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Fan Made: Pink Looney Ludo Board Redux

The Empty City 1st edition image?

Hi all,

On about 1991 Andy merged (as I understand the story that is) his original Icehouse stories with The Empty City to make a "feature length" novel.  That first printing was not the shiny later versions (the version with Alison's sweet artwork) but was photocopy-like.

Does anyone have an image of this first version?  I don't mean a copy of the book itself, just an image of the cover and back covers.

Thanks in advance.


Here you go. New and old, front and back.

Lovely! Thank you!

Uncut Card Sheets

Does anyone own an uncut sheet of cards from any of the games? I remember seeing the Aquarius sheet at LooneyCon last summer and thought it was so awesome. It would be a great piece to have framed in the game room. How many of these sheets are out in the wild? Do you think there will ever be plans to sell more in the future? I hope so :)

LooneyCon 2016: A Totally Biased & Exhaustive Review

*Note: Most photos are not mine and were saved from random social media posts I stumbled across or was directed to during the event, so I have not listed credit for any pictures. Many photos can be clicked to enlarge.  If one needs to be removed, or must be properly attributed, please message me or an administrator.*

     LooneyCon was a blast for most, with there being a few people who probably found it to be borderline epic. Spread over 3 days (Fri July 22nd 4-10pm, Sat July 23rd 10am-10pm, Sun July 24th 10am-4pm) the itinerary covered all things Looney Labs, from existing games to prototypes to spontaneous game creation. Some came from as far as Texas and more, I came from about 150 miles away, with the intention of spending Friday and Saturday, that is until the schedule was released, and there was this deliciously enticing carrot tucked into the Sunday agenda: '1:00 pm – 2:30 pm | Rare Items Auction'. Curiosity quickly killed the cat and I made plans for all three days. 

     About a week before the convention, an email came out with an FAQ, answering the where's and how's, including detailing the lots in said Rare Items Auction. You can find a listing of those auction items HERE. Of interesting note was the statement 'Real currency will not be accepted! Bidding will be done with Looney Bucks, which you can win/earn during the weekend!' ... With 2 extremely old handmade pyramid sets, a full stash of unique colored pyramids, 10 additional trios of unique color pyramids and many other prototypes and developmental versions of random stuffs, the Looneys certainly dug out an awesome assortment of antiquities to give away, and competition for them could be intense! Adding that into the rest of the schedule and unscheduled fun, and it sure sounded like a fantastic weekend of gaming and more was in store!

(click to enlarge)

- Day 1: Fri, July 22nd, 4pm-10pm -

You are standing inside LooneyCon.  What do you want to do?

> Look

You are in a large room full of tables and chairs. People are bustling about, engaged in jovial activities. Kristin Looney is here.

> Exits

An entrance foyer with double glass doors is behind you to the south - you can see a brightly dressed woman standing there, greeting people and handing out purple bags. To the east is a performance stage, to the north are three sectioned-off folding tables.

> Look at stage

Bookended by two short sets of ascending stairs, with a dramatically draped curtain that is currently curtailed back, a large wooden stage takes up the entire eastern side of the room. 'It's perfectly sized for game demonstrations!' you think to yourself.

> Look at tables

While most of the tables have random people playing random games, three plain folding tables stand to the north, sectioned off to obviously to keep the riff-raff out.

> Look at folding tables

Never one to consider yourself riff-raff, you slyly look over at the three folding tables. One is full of what looks like retail offers - a lovely women with at least one bird on her shoulder is standing here, rather obviously observing your observations. The second table is littered with many generic-looking boxes you sort-of recognize, mixed together with a colorful pile of different boxes printed in languages you are unfamiliar with. The last table contains many oddities that appear to be from times passed - some of them look familiar, but in unusual ways you've never seen before.

> Inventory

You are carrying a plastic bag.

> Look bag

It's purple! ...And has the number 25 handwritten on the side! ...And it appears to be full of different items!

> Open bag

Opening the bag you find a name badge (with your name on it!), an old-school Fluxx sticker, an even older looking tirade sticker, a few embroidered patches with Cartoon Network emblems, a white cotton bandana with your bag number written on the corner, a few promotional posters including one that says 'Zombie Fluxx', and a crisp, freshy-fresh, lime-green 100 Fluxx-Buck along with a list of how to earn more Fluxx Bucks.

> Look Kristin

Dressed in tie dye with an obligatory matching bandana and sporting a soft pink pyramid perched on her hip, Kristin takes a moment to flash her trademark grin in your direction.

> Talk to Kristin

"Welcome to LooneyCon and thanks for coming out!" Kristin says, "I'm looking forward to playing games with you!"

> Play games with Kristin

     The weekend begins to blend together as you suddenly find yourself immersed in Looneycon. While everyone who attended got an individually numbered bag of goodies it was the early bird getting the worm on this day, as those that were there shortly after the gates opened were invited into the weekends first event - A Parsley Adventure! (Whats a Parsley Adventure?)  About 30 or 40 people participated in this real-time verbal quest titled 'Muffins', narrated by Andy Looney the computer, who gives pre-programmed responses to questions as the group takes turns issuing commands to navigate the mission. It took group cooperation, an open mind, and some crazy suggestions to find our way to the solution, but we did get there and had a lot of laughs on the way. As a totally unexpected bonus, there is a unique Fluxx card awarded to anyone who completes the particular adventure that we did, so everyone got a super cool, early gift! No spoilers here this time though, you'll have to get in on the fun to get the info on that reward!

     After a quick catered meal (incidentally, the food was very good for the situation - lunches were overstuffed sandwiches or decent looking salad stuff, fresh breads; dinners - pasta, chicken, vegetarian options, etc) attention turned to the evenings second event, Tie Dye a Bandana with Kristin. This was great for me, I've always wanted to try tie dye, but have never had a chance. Kristin and Alison Frane demonstrated 5 or 6 different methods of tying a bandana, then everyone was free to tie their own however they wished, then to choose one of three colors (blue, green, purple) it would be dyed. Kristin and a few volunteers (who got a random award of Fluxx Bucks for offering to help - a common occurrence throughout the weekend) took the bandanas back into the magical kitchen that was on site, dyed them, untied them, then took them home to dry for the evening, bringing them back in the morning, where everyone could locate their own work based on the number in the corner. Saturday offered up a Bandana Crafts hour, where some decorated theirs with custom made ink stamps, while a few others created Chessboard Bandana patterns, and one person traced the Petri Dish layout onto theirs!



      After Friday evenings bandana fun was the Homeworlds exhibition.  Homeworlds (the most popular version specifically titled 'Binary Homeworlds' and the instructions can be found HERE) is an epic-space-opera pyramid game where two opposing players compete to take control of the galaxy through attack, defense and resource management. Designed by John Cooper and billed as Andy Looney's favorite game, Homeworlds has a fairly steep learning curve to totally grasp, due to the large plethora of player options available at any given time, and can take a few trials runs to understand. To make the exhibition as enjoyable as possible for everyone interested, Andy and John each chose two advisers - experienced players to help them along - and played a game with each side under the duress of a ticking clock starting at 25 minutes, which only counted down during their turn: if either teams clock reached zero, that team automatically lost. With observers circled around, the performance was played out on stage with oversized pyramids and [randomly, ironically and literally!] red-velvet lined thrones available for Andy and John to command from. The game featured about an hour of brain-busting battle, and ended with John's team entertainingly edging out Andy's shortly before time was up, entirely to the Emperor's frustrations! Epic space opera indeed!

(Click any to enlarge!)     

     Friday evening wrapped up with an Improv Fluxx design, Andy on the mic, and Laurie keeping track of things on a computer with a wall projector so everyone could follow along. After soliciting a few dozen ideas, the crowd voted the topic down to 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. A few participants volunteered as Topic Experts, and a few volunteered as artists (earning a cool $50 Fluxx Bucks for their trouble!). With Andy's direction and everyone's involvement, a batch of keepers were proposed, created and drawn on the spot, with clever goals and creepers quickly coming next. As developing new rules and actions wasn't part of the exercise, most of the standard ones you've come to know and love were automatically included. After a whiles worth of hard work, a new prototype Fluxx deck was born, and was added to the three-tables Prototype Area for anyone to play with throughout the weekend. While it would of course take a bit of play testing and additional thought to truly balance out the deck, it was super cool seeing it come to life before our very eyes!

     By about 10pm the crowd had started thinning out, with a few volunteers helping to clean up while others helped with the tie dye bandanas. Apparently when you put 5-10 rubber bands ties on each of 150 bandanas or so, it takes some time and effort to cut them all back off!!

- Day 2: Sat, July 22nd, 10am-10pm -

     Day two brought back many familiar faces with some new ones mixed in. While it was busy and people were seemingly everywhere, I think most could agree that the number of participants was just right. There were always many different games going on, and everyone was friendly, constantly asking if you'd like to start a game, join a game, or learn a new game. If you needed a break from that, Alison Frane's pop-up Looney Labs store had everything from the Looney Labs retail line one could want. Stationed next to her was a table of prototypes (available for full use, but not to be photographed, or played with outside of the table they were on) and many more foreign language versions of their games than I realized existed. There was also a book of many unused Fluxx ideas, including uncut sheets for Drinking Fluxx and Adult Fluxx - the latter of which, if you use your imagination, yes - you'll be spot on! Besides that was the table of Rare Auction Items, where everything could be picked up and checked out. It was fantastic how some of the items were crazy cool in color, while others had a never-ending nostalgic edge to them: (bottom row) violet, forest green and smoky black compared to (top row) purple, green & clear and The Icehouse Handbook (1991).

     Stationed in the foyer just outside the large room was a fully functional 150-or-so level Icebreaker video game, designed by Andy Looney, and you can read more about it HERE. Only playable on a now defunct 3DO video game system, one of the Fluxx Bucks achievements was to complete a level (worth $10 Fluxx Bucks). Other achievements for LooneyCon that had Fluxx Bucks rewards included posting on social media with the tag @LooneyLabs/#LooneyCon2016 ($20), reminding Alison to tweet ($1), remind Kristin to post on Facebook ($1), cosplay a Just Desserts character on Saturday ($50), win the cosplay contest ($100), win a Fluxx tourney button ($50), win the Fluxx world championship ($100), win the Homeworlds tournament ($100), demo a game on camera ($100), 'squee' on camera ($10), play a game in a language you don't know ($30), play a game you've never played before (up to 4 @ $20 each), leave feedback for a game you play tested ($30), vote for what should be the next Fluxx ($10), play a game with giant pyramids ($20), along with a few others. Additionally, all Looney Labs employees were stocked with Fluxx Bucks, giving them away for volunteerism, good deeds, cleaning up, or other random acts of victories or just general awesomeness. So, there was plenty to do besides what was on the itinerary!

      As listed in the achievements, Saturday was also Just Desserts cosplay day! There were several hippies, nature girls and tourists, two hermits, and one each of an Emperor, a dude, a lumberjack, a Roland, and an astronaut. Fun fact: the person who came dressed as the astronaut is 1 of only 100 people STILL CURRENTLY eligible to be selected to be sent on a mission to mars! If she goes, she is taking Looney pyramids with her, so they can finally 'return home'! Courtesy of Kim Kieffer, you can catch the 8:43 long cosplay contest video HERE.

     Just before lunch, while I was fending off The Seekers in the Icebreaker video game, the Homeworlds tourney got underway. While I do play Homeworlds, I just didn't make it into the competition this time, and accordingly don't have many details from it, but do have this short video from Kathy Zottman showing one of the games coming to completion HERE.

     Fortunately, I was able to make up missing that by getting in a few rounds of the prototype Zendo 2.0 after Icebreaker - a more than fair trade, I'd say! Currently 3-D printed with three shapes (pyramid, block & wedge) in one size over four colors, the new version opens many new doors to game play, feels fairly well balanced, and is fun to play. You can check out the official 3-minute teaser video, which glimpses the pieces in action, HERE.

     Part of the bonus of this convention for me was some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of game design. It previously surfaced in the Improv Fluxx event, and as another example, there were many different 3-D printed iterations of Zendo 2.0 pieces available to look at that did not make the final cut (or, at least so far) including things like half-spheres, cylinders, etc. It was as gracious as it was impressive of the Looneys to open up some of that information to us on as many levels as they did. That sorta stuff, and being allowed into some of the more intimate discussions - for example, with Kristin on the basic finances involved with trying to produce Loonacy with custom logos on it (all while she was teaching us Zark City, mind you!) - may have been my favorite aspect of the entire weekend.

(Zark City, using square Pyramid Arcade cards)

     Almost as entertaining, was being able to participate in the biggest Andy vs Everybody game in history. How does this Andy vs Everything work?  In a nutshell, Andy runs around taking his turn in a handfull of different multi-person games at once, with small flags being stood up to indicate when he was due to move. As that happens, he runs up, surveys the situation, plays his turn, and runs off to another game, with _typically_ 5 or 10 to maybe 15 games going on at once. It's just in this case Andy was somehow juggling like a bajillion games. Check out the 35 minute video from Joshua Denmeade of it HERE.

     During this event, I sat in with two strangers and the game we played vs Andy was Aquarius. It's said Andy typically wins about 30% of the games he plays, on this day I believe the total was 4 out of 21, however he won the game against us via a rotate goal card that brought him victory. Way to go Andy! Fun fact: the people I was playing with in Andy vs Everybody had been married about a year, and he proposed to her via a Fluxx game with a ring keeper! Hows that for cool and classy? Great stuff.

     What was also great, was how easy it was to meet new people who like the same sort of games. Being interested in game design, I have tried to assemble a few of my own pyramid games, and am currently working on a one-player adventure-style dungeon crawler that only utilizes whats found in Pyramid Arcade. With the majority of the outline in place, I've been going round-and-round on just exactly how the combat would work, kicking around a few different options. After playing several different Looney games with some new found friends, I ended up getting into a lengthy conversation about it with another attendee, and with the actual Pyramid Arcade on the table and in front of me (even complete with the new rounded pyramid tips!), was able to totally assemble my idea and get some feedback on it. The suggestions were fast, furious, and in some cases in directions I had not considered before, which was, well, exciting! Almost as exciting as playing with the only copy of Pyramid Arcade in existence...Sooooo exciting that our discussion pushed right through the start of the Fluxx tournament, so we did not get entered. A bummer, but these things happen!

     While Cindi Parker was taping 18 minutes of the Fluxx Finals for your viewing pleasure (HERE) which, sorry for the spoiler, ended with The Dude from the cosplay contest winning it all, I got myself into a giant-pyramid game of Homeworlds with someone that was standing next to me, as we were both previously watching other people play the same game. Through discussion it seemed we were about the same skill level, and that proved true as our game unfolded, as he managed to destroy half my homeworld by catastrophe before I was able to come back and ultimately defeat him the same way. A great game, a tough victory, another achievement accomplished, another friend made.

     The final event on Saturday was a second Parsley Adventure, titled 'Fun World'. This group - shown below - was a bit larger than the first, but the results were the same - team cooperation, lots of laughs, and somehow getting to the end - but we only died once this time! These verbal adventures are interesting, entertaining and highly recommended - it was a perfect way to casually and comfortably wrap up 12 hours of all things Looney!

- Day 3: Sun, July 23rd, 10am-4pm -

     The final day of LooneyCon took place below the main level of the facility we had been in the previous two days. Here, there was a smaller-than-upstairs room for gaming, and a different smaller-than-upstairs room that had been set up in the style of a seminar, with no tables and all the chairs facing front. The Looney Lab Rare Auction Items were proudly displayed towards the front of the room, on the only horizontal surface available, and commanded plenty of attention as people made their way in. With the Looney Labs Game Show scheduled to start about 10am, the room was pretty full on time. Laurie took center stage and explained the rules for the next few hours, essentially stating there would be a 3-round game show, with over $10,000 in Fluxx Bucks awarded as prizes - the only way to earn Bucks on Sunday, as the achievement portion of the program was complete.

     Round one started with everyone taking any seat, as each seat had the same 4 colored blank note cards on it (purple, red, blue, green) and a pen. We were instructed to grab the purple one, put our bag number in the upper corner, then get ready to answer 10 upcoming questions, based on Looney Lab history and knowledge. Here are the questions - all of the answers to these questions can be found at the very end of this post.

0. What is your bag number? This is actually worth 1 point!
1. What did Kristin gain fame for in 1981? Two words.
2. What was the nickname Andy 'called' in college that has stuck? One word.
3. Where did Kristin and Andy meet? One word.
4. Where did Andy propose to Kristin? One word.
5. What is the name of Kristen and Andy's house? One word.
6. What is the name of the company Kristin and Andy founded in 1990. Two words.
7. What is the name of the main character in the web comic 'Iceland'? One word.
8. What is Kristin's Burning Man nickname? One word.
9. What is Andy's Burning Man nickman? Two Words.
10. What book did Kristin recently write a chapter for? Three words.

