can read the 10 or so stories that are up there, and hopefully I'll get around to adding more stories in the near future.

I hope a second edition of this game gets printed sometime soon.  With the right group (creative and/or sleepy people), it's really awesome.

Here's the blog.



I second hoping for a second edition, i played this while in college, and would love to get a full set, nice blog also, i would think this could be an interesting post a day, short stories would be pretty easy, longer ones would be appreciated im sure. great idea.


While losing playing in the Aquarius tournament at Origins, I made the comment that it'd be interesting to see Aquarius done with square cards, making 4 possible orientations for each non-action card instead of 2. Someone at the table suggested using hexagons instead, leaving 6 possible ways to play each non-action card, which really has me intrigued in how it would play.


However, I don't want to step on any toes or push any buttons, so I figured I'd ask here, see what the Looney's think about me making one set for just me and my friends. Also, if there are any tips for how to make the 5 colors fair, I'd love to hear them.





I'm pretty sure the Looneys would not mind stuff you make for home use. 


To make it fair, first pick the ways you want to divide up the card.  For example, with square cards the patterns may include:

  • one color for the whole card,
  • 1/2 - 1/2
  • 1/2 - 1/4 - 1/4
  • 1/4 - 1/4 - 1/4 - 1/4

Then for each pattern make sure that each color is used the same number of times.  You don't need to use every possible combination of colors for each pattern, but the ones you use should be balanced.  Count how many times each color is used. 


Also count how many times particular sets of colors appear together, so they can be equal as well. 


There is a set of photos I uploaded to BGG showing how nicely distributed the Aquarius 2.0 deck colors were.  You can see them at the gallery:


The link to the first of four images is found here:



Good luck!

For hexagons, a single slice seems like a bit too little for a single color on a tile.  Limiting yourself to at least two slices yields three nice divisions: One solid color, two colors each on one half, or three colors each on two slices.  However, that limits you to only 35 unique tiles, and that's counting the mirror images of the three-color tiles separately.


Perhaps such a small deck would work for you; it's not much smaller than the first edition of Aquarius.  However, the relative scarcity of each element might make it harder.  You could, of course, bulk up the deck with even more actions; a "rotate tile" action, for example, could be either very fun or very frustrating.

Don't forget though, that each "slice" is "cut" along the center of a side, not at the corners.  However the problem with this is that you can, concieveably, have up to six sections per tile and there are only five elements.  This could result in some tiles with multiple segments of a single element or a new type of element.  There are many ways to handle it, but some could be more interesting than others.

Seven Dragons action card rules clarification

I have a question about the rules for Seven Dragons. 


The standard set of operations when playing an action card is to perform the action and then change the color of the Silver Dragon by putting the card on top of the discard pile.  Now that I'm reading the rules, I see that they state, "If you don't want both to happen, you have the option to skip one."  That seems pretty explicit that you can take the action, change the color of the Silver Dragon or both, but you can't do neither.  However I saw one of the Demo Techs at Origins, say that you could in fact do neither: NOT take the action and then play the card to bottom of the discard pile.  This effectively gives you a "pass" option at the cost of an action card.  Unfortunately, I then went on to spread this (most likely) incorrect reading of the rules.


Was the intent to disallow the "neither" option?  I don't see how the rules could be read any other way.  On the other hand, making the action card procedure two independent decisions (first either perform the action or not; then put the card at either the top or bottom of the discard pile) seems like a more elegant way to do things.



If I may tag onto Ryan's thread, I just remembered something which is sort of similar and could use some addressing:

Is it possible fFor the very fFirst action card to NOT change the color of the silver dragon?  My interpretation would be no, the initial action card must always change the color, therefore changing the color to at least something other than "wild" in the rest of the game.  The initial action card is the top of the discard pile, and cannot be slinked to the bottom of the deck.  However I noticed several games where the silver dragon remained wild the entire game.

Who is right?

From the rules:

After  carrying out the action, add the card face up to the discard pile (next to the draw pile).

I don't see too much wiggle room there at all.  The first action must change the color of the Silver Dragon.

Mind you... That's basically the same situation for my question, as far as being addressed in the written rules goes.


That's correct. The first action must change the silver dragon's color. The Silver Dragon is NOT meant to stay wild for the whole game!


As for doing nothing with an Action, no you can't do that. Passing is an option if you don't want to do anything, but you can't waste an Action card. If you play it, at least one of the actions it provides must occur.