     Did you get 6 or more of those questions correct, including the free bag number point? If so, you might have qualified for Round 2! On this day, they were looking for the top 6 scores from the entire room, and as luck would have it, there were exactly 6 people who had 6 or more points, so there were no tie-breakers needed to establish who moved on. The top six people were each awarded $500 Fluxx Bucks, then were randomly split into two groups, and it worked out that the 3 people who scored 6 points exactly - by chance all Looney fans - were in one group (Team A) and the other three people, who each scored more than 6 points - by chance all Looney friends & neighbors - were in Team B. Fun Fact: Team A, made of only fans, all got the same exact 6 questions correct - #'s 0, 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7.

     Round two of the game was played Family Feud style. At some point leading up to LooneyCon, emails were sent and posts were posted, surveying all of the fans NOT attending LooneyCon for their top response to a number of Looney Lab and gaming related questions. 657 people responded, and a small handfull of the topics were chosen to be used in the game, with the top 5 or 6 responses compiled for each question.

     Just like in Family Fued, one person from each team was called up, and both were read a question, looking for the most popular answer. The person who clapped first got to answer first, and if their answer was not the top answer given by the 657, then the other team got to try and give a better answer. The team representative that had the most frequent answer won their team the right to continue trying to guess the rest of the question's answers as a group. If they then missed 3 times trying to guess all the rest of the top 6 answers, the other team got one attempt to steal the point. First team to 2 points moved on. Got it? Good! The answers to this round of questions are included in the following text.

The first question was: Where is your favorite place to play games? (Top 6 answers)

     Team B's representative clapped first, and gave the answer 'Coffee Shop', which was the 4th most popular answer. Team A's representative answered 'At Home' which was the most popular answer, giving Team A the chance to continue. If Team A could provide the rest of the answers without 3 misses, they would win the first point. Team A's following answers were: 'Convention' which was #6, then 'Outside' which was #5. The following 3 answers 'At work', 'Online' and 'Uhhhhh' were not on the list, quickly striking out Team A. Team B was given a one-answer chance to get one of the missing answers (#2 and # 3) and came up with 'Friends House' which was #2, thus stealing the question and giving Team B the first point! #3 was never guessed - any ideas? You can find the answer at the very bottom.

The second question was: What's the first game you ever learned? (Top 6 answers)

     Again, Team B got the first clap, and answered with 'Checkers' which was not on the list, clearing the way for Team A who replied 'Tic-Tac-Toe', which was #4. With control of the question for the second time, Team A's following answers were: 'Candyland' which was #2, then 'Shoots & Ladders' which was #3. 'Hide & Seek' and 'Connect 4' were Team A's first two strikes before they gave the #1 answer, 'Go Fish'. 'Old Maid', not on the list, was their third strike, giving Team B a second chance to steal a point and their first chance to win the game. Team B's collective answer of 'Monopoly' was not on the list either, giving Team A their first point, and an overall tie at 1-1. The missed answers were #5 and #6, and can be found at the very bottom.

The third and tie-breaking question was: Name a Looney Labs game other than Fluxx? (Top 5 answers)

     Team A got the clap in first this time, answering 'Just Desserts', the #4 overall answer. Team B countered with 'Back to the Future' which did not make the top answers, giving Team A control of the question for the third straight time. Their first answer, 'Chrononauts' was #2, followed by 'Pyramids' - the top answer - then 'Aquarius', which was #3. This left only #5 to be answered, and Team A with 3 strikes to go...and then they quickly struck out with incorrect answers 'Choose One', 'Mad Libs' and 'Seven Dragons'. With a second chance to steal the point and win the game, Team B's collective answer of 'Are You A Warewolf' was not on the list, giving Team A the point, and come from behind victory! Give a guess of your own on if you like, then find the 5th most popular answer to question three at the bottom. Having survived the first two rounds, Team A moved on to round 3.

     Round 3 was a game of Team A vs The Mob. Functioning as a single unit, with their backs towards the room, the three members from Team A would be read the same questions as the entire room. Team A could work together to get their answer, with every other person in the room working by themselves, and starting standing up. The questions were multiple choice, and each had three answers, represented by the colors of the remaining three notecards. A question would be read, and both Team A and each member of the mob would choose a notecard to represent their answer. If a member of the mob got one question wrong, they were eliminated and had to sit down. If all members of the mob were eliminated, Team A won the pile of money, $7000 Fluxx Buck in total. However, if Team A had one wrong answer, the pile of money was split between every member of the mob still remaining. There were a few catches - Team A could stop at any time and split the pile of money with the remaining mob members, and Team A was also given 3 helps of various types that could be used.

     With that, the mob stood up, Team A faced away, and the game began!

Question one: Andy used to close his Wunderland blog entries with this phrase "Peace, love & _________ "
     A. Happiness (Red card)
     B. Fun (Blue card)
     C. Chocolate (Green Card)

      Team A conferred for a few seconds, and quickly had the correct answer - which can be found at the end of this post. While I don't have any specific numbers, the great majority of the mob got this question correct as well. As the mob started out all standing, those who missed the question were out and had to sit.

Question two: What was the second card game Looney Labs published after Fluxx?
     A. Aquarius (Red card)
     B. Chrononauts (Blue Card)
     C. Are You the Warewolf? (Green card)

     Again, Team A got together for a brief moment, but had the correct answer fairly quickly, as did the majority of the remaining mob. This answer is also at the end of this post.

Question three: Andy has written many stories, which of these is NOT one of them?
     A. The Space Under the Clock (Red card)
     B. The Emperor Must Die (Blue Card)
     C. When I Was A Little Guy (Green Card)

     At this point, there was probably 60-75% of the mob remaining, but this was a much, much tougher question. Team A put their heads together for at least 30 seconds, before asking for their first Help - the ability to turn around and look at how the audience was voting. 'That's not much help!' Team A quickly declared seeing the mixed responses. Only ONE person was holding up red, with the rest split between blue and green, with blue having quite a few more. Team A got together again, talking for another 30 seconds, before giving their CORRECT answer of red - The Space Under the Clock. If you only check out one minute of Joshua Denmeade's 55:34 long video of the whole game show HERE:  check out the highlight around 48:35 when the only person who also guessed red (and a random guess at that!) is still standing as everyone else sits down - definitely one of the moments of the weekend!

     What the still-standing mob didn't know, and what one member of Team A (somehow!) happened to catch, was that the correct title of answer A was The Space Under the Window, not Under the Clock; the changed word gave Team A enough of a clue to get the answer. At that moment, Team A congratulated the one girl still standing, and said they wanted to stop. Laurie offered up that the next help was a 'sneak peek', where they could hear the next question before deciding to stop, however Team A declared that the one mob member left deserved to win as well, and the four of them split $7000 Fluxx Bucks - $1750 each!

Here are the rest of the round 3 questions that did not get used, their answers as well are at the very bottom.

Unused question four: In what year did the Wunderland gift shop begin accepting credit cards?
     A. 1995
     B. 1997
     C. 1999

Unused question five: Is Kristin a cat person or a dog person?
     A. Cat
     B. Dog
     C. Neither

Unused question six: In what year did Andy and Kristin meet?
     A. 1986
     B. 1987
     C. 1988

Unused question seven: Andy makes a particular food nearly every week and has done so for decades, name that food.
     A. Steak
     B. Pancakes
     C. Fudge

Usused question eight: What did Kristin work on at NASA?
     A. Guidence systems
     B. Flight software
     C. Telemetry

Usused question nine: What version of Fluxx inspired the invention of creepers?
     A. Cthulhu Fluxx
     B. Nature Fluxx
     C. Zombie Fluxx

Unused question ten: Which of these is NOT one of the Looney's cats?
     A. Toto
     B. Shiro
     C. Geeen Bean

     With the game show wrapped up, and the prize money distributed, there was a pizza break before it was finally time for the Rare Items Auction. With about 50 auction lots, and upwards of 100 people in attendance, anything was bound to happen. Ran by house auctioneer Andy Looney, I don't know of any video of the auction, but it went as most do. Items that sold early, sold for 'modest' amounts. There were 10 lots of unusually colored pyramid trios, and I recall the first one - a tangerine like orange - went for about $220 Fluxx Bucks, probably the steal of the event. Trios that went much later towards the end, like Forest Green and Smoky Black, went for $800 and well over $1000 respectively. Auctioned off early, the 15 blue resin-poured pyramids went for around $1500, and the 15 red xyloid set about $1200 - both probably also decent steals of the event. Other higher selling items included a full 15-piece set of unique 'Orange Dream' pyramids that went for $2200 - the highest selling piece (and shown below on the left next to xeno orange), and an unopened copy of Zendo sold for well over $1000 - these last two items were bought by Team A game show winners.

     Many other items went for between $200-$800 and while there were plenty of fun moments, there were - as with any auction - inevitably a few slightly tenser times, but they all seemed to work out for the most part. The first auction item was an uncut sheet of Aquarius cards in poster form, an auction that was lost by a family with a younger child that ended up getting upset about it. In another fantastic moment, after the auction, that item's winner gifted it to the kid, getting their auction item - an out of print book - in return. Unrelated and mid-way through, a teacher was desperately trying to win a very old Andy Looney 'The Cake That Baked Itself' children's book to share with her students, and ended up getting it when her competition graciously conceded as long as he could read the book before she left with it. Another time, a woman was fighting for a particular set of unique pyramid trios (light mint) that perfectly matched the color of her kickstarter pyramid arcade game card, and upon finding that reason out, her bidding competition backed off. Things wrapped up with two very long time Looney Labs fans battling over the final item, and a touch of chaos ensued as people started randomly giving money to each of them. After a little back and forth of this, one of the two bidders stood up and with a bit of a reluctant grin, literally threw in the towel, showering the scene with money and putting one of the biggest smiles you'll see on the winners face when she got her item.

     The auction over and the convention coming to a close, there was celebration with cake in honor of the reason for the entire occasion - Fluxx's 20th birthday, with both Happy Birthday and the Fluxx Card Game Theme Song (written by The DoubleClicks) being sung by the room. Then there was an autograph session as people got their rare items and Fluxx Bucks signed, and a group of unique pyramid color winners played a game of 'Millionaire's Treehouse' in the back, while others checked out their various winnings as the crowd started dispersing and heading home.


     Bringing this report to a close, I would hope it's obvious how much fun there was to be had. The Looney's, Alison, Laurie, Bonnie & crew must have put a ton of thought into the events, the auction, the achievements, and the entire weekend - and it didn't go unnoticed by the attendees. I doubt that twice the number of us could do half as good a job as they did, so part of this event report was to call attention to just how great they did at EVERYTHING, and how much I personally appreciated it. So, thanks, Guys! What's more, is that the weekend ticket was $30.00 - if you bought that and went all three days, you got fed 4 times which was worth it in itself, not to mention all the other give-aways. It was so much fun, I would easily pay twice that (or more if necessary) if they would consider doing it again next year!

You guys will consider doing it again next year, won't you??

- Alex.


Quiz answers from above:

Round 1:

1. Rubik's Cube
2. Emperor
4. Disneyland
5. Wunderland
6. Icehouse Games
7. Tirade
8. Daisy
9. Outdoor Voice
10. Girls On Games

Round 2.

Question 1: #3 - Friendly Local Game Store
Question 2: #5 - Crazy 8's, #6 - Hi Ho Cherry O
Question 3: #5 - Loonacy

Round 3.

1. C
2. A
3. A
4. B
5. A
6. A
7. C
8. C
9. C
10. C

LooneyCon, July 2016


First of all that's a pretty sweet photo of me in the Homeworlds exhibition game. Thanks for finding it! And secondly, as the person who nabbed both the resin and xyloid sets of Icehouse pieces... Yes they were totally the steal of the con. It was a lot of fun. Fantastic write up by the way!

In case you're interested, Sarah's answer in the game show wasn't totally random. She figured "The Space Under the Clock" was the least interesting title, and what Andy would be least likely to write. Being a writer may have given her an advantage.

The really impressive part is that she ignored the temptation to change when she saw no one agreed.


Building a product list

I've been trying to compile a list of Looney Labs products to help me decide what things I'm interested in trying to hunt down for my collection. I've got a near complete list of the main series of product numbers, but can't find titles for LOO-003, LOO-005, LOO-010 and LOO-024. Anyone have an idea what those might be?


I'd be interested in seeing the whole list, actually.  Sounds pretty neat, eh.  Good job.

Your wish is my command.

Here's what I've got so far.

Cool!!! I am happy to fFill in some more blanks then! I can confirm LOO-056 is deluxe werewolf. LOO-812-19 is Seven Dragon "Shuffle Hands" promo LOO-812-21 is the Aquarius Dragon promo LOO-812-22 is the Fluxx "Press Your Luck" promo, supporting the release of IceDice
LOO-811 is Fluxx "10th Anniversary Party Promos" LOO-908 is "Ice 7," a mini catalog of icehouse games.
You are also missing a slew of poster sand playmats. I have given many away, and a bunch of posters get crumpled over time, so that's a bit harder. But here's what I have on hand.

LOO-815-02 is th e IceDice / Launchpad 23 playmat
LOO-815-05 is the Oz Fluxx playmat
LOO-813-22 is the Cthulhu Fluxx poster ad
LOO-813-21 is the Oz Fluxx poster ad
LOO-813-19 is the Seven Dragons poster ad

Also, according to a trifold catalog I have, the cardboard retail display they used to offer was numbered: LOO-201-G

I own a "Carrot Box" which is plastic box made fFor carrying promo cards in. The box has no number, however, and I don't think it came in any sort of packaging. It's quite old, so maybe one of the lower numbers you are missing. They didn't start making a lot of promo cards fFor a while, so it would not be any lower than maybe 024, but that's just a guess.

Lastly, I have a promo postcard named "Start The Clock" which was released in support of Zombie Fluxx. However, it doesn't appear to have a number on it. It could be 811-01, since 811-02 is also a zombie promo. Dunno.
Good news! fFound some more postcards. =) LOO-812-08 "Recycling" promo fFor Eco Fluxx LOO-812-17 "Skullduggery" promo fFor Pirate Fluxx LOO-812-20 "Android Doctor" promo fFor Star Fluxx LOO-812-23 "If I only knew the words" promo fFor Oz Fluxx LOO-812-24 "Hastur" promo fFor Cthulhu Fluxx I can't be sure of this one, because they were harder to get, but it's safe to guess: LOO-812-25 "Horror In Clay" promo fFor Cthulhu Fluxx. Such a cool card, too.

I might guess the Start the Clock card is from the 800 or 812 series. 811 looks like multi-card packs.

Thanks for all of these. There were a couple of numbers I suspected, but several I hadn't even heard of. I'll have the list updated after work.

Some others (AFAICT):

LOO-68 - Retro Loonacy

LOO-70 - Firefly Fluxx

LOO-71 - Nature Fluxx

LOO-72 - Mad Libs The Game

LOO-73 - Ugly Doll Loonacy

And of course: LOO-074 Pyramid Arcade


LOO-811-12 - Party Favors - 9 Fluxx cards celebrating the game's 20th anniversary

LOO-524: The Aquarius 'Looney Labs Peace Puzzle' from 2004

Other items not on the list but I don't have numbers for...Do they even have numbers?

The 5x5 & 6x6 Volcano Boards

The treehouse die & ice-dice dice that are now sold separately. 

Looney Pads #1 & 2 from 2003

The Icehouse Handbook - 80 page book from 1992

Icehouse - The Martian Chess Set 


QTurn - Not sure about the question of a deluxe version (LOO-006 / LOO-008).  I have two sets, one doesn't list a version, the other says V 1.5 and the changes are as follows: The non-version marked set I'm assuming came first, as it has one of the 6 instruction panels dedicated to 'Choosing a Token'.  The V 1.5 set does not have that panel in the instructions, instead it's replaced with an 'Also from Looney Labs' promo panel, and has an added 'Caution, contains small parts' warning.  Between my two versions, I also have just one set of the 4-colored tokens, though I'm not 100% sure which one they came in.  The token edges are wrapped in wire which makes them kinda neat.  Logically, they probably came in v 1.5 which no longer has the 'Choosing a Token' text, as they were then provided, and would be the 'small parts' in the above mentioned warning.  So, it's my guess this makes that later version 'Deluxe'?  In any event, both show the year 1999, neither of them have a LOO# anywhere to be found, and both have the same ISBN number.

A Looney weekend

Well, I NEVER thought it would happen, but it did. Andy and Kristin made it to the UK for the 2015 UKGamesExpo. And I was there, and I got to meet them and say hello.

Let me tell you a little about my weekend;

I saw a couple of weeks ago that there was a section for this years UKGE marked off for Looney Labs, so posted a quick message, asking Andy & Kristin if it was an official demo team, or simply a retailer demo'ing the Looney Labs games. Kristin replied that she and Andy were both coming over to the UK for the Expo. Well, you can imagine my excitement, as I said, I knew that I was unlikely to make it the States, so felt that it was VERY unlikely that I'd get to meet the moving force behind the games we love, or to see some of the demo games before they get to market. How wrong I was..............