I'm working on posting an official FAQ with this and other questions answered!

OK, I posted the first few FAQ answers here:


Thanks for the FAQ Andrew, however I get an error if I click on the link.

Seven Dragons Update

Our newest card game SEVEN DRAGONS will be coming out very soon...  

  • We just uploaded an Intro Video for the game - CHECK IT OUT
  • Demo Team members have started to receive their advance copies and have started running demos for the game all over...  LEARN MORE
  • You can order the game from your LOCAL GAME STORE now - or from OUR WEB STORE starting 6/3
  • AND...   we will soon have 50 signed un-cut sheets that are looking for homes!  

Uncut sheets?  Yes, we saved 50 sheets - and had them signed and numbered by Larry Elmore - and they are spectacular! 

One of them is going to our friend Dave, for helping to coordinate the actors and photo shoot for the demo video we just shot. Several have been claimed by retail store owners who are big supporters of our games and have the wall space to display them. One will certainly be going to the Demo Team member who does the most pre-promotion for the game over the next month, and one will likely be a prize at the first ever Seven Dragons Tournament at Origins next month...   but what shall we do with the rest of them?   We will likely put a few up for sale in our web store at $50 each...  


I run a retail store; can I get a sheet?



Dave: You can absolutely have one...  if you have space to hang it in your store I would love to send you one!  It will be a few weeks before they are ready...  but I will check back to this thread to see who I said could have one.  :)


Thanks for promoting Looney Labs games in your store!

If you would be so kind as to allow the honor, we would proudly feature this in our stores - once we frame it. :)

Thanks Dan!  Not only can you have one, but I'm going to send you one of the very first numbers - as an extra thank you for all the great promotion of our retailer specials you just posted at GameSalute.com 

But I have one more favor to ask of you...  instead of using your store name (Myriad Games) as your account name, please edit your profile and change your fan club account name to be YOUR name instead. As it says on our Getting Started page...  "Retailers - please make an account for yourself as a fan (with a name/picture of yourself not your store) but feel free to say anything you want about your store on your profile page.  Then sign up for this Resellers Group for further discussion on integrating stores with this fan club."

Thanks for selling and promoting our games for the last decade! 

I'll let my retailer know about this. He might want one.

I have posted a story about it for the newspaper where I work.



"Fluxx Fluxx" is made of LL product crossovers

"Fluxx Fluxx" is a Fluxx game in which all the Keepers are Fluxxes, and all the goals combine them.


Goal: Dead Man's Chest = Pirate Fluxx + Zombie Fluxx

Goal: Dead Men Tell No Tales = Pirate Fluxx + Nanofictionary

Goal: The Galaxy Song = Monty Python Fluxx + Martian Fluxx

Goal: Fluxx Capacitor = Back To The Future + any two Fluxxes

Goal: Spaced Out = Martian Fluxx + Cosmic Coasters

Elementary Particles = Aquarius + Proton



Goal: Cult Classic = Martian Fluxx + Zombie Fluxx

Goal: Reuse and Recycle = Zombie Fluxx + Eco Fluxx



Not sure if anyone else has thought to play Aquarius this way but it's become such a staple that we usually never play aquarius properly anymore.

Everybody is dealt three cards and a goal, just as usually. But instead of trying to get seven cards to win, what ever goal has seven cards is "out" and that player loses. , forfeiting their hand into the discard pile and revealing their now dead goal. The game not only becomes strategic to try and stop people from assuming what goal you have (as is with normal Aquarius) but it's oh-so-fun to connect all the rainbows in a long chain, create a big starry night sky, etc etc that if your goal is targeted at first you have to do some serious work to keep yourself alive.

Try it out, it's tons of fun~


This sounds truly fascinating - I look forward to giving it a try!
It is, hope it turns out being fun for you guys :)
This is a TON of fun!
On occasion, my friends and I will play "Blind Aquarius", where no one checks their goal, and we play until a connection of 7 is created. Seeing as you don't know your goal, we play in such a way that it becomes very hard to make anything connect, and it's really funny when you find out that you worked against yourself.
We play something similar called Aquachicken that Cooperjohn came up with - it's a sub game some players choose to play, where they try to be the last to look at their goal.  Here are the rules.
Hey awesome!  With Aquarius, you get 3 games: Aquarius, The Hair Down, and Aquachicken!