Friday, I sat down with Kristin, introduced myself, boasted about my Fluxx collection, and then reminded her that I was still looking for the Zombie Fluxx 'Flame thrower' expansion (long out of print, and rarer than hens teeth in the UK). But if you don't ask (pester), you'll never stand any chance of getting satisfaction. So I asked again, and was told that it may be 're-published' in the future, but no, they unfortunately didn't have any to give to me.

I hid my tears well, and was introduced to Loonacy by Kristin and Andy. Originally, having read the description of this game I wasn't blown-away, so hadn't bothered to add it to my collection. What an over-sight that was. The game is fantastic, and having played just one game with Kristin, I was off to the trade hall to pick myself up a copy, for our family game collection, and it was actually the game we played most over the weekend.

Following my game of Loonacy, Kristin also introduced me to Just Deserts. Again, a game that I felt pretty ambivalent towards, but again a game that plays so well when you actually get your hands on a copy, it's impossible to not pick up a copy for future fun game nights. So of course, it was back to the trade hall, and a second Looney labs game added to my ever extending games collection. And this copy was made even more important to the collection after both The Emperor (Andy) and The Hippy (Kristin) signed their cards for me (shame Alison wasn't there as well, we'd have added her too).

Saturday, Kristin was ill, so I had Andy to myself. What did I do? I took advantage of course. I had him show me his prototype of Dr Who Fluxx. And it's FANTASTIC. Come on BBC, sort out a licence so that it can be produced as a purchasable product for Dr Who and Fluxx fans. That one would have to be added to my collection, regardless of 'playability', but it just so turns out, it's immensely playable (perhaps chase after a UK only licence?).

I also had a quick look at the Fluxx dice expansion, another interesting variable to add to an already fun game.

While I was sat with Andy, a member of the Expo volunteer squad dropped by. Following the sad death of Looney Labs Game Tech, here in the UK, a number of promo's had been found, and he was returning them to Andy, so that they could be 'made use of''.

Now, remember what I said earlier about 'always asking'? I did it again, and asked Andy if he thought there might be a Flame Thrower promo in the pack, 'it's not likely' he said, but started shuffling through a bag of promos, and there it was. My Flame Thrower! I say mine because he gave me the pack, there and then.

But this still wasn't enough for me. I asked if it would be possible to have a second (I'd spotted that there was more than one in the bag), that I could add to this years Jack Vasel charity auction (held on BoardGameGeek). He was kind enough to give me a second. Expect to see it listed when the auction goes live later this year (I'll post here with an update when it's listed).

Sunday, Kristin battled through (she still looked poorly, I'm sure she'd rather have been in bed), she's one tough cookie that lady!

Today was the last day of the Expo though, so it was today that I had my Just Deserts cards signed. And Andy was good enough to sign one of his personal Fluxx cards for my son (the Andy Looney - Keeper), My son's more than happy with his acquisitions.

I also got to have a closer look at the Batman Fluxx, another winner and 'must have' game, particularly if you're a Batman fan, like I am.

The prototype for Ice-House cards looks more than a little interesting too, hopefully the release will see a greater take-up of Ice House here in the UK.

It was great to see Fluxx the Boardgame being introduced to new players by Kristin. I almost volunteered to demo it (Kristin asked me if I'd like to), but it was so much more interesting to watch Kristin at work, while I offered interruptions tips from the side-lines.

It would appear that there are more versions of Looney Labs games that are going to be added to my swelling collection. And if they keep up this level of producing great games, they'll all be welcome.

A special mention has to be made about Andy's ability to play more than one game at a time (and play well), that was truly impressive, and a joy to watch. :)

Thank you Andy & Kristin, you were so very welcoming and made my show even more interesting. It was great to see the inventors of the games we love. Be sure to come back again, I had a blast!


It was a great weekend at the UKGE. I think I spent, 1 and half days in the looney labs area, chatting and eventually demoing certain games for Andy & Kristin. also i think on the sunday me, andy, kristin and 2 other people were the last people still playing a game at the expo. Also on the Sunday i noticed kristin making a quick sketch of a demo / stall layout for next year maybe :D ??

Well, the warm glow hasn't yet warn off ;)

Since getting home I've started to strip out all the 'promo' cards I've added to the different sets of Fluxx I own, I've added so many promo cards over the years, the decks were beginning to get a little 'unbalanced' and unwieldy. My aim is to strip them all back to basic sets, then add the promo cards, where I think they will fit best, adding to each deck rather than detracting from the flow of the game.

This task has been made a little easier, since Kristin and Andy showed me the way that each deck has it's own font (I'd never previously noticed), so I can largely flick through the decks, pulling the cards with the wrong font.

We're still playing Loonacy (great game) when we have a couple of minutes to spare, but in the two days we've been home, we've yet to have a family game of Just Desserts. Not because we don't like the game, but my son has exams this week, and I'm still unpacking and sorting the games I purchased while at the expo. Seems like "we're going to need a bigger boat", or certainly a bigger games cupboard.

The box I had my Looney Labs games in, is overfull, I can no longer add any more games to it, so a new box needs sourcing. And the game cabinet itself is so full, I've had to stack games in front of it. But it's a nice problem to have :)

I know from the podcast, that Andy and Kristin were planning a 'European break' following the expo, so hope they tell us what they thought of both the expo, and the break when they get back.

You mention Andy was playing more than one game.  Did he run an "Andy Versus Everyone" event?  They set up a bunch of tables in a ring or line or something, with Andy on one side running around playing games, and everyone else on the other side challenging him to just about any of his games.  Those are sooo much fFun!!! 

Although I'm sure that Andy was willing (Kristin did mention it to me), space was VERY limited this year, and the foot traffic was pretty heavy near the Looney Labs area, so it couldn't possibly be set up.

If they do come again though and have enough room to give this a go, I intend to be one of the players ;)

Counting on Mars

I propose that on Mars, much like their gaming pieces, local civilizations count using a pyramid-like system as well.  Furthermore, it's only logical that they would have planted this information into the earliest Earthlings, providing the basis of what ultimately developed into the Roman-style numeral system we know today.  Accordingly, I have modified the numbering of my Starship Captains list as such.  Just sayin!



Neat... but why didn't you stay consistent with the progression of shapes after inverting them? Shouldn't the progression be:

1 = /\

5 = (white triangle)

10 = (black triangle)

50 = \/

100 = (invert white triangle)

500 = (invert black triangle)

1000 = (white diamond)

10000 = (black diamond)

(dotted diamond)

[The bold shows where I flip-flopped your progression.]

What he said.  I would have swapped your 50 and your 100.

But otherwise, really neat.  Well done!  =)

For ease of remembering the more common numbers, I kept the open triangles common to 1's, and the closed triangles common to 5's:

1 is Λ, 100 is V

5 is Δ, 50 is ▽

I also considered the following, rotating the characters clockwise as the value increases - this would be more progressively uniform like you mentioned - but in the end I decided I simply liked the visual aesthetics of the more varied characters in the original post:

1 is Δ, 10 is ▷, 100 is ▽, 1000 is ◁, 10000 is ◇

5 is ▲, 50 is ▶, 500 is ▼, 5000 is ◀, 50000 is ◆

Thanks for taking a long enough look to question that!

Just Desserts Replacement Granny

I have tried to order one of these, but twice I have gotten a message about the website being down for maintenance.

Is it down, or is there a glitch because there isn't a shipping charge when you order just her?


I have ordered mine (several days ago, admittedly), and got a shipping notice that it should be on its way.  So I would say the site is actually down, in some manner.

Table Top Day - April 11th

If you live in the DC Metro area...  please come out and play games with Looney Labs on April 11th! 

Details (and free tickets) for our event can be found here:


Where will you be celebrating International TableTop Day? 

The Download podcast

I just listened to the first installment of The Download and like it very much.  I'm very excited to learn about the secret designs and licenses.

That said, while I do wear glasses, I do not have a beard.

Library and Game Days

There is a Game Day coming up involving libraries.  I have a friend that works at the local library that wants to participate (she is the youth librarian).  Who can I put her into contact with at Looney Labs for any promotions stuff you might be doing for the upcoming event?

My Next Convention

Hi. Thought I would start a thread to talk about upcoming cons. Thanksgiving weekend at Loscon 2014 will have demos of Loonacy, Choose One, Fluxx, and Are you a Traitor? 

Smofcon 32 the following weekend is for the secret masters of fandom. They have no game room. I am taking some games for the con suite, just to tempt some people...

Anime Los Angeles is January 9-11 of 2015 and will have a full line up of demos.

Gallifrey One, President's Day weekend in February is still unscheduled. as is Hanadoki in San Digo on March 20-22. 

So what conventions are in your future???


Ooh, good point!  Time to start planning the next round of events, isn't it!!

I go to several college conventions in my area, including Simcon at The University of Rochester, UBcon at The University of Buffalo, and Running Gagg at State University of New York at Geneseo.  I often take my set of giant pyramids to these events.  Maybe I'll also actually make it Arcon this year.  These are all towards the beginning of next year, but it's around this time one needs to get events on the schedule.

My next convention is a new anime con in San Diego at the Town and Country called Hanadoki Con where we will be having a game room and some great demos. hope to see you there! 

Jack Vasel Charity Auction

I hope it's OK to post here, I'm assuming it is as I remember Looney Labs taking part in last years auction.

The Jack Vasel Memorial Auction is currently live on GameBoardGeeks. A great way to pick up games and support fellow gamers in need at the same time. You can also donate your unwanted games in the name of the cause, if you can spare them.

What is the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund?
One tragic event and two acts of generosity brought the BGG community together: the result was the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund. In January 2011, Cate Pfeifer (Cate108) posted an auction for Tom Vasel and his family to help with the financial hardship related to the unfortunate loss of his son, Jack. The generosity of the BGG community was amazing. Tom was touched and wanted to pay the kindness forward so he created the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund. He used some of the money that BGGers donated and spent to build this fund. The fund is a not-for-profit with a simple goal: raising and distributing funds to help gamers in their hour of need.

Are you (or is someone you know) a member of the public that is part of the gaming community who has suffered a personal hardship? The gaming community's generosity up to this point has been amazing, and we anticipate you will continue to amaze us. However, we are not just here to raise money, but also to do good.

Please contact the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund if you believe you are a member of the gaming community and have suffered personal hardship. Tom and the rest of our Board of Directors are happy to work with you to explain our eligibility criteria, confirm your situation is within our mission statement, and then provide assistance.

Full details HERE

Deck boxes

There's a kickstarter at the moment doing custom deck boxes. It's fully funded, three days left, (I only just found out about it). If you missed out on the fluxx wooden deck boxes it might be work a look.


The Looney Labs Kickstarter experience?

Now that it's been a while since Looney Labs has completed their successfully funded Werewolf Kickstarter[1] I wonder if there are any plans for future Kickstarter project from the Labs?  I suppose the answer to that depends on 1) ideas for Kickstartable projects and 2) the value gained from the KS platform based on the Werewolf experience.

I can't speak to #2 above (but would love to learn more from Kristin or Andy if they're inclined to share), but I do have something to say about #1.  That is, based on my own desires and observations around the forums, a few KS projects that would likely (for some value of 'likely') meet with success are:

 * Gray pyramids

 * Chessboard/Martian Chess bandanas

 * A Zendo boxed set

The first two are fairly humble projects (IMO) but the Zendo boxed set would be a doozy.  That said, the buzz around Zendo in the circles that I frequent is very high.  There are many programmers who would snatch up a Zendo set in a heartbeat.

Anyway, I hope that the last KS was a profitable affair and if so it points to future projects funded via that route.  Our wallets await the next. ;-)

[1]: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/looneylabs/are-you-a-werewolf-deluxe-edition


Honestly, I'd rather have a new multi-colored stash, with obvious ability to take it to 5HOUSE, for my money. It'd be a much better move, with the ability to expand the color selection, and it's going to be pretty hard to get someone to buy more than one stash if there's only one color available. Many have commented about the steam punk package, which I've been a huge believer in, and that could be a cool concept, if there was a game that could take specific advantage of it's form. 

Some thoughts… There are many ways that a pyramid kickstarter campaign could be devised successfully, should LL decide that it makes sense based on demand and their ability to get a lower production order made with their Chinese manufacturer.

The first two options you mentioned could be put together into a KS campaign (as they often include items that are unlocked). However, as we have two opaque colors already, I don’t see them putting out five new opaque colors (or even five more translucent ones), as most pyramid games are for four or fewer players (there may be more of a demand here than I realize).

At the very least, I believe that there may be enough demand now for a gray set with existing pyramid players. I think it would great if they bundled a gray set with another opaque color (i.e., gold), which could be sold in stashes or in grouped trios. If they had a game using the opaque pieces designed for three or four players, they could sell them in groups of six or twelve pyramids; those wanting complete stashes could then buy an additional set or two.

Stating the obvious: Zark City exists to make Zarcana/Gnostica more accessible to players who don't have (and wouldn't buy) a tarot deck.  It also happens to be easier to learn, so it's easier to get into.  (I prefer its simplicity actually…)  Caldera was created to make Volcano accessible without buying ten stashes worth of multi-color pyramids now that the monochrome stashes are a thing of the past.  (Workaround: You can still get Pink Treehouse, and if you can't, 2x Pink Hijinks works…)  As with Gnostica and Zark City, both are still enjoyed because they wind up being different games in play.

I think I agree with you that, aside from a limited run of grays, there just isn't going to be a whole lot of demand for a new monochrome stash aside from people looking to complete collections (hi!).  Anybody looking for a 6th mono stash for Volcano has already gone the pink route (hello!) or found themselves five Xeno stashes (hi again!).  Gray is not really required at this point, unless you want an option cheaper than a pair of Pink Hijinks sets.  That's likely to continue as long as Pink Hijinks is sold, which I do not anticipate being forever—a somewhat sad subject for another thread.

Gold's an interesting idea to pair with gray and perhaps brown.  Two or three trios of each, maybe.  You can perhaps see where I'm going there, but I'll stop short of proposing any particular game or mechanic to keep LL out of dangerous legal waters if they decide to go forth and do it.  :)

Come to think of it, I'd love to see a game or two published using two Xeno stashes as a more convenient way to package and buy them.

Zendo cards are probably easy enough, and I know Zendo stones should be.  Hmm…

I would buy in to a pyramid-themed KS, certainly.  :)

Yeah, I think a game designed for two opaque colors would be cool, especially if the hypothetical game is largely self contained (or maybe necessitating a treehouse set in addition, which most people pledging would already have). I imagine, if it was scalable to three or four players (with black and white pyramids), that would be cool, but it could play as is with two. It might be attractive to pyramid players who don't want to go out and buy additional Xeno and Rainbow sets, and, those of us who want to tinker with other games would pledge enough to get complete stashes.

I'm sure these scenarios have been thought of, but they might not be realistic. That's the appeal of a Kickstarter campaign though; different ideas can be put together, with some of them to be unlocked when there's enough support.

I think there's some danger in thinking of the idea as basically a group buy of something new and cool.  Or not so new, no longer available, and wanted by new players.

Looney Labs is a small company, and ultimately it needs to make teh moniez, especially in this insane economy.  We've been dealing now, mid-2014, with basically eight years of I Can't Believe It's Not A Depression type economic doom.  Oh sure they money guys are making money.  They make money on people's miseries as well as fortunes, as long as they can predict what'll happen.  But this isn't the forum for THAT “little” discussion.  :)

The Looney clan hasn't been too secretive about the size and scope of their operation—it's tiny! Until not so long ago, the company offices were the basement of a house bought by Alison.  They lease space in a warehouse and have a small space where they prepare and palletize current orders.  They have large distributors, which is how their stuff gets into larger stores and whatnot, but it seems that they handle at least some of their smaller customers themselves.

They're small enough to do something like a KS project for a new game using pyramids, with support levels for the fans and everything, but they're also a big enough operation that they've got to make sure everybody's getting paid.  A labor of love, for sure, but it's no longer just that.

But owning a small business myself, I realize that no matter how much you love your work, you've got to make it sustain itself.  They can indulge us only so long as we continue to help them make money.  For them that means making new games, and for us it means buying, selling, and playing their games, and telling them what works and what needs more work.

4/5/2014 International Table Top Day Whazzup?

Who has what planned for ITTD? Is Looney Labs promoting anything particular?


There's a Fluxx promo card in the retailer kit. I'm hoping it will also be available in the LL online store.

That would be great. I didn't know there was a retailer kit. Thanks for the information!

Origins 2014.

Attention Origins Game Fair attendees!

With blessing from Looney Labs, I am going to be running Looney Labs' games at Origins during the day. What this means is that I will probably be given my own set of badges/hotel rooms. I just need the GMs to run the games for/with me.

Sadly, I am not super familiar with ALL of Looney Labs' games (Specifically the Pyramids games), so I will need people who ARE familiar with them to help out.

I would also like to have a FLUXX tournament and offer some sort of prize support.

Do I have any volunteers to run Looney Labs games?!


This is a thing that interests me!  I am not yet absolutely completely certainly going to origins, but I probably am.  And I am quite good with the pyramid-based games.  I might be able to bring a set of giant pyramids.

What sort of game space do you have in mind, anyway?  Sort of a big experiment thing, but much smaller?  Some tables and some games, basically?

I'm hoping to attend this year. If I will be there, I would certainly help.

Chronicles of the first 6-months of a gaming n00b

Whereby I discuss discovering games at an advanced age, and how the Looneys were instrumental in said discovery and subsequent further exploration...


Holiday Gift 2013

If you have not already seen this in your email box, or via social media, or at the top of Andy's blog and the Looney Labs website...

... please know that we will be mailing out a Holiday Gift this year, to anyone who opts in!

Read Andy's blog. Look in your email for a message you can respond to, or fill out this form.

We need to hear from you by Fri 11/22/13 to get in on the mailing

Happy Holidays - Thanks for playing our games!


I did see the WWN article (and Andy's Facebook post pointing to said WWN article), but an email never landed in my inbox.  I've submitted a request through the webform.

Maybe it's time to switch email services.... Excite has been letting too many messages SMEF these days.

I didn't get an email either, but I've also submitted a request (or maybe 2) through the webform.  Awesome for any game manufacturer to do a holiday gift.

It landed in my mailbox today.  I won't ruin the surprise for anyone who's still awaiting theirs, but it is indeed very nifty and it brought a smile to the entire Hackelhaven Trio. 

I can't think of a game publisher that is as frequently generous to their fans as Looney Labs has consistently been.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Fluxx start out as a holiday gift?

Assuming standard mail times, and if I am getting the holiday thing as requested, it will most likely take a week or 2 before anyone in the UK, including myself actually gets theirs.

It's really nice for any game publisher to do such a thing, so I am grateful myself to have such an opportunity to get something from the Looneys.

The most essential essential gear for fans of Looney Labs are...

... cargo pants.


I don't disagree.  Like especially at conventions and stuff?  Totally need as many pockets as possible!

I've not been to a convention sadly, but yes, I would wear the cargoes no doubt.


We have a Family Game night every Friday night, and have never previously bothered with a trophy, the game was simply for 'bragging rights'. But I've now built us our first Family Trophy which we will be playing for in addition to the normal 'bragging rights'.

I used a sample of a floor tile 4" x 4" (to give you a scale for the picture) and picked up a cheap colour change die from China and 10 x 6mm die shaped beads.

I put some foam pads on the bottom of my marble tile, and glued two beads atop each other as a support behind/below the white die. I've used two beads in front of the die to hold it in place and a pile of four beads at the front for aesthetic purposes.

I've borrowed an idea from TableTop and will change the name each week using masking tape (the lad's a big TableTop fan).

The white die can't be fixed as it has switch on the bottom to turn on the colour change LEDs, so it rests on the rear pillars and the front beads are there to simply help hold it in position.


Cool, dude!!!

What did you play on TableTop Game Day?

Hey Looney Labs Fans!

How about letting us know what Looney games you played on TableTop Game Day! ( March 30)

Was it Cthulhu Fluxx?  Volcano? 7 Dragons? or were you the WEREWOLF?

Chime in and let us know!

And remember if you are a Game Technician and any of these events took place at a FLGS ( Friendly Local Game Shop)  make sure you mention that!  If you run two events at a shop you will earn your Game Technician Challenge Coin!


Fan Club Coordinator

Looney Labs Games


My group of Starship Captains playtested a new Looney Pyramids game that I'm working on. It was good fun.

I know I've already made the a similar post elsewhere, but here goes, we played;

Family Fluxx

MontyPython Fluxx

Fluxx v1

Fluxx v3 (plus bonus cards, lots of bonus cards)

Zombie Fluxx

Star Fluxx (twice)

Cthulhu Fluxx

We also threw in a deciding game of Ice Dice. Only four players this time (it was a family game), but lots of fun.

On Saturday, I was at Marcon, a science fiction convention that had Looney Labs as its Gaming Guest of Honor in 2007 (when I first demoed games for Looney Labs).  I had lots of non-gaming things on my schedule this year, but I did manage to play a few games of Star Fluxx in the afternoon with a couple of people in the game room.  And although I had Star Fluxx in my game bag, it was actually another person who provided the copy that we played.

Bonus: I played Seven Dragons with somebody on Sunday in the Green Room.

Sadly, our planned late night Werewolf on Friday night fell through when the Werewolf deck had an untimely encounter with a leaking can of Cherry Coke.  But there has been a lot of Werewolf recently, since several people in our gaming circle got the Deluxe Kickstarter Edition.

At the Looney Lounge I played:

1x Star Fluxx (earned my StarFluxx badge)

2x Chrononauts

2x Fluxx: Board Game

1x Pharaoh

Elsewhere that day I played:

1x Organized Chaos (which didn't go over well)

6 hands of Rack-O

Munchkin, Munchkin Quest, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and... I was going to host one session of Zendo, but we wound up playing three. I had to buy two more treehouse sets to accommodate the people at the table. We're hoping to get a regular pyramds group going. Played at the Gamer's Grind in Orangevale, CA.


Kell the re-new Kid from Carmichael, CA

TableTop Day on 3/30

Where will you be playing games on March 30th?

First, listen to Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton announce #TableTopDay

If you haven't yet, watch Wil play Star Fluxx on TableTop

And if you live near the DC Metro area, come to our TableTopDay event in College Park and Play Games with The Looneys!  Get a Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature (on a button) when you play Star Fluxx with us!

or look for an event near you... TableTopDay.com

If you are lucky, your local game store might be giving out these buttons too - but only about 100 stores got them - so know that they are limited and special if you do get your hands on one!

Make plans to play games on March 30th!

Felicia says: please use the hashtag #TableTopDay when you tweet about the event 


TableTop day in the UK is not well supported, we're having a 'Family Fluxx' day in the Feenix household. Hope you all have a great time and, may the best person win :)

Our Family Fluxx marathon has been a great success.

We started the evening with Fluxx v1 and have progressed through Zombie Fluxx, Family Fluxx, Fluxx v3 (plus extras), Monty Python Fluxx, Star Fluxx and Cthulhu Fluxx.

We even had enough time left for a couple of games of Ice Dice. :)

Hope everyone else has as much fun as we've had.

Happy TableTop Day.

Here's a picture of the proud winner, with a copy of his certificate of 'awsomeness' from Geek & Sundry;



TableTopDay WINNER photo tabletopday_zps7a8e2f01.jpg

Hey Feenix!  Looks like  a great time!  Did you take any breaks between games??   Interested to know what Fluxx game you like the best!  Are you ready for the Fluxx Board game in July?  Give us some more info on the games results and who won!

Congrats to the young lad on a what Ill bet was a very fun day!


Hi Drew, yeah, I could have gone into a little more detail I guess so here it is blow by blow;

We started out playing one game of each of the Fluxx card games we currently have, and then played a second game of Star Fluxx (our joint favourite). Having played the first six games, Jack (the proud owner of the TableTop Day certificate) had missed out on every game, but with two games left he still felt he could make a come-back. And he did!

We had expected, having played eight games straight  that there would be a clear winner, or maybe a joint winner, but no. We were all on 2 wins each! You can't have four winners after four hours of earnest gaming! We need winners!

Having foreseen this possible outcome, and having only printed off the single winners certificate, I'd cannily agreed beforehand that in the event of a draw we'd play a sudden death game of Ice Dice (fantastic deciding game by the way), and thats what we went on to do.

Following Jacks victory dance around the table, and my own name change to 'looooser', I presented him with his certificate, which now has pride of place in his bedroom. But he'd better watch out next year, I'm going to be honing my skills. :)

Yes, I'm looking forward to the Fluxx BoardGame. Shame it's not likely to be at the UK Games Expo as we're attending that this year for the first time, (I assume it's not likely to be there as it takes place at the end of may and I've not seen any news on the game) and it would have been great to see or maybe trial it while I'm there. I guess I'll have to learn patience. Mind you, I'm only a few games into the Pyramid system yet, so I have plenty to keep us busy for a while at least.

Todd Breitenstein - Zombies!!!

Hi All,

For those who may or may not know, Todd Breitenstein of Twilight Creations is fighting stage IV cancer. To help his spirit, the community over at BoardGameGeek has launched a campaign to push Todd's highly successful Zombies!!! up to the number one rank on the site. So far it's been a great success, but they can still use your help.  If you're already a registered user at BoardGameGeek, voting is easy.  Log in, go to the BoardGameGeek Zombies!!! page, scroll to the bottom, click "record information," click the rating box, and give that sucker a 10. If you haven't registered a BoardGameGeek account yet this might be the best reason you'll ever have to correct that oversight. Don't wait . . . go make Zombies!!! #1!

Above is the post at SJGames after I had contacted them about Todd. We have managed to bring the ranking from over 5000 down to just over 600 in less than a week. Please help us make it #1. His wife says the effort has brought a smile to his face and even a chuckle. Anything to give him a boost is a blessing...please participate...it means a lot.




Done :)


I'm more than a little surprised at how quiet it is on these forums.

Seems to me that we have a really powerful resource that simply isn't being utilised to it's full potential. I'd like to see more members posting on forums and social media sites, both this site and the games themselves. You can reach a million people on social media sites that you'd never meet in a life time of going to game shops.

I mean, to be fair, you largely see the same crowds at both game shops, and to some extent game expo's, but if you can explain to people online how much fun a game is, and why they should hook up with it, chances are you'll be hitting people that would never have even thought of heading into a game shop.

I've made a post on this site HERE to try and generate interest in Fluxx (I've yet to try the pyramid games myself) with the type of posts I believe would generate additional interest in the product. Or maybe even a few more members for the fan club.

It's my intention to do a write up of each game as I get time.

Convention appearance schedule for the Looneys

I'm currently getting my convention attendance plans in order for this year.

I was wondering if anyone knows what conventions the Looneys are thinking of appearing at this year?

Selling policy?

Are members allowed to offer items for sale anywhere on these forums?

If not, I perfectly understand, I just wanted to know.




I am not an official voice of any kind of authority.  But may I be honest with you?  I would very much prefer not to have sales allowed.  I get enough ads fFrom people wanting my money elsewhere.  And, you know, the Looneys are trying to make a living and all.

That said, I guess if you had some component that would totally enrich my life, and complimented the pyramids in some way that the Looneys can't do ... like, how else would I learn about it?  Like if you were promoting some kind of chessboards or something.  But that better be awesome, man.

See, no authoritative answers fFrom me, just ambiguous arm waving.  This is why I'm not a boss.

Well, I discovered I owned a second chessboard bandana, and it seems a popular item.

A chessboard bandana is a perfect example of something it would be ok to post about - but in general, what Scott said - trying to sell something that isn't Looney Labs related would not be well received by anyone.

Notes From The Lab today

Hello Looneys and fen.

When I go to http://www.looneylabs.com/notes/labnotes-2012-11-1 from today's email or after the surveymonkey "Which Pyramid Game are You Most Excited to Learn?", I get only:


Access denied

You are not authorized to access this page.
Is everyone else getting this? Is the URL wrong or is there some other issue?
Thank you.



I got it too.  I'm pretty sure it's something simple like allowing public access to that page. 

It's fixed now.

Thanks, Looneys.

The Keep System on Kickstarter

I hope it is all right if I post about a kickstarter. I found The Keep System yesterday, but it only has 5 days left:


After lugging almost all of my LL games to a convention last month in a ginormous bag, I'm thinking this system is brilliant. Even though I was able to fit what I needed in one bag, it wasn't organized at all, and it was much more awkward to carry than the Keep System. 

They just posted a video showing Fluxx (as well as several other card games) fitting nicely into the Magic Chamber: http://youtu.be/0MfTfQH7Geo

I asked the creator if pyramids would fit into the Bits Pit. He wasn't sure, but he guessed only small and mediums would fit. He suggested that pyramids just be kept in the Magic Chamber between dividers.


Question on the discount from Saterday

I tried to use the discount code from the card you gave to us on Saturday  and I got an error message saying it is has eater been used expired or is invalid.

I am wondering if I did something wrong when I typed it in.  Any help would be apperciated, I am looking to buy both the Are you a WereWolf and Are you a Trator.


I've had the same problem.

BGG.CON 2012

IS anyone attending BGG.CON 2012 in Dallas? Might be good to establish a meetup or play a couple of Pyramid games. I will be there for certain. It is an annual event I never miss.

Happy Gaming,

Matt (Bixby)

To my fellow igloo-mates: any Canadians here

I'm wondering how many Canadians are fan members and how many have access to stores that sell looney lab games?? I'll admit I'm a geek with a passion for statistics so please write in and give me some numbers to play with. Really I find math fun. Not sarcastic. So if the frostbite hasn't gotten to your fingers and the sled dogs are runnin to keep the power on your neat computer box going, tippity tap on that letter thing and write in. PLEASE!!! PS I'm from Ontario n feel free to look up my profile. Sideline: what's this about us joining embassies with England?!? Watch Rick Mercer...


Anybody?!?! Come on! I can't be the only maple leaf in the melting pot!!!!
All right you Canadians.... I've been through 65 pages of people... GAAAAA! There are at least 40 of you out there. Speak up! We may be few and far between but for the love of geekdom and gaming or anything else you wanna talk about.... How's the weather out there in the prairies? Write people, write! Any game can be played online. Worst that can happen.... You meet another friend. So welcome all.... Any non-Canadian, we love you too... Join in! If you have any questions about Canada what a better way to learn... No judgement will befall you.

Hi Karin,

Like I'm a grad student in chemistry, let say that I understand your love for math...
I'm from Quebec City and I my favorite Lonney's game is Zombie Fluxx.
I buy games at the L'Imaginaire in Qubec City or on the web.

For the sideline, I prefer talking about : «la séparation du Québec». Just kidding.


I'm from Montreal and I get my games at Tour de Jeux.  Though I have bought some in the states as well.  My favourite is probably Oz Fluxx.  But that's a hard choice to make.  I've only tried the Fluxx games, none of the other Looney Lab games.

Hey there. Thanks for the invite. I am currently living in the flatlands of Saskatchewan.

I am mostly a fan of the the Pyramid games but did get a play of Chrononauts in recently. Fluxx is a game I take to our annual Folk Festival.
 Have a look at my BGG Profile for a more complete BIO...


Hey I was going to bring up la separation du Quebec but thought it would bring offense... I would think of separation for Ontario but then we'd just be another American state :) Thank you all who have responded.... Consider this forum ceased in the name of the maple leaf, the beaver and..... The queen??? Anyway everyone is welcome.... EVERYONE. I just think it great that there is a site for us Canadians to discuss whatever we wish (yes gameing too), make a few friends and have a good time Northern Style. Please ignore my igloo horrible jokes. After writing SO many of you last night I realize I need a new pic. You can mail me here at the Looney Lab Site, add me on Facebook (give a reference you're a gamer) or I tweet @MathStatsGrl but on that one I do not relate too much to looney labs- it's more personal rants.

From Vancouver myself. There aren't many games I don't try. DnD is my specialty, I have over 35 books and know more that anyone else I know. With looney Labs it started with Fluxx, then Zombie and Month Pyton Fluxx, now its Back to The Future. I also have Seven Dragons on the way. I collect comics and  transformer figures(large collection of both).I like older video games, PS2 era and before. I find newer games are more flashy effects and less game play and story.

Other hobbies i have are making Origami and plastic models .

P.S. anyone know how many DEAD men understand hexadecimal?

From Ottawa/Gatineau. I started playing Zombie Fluxx when I found it in a Value Village.

Still too early to teach board games to my 2 boys so I play with friends.

Quebec will not separate so why bother talking about it.

The separation side of conversation is perhaps a debate but I believe more in jest... Thank you to all who have responded.... Any topic you wish to bring up feel free. My current concern is a bill UNANIMOUSLY put into Ontario law (because it directly affects my child) C-279. It gives constitutional human rights to transgendered people. The public school board of niagara is breaking law by denying my child her rights. This is a controversial topic and perhaps uncomfortable for some.... If anyone would like to discuss (no matter what your feelings) I would be grateful for it. If anyone has questions (even if you feel awkward asking) please do. If anyone has ideas on how I can remedy this situation, again- welcome all. Anyone else with topics to discuss or suggest please do.... Everyone is welcome. All opinions are to be respected. Lets chat... Gaming... Geekdom... Political... Cultural.... Please.... SPEAK UP!! <3

So who use kickstarter ?

Try icedice... Two sets n dice... Nice start!

My childhood was spent in the Detroit area, and so on TV we'd hear frequently about things going on in Canada, especially Windsor ON just across the river.  Also, my Scottish-born dad had a couple of aunts and uncles living in Ontario (and another set in Alberta), so I have fond memories of visiting them, as well of special treats like Cadbury chocolate, Smarties, Lyle's Golden Syrup and french fries with vinegar!  (And HP Sauce, which I hated as a kid but like now.) 