Hey everyone i was wondering who all would be interested in getting a copy of Q-Turn if a short run was to become avalible?


The Reason i am bringing this up I have spoken to a few companies about producing it with persmission from Looney Labs of Course.


I was just going to have a set made for myself originally, and thought others may have some interest in a copy, If anyone is interested i would love to know.

Use the following coupon code FSVIPUSER - free shipping http://www.artscow.com/gallery/card/looney-labs-round-deck-l1nolsr8r575


I would LOVE a copy!

I wonder if you and i are the only ones wanting a copy LOL

I made one w/ wooden nickels/sharpie.  How are you planning to have them made?  It might also br good to know the ballpark cost.
I can get 27 sets made out of white plastic embossed with black with all the symbols front and back for 75 total that includes shipping. So rounded up 3 dollars a set to have them made out of plastic.... as for wood so far the cheapest i have found is like 32 dollars a set which is awful. but those would be laser Engraved nickles, but im still looking never know what i may find....
Let me know, I'll definitely purchase a set from you. Thanks! :)
For $3 a set, in plastic, I'd be interested in getting one or two.
thats the manufacturing cost and from the looks of it its going to be closer to 10 dollars a set maybe 12 at the most depending on different factors.... :-|
Sign Me Up!!!
I have a few more companies to talk to Im hoping i can find the most cost effect way to do this :-)
10 bucks sounds reasonable.
At $10, I'd buy a set.
I'd be interested in a set or 2 at $10/each.
Any updates, Shane?
I have to come up with the money to have them made a little short on the cash side didn't realize that you asked on the 2nd i do apologize...
Understandable. Keep me updated, I would love a set!
I'd like a set, too, for around $10



Well, I find myself in the want category as well.
I would be interested. depending on the price, I would be intrested in multipule copies.
Any chance the rules can get some rewrites and clarifications?  Andy's rule-writing skills are much better now than they were when Q-turn was originally written.  It's a pretty good game, but it could be better with improved rules.
Out of curiosity, how much would be needed to begin this project?
I have my own set made from poker chips. I would be interested in a cast set. Any news on this project?
@Scott - I spoke with Kristin over the phone, they have no plans to release Q-Turn again, so i assume from that information the likely hood of the rules being updated by Looney Labs are pretty slim. But i have been looking at the rules myself and may take a shot at them.... @Daniel - I could prob be able to get a small run done for as little as 100 dollars..... That would be for plastic pieces... Wood pieces would be closer to 500 to 600.... @Robert - as of right now it's in limbo have to have the money first before i can do anything and well money has been tight...

Had an idea! what about a large printed version of Q-Turn Printed on Round Playing Cards?! They would look exactly like Q-Turn but playing card format?!

Seeing that I had custom Twin Win Cards Printed.... Thought I would run the Q-Turn card by everyone to see what you thought?

That sounds cool. How much would a set be?


A card version would be roughly 6 dollars.... Then whatever shipping and handling costs are.....
I would love a set!

I would get a card version for $6.


You may also want to post on one or more of the email lists, like the Rabbits one, since not everyone there has gotten onto this site.

Very colorful!
An alternate idea would be to use plastic discs and printed colour labels. This could easily be set up for printing at The Game Crafter.
I'm going to have a card set made :-) in fact I have been working on something special it's a round 54 card deck that consists of the following: Q-Turn: 16 Cards Rainbow TwinWin: 10 Cards Xeno TwinWin: 10 Cards Pink TwinWin: 1 Card I was debating on adding a grey twin card but seeing it will never be produced again :-( I see no point in it so give me ideas guys :-) 17 blank cards as of now open for suggestions? And then instead of my selling this to you guys I found that the company will let share the deck design and you all can just purchase directly from them :-) Also round playing cards would be awesome for zark city as well just saying :-p The deck of cards is 10.99 + 8.99 S&H so it's $20 for the deck but I'll provide you with a free shipping and handling code :-D and if the 6.99 per deck & Free S&H deal is still running I'll provide you guys with that code as well :-)
That sounds great!

Saweet!  This is swinging a pure hit here.  You are right, round cards would make for a very interesting Zark City deck...


Well, I have a gray set.  So, I would say yes please to that.  Maybe a "Weird Color," fFor people with root beer, watermelon, electric yellow, and other weird colors.  =)

You could also add some "Good" and "Evil" cards to the mix, fFor homeworlds.  And maybe an "It's Your Turn" Card?

Seeing that looney labs sells good evil cards I don't know if that idea is good or not as for the other twin win card I could always add one that refers to all wierd colors so I guess its title would be unique nest, unique tree?
here is the front and back of one of the cards i created the unique nest using a brown, greenish color, and watermelon gradient for those who have a unique colored stash :-) tell me what you think ill be changing the green to a more yellow color instead

I would definately like  a deck of these cards.  Keep me posted.


I would love a Q-turn set. The cards look pretty. I've been running a pyramid variation through my head. Thinking of calling it Ice -Turn. The twin win cards look awesome. would like a rainbow/xeno set with pink. (i missed out on orange )
Actually, it occurs to me, instead of putting a square shape on a round card, you could probably make up a round shape to put on a round card.  It's simply clockwise motion with a center hub.  fFeeling creative?
Yes but it's the movements on twin win I placed it there so it would help those who can't remember the movements
vectorizing the rasterized twin win cards and Q-Turn to make sure Highest quality Printing for these playing cards
Update: Changed the Q-TURN back to black, vectorized, scaled, uploaded.... Added: Grey Tree, and Nest Removed: Unique Tree, and Nest.... Uploaded
i have 14 more cards any ideas?! lol
aww, no "Unique," and no tie-dye color Q-Turn icons then?  They were pretty.  Ah well, I'm guessing there's a good reason.

I restate my suggestion of a "It's Your Turn" card.


Also, I wonder how useful it might be to have a series of cards which show a star in space.  This would be used fFor Homeworlds.  I have observed what usually happens in Homeworlds (especially with with several players) is, we get a lot of bits all over the table, and it's sometimes a little less than obvious what pieces are next to what stars.  If a ship moves a half inch away fFrom one star, it is moved closer to another star.  Remove a piece between a ship and a star, and the ship might appear to be fFloating in space.

To this end, It might be nice to have some cards with generic spacey pictures.  Maybe some pictures fFrom NASA or something.  I'm sort of thinking of the classic Cosmic Encounter starting hex areas which had a black and white starry pattern, but that imagery does no good if you have never played the game.  =)

Actually, I can make something up pretty quick.  See the attached image fFor what I mean.  =)

ok so to use up card space i add back the unique tree and nest and will be adding a few its your turn cards to the deck.....


Looking at NASA's Website right now some of these images are amazig


so here is what i will be using which do you guys like better the negative or the normal.... i think Im going to use the positive image.... and use the negative as the back
I agree with your design plans.
Hi there. This thread has a lot of subpoints I guess I should reply to but I'll start by saying that as long as you're making It's My Turn cards -- and I think that's a great idea, I've been meaning to myself for ages -- I have a round version of my version you can use. It's attached!
Well Thank You I appreciate that very much

I have 9 cards left to come up with sooooo any ideas? lol


24 TWIN-WIN Cards

16 Q-Turn Cards

5 Whose Turn is it Cards


Not sure why you need 5 Whose Turn cards.  If you could get by with fewer, maybe you could make "My color is ..." cards in each of the standard colors.  For games like Martian Coasters, where each player plays a unique color, it could be helpful to have an indicator in front of each player.
Seeing that I had space to use 5 who's turn is it cards was for people who have A. either lost a card B. Or who would prefer to have a card in front of them that they can just flip over
or C. like to use them in assorted other games, and therefore want a fFew extra.
Ok that works as well lol :-p
http://www.artscow.com/gallery/card/looney-labs-round-deck-l1nolsr8r575 here is the cards so you can all take a look at them i removed one whose turn is it card so i could add the whose color is that cards :-)

Looks good! What kind of price is expected? Or did I miss that in the thread?

the price is what ever that site charges for the deck im not out to make money :-)
$8.88 + Free Shipping / PROMOCODE: PPC888 http://www.artscow.com/gallery/card/looney-labs-round-deck-l1nolsr8r575 Right now if you follow that link you can get the deck for 8.88 with free shipping using the promo code PPC888
How long will this promo be good?

Code doesn't seem to work. With shipping & full price it's almost $20. :-( I emailed customer service;we'll see what happens.


Thanks for the work on it though - it looks great!


I'm not absolutely sure but I will be posting promo codes as the come available

Got this back from CS:

"The coupon code is for playing cards single design or playing cards 54 design only." :-\


Playing lesser-known games

Does anyone still play any of the lesser-known games such as Cosmic Coasters, Q-Turn and Proton?