> I would think of separation for Ontario but then we'd just be another American state :)

But it would be about the 6th most populous state!  Just think, you too could be a presidential battleground. :) 

Thank-you Bryan. As I said all are welcome..... And your canadianisms put a heck of a smile on my face. Nice to hear from outside our country about our country. PLEASE share more! I never thought of Ontario being one of the most populous states but I think the true north strong and free is for me.... Besides there was that incident in 1812 where we burnt down the White House and DC parliament buildings.... 1812.gc.ca or better yet read There's More To Niagara Than Going Over The Falls In A Barrel published by inkblot. Keep the discussion going y'all!!!

Located in Cape Breton , Nova Scotia. Sadly there has never been a gaming shop for a while and one opened a year ago and they managed to get in some fluxx games.


Big fan of Monty Python ,and so, fav game is the Fluxx version :).


Lard tunderin' jeesus, another Maritimer! I lived for 20+ years. What part of Cape Breton are you from?

Just outside North Sydney on Johnson Road.

Oh... I'm soo jelouse I want to move to Nove Scotia soo bad. Or northern Ontario. Chips with vinegar? I just thought that one was a norm, didn't realize its Canadian roots, thank you to the lovely American chap who wrote in... I hope he shares more of his experiences.. As I hope many others will. Which brings me to a topic discussion (other than poutine)what food or food combinations are Canadian rooted????
Ok.... Bagged milk! My cousin came up from past buffalo and didn't know what to do with it. She put it in the holder and cut a hole in the middle of the top... How she planned to pour it is beyond me!! I see this all the time, I've Fort Erie to one side and Niagara Falls on the other and I am often questioned on what to do with milk in a bag.....

Playtest Workshops

After seeing the photo of Andy and the stack of games I'm officially jealous of anyone able to attend one of the playtest workshops. Wonderland and Strip Fluxx caught my eye, but I'm desperately curious to know what Yellow Mountain and Train Wreck are and how they play!


Any workshop attendees feeling merciful to the geographically/financially challenged, please drop us some hints when you can.

Scam artist targeting fan club members

Be aware there is a scammer targeting looney lab fan club members. If you are contacted by a Miss Lucia Edward Weah or any variant of that name do not reply. 'She' will send a message saying her spirit guided 'her' to contact you. After you reply you will then be sent a sob story..... I googled the name after I received this message. The message it shows as the scam is exactly what I received. A picture of 'her' is always attached... apparently from here you will be sent a number to contact 'her'. By the looks of it this is a well known scam (google the name to get more information). I just want to send out a warning... I would hate for anyone to lose money of ID because of this. Be aware of who is contacting you and careful about your response if you are not sure of who the person is or if you sense something fishy is up.    


*money OR id

I got the same thing on the 12th never contacted the person though it just smelled of scam .... But I am sure she is just a Nigerian princess or something that needs help wiring millions of dollars to the U.S. ... Or she wanted to tell me I won the British lotto right?  lol.  Her name was minus the Weah though.  The email I received said it was a comment on my page, I looked and there was none there now. 

Lol.... yes a princess in need of a knight in shining armor riding in on a white horse. It was the same for me- a comment on my page. 'she saw my page and her spirit told her she had to contact me' wow eh

GenCon Meetup?

Is there a time were us Looney Labbers can get together and meet? I was think Thursday at 6. You know pick a spot and meet-up. The spot will depend on who can be there and what we want. Sound good? Reply back if you are interested.

>>Faerie Escape: Atlanta <<



This convention is focused on fairytales, folklore and fantasy. Here is the


The website has been updated with an events schedule. The con is June
15-17(Fri-Sun). The event on Friday evening is free and open to the public; no
entry fee and no convention badge required.

I'll be in charge of gaming for the con. I'll bring a bunch of board games and
card games. You are welcome to bring your own games. I'll also run a tabletop
RPG on Sunday from 11am to 3pm. I'll use a system called Fudge and it will be a
fairytale-based scenario. I'll provide dice.

The Marketplace(i.e. dealer's room) and the gaming room are open to the public
for the entire convention. You do not need to purchase a convention badge to
enter either one of them. Of course, you will need a badge to enter any of the
other rooms.

Even if you just want to do some shopping or play games it will be a chance to
see some great faerie costumes in the hallways.





Memories of The Big Experiment @ Origins

We are very sad to announce...

    The Big Experiments Are Over

Andy writes a long essay about why on his Though Residue blog over on tumblr.  

This event was awesome. We have had so very many wonderful times over the years with so very many wonderful friends/fans... so this is a very sad announcement for us.  But decisions are good.  And we will now be traveling to a lot more places and hanging out with and running events with a much larger number of fans instead of always going back to the same event year after year. It's a good decision. 

Here are some links to some memories...  

So many beautiful medallions each year!  Big Exp #10: The Booth • The Halls • The Lab

Todd and Lisa got engaged in The Lab in 2008!  Remember Andy's acceptance speech in 2007? 

In 2006 we hosted a wedding and gave away trees with so many wonderful volunteers! 

Check out all the recycling we all did with 'Becca back in 2003!  And Photo's from 2002 and 2000!

Thank you everyone who participated in the last 12 years of Big Experiments!  What are your favorite memories? 


We all miss you this year at Origins.  It's really strange seeing people I'm used to seeing in the Lab, but no Lab.  I'm wearing a Big Experiment ribbon for one more year, though.  Last year, I got an extra ribbon by mistake, so I dug out the extra and I'm wearing it this year.  That's all for now, until after Origins.

Here are some of my memories of the Big Experiment, in no particular order...

Playing Werewolf in the hall outside the Lab, back before it outgrew the space ... Playing Andy v. Everybody and getting an "I beat Andy" ribbon each year--even the year in which I was time-committed for all but one session and didn't think I'd be able to make it to that one, either ... Booth bug-out ... Beating Andy one year in the Black Ice tournament by bluffing him ... Playing Volcano with Kristin ... Running the first Zark City tournament (not all those memories are good, but we got it done) ... Muffins ... Getting beaten soundly by Andy in Homeworlds during Andy-v-E; he was playing about 4 simultaneous Homeworlds games at the time ... Learning Icehouse ... Playing the various Fluxx prototypes over the years ... Giant Zendo ... Playing Pink Hijinks with Kristin ... The year Andy-v-E was in a room off in the middle of nowhere ... Busting out in Martian Hold-em with A-A vs. A-Q when my opponent rivered a straight ... The ICE Awards ... When they made the Giant World War 5 board ... The "What's New" sessions with Andy

Having trouble logging in to the Tech Store?

Hello Folks,

I've gotten a few people contacting us with problems logging in to the Game Technician area in our webstore, and I just wanted to clarify a little about the way some things work:

1) This fan website (attached to Ning) is a completely different website than our webstore.

1a) This means that your login at the webstore is completely different than your login here, and your Customer record in our system there is completely separate from your Fan record here.  Nothing happens automagically, because the systems do not talk to each other. (  :-(  sadz )

2) In order to get access to the Game Technician Store, you have to jump through some hoops, described here:  http://looneylabs.ning.com/page/secret-demo-team-store

3) What happens is this:

3a) You set up your Fan profile correctly here at the ning website.

3b) You send an email to our Community Coordinator, with a link to your Fan page so he can check it out.  You include the email you use to login at our webstore.

3c) He checks out your page, and, if everything looks good, he sends me email telling me to flag your webstore Customer account for access to the store.

3d) Using your name and your webstore login email, I find your Customer record (frequently, I find there are two accounts for you, and I have to merge them). 

3e) Then I check the boxes that let you see the Game Technician store.  (It takes overnight for the changes to take effect, and if I merged you, you'll have to use the "lost password" function.)

3f) I send email to the Community Coordinator, and he lets you know.

4) So if you don't send the request email, the fact that you qualify for access will never get passed along to me here at the office to actually GIVE you access.  If you're logging in to the webstore, and not seeing the tab with the Game Tech store, it's almost certainly because your account has not yet been flagged, for whatever reason.

Hope this clarifies a little about the way the system works!  Thanks for playing our games everybody!  And thanks for helping us promote them!

-Alison "Looney" Frane

Question Answerer, First Class

Customer Support

301-441-1019  Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email if you have any questions


How to upload profile pic

Can someone help me. I can't seem to get my pic on my bio page


It says my email 'upload' is rejected by the server

What does email have to do with it? The "browse" upload should let you find the file to upload directly from your hard drive.

Log into your fanclub account at your desktop computer, click on 'My Page' in the upper left hand corner next to "Main".  You should now be looking at your profile/bio page.  Hover your mouse over where your picture should be...  do you see a 'Change Photo' link?  Click on that link.  You can get to the same edit page by clicking on the EDIT button on the upper left corner of the Profile Information header.  

Once you get to that Edit Profile page, just click on the Choose File button and select the photo you want to upload.  I hope this helps!

Ok I guess my problem is that I've been using my iPod. I don't use my computer very often. As for the email part, on the iPod page it shows an add click next to the looney labs logo. If you click on that it says upload photo. When you click on that it sets up an email for you to attach your photo to. As this was the only thing that mentioned uploading a picture I assumed that it was how I add my photo.
I've been using my iPod so that doesn't work. On my profile page there is an add clickable next to the looney lab logo. When you click on that there are three options, one of which is upload photo. If you click on that it sets up an email for you to attach a picture to.  This was the only option on the page to add a pic. Thank you for your response though. I guess my whole problem is I've been useing my iPod.

Yeah, I've honestly got no idea what the site would look like on an iPod. If it's an option, you might try going in through the "Edit Profile" button on your profile page, because that should give you a place to add your profile pic too.

Thank you for your help. I think I'll beak out my laptop and use that. It sounds like I'm missing stuff by useing my iPod. I just use it because it's convenient.

I think this is for uploading a photo into the library of photo's, not for uploading your profile pic - to do that you want to get yourself to that Edit Profile page... 

Thank you for answering. I will have to crack out my laptop to give it a go.

Pieceniking Forum?

I remember that there used to be a lot of pieceniking activity.  I've seen some posts of a similar nature in some of the forums (homemade, oversized dice and martian coasters; homemade chessboard bandanas, etc)

Has there been any thought to putting up a pieceniking forum or something similar in nature where people can share their pieceniking experiences as well as input from others and any improvements that have been developed since the initial creations?

It would probably be nicer to have something like a Wiki that can be updated and kept current devoted specifically to pieceniking, but I'm not sure if there could be a portion of the icehouse wiki or the rabbit wiki devoted to that. (or if there is a portion devoted to it already).  Or if it would even be a good idea to do it on an open wiki with all the spambots that seem to be about.  Perhaps a limited access wiki open only to fan club members.

Anyone else think this would be a good idea, or is there one someplace that I just haven't run across yet?



I have no real piecenik experience, but I'm an interested observer. Most of the piecenik info I've seen online has been at the personal websites of the various pieceniks.

It doesn't seem like it would be difficult or inappropriate to add things like pieceniking designs to the existing IcehouseOrg wiki. And for more conversational interaction, you could add a forum here, or even make a group.

I found this page from Eric Zuckerman via the Geocities preservation project. As far as I know, this is not available elsewhere. There are some really good gems here, from the heyday of piecniking.

For those interested, I suggest checking out the entries under the "Medallion contest" and all of the links under "The Piecenik Pages." These are some really pretty icehouse pieces. Enjoy.


Camping suggestions

My family and I are going to go camping with some friends soon and I'll be taking along my IceDice set.  I plan on teaching IceDice and Launchpad 23.  I'll probably take along a set of Aquarius cards as well. 

Any other suggestions for games to take along/play on a camping trip? 


Just a point to consider, I will be the only Native English speaker there.  Some of them will speak almost no English although there will be some who are fluent enough to translate for me.  In any case, cards with lots of text will probably be out.  That probably means no Fluxx, but I'll take a set along anyways. :)


I would suggest anything that doesn't require a specific board would be good.  Here's some that come to mind:

  • Icehouse - The classic!!  Andy's new rules write up makes the game very understandable.  Players place their pieces in an open area, with no turns or board, as such.  Seems perfect fFor camping!

  • Icetowers - The most intuitive game I've ever played.  Except I'm awful at it, so maybe I should try using something other than intuition.  This also has no turns or board, and relies on stacking pieces to claim the best sets of things.

  • Homeworlds - Binary Homeworlds requires no particular board, and new stars are discovered in space ad hoc, as you go along.  And then after conquering the stars, you can lie back in the grass and do some star gazing.  =)

  • Zendo - This plays better with more than just the 3 of you, but it simply requires some stones, which you might have in abundance.  =)

  • Mandala - I haven't played this, but it looks really cool, and requires only some space to lay out the pieces.

Thanks, there will be more than three.  There is actually a group of friends that are going to go camping.  Not sure just how many families will be there.  (It's been a pain finding a weekend that everyone can make it to.)


IceTowers is a great idea, I want to try to do up some cards with the actions that a person can do.  Then see if the wife will translate them to Chinese.


Zendo is another great idea.  I've got the starter cards, again, I can ask my wife to translate to make Chinese versions as a starter set.


Not sure about Icehouse.  Might be a bit complicated to lay out for people who are not native speakers and not gamers.  But I'll try.  I do have the current IceSheets printed and laminated, so that should help somewhat.  Also, homeworlds may be a bit complex to translate, but I'll see if I can round up some interest.


Might have to try Drip (very simple rules and easy to understand.) along with CrackeD Ice, Thin Ice (maybe try the IceDice varient I mentioned before, Thin dIce?)

Any other suggestions?  I've got a month to plan and get ready, we're going at the begining of July, but I might want to get my wife familiar with the games before taking them out.

I tried out Plutonian Poker recently, and it's a nice pyramids-only game that doesn't need a board or precise positioning.

trouble adding friends

I'm having a bit of trouble with the Friends tab.  I've got two friend requests so I go to the friends page and click on the Requests recieved tab but it just loops around to the friends page and I am unable to see the requests.


Maybe I'm just missing something or I don't know where to go to activate the requests, so I'm asking for a bit of help.




I'm having the same problem, and I do think it's a technical issue. An alternative navigation tactic would be to click the (n requests) next to Friends in the control panel in the upper right of the screen, but that too only navigates to the My Friends display.

The invite I was trying to see/answer is gone now. Perhaps it was a phantom? If not, it's been deleted as part of a fix, I guess.

Mine appear to be gone now as well.

Demo Team/Fan Club Graphics

I know that there is a list of graphics and images for use in promoting Looney Labs games on the main website, but I wanted to get some of the images that aren't being used otherwise (Starship Captains image for one) and was wondering if either there is a location for these images that I haven't found yet or if we could get one started.


Some of the images I would like include the brain, clock, chair, etc images used for the GameSheets.  It would also be nice to have a location to find images of things like the TRA logo as well as the Game Tech and Starship Captains images (preferably a higher resolution image).  Thanks.


Scott Sulzer


We will see what we can do Scott!  

Trouble with Starship Captain's List

I just wanted to find out if anyone else is having trouble saving their Starship Captain's List.  I keep trying to save my list but it says that there is an error when saving.


I am trying to put 11 items in my list, is that causing trouble?  Thanks


Scott Sulzer


Thanks for letting us know.  I will look into this tonight and reply when I have it fixed.

Something's definitely amiss with the app. Mine currently says "An error occurred" without displaying the list, which I haven't edited for some days. It was possible to put dozens of items on the list, as long as you added them one at a time, in my experience. 

I have fixed the Starship Captains List App.  An upgrade earlier this week broke it.  Sorry about that.

Thanks very much, it seems to be working fine now.:)

Best Print & Play Games?

I'd like some suggestions. My gaming interests run the gamut from card games like Fluxx, and Aquarius, social deception games like Werewolf, The Resistance and Saboteur, dice games like Martian/Zombie dice, as well as other games like Zombie In My Pocket, Dixit, The Stars Are Right, Oh Gnome You Don't, Citadels, and most recently, even more complex stuff like Super Dungeon Explore.

I'd like some recommendations for decent Print & Play games. If you're familiar with the games I mentioned above, give me a little bit of an indication as to why you think it'd line up with my interests. I'm generally looking for something that uses commonly available dice and token types, cards, and maybe a board or mat no larger than 11x11.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.


A lot of pyramid games are print and play (after you buy some pyramids, of course).

There's a very nice page, linking to a lot of games available on the "Looney Pyramids" site, here: http://www.looneylabs.com/looney-pyramids

Andy Looney just (re-)released Lunar Invaders, which is sort of Cosmic Coasters with variations.  You can get the rules and stuff here:  http://www.looneylabs.com/rules/lunar-invaders

There's somewhere around 500 games on the Icehouse wiki (of varying quality, I'm sure...) You can see the recently-much-improved list of completed games to play here http://www.icehousegames.org/wiki/index.php?title=What_Can_I_Play?

You posted a picture of your collection, which seems to show you have 1 set of treehouse on hand.  That's cool.  Here's a category on the wiki with all one-set games: http://www.icehousegames.org/wiki/index.php?title=Category:Treehouse_set

Last week, I got the chance to play Evacuate, with the game's creator.  It's a nifty new game requiring one treehouse set, which you can get here:  http://www.icehousegames.org/wiki/index.php?title=Evacuate

If you are a starship captain, there's a variety of games which are in various forms of development or re-editing on the fForums, including the seminal Pikemen which should be in every Captain's repertoire http://looneylabs.ning.com/group/starshipcaptains/forum/topics/game-pikemen-icesheet-discussion


Okay, thanks for those suggestions.


Are you familiar with any nice P&P games outside of the Looney Labs family of games?

It feels strange to recommend non-Looney Labs games on the Looney Labs fan site, which is why I haven't done it.

I can see your point. Alternately, I think topics like this can give the folks at Looney Labs some insight into other gaming desires of ours that they could possibly capitalize on in future projects.

Thanks for recommending Evacuate. It was a blast playing it with you. I should note that it's more of a four house game for two players (although someone might get away with playing it with three sets with the latest rule changes in effect).

The World War 5 related games are also popular print and play pyramid games, although I haven't been motivated to try them myself.

Cards against humanity is a fun printable game. its like apples to apples but a lot more adult.

Looney Labs convention support questions




I'm the Gaming Coordinator for an Atlanta-area convention called TimeGate. You can check it out here:




I seem to recall that the company used to have reps called mad lab rabbits who would run demo games at conventions. I think they now have a different name.


So, how do I go about getting one of these company reps to run demo games at my convention?



Ted Skirvin








Yes, we used to be Lab Rabbits; we're now Lab Techs; some of us still prefer the Lab Rabbit identity ... it's not terribly important what we're called, I think.

Mostly, getting someone to come to your event is a matter of getting some person in your area who has some enthusiasm fFor the games.  If I were closer, I'd come, you bet.  But we're all basically volunteers.

I just did a quick search of our registered people, here, and it looks like there are several people in Georgia who you might be able to invite to your event to run games.  We're usually a nice nice of people, so drop some of them a line and see if anyone is available!

Unless you were hoping to get Andy Looney himself to come to your event?  That's a bit more involved.  I would suggest emailing him directly.




Thanks for replying, Scott. Does the company provide prize support to the lab technicians so that prizes can be awarded to winners of demo games?

At present, there's a bunch of promo cards and fFreebies which we can give out.  The Looneys make a fFew promo cards every year, so there's quite a pool to draw fFrom.

A year or two ago, they started printing posters, which look super cool.  The IceDice Playmat is pretty sweet, fFor example, and the 7 dragons game poster looks really nice.

The Looneys have been talking recently about other prize systems that we can use, but that's not really up and going yet, unless whoever comes to your convention decides to do it on their own (and it's a nice thing if they do).

And, if you were thinking of bigger prizes, like copies of games ... well, all I can say is, ask nicely.  The Looneys are really cool people, so they might send some swag your way, but no promises can be made here.  Whomever you get to run events at your convention might come with their own prizes that they are willing to give away.  Personally, I have about 4 copies of fFluxx, fFor example.

So I guess the short answer is:  yes there are prizes which can be given, but the quality and quantity of prizes may vary.


Thank you Scott for jumping in and trying to answer Ted's questions... and for the kind words! 

Yes we used to have an awesome demo program.
Yes we are working on bringing it back.
Yes I wish we had more time and resources...

                   ... did I mention we are working on it?   

And we will have some cool new things in place before next years convention season...

For now...   OUR DEMO TEAM

 "We don't currently have a formal demo program (with a reward system, organized convention support, the ability to hook stores/cons/fans together, etc.) but we do have a fan club again!  The Demo Team is a private group within the fan club that let's us communicate with our biggest fans about ways they can help us promote our games. We have a variety of promotional items at very cheap prices that only members of this group can purchase, details available once you join."


So... we don't have systems in place to hook fans and stores and conventions together - but if you or someone else from your convention joins the Demo Team you will gain access to various resources. More will come... your convention is not until next summer - please check back after the new year! 

Thanks playing Looney Labs games at your convention!


Okay, it's after the new year so I'm checking back. Any news?


I did check that list that Scott included in his post. They either would not respond or said they were not on the Demo Team. I did not try Tony Cade because he owns a comics and games store and thus is highly unlikely to be able to do demos at a con.



Werewolf at Origins 2012

Hey Fellow Gamers.

I am here hoping to find out some information, maybe you can help. Does anyone know if there is going to be a group of people running the Are You a Werewolf? game at Origins in 2012? I know that sadly since the date moved up, some normal techs and looney labs will not be able to attend.  Myself and a few other fellow gamers in my local gaming group were discussing this.  I would be excited for the Werewolf game to continue at Origins this year, as usually --thanks to Looney Labs help--, then is the best part of the Origins night time for me.


If anyone has contact information or can direct me to where I need to go to see about volunteering to be a MOD for the event, I would greatly appreciate it!




Hi Kristin,


The WW event will continue as normal last year. Currently we have a full boat of volunteers for next year, made up primarily of volunteers from last year. I'll be happy to add you to my contact list though. Nothing is likely to change as far as WW goes until December or so when Origins begins registering events and we can determine how many volunteer hours we'll have to staff with.


Whether we can add you as an official event volunteer or not, we are always happy to have more people stepping up to moderate games and help out in little ways. Feel free to message me here, or on Facebook if you have any more specific questions.


Peter Charnley

Hi Peter,

I would also be interested. Could you please add me to the mailing list as well?



Hi Peter,


Thank you for the feedback, and given that its a bit early, i understand. I be happy to help how I can, but if there is a need for some volunteers I would be happy to help. Look forward to AYAW in 2012 :)




Wiki page has been hacked/edited

Fyi to whoever is admining the icehouse wiki page, the home page appears to have been hacked/edited.


Edited, not hacked, by user Qv, who's evidently a spammer and should be deleted by an admin. I just undid Qv's edit. Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for cooking that spam, Russ!


Brian, if you're reading this, I think it's time to have admins approve new user accounts.  I'm reverting over a dozen spam entries every day, and blocking just as many spammer "new user" dummy accounts, while actual legit new user accounts are less than once a month.  I'm spending more time undoing spam than I would be approving new users.

I wonder if it would work sufficiently well to make a custom automated captcha based on knowledge that's pretty obvious to pyramid fans but not immediately obvious to random spammers. E.g. a new user must type the answer to the question "What card game from the same company has sold the most?" and they must type "Fluxx".

Holy crap, I just noticed a huge number of spam pages are being created at the icehouse wiki.


An admin needs to delete many pages and spammer accounts.

Is there still no email confirmation to create a new account? Some kind of setting like that looks extremely necessary.

I am no longer able to keep up with policing spam.  Please flag spam articles for deletion, and I'll get to them when I have time again.

Only Brian Campbell can activate email confirmation.

Is he still in contact with anyone? I noticed him in the chat box a month or so ago, but I haven't seen him post anything in ages. The spam really is ridiculous now.

What is the best way to flag them? Edit it and replace all the text with {{admin}} or what? That's a nontrivial amount of busy-work, but I see no other obvious way to do it.

If you are comfortable and able to give me deletion privilege, I'd be happy to just go through and directly delete a bunch of them.

I just put a note on his Comment Wall, directing him to this thread.

Gah, over fifty new spam user accounts so far today.

I sent a geekmail to his user account at BGG. But he's not logged in there for the past couple of weeks.

The Rabbit wiki is in even worse shape. For a solid year, nearly all new content has been spam (aside from new Fluxx Q&A). We definitely need the Rabbit wiki admin to do some serious junk removal.

Yeah... Besides being a pain to navigate through, a wiki full of spam gives a really bad impression to people new to the games or curious about the games that the community is dead and abandoned.

Does anyone know how to reach Brian Campbell? I got no reply to the BGG geekmail I him sent a week ago.

And again, if anyone has the admin rights to give me deletion rights, my offer still stands to go through and delete a bunch of the spam pages and accounts on the icehouse wiki.

He did log in to BGG last Thursday, so he apparently hasn't abandoned that site altogether.  I'd give it some more time and maybe ping him again.

Flooding in Broome County

The area I live in has been hit by flash flooding. I am counting my house lucky, as we only have some water in the basement , and a newly leaking roof.  Several of the surounding homes are flooded, lucky fo my area the retaining wall kept the water at bay. Houses one street over from mine were evacuated. We had some of the neighborhood children here at our house. To help keep them distracted, we played giant treehouse, also had a few games of ice dice.0908110755.jpg this picture shows where the water is up to the top of the retaining wall. its about 25 to 30 feet to where the water level normally is. here is a link to the local paper. http://www.pressconnects.com/section/NEWS/Local-News

 We gave away some clothing,food and games to one family that lost their home today. Time for some much needed rest.


Wow!  Glad to hear your house is ok...  it has been raining raining raining here in the DC area as well.

looney labs for the blind.

Yesterday I was talking to a blind guy on the train, and I got to thinking about board games for the blind. I did a bit of research, and found that apart from a tactile version of monopoly, tactile dice,  dominoes and chess, there isn't much out there. I got to thinking about how Looney labs could be blind-friendly. Fluxx and the card games could be written in Braille, but what about the pyramids? The sizes are a good thing, as you can tell them apart, but what about colours? If they were engraved on the tips, with say one colour being vertical stripes, one being horizontal, one wavy lies, and one spiky lines, and the final plain, then you could have "colours". The treehouse dice and ice dice could be tactile. How many games can people think of that could be played by the blind?  I don't personally know any blind people, but I thought it would be helpful or interesting to someone to have the idea of icehouse for the blind.


Martian chess doesn't depend on color at all, so it could work by feel alone. Gyges is another (not designed as a pyramid game, but works excellently with pyramids.)


Tic-tac-doh is another since it uses only a single monochrome stash (but would require the blind person to remember inner pyramids in a nest or lift pyramids to examine under them or simply ask the opponent).


At boardgamegeek.com there have been various geeklists over the years on this subject of games playable by blind or vision-impaired people (search geeklists for "blind" - some are also about color-blindness).

martian chess would need clearly defined squares, and canals defined.
AFAIK there are blind players of standard chess on normal equipment (who play by feel), so a board with half the size (4x8) shouldn't be a problem for sensing where the squares are relative to the edge of the board and positions of other pieces.

Most people classified as blind have some degree of vision.  For those not totally blind, I would think they would be fine with the colors and shapes of the pyramids.


Even with total blindness, there are several games that would seem to work.  Treehouse, for example.  With a pipped or etched die and a conversion chart, they wouldn't even need assistance.

Interesting idea.  I actually dated someone who was blind in college for a few years.  I was heavily into Magic at the time, and we transcribed some of the cards for her using a braille machine when she bought a deck, but it is a very visual game - there is a lot going on at any given time, particularly in multiplayer and you really need to see what is on the board to remain aware of it.  The pyramids may work well for those games, but certain pyramid games I would think would be very hard to play, such as Icehouse.  (If a piece is in the middle of a "fortress" how do you feel the sides to identify the piece without causing a Crash?)  Just a thought.
Yeah, any game that depends on real-time/continuous action or continuous space or dexterity seems an unlikely candidate for blind players.
There is more games for blinds then we think ! I've made just a short quest on ebay and i found the following games for blinds: double-nine and double-six dominoes, chess, playing cards, tactil dice,bingo playing board,nine men's morris,connect four,shut the box, tic-tac-toe, snakes and ladders,wooden solitaire. In 2009, a chinese invented a chinese chess set for blind. The problem with braille system is that it take more spaces then letters. It's gone be quite difficult to enter all the letters of a fluxx card in a card using braille system. Of course we are in 2011 so nothing is impossible. For the pyramids, the problem will be for the 1 pips...because it will need the same amount of informations then for the 3 pips ( a color code for at least 14 colors). But the idea is quite interesting.

Game Changers?

So Andy discussed 'Game Changers' on the Wunderland site. Will a page be added here about it?


And since it's a list of 7 games, I guess each version of Fluxx will be counted as seperate games?




Yes...  I will be building a page for it, and Craig will be making a tool like the starship captain tool for everyone to put their lists into...  we just have not had time to make it happen yet!    Andy wanted to show off his cool new logo so I let him spill the beans over at Wunderland.com...
Thanks for the info, Kristin!

Looney Patches

I was wondering if there are any sew-on or iron-on patches  of the group logos. (i.e. Starship captain or Demo Team. I looked but didn't see any.

As another alternative, I went to cafe Press to make a cap with the Starship captain design on it ,but the image from the website isn't hi-def enough. is there a 600x 600 jpeg or bmp of the image anywhere??


Just thought it would make some great geek bling for myself ( or others if they  like the idea).


Your CT Star Captain,

 Jason Webster    :)


was thinking of getting these done myself, especially starship captain ones to hand out at starship captain events. i know of a company in the uk that will do them, (http://www.patchwerx.co.uk/Prices.php). there is a US company that makes spoof badges, if you're looking for that kind of thing. (http://www.boyscoutstore.com/spoof-custom-patches/spoof-merit-badges/)
I was wondering the same thing.  I would totally deck out my gaming bag and, soon to be, lab coat in Looney Patches!
Yes - this is in the works...   not sure how soon, but there will be embroidered patches...
Wow, thanks Kristen! That will be awesome :) Jason
I was talking to my wife about this just a couple days ago. I was thinking about one on a lab coat. I currently have a lab coat with a Banzai Institute patch on it. I'll have to get a new lab coat for a Starship Captain patch. I know some people in the embroidery business. I was thinking about talking to them about how much it would cost to make one.  It will be much better to have the Looney's produce one. That will be awesome. Can't wait to get one.
i sent a message asking Andy the same exact question Im glad Im not the only person who wouldn't mind a hi-rez version of the Demo Team and Starship Captain logos :-p i wouldnt mind the time repair agency as well :-p i found a a company that does inexpensive custom faced watches and was wanting to have one made for myself using one of the logos :-D
I am glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought this seemed like a good idea.:)

With Numbers


Without Numbers


This was my idea :-p

I like them. Does the company do stop watches too? Demo team stop watches would look very lab chic.
I like it better without numbers; the numbers seem a little cluttered in there, unless you shrank the image a bit and applied numbers to just outside the Circle . . . but I have a feeling that would make the image too small.   I'd go with the lower edition of the watch.  Great idea!
I don't like the way the numbers overlap the text.  There might be room for little tick marks to come out of the white circle.  There could be 4 of them (at the 3-6-9-12 positions) or 12 of them.
Well it was the company website it placed the numbers over the image I didn't play with it to much but I could ad the ticker marks myself with a different color that stands out and doesn't blend in.... I actually had planned on on making two watches because the company was running a special buy one get one and I was going to ship one to looney labs but that offer is over now so no big deal..... They arent ver expensive either around 7 dollars each plus shipping which was around 5 I believe...
This would look rad with the TRA logo!
sorry, I am acronym disabled.  TRA?

The TRA is the Time Repair Agency.

Speaking of which, I just gave that logo a makeover:


We made custom Icehouse watches with the original Icehouse logo in the very early days of Icehouse...  they were really cool!  I wonder if we still have any of those anywhere...

Shane: is this something where the price drops drastically when you make a dozen+ of them? How many others wish they could get a Starship Captain watch?


I know I would like ? to get one. Who wouldn't :)
unfortunately it is not but i do have a code that makes shipping free and on 24 watches the shipping is near 100 dollars so that is huge savings by itself

Would one be enough?  I know I would definitely want one! ;-)  Would make great prizes for tournaments too!


I would buy one, generally depending on the price.  I would totally get one in the $10 range.  Or, as observed above, a Time Repair Agency Watch would be glorious!
Time Repair agency pocket watch would be very nice. I'd like a load of patches for giving out at starship captain days.
I had never thought to own a pocket watch (I still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea), but I would buy a TRA watch in a heartbeat.
Is that the ArtsCow pocket watch. I ordered one a while back (with a different image) but it kept terrible time.
I would rather buy a Time Repair Agency watch!

I know of someone who may be able to do some patches. He makes lots of other custom patches, but usually only single items, so there should be a discount for more. He's based in the US, and if I have permission to do so, I can get a quote for different numbers. If someone higher up would please let me know, I will contact him.

It isn't a question of finding a place to have them made...  it's time / money / logistics...  figuring out the details of what we are going to do with them once we have them. Do we sell them?  Do we give them away? Do we make all six designs that Andy has created all at once? or do just one or two of them at first? but then which ones? 

This morning I was thinking about putting off the patches and instead making a Challenge Coin with the Starship Captain logo on it...  which would be AWESOME!  But should I wait to do them until I can make the membership cards I want to make happen?  