I've played Q-Turn, and I have Cosmic Coasters but haven't played it yet.  I do not have Proton.


I'm interested in playing Cosmic Coasters just so I can say I've played it, but I haven't tried to get it to the table with any urgency.  I'd be willing to play Q-Turn again, but unless I'm the one bringing it out it won't get played.


So I guess my answer to your question is mostly negative.


I've been interested in playing them before, but haven't managed to yet.

I have carried Proton in my Wednesday Night Game Bag for the last couple years.  I prefer it as a solitaire puzzle than as a game.

I've played Cosmic Coasters, and still play it, albeit rarely. I played Proton as a solitaire puzzle once, but I think I was too tired at that time to get into it.


I have never had a chance to play Q-Turn.

Never played Q-Turn, but I've played Cosmic Coasters a few times, and I thought the game was pretty fun. Havent played it lately as my usual gaming groups have pretty much gone their separate ways. I can still play Proton solitaire though...

Haven't played Cosmic Coasters in quite a while, but there was a time when it was broken out often.


Which reminds me... I still want to make a new pyramid game that uses the Cosmic Coasters. Martian Coasters shouldn't get all the love.... :)

I find myself playing portable games a lot when I'm out. I've pulled out Cosmic Coasters on many occasions at bars and restaurants due to it's portability and accessibility. Most people are receptive to it and play more than one game, and sometimes I even include my "rock, paper, scissors" dice to add a more random element.

Proton gets the most use waiting before a performance at concerts or theaters. It's a nice game to occupy some time and challenge yourself and a random stranger. It's also a plus that the rules are printed right on the back so you don't always have to explain the game, and while in crowds where it is difficult to hear, this helps a lot. Just hand it to whomever you are standing beside!

Unfortunately, I discovered the Looney world too late to get my hands on a copy of Q-Turn. If anyone has a copy they rarely play and wouldn't mind sending it to a good home, I'll pay handsomely! :)

I have and love cosmic coasters. Proton and Q-turn were sold out before I decided to get them. :(


Anyone looking to sell a copy of either please get in touch with me!

i bought cosmic coasters the other day to try it out
i have played Cosmic Coaster week ago. With pyramids.
The official Q-Turn page (http://www.wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/Qturn/Default.html) has the rules, plus a PDF file that allows you to make your own copy of the game. It's a really neat little game.

Proton is still available through the Looney Labs webstore (http://store.looneylabs.com/Proton).


Here are some interesting Proton solutions:


I have a set of coasters, but don't pull them out often. There's always something people would rather play, really.
I have played Cosmic Coasters more often than Martian Coasters, probably.  I have also considered making up my own races to play with, since the game is Cosmic Encounter made simple.  The joy of C.E. is all the crazy alien races, so why not make a bunch of my own?  I have thought of it, but never had the momentum to do so.  Someday maybe.  =)

My old gaming group used to play Cosmic Coasters as a light filler fairly often, and I recently re-bought it for nostalgia's sake and played with a pyramid-gaming friend a few weeks ago. But not regularly.


I'm interested in Proton but have never seen it in real life.

I love proton. I give proton to my friends for birthdays or holidays and it has been very popular.

Proton's great for that isn't it? A friend and I have gotten into some pretty good 2-player Proton games standing in line at Burger King.

I also use Proton as door prizes at demo events. I've even gotten a second one, drilled a small hole in the corner and attached it to my key chain. Great  conversation starter when I'm standing in line at the bank or at a fast food place.

Have you checked this out?


The door prize idea is great!! I am going to use that next time! Those solutions are awesome i haven't seen any come up in my games but i have had one that is kind of questionable. I ended up connecting one end of a start point to another, personally I think that counts but i dont know if any one else does.

The Procedural Werewolf

I mostly play werewolf with 2 groups: The Looney-based groups at Origins and GenCon, and my local gaming group at home.  The two styles of play are completely different!  I shall elaborate.

In the Looney-based groups, you clap on your knee at night, and days go on until someone is lynched.  The moderator is basically there to make sure the seer gets the right info and to tell the village who died.