      ...so I just get back to work on everything else that really is more important that I need to get done first. Sorry. I need to ask you to continue to be patient. We will do awesome things with these logos as soon as I can make it happen. 


Look -  OVER HERE  -  we will be making an announcement about our Holiday Gift in the next few days...  please sign up for the demo team and get ready to help us promote IceDice and Looney Pyramids! 

That all makes sense, and probably explains why I'm not in the gaming business: There's lots of things I just don't think about. I'm intrigued by the idea of the coins and / or Membership cards, I must admit.

If I were to contact the person who makes patches, would it be okay for me to have one created to show that I'm a Looney Labs Game Technician, either using the logo or something I come up with on my own? I'm planning on a lab coat for demoing games and would like to have patches for the different companies and things I demo for. If it's not okay, I understand, but I'd rather ask first before getting too into it.

I also wouldn't mind getting patches, tokens or even the watch. 

I also have another question.  Thanks to themed parties that friends hosted, my current lab coat is decidedly Hawaiian/surfer in flavor (the party was Mad Scientist Luau).  Do the demo team only wear white lab coats or anything?  I want to determine what fabric to buy next (yes, I own a pattern for lab coats...)


New to the team,


Where did you find the lab coat pattern? I'm looking at the pricing and wondering if I can get away with having one made for me instead.

You have a pattern?   Sweet!!!


I think individuality among lab coats is allowed -- and encouraged, really.  People put a lot of character into their coats.  I don't think there's been a comprehensive gallery of lab coats, but there certainly could be!

Simplicity Pattern 5443 - it has scrubs and one lab coat.  It uses up to 4 3/4 yards of material, so that is where most of the cost will be.  I made it for the first time in about 3 hours - that includes cutting out the pattern and everything.  I did mess up and made my coat way too big, so I'm looking at making a new one or three. 

I'll add my voice to the chorus affirming desire for a Starship Captain patch.

Any chance of a higher resolution version? I'd love to have the pocket watch made up that Shane posted on page 1, but they're requiring 600 x 600 pixels in order to do that.

I love the redesign!

Ok, I know that this is a bit late (ok, a lot late) but I'm going to chip in my voice to the chorus clamoring for patches.  I'm even going to go a bit further and elaborate on what patches to make and how to wear them (beyond decorating yourself).  You'll have to excuse me a bit, I'm an old Boy Scout.:)

First, the Looney Labs Game Technician patch.  I feel that it should be produced and available through the online store, probably through the Game Tech Supplies portion.  However, for persons demoing at an official Looney Labs event can be given an initial patch to be worn on their lab coat (I would suggest on the right breast pocket).  For each Looney Lab event (i.e. Origins) a segment can be made that can be placed around the Lab Tech patch.  Our Scout Camp did this with year segments that were stiched around the camp patch.  You would recieve a new year strip each year you attended camp.  These could even be made available to any game tech who attends (although I don't know how feasible that would actually be).


Second, a rectangular Demo Team patch could be made available to be worn over the right breast pocket (or in that relative area) for anyone who is actively working as a demo team member.  It could easily be set up with a velcro backing for removal when you aren't demoing, but I believe that most people simply remove their Lab Coats in that case.:)


Third, I think a Starship captain shoulder patch could be done to wear on the right shoulder.  (I like the right shoulder, you tell me if it should be somewhere else).  After looking at the spoof merit badges, it makes me wonder if something like that could be done for official Looney Labs pyramid games.  A Starship Captain could add those to his sleeve to show which games he is able and willing to teach or at least proficient in.


I have some other ideas for Fluxx and Chrononauts as well but we can hold it at this for the moment.

I know that a lot of this may seem outlandish or a bit extravagant, and it is. :)  However, such items can help attract more attention to different areas that people would otherwise may not think to ask about.  It also creates a visual display of some of the knowledge what a lab tech can help someone with.  So, you look for Captains to learn about/play Icehouse, you look for TRA patches for Chrononauts, etc...

Anyone coming to the Nationals?

Are there any UK or EU members who will be attending the Student National Roleplay and Wargaming Championships (Nationals)? There will be a open board games category. If Manchester wins this year, (we have a record of coming second) when we run nationals i intend to have a looney labs category, and attempt to kidnap the looneys to have them host, for uber geek cred.

Game Night in Pittsburgh!

This is not specifically a Looney Labs event, but since I'm in charge and at least half of my favorite games are Looney ones, I expect many Looney games will be played.  I'd love to have people show up to help teach games and/or just to have fun!


Saturday, July 23


Episcopal Church of the Redeemer

5700 Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill

Dress for the weather, as our parish hall is not air-conditioned!


My church is hosting this event to bring people into our building, in case they might want to join the church but also just for community spirit; it's also a social time for church members.  Not a religious event.  People of all ages are invited.  Tell your friends!

Card Sleeves for fluxx

Does anyone know where I can can find card sleeves for Fluxx? The only ones I can find in the UK are geared to Magic or Yugio size cards, which fit Aquarius quite well but drown a fluxx card. I often find myself playing fluxx in pubs with sticky tables.

I also had a plan to combo fluxx decks using card sleeves with stickers. 


I think some of the sleeves that Fantasy Flight Games make might work for Fluxx. It appears the 'Standard American Board Game Sleeves' they make are the right size for Fluxx. I cannot say for sure; I just use various YuGiOh sleeves for my decks.

Mayday Games has a sleeve guide which lists several versions of Fluxx: link (PDF).  They recommend "Std USA (Purple)", which corresponds to 56x87mm cards.  Purple seems to be the color Mayday uses for their packaging of those sleeves.  See: link.


thanks guys, think i'll use the mayday ones, as there seems to be a uk supplier of those on ebay.
You could probably find clear card sleeves at your FLGS.

I looked this up for someone today, and was delighted to find that you'd already done this research.  Thanks Jeff.

However, the link was broken, so here is the updated link for the Standard USA sleeves from Mayday:


New to Origins?

A few months ago, somebody posted a message in the private Origins Volunteers group asking about volunteering for Looney Labs at Origins.  What's included; what do you need to sign up for; what are badges, wristbands, ribbons; and so forth?  Recently, Kristin asked us to post something here in the public forums so people could see what they're getting into before they join the Origins Volunteer group and volunteer for hours.

So here's an adapted version of my response to that original message.

First, I'll describe how Origins works for the public, then I'll go over how it's different for Looney Labs volunteers.

To get into Origins, you need a badge or a wristband.  A wristband gets you into the Exhibit Hall (where the dealers are), the Art Show, and such, but you can't actually do anything (except for demos in the Exhibit Hall and a few other minor things).  For the most part, a wristband lets you be a spectator.  A badge gives you access to everything a wristband gives you and actually lets you do stuff.  But even with a badge, there are only a few limited areas where doing stuff is free.  Everything else has an additional cost.  You don't pay for everything all at once, you only pay for what you do.   There are basically three ways to get the extras.

Tickets - If you want to play in the Zendo tournament or in a D&D tournament down in the RPG area, you can get a ticket to the tournament.  You show up, you give your ticket to the person running the tournament (the GM) and you play.  That's it.

Generic tokens - Suppose you want to wait until you get there to decide which tournaments to enter.  Instead of getting a ticket, you can get generic tokens.  When you see a tournament on the schedule you want to enter, you go and give the GM the proper number of generics to enter the tournament.  The cost works out the same, but you don't have to pre-register.  The downside is that tickets get priority over generics if there are more players than there is space in the tournament.  So if you try to pay with generics, you might get shut out.  Generics can also be used for pick-up gaming in restricted areas like the Big Experiment room (aka The Lab).  If you just want to play some random games in the Lab with your friends, you can each pay a generic token to play for two hours.

Ribbons - Ribbons are like season tickets that apply to a particular area.  If you know you're going to want to play a lot of games in the Lab, you could get a Big Experiment ribbon.  That would let you into the Lab all weekend to do all the pick-up gaming you wanted and to enter all the tournaments you wanted (space permitting), for no additional cost.  I believe that with a Big Experiment ribbon you can also order tickets for Big Experiment tournaments at no additional cost to make sure you have space reserved in those tournaments.  I say "I believe" because I've never done it and never needed it.

For myself, I never get tickets or generics.  I just get a badge, a Big Experiment ribbon (for Looney Labs games) and a Board Room ribbon (for the Board Room, a restricted pick-up gaming area for board games run by CABS, my local game group).  In each of those areas, there is a library of games available so that I don't even need to bring my own games and I can game all weekend without worrying about additional costs.

So, what about volunteering?

A few months before Origins, Looney Labs posts the Big Experiment schedule for Origins.  The main Looney Labs Fan Club page currently includes a prominent link to the schedule.  For each item on the schedule, volunteers are needed to make things run smoothly.  There are slots on the schedule for giving demos in the Lab, giving demos in the Exhibit Hall booth, running tournaments, and so forth.  If you volunteer for enough hours, you can get a free Big Experiment ribbon.  For 2011, you need to volunteer for eight hours to get a ribbon.  If you work some larger number of hours (16 hours in 2011), you can instead get a free badge.  And if work the combined total number of hours (8+16=24), you can get both a badge and a ribbon for free.  You can choose to sign up for as many or as few hours as you want, and you can (and should) sign up for only those activities which you would be comfortable doing.

Once you've volunteered for the proper number of hours, Looney Labs puts you on a list, and instead of you registering for it directly, Looney Labs gets it for you.  You might have to get some stuff from the registration desk and some stuff from from Looney Labs, but once you have everything, you're good to go.  If you're not getting everything from Looney Labs, I would recommend that you pre-register for everything else, because the pre-reg lines are much shorter than the at-the-door lines.  Wait time at the latter can be measured in hours, especially at peak times.

And what about a hotel room?  Well, I'm local and I've never actually stayed downtown for Origins, so I'm of limited help there.  A room is not included or available for volunteers, so you'll have to find your own room.  There are 11 hotels listed on the Origins web site, but most of the room blocks have expired as I write this (June 6), and even the open blocks might be full.  But I hear every year about people finding rooms at the last minute (often finding someone who needs to cancel or finding someone willing to share a room).  If you're still without a room at this late date, ask and maybe somebody here can help you.

Hopefully, once you've signed up, everything will go smoothly, no problem.  But there have been some problems with registration the past couple of years, so it's not a sure thing.  Last year, they implemented a new registration system, so hopefully they will have all of the kinks worked out this year.  I say that not to scare you, but to reassure you that if something goes wrong, don't panic.  Just keep at it and know that it will all work out eventually.  And even if there are problems, you will have fun.

Hope that helps.

Mailed promos?

I was wondering where you can update addresses for mailed promos? I was on the list for a while and when I moved they forwarded the cards to me...but my mail forwarding expired and now I have no clue how to get back on the list! Or, did they stop mailing out promos? I've been lucky to score a card here and there at gaming conventions but I kinda miss the random mailbox surprises :(


Hi Genevieve!  We have not mailed out a promo card to our entire list in years due to the high cost of postage - but we have continued to make them for conventions and special events and for store promotions... and we then put them all up for sale in our webstore!  If you have ordered anything from our webstore since you moved, then we probably have your current address...
Oh, ok, thanks a bunch! I'll have to check out the store so I can find all the promos I still need :)


hey everyone, hope  you're enjoying the great weather wherever you are. 

by some miracle, I managed to score the entire week of Origins off and will thus be attending Wed-Saturday (and stopping by the Looney Labs Booth, of course). I just had a few questions about pricing and costs of various events/items:

#1) How much will participation in the Big Experiment cost?  I'd love to be a volunteer, but don't know how much time I can commit and only have a knowledge of Fluxx and Chrononauts (so far :) ) 

#2) Any idea how much IceDice will run? I'm admittedly horrible at following new developments. Was also wondering how they are being branded. Do we not have Xeno and Rainbow anymore? (Asking this b/c I wanted to pick up a copy of "Flags")


Hi Eric,


There is a group here for Origins volunteers which will answer almost all your questions:


Please sign up and join us!


and on this page there is info on how many hours you need to volunteer to earn various things:



You need:

8 hours to get a Big Experiment Ribbon

16 hours to get an Origins Badge

24 hours for both


Here is the event schedule:


anywhere you see "[... Needed] that is an open slot that someone can volunteer for. We still have several [Demo Tech Needed] and [Booth Tech Needed] slots available.


As for learning the games, we have times each morning for volunteers to swing by the Lab and get training. The main focus this year is demo'ing 5 new games: Pirate Fluxx, Back to the Future, Seven Dragons, IceDice, and Launchpad 23. As most of these are new games most people won't know them and will need to learn them when they arrive at the show.


We would love for you to sign up for a few hours and help out! We still need help demo'ing either in the Lab (our game room) or in the booth. If you are interested in signing up for enough hours to earn an Origins Badge I need to know this week as I'm about to submit names to GAMA.




How to get notified about new Events, Reports, Videos, etc.?

I am glad that I can get notified by email when new articles or responses are added to the Forums or Groups.


But is there some way to be notified for new content in other areas?  Namely: Events, Event Reports, Videos, Photos, etc.?  I wouldn't have known about the new Seven Dragons video if it wasn't in the Top Content sidebar; I wonder what interesting Events I may have missed out on.


Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to this - I too would love to be notified via email about these things.  

It is on the list of NING things to try to figure out how to do...  

I don't know about events, but I found out about the new Seven Dragons video because it was shared by the Looney Labs facebook page. Or group? I'm not sure, I can't access facebook right now.

Ning spam from Fanta Konan

> Hello.My name is Fanta I was impressed when i saw your profile looneylabs.ning.com

> and i will like you to email me  to my inbox here at Fanta190@hotmail.com so thati

> can send you my picture and discuss areas of interest and to create some mutually

> beneficial relationshipsPlease reply to my inbox so that i can be able to send you

> my picture and tellyou more about me.Thanks,waiting to hear from you soonest.

> miss Fanta.


I have to believe that pretty much everyone here got this spam comment.  Miss Fanta seems to be active in quite a few Ning communities:



...and the list goes on.


Is there anything either we or Ning can do to stop this?  Judging from the member profiles on the Crisis Communications site, Fanta isn't the only person doing this:



So I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't our last round of Spam.  I, personally, have gotten pretty good at ignoring spam, but I'm concerned how this affects our effort directed at "Building Our NING Community".





Seems like someone on the back end is deleting these.  I see in my inbox, and even have a "Approve Comment" link, but when I click it (so I can delete it), there is nothing there.


I would imagine it is dependent on how approvals are done that might dictate how much of this we see.

Would be nice to have a reverse spam huh.....   something with kindness  like   join the Seti client pool
Darn, I was hoping it was a real request. I wanted a new friend - especially one with such low standards as to be impressed by my profile.



(Burst Out Laughing)

I deleted this spammer. As soon as I saw the post I flagged the account as a spammer, which then removes all content posted by them. Kristin, Craig, and myself are on the lookout for these spammers and will remove them as soon as we see them.

I just got one from a different person:


Interesting,How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going through your short profile. I really want to have a good friendship with you. Beside i have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site. Please i will like you to contact  me, through my private e-mail via: (augustinaharuni@yahoo.co.uk) So we can get to know each other better,and i well give you my pictures and also tell you more about me OK.Yours Friend,Augustin.

Refreshing the links on the "Play online" page.

I mean that page, which is linked from the main page looneylabs.com.

Some of the links don't work.

Volity was shut down on february.

CCG workshop link leads to a broken link, I couldn't find a link to fluxx there.


It's too bad that we can't play fluxx online anymore.


Problems with a recent thread: wrong forum, blank response.

1. I recently posted a thread -- http://looneylabs.ning.com/forum/topics/measuring-the-pyramidicity-of -- in the wrong forum.  Is there any way of transferring it to the right one, or should I re-post the contents?


2. When posting a reply to my own thread, asking the same question above, it ended up posting an empty response just before the reply I'd just typed.  I don't know how that happened.  I was just about to ask if there is some way to delete it, but I looked again and saw the teensy 'x' in the corner, and found that by clicking it I could delete the response.  Rather subtle, that.  It would be better if it said "Delete", or at least had a help test pop up if you let the mouse cursor hover over it.


1) I moved your post over to the Pyramid Forums, 2) sorry, I agree it could be better, but we don't have control over these sorts of details on this NING tool we are using to host this web site - but that teensy 'x' does do the trick!
Thanks very much for moving it, Kristin!

Deleting a comment

So I seem to have a random comment on my wall from some guy admiring me (fascinating since there are no pictures of me on the site nor do I have much information about me included in my profile on purpose.)


I can't seem to find any way to delete the comment (which frankly I find somewhat offensive).  I *am* offered the chance to be this person's friend.  


Anyone figure out how I can make the comment go away?  Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to delete my membership in this forum, since I don't particularly want to see come ons from random people posted to my account.



Kat, Nik and Alys's mom


I got the same problem, from a girl. (and I see she left messages like that on everybody's profile)

name is Annan Bineta

please delete her account and tell us how to delete her comment


thank you

It was an account created to spam our members.  The comment should be gone now.