In my home group, however, things are much more parliamentary.  Daytime lynchings fFirst require a nomination.  A nomination must be seconded.  Then that person is put to a vote, which is a strictly Thumbs-up/Thumbs-down vote.  If the vote passes, the person is lynched.  If not, they live and cannot be voted on again that day.  There are only 2 votes allowed per day.  If no-one is lynched, then we proceed directly into night.  Nights are as silent as possible.

The way my local group does it drives me nuts!  fFor one thing, there is no incentive to fFind any werewolves fFor several days, since the villagers have no repercussions fFor inaction.  Secondly, because no one is supposed to make any noise at night, anyone who does make noise is meta-gamed into being named to werewolf, because obviously the only person who should be rustling their clothes or shifting in their seat is a werewolf, right?

Also, my home group is more willing to play with different roles and variations, like the hunter or the masons or the wolfman.  These are interesting concepts, and I'm willing to entertain them, but they almost universally unbalance the game against the wolves, I think.

Needless to say, villagers always win in my home games, and tend to not be much fFun.


Check the Princeton Mafia pages for some theory on alternate roles, when to add them, and how many wolves you should have based on villager numbers and roles. Too much to post here, but worth reading.


As for this quote:

fFor one thing, there is no incentive to fFind any werewolves fFor several days, since the villagers have no repercussions fFor inaction.

Sounds like your group is simply playing wrong. EVERY night, the wolves vote to kill someone, regardless of what the villagers do (though I'll confess to never having seen a day go by without a lynching, but I suppose it could happen). So every day that goes by without a lynching is a HUGE advantage to the wolves.


Finally, I'd definitely introduce the thigh-slapping: it makes for some fun ways to misdirect and misinform, as well as being fun to do while sitting with one's eyes closed, waiting for daybreak.


Hope this helps;


Well, yes, the wolves will kill every night.  But, whereas in "looney" games the village might kill a werewolf the fFirst day, my local games might not kill a villager.  The tendency is to simply not kill the fFirst, second, and sometimes third day, until more information is available.

People have looked at me weird every time I suggest a little knee clapping.  Like, "what are you doing and why are you doing it?  We're trying to catch werewolves here and that's really annoying."

Our home games almost always go to the wolves. It seems to be primarily because my group of friends are vindictive and petty ("you thought I was a werewolf last time, so I'm voting for you to get lynched"), which is fun in it's own way and no one takes getting lynched that seriously. As for voting, we usually leave it up to the moderator to determine how it goes. Doing so has a couple of benefits, foremost among them that it adds a little variety to the game since several people have different styles of moderation (ie, whether it takes a plurality or a majority to lynch, amount of debate allowed between suspects, etc). I quite like playing that way, but it does require you to play with people who don't get bent out of shape doing things someone else's way (which it sounds like your knee-slap-averse friends aren't).
When I run it at my local con, MEPACon, I had done the table slapping in the past. This year the room was noisy enough I was able to forgo it. If the players are opposed to thigh slapping, what about background music to mask any noise accidentally made by the werewolves?

I recently made this document to use in the Werewolf Deluxe Edition that was on Kickstarter. It lists some extra roles to add and an indication of how much each role helps the Villagers or the Werewolves. You could include them on cards in your own games.


"People have looked at me weird every time I suggest a little knee clapping."

Did you not explain that the point of the Night Noise rule is to eliminate the problem of minor rustling?

"We're trying to catch werewolves here and that's really annoying."

It sounds like their idea of how to catch a werewolf is to lie awake at night listening for sounds they make. That's not what the game is about, which is why we came up with the Night Noise rule. I'd suggest you decline to play with them until they recognize the need for cover noise. If folks don't like slapping their thighs, they can snap their fingers or hum. You could also get a recording of cricket noises to play on the stereo during the night phases.

For some reason, some people just don't want any part of it. The group of people I normally play with when I'm not at conventions don't want to do the knee slapping, not because they're attempting to meta-game, but they just can't be bothered to actually do it. It's quite frustrating, and for some reason they just can't see the logic in being bothered to clap their knees for a minute whilst the Wolves and the Seer do what needs to be done.

"It sounds like their idea of how to catch a werewolf is to lie awake at night listening for sounds they make."

Yes, that's exactly it.  And, as you suggest, I usually don't play with my local group very much.  Sometimes the group decides to get very creative, and try some variants -- Are You The Traitor goes very well with the group, actually, so I suggest that whenever I can.

As a Moderator, I usually dance around and shuffle my feet as much as I can for this reason. Even though it's just one person, it still does a good job at disguising noises.