Go to "My Page/My Settings/Privacy".  You will see many options covering who can see or comment on certain things of yours, and whether comments are posted immediately or wait for your approval.  I reckon that if you change the default settings for many of these, the problem should go away in the future.  I don't know how to delete old comments, though.









That seems a bit harsh. I didn't get a chance to read the comment, but what's wrong with admiring someone?

Depends on what the "admiring" consists of...

E.g. see the comic at http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2010/09/02/women-and-street-harassment/

There we go, Thanks Bryan.  I'd found the settings before but missed the extra tabs somehow.  I've set everything to "friends only" so that should solve the problem for the future.



The simple answer is that I've had way too many random spam "I want to get to know you please email me" comments randomly from strangers since I started using the interwebz many years ago.


If the email perhaps specifically noted something about me that they liked, I wouldn't find it as creepy, but I don't like getting comments that are just someone obviously trolling for someone to reply.  


(and I say that it wouldn't be as creepy, but my old wunderland.com address used to produce horribly detailed creepy email from a guy who liked my long hair and gave long detailed descriptions of the sexual acts that he wanted to perform with me, so I don't like the specific ones either *grin*)

Eesh. I'm sorry to hear that.
Thanks Russ, glad I reminded you of an oblivious cartoon.

The message was simple spam designed to get people to click the links.  I deleted the user and the comments as soon as I heard of it.

The user sent messages to many members of the fan club there was nothing personal about it.

I was about to make a post here reporting user philomena for spamming, but it looks like the profile has already been deleted. Negative response time - that's a first!

And now some other spammer "Jenifer Hagge" has appeared...



I hope ning.com is not going to get overrun by spammers.

Box Bands - solving a problem you didn't know you had.

New Looney games used to be in tuck boxes.  Now they're in the new, game store friendly two-part boxes.  After a lot of use, I've found that they don't stay closed as well as tuck-boxes do.  


So, when I visited a not-so-local, but very friendly game store (Game Nite, St. Louis) I picked up some Box Bands (made by Flying Buffalo).  These are 4-way flat rubber bands that hold a game box closed.  I've started using them on my games - and usually have gotten the Blue (med) or Green (large) for my Euro-style games. 


Chris at Game Nite also had Red (small) box bands- I'd not seen those before - but they are PERFECT for Looney Labs game boxes.  They fit perfectly around any Fluxx, Time Travel, or what-have-you Looney game and hold them closed.


If I carry my Looney games in my purple bag, the boxes usually stay closed, no problem.  And even if they open a little, it's easy to get things sorted out.  However, I've had whole decks get strewn about in a backpack or purse.  The new boxes just don't stay closed like the old tuck boxes do.  Box Bands solve that problem for me.  




I've taken to putting the new sort of boxen into zippered sandwich bags when traveling with games. It's fast, does not hide any box art, and inexpensive. It does lack elegance, though. I shall look into the box bands.
Hi Carol - I've seen these, but also never saw they had a small size - thanks for the tip!

Looney Buttons



Setting the way back machine for....2001.

Are there any PDF's of the buttons that are now WAY out of print?  I remember getting one or two of these way back then, but have lost them to the annals of time.

I have a button maker and would love to recreate these for myself, and possibly for prizes for demos. (As long as that is OK with Looney Labs).

I was also thinking of adding a starship captain button to the mix! :)



These would be amazing to have!
Ooh I agree, these would be awesome to have!!

Bug Report

1. The Search function is flakey.  I have searched for "fluxx", "china", or other terms.  Sometimes they give me a few hits, sometimes none at all.  I haven't figured what the difference is, yet.


2. Would you like bug reports:

A) One per thread in this forum

B) All in one thread in this forum

C) One per thread in a new forum

D) Something else?


This Building Our NING Community forum is the perfect place for this sort of thing - and yeah, I've noticed the search tool not searching well - thanks for starting this thread, we'll look into things as best we can and will hopefully have a better search tool at some point!

As a workaround until it's fixed, one can always do a google search with the site option, like:

fluxx site:http://looneylabs.ning.com



Re: search. I have submitted ticket with Ning.

As Kristin said use the Building Our NING Community forum for problems with the site and I would prefer a separate topic for each distinct problem or issue.


Suggestion Box

We need a suggestion box of features we'd like to see, and bugs that need fixing.  (I couldn't find one, but if there is one already, please let me know!)  For the moment, I will treat this thread as a suggestion box, and list everything that I can remember:

1. Top Menu:

A) The Groups Menu needs to have the other groups added to it.  It only lists 3 groups right now.

B) I would really like it if under "My Page" it had quick link options: "My Groups", "My Discussions", "My Reports", "My Friends", etc.

2. Post Editing.  I sure wish we could go back and edit previous posts, to correct typos and other errors.  Is the 15-minute limit unchangeable?

3. Settings. 

A) I wish I could have set an option to be notified when a new thread starts, whether in Discussions or Groups, without having to click the Follow link in each forum by hand.

B) I wish I could set an option to be notified when there are responses to new threads, without having to go to that thread and click on Follow first by hand.


I'll add more as I think of it.


4. Threads.  It would be nice to sort thread comments chronologically.  If someone were away for a few days, an active thread may have new entries at various points along the thread, but all he could do right now is follow a link to the most recent response, or peruse the thread by hand, page after page, looking for what he missed.

Thanks for the feedback.

1)  I'll look into this this seems like something we can do.

2) I'm guessing we can't change this but I will check.

3) This is a limitation of the Ning platform. I too wish there was better email notification capabilities.

If you follow RSS feeds you could follow the Forums RSS feed -- it is updated whenever a new topic is created.



Hi Craig,

Any results from your checking on these questions?

question about playmats...

At the GAMA trade show last week we showed off designs for three new playmats - for Pirate Fluxx, Seven Dragons, and IceDice - which we made to give our retailers and our demo team a colorful mat they could use when teaching people our new games.

They were a big hit with our retailers!  We will be including a paper version of these playmats with the advanced kits for Seven Dragons and IceDice that ship out early to retailers and demo folks, and with the -X Display and -X Bundle that retailers can get through our distributors at launch. 

The IceDice playmat was particularly fun to play on, and a bunch of retailers wanted to buy extra copies of the paper IceDice playmat to make one available to each customer buying IceDice... and many retailers asked if we would be making a high quality rubber mat version of the IceDice playmat.  I looked into pricing on a fancy rubber mat version, and we would need to make a significant size run, and they are not cheap.  We would need to sell them for $12 to consumers.  


My question...  do enough people really want a high quality rubberized IceDice playmat at this price?

I'm thinking that when a paper version is available for $1, that $12 is too much for a nicer version. So I'm not planning to make these...  but thought I would ask just to be sure there isn't more demand for this than I realize. 



I'd buy some of the $1 IceDice playmet for my store, to pass along to buyers of the game.


I'd like a rubberized one for myself, though!



I am a fan of high quality components and as such I have a dislike for paper mats. I transport games frequenctly and paper playmats are problematic as they invariably become tattered, wrinkled, or otherwise damaged. I am probably in the minority here, but that takes away from my enjoyment of a game. I would buy an IceDive playmat, (even though I have not tried the game yet).


If you have followed the rise of Summoner Wars on BoardGameGeek, the people who bought the game made their voices heard and Colby Dauch (Designer) ended up releasing premium Summoner Wars boards to replace the paper playmats that came with the original set. I really think quality components increases the "play" appeal of a game.

I'm hoping there is a demand for the rubberized mats, because I would love some myself! I've probably played IceDice over seventy times since receiving my upgrade kit, during my trip to Vegas I even demoed on the plane! Not to mention how often the game comes out of my bag at bars, coffee shops, and when customers come into my store. 

The IceDice mats would obviously be unnecessary, but I'm sure many of us would use them, especially if they are the nice quality rubberized ones you suggest. As is with a Volcano or Homeworlds board, the board isn't necessary, but we all have them because they're so freaking sweet and stylish!

Maybe consider releasing both, but the rubberized mats can be a limited item?

I can't see myself buying a $12 IceDice playmat.  Of the 7 times I've played IceDice so far, I've played with only two players twice.  Even if that wasn't the case, I think the expensive mat would be a "probably not" for me.

I'll buy at least one of every game's mat. I'd even shell out between $7-10 for a really nice version.

I can't say I'd really be interested in a $12 playmat. I haven't seen them in person, but in teaching/playing IceDIce, I've started using a Martian Coaster for the 'counter', which helps, but otherwise it just works.


I can't see myself paying $12 for one.  I'm more likely to laminate the paper one, or at least protect it with contact paper.  In fact, a pre-laminated one would probably be worth $4 to me, maybe even $5 if the game was popular enough with my play group.  Granted, it doesn't say "Quality" the way a rubber mat does.
Thank you everyone for your thoughts on this...   as I suspected, although this would be cool, it isn't cool enough to put a $12 price tag on.  Retailers also asked about an unfolded laminated option, and that would be much easier to do in small quantities... I'll look into that idea.

Icedice as such doesn't scream to me to be a game that really even needs a playmat.  I've never had any trouble with anyone not understanding the "counter" vs. "banked" areas or anything.  


On the other hand, a high quality rubberized board for Launchpad 23, with all the options, a player guide, and the board printed so it's all visible on one nice rubberized board?  I probably would pay $12 for something like that.


Heck, I'd probably pay $12 for a rubberized, roll uppable, WW5 board.  

When I play IceDice, I lay the 'counter' pyramids on their side. Whent hey get banked, then I stand 'em up.

Just saw this.  Semi-random responeses:

- I like the idea of the mats in general.  It's fun, and adds extra value for many folks.

- I don't know how many games I'd get rubberized mats for, but I definitely would like laminated mats. If they are not provided, I will laminate my own. 

- None of the games shown in the picture really needs a mat.  But I would use one for Pirate Fluxx (or other Fluxx games), and form Ice Dice.  Seven Dragons/Aquarius can't really use a mat except for the draw/discard piles, and rules summary; there's a lot of unnecessary space. 

- IMO, the Fluxx mat could use:

   -- A labeled space for a 4th player along the unused side.

   -- The words "and Creepers" right after "Player X Keepers" along each side.

   -- Perhaps more space for "Rules".  (That's the right label, since it could include the Basic Rules, Meta Rules and New Rules all together.)

   -- An Action Stack space, so that e.g. someone could play Draw 3 Play 2 onto it, and then play Use What You Take on top of that, etc., which helps enforce the order in which nested Actions are resolved and discarded.  (This may be too complex for beginners, but on the other hand it makes complex nested Actions easier to understand.)

- For the Ice Dice mat, you may want to consider adding a Vault for an optional 3rd player.  Other areas can be shrunk and rearranged to accommodate that.  Then 2 mats would easily accommodate up to 6 players. 

- You may want to put a Launch 23 mat on the reverse side of the Ice Dice mat. 

This gives me an idea big enough that I'll make a separate response about that.


PS.  How big are the mats?  11" x 17"?

I have a big idea: I would like to see a playing mat for each of the games listed in the Looney Pyramids booklet.   

For a while now I've had the impression that Pyramid games with their own boards tend to do better in appeal and comprehension with the general public.  Having an explicit board for a game makes it feel more like a legitimate separate entity in the world of games. 

This idea really excites me.  At Origins -- and after -- we could sell sets of Looney Pyramid Playing Mats, which would help push the idea of the Looney Pyramids, as well as making it more likely that people will try out the different games.  They could be printed either single- or double-sided, and folded and shrinkwrapped together in whatever was is deemed best. 

Each mat would have a rules summary of course, but also marked playing areas, according to the nature of the game:

Treehouse: An area for each player and for the House, each of which has 3 marked spots (say, dotted-line ovals) on which the pieces may go.  This would help enforce the fact that the trios must all be aligned along parallel axes.

Pharoah: The Pharaoh board.

IceDice: The areas as already used on the existing mat.

Launchpad 23: The Launchpad 23 board.

Martian Coasters: Marked spaces on which the coasters may be placed

Martian Chess: A chessboard, thematically altered -- e.g. heavier lines between areas of different ownership.  (2-, 3-, and 5- player boards may also be on separate sides or mats, or the Eeyore boards that may be cut out.)

Zark City: A board would not be useful here, just as for Seven Dragons.

World War 5: The WW5 board, with side areas for players to keep undeployed pieces.

Black ICE: Marked spaces for system and player pieces.

Homeworlds: A 3x4 space for the bank, at least. 

Icehouse: I'm not sure: is a large area on a mat big enough to be the playing area for Icehouse?

IceTowers: Ditto

Caldera: A Volcano board

And perhaps other playing mats could be done for other games like Zendo, RAMBots, PikeMen, etc., as appropriate. 

(Which reminds me: last year I devised personal playmats for RAMBots that I find enormously helpful.  I need to find them and upload them.)

I recently created a mat that many Looney Pyramid games can be played on. After your post, I've decided to incorporate a Launchpad 23 board into it, so I should have a revised version within the next few days. You can check it out here!


I have zero interest in mats for LL games.  Of the 63 different pyramid games I've played, the only one that I felt needed a standalone mat was Martian Backgammon, which I haven't felt inclined to play ever since Martian Coasters was released.

It seems like you should be able to let people order the mat of their choice through Artscow. It would cost you nearly nothing (since you already have the art) and people could order bar mats or door mats to their hearts' content and you'd never have to worry about whether enough people bought one, much less keeping inventory in the first place. I know I would probably pick up an IceDice mat that way. It'll probably cost a few bucks more but the mats are almost always on sale, it seems.


These come out nicely, too. I had a custom Chase board printed on one of the placemats and it looks and works great. Not sure it makes much sense for a Looney initiated product, but maybe we the fans could make up mats for our favourite games and share the galleries, a la the card decks on BGG.


That said, I personally prefer what I like to call "pure" Icehouse games: No board, no dice, nothing but 'mids. IceTowers, Volcano, Homeworlds, Icehouse, etc. I enjoy many pyramid games played with extra components, but in my mind if you need extra components for the majority of games, the system fails as a self-inclosed game system.

Did you just say that Volcano has no board? *Awkward...*

Awkward how? While the game works "best" with a board of some sort, it is 100% playable without a board, and I have done so many times. In fact, the example photos on the rules page show no board.

That said, I personally prefer what I like to call "pure" Icehouse games: No board, no dice, nothing but 'mids. IceTowers, Volcano, Homeworlds, Icehouse, etc. I enjoy many pyramid games played with extra components, but in my mind if you need extra components for the majority of games, the system fails as a self-inclosed game system.

I understand, and I believe many, perhaps most experienced pyramid-game players would agree -- at least that they prefer playing without a board if one isn't necessary.   


But I also believe that many more new game players will be more attracted to a perceived "complete package", which has both cool pieces and an attractive board.  If that's what it takes, then more power to it; the more fans the better. 


I agree, at least for teaching games, unless the target audience is somewhat hip to gaming already. I would love to see (official or unofficial) sheets that fit onto an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper that I can laminate at home for either Quick References / FAQS. For example:

1) A card laying out what the action cards do in Aquarius and the FAQs around them, with a big note saying "First to 7 wins!"

2) A sheet for laying out where on the table the Rules, Goals, Deck, and Discard go in a game of Fluxx, maybe individual Keeper / Creeper playmats as well

At the same time, I think that once taught, these play aids quickly lose their purpose. I know that the rules all sorta go together in the middle of the table and if they're not all perfectly laid out, it won't have an effect on the game, but when teaching or showing off the game, maybe it'd be a nice optional feature.

I Like the thought of the mats. Maybe simple Laminated Paper would be cheaper than rubber ones . I know that i would love to get a copy of the Mats for sure.
While I like the idea of the mat, $12 seems a bit high for me.  The paper version is a no brainer.
I'm with those who have expressed zero interest in playmats. For those games that require a special (non grid) board, I have a few print outs that can be inserted into a folder.

For me, the biggest purpose of the playmat is for DEMOs. And for that I'd love a laminated copy for all the major games.


That being said, I played Ice Dice on the play mat, and it add a pleasurable element to the game. I don't need a rubber mat, but a laminated mat would be cool.


I could see pyramids becoming the kind of game you find at a bar or a cracker barrel, already on the table with a playmat explaing how to play the game.

I'd rather play with no board at all than with a paper one. My experience with playing card games on the "training" mats is generally that the cards tend to slip around on them and they often don't lie flat on a small table. I usually try to pack games into small spaces so I can carry them in the same bag as my school books, so if I was to get a nice mat I would want it to be one with more generalized markings, so that it works with a variety of games. For example: the chessboard bandanna. Portable, versatile, and machine washable.

My group isn't big on mats. I personally dislike them because being familiar with the game makes them superfluous, and they often take more space than they should.


I can see it being useful as a learning aid, but one of the stronger aspects of pyramids (in my humble opinion) is that many games work very well without boards.


Glad Im not alone in this thought process.

Perhaps a vinyl playmat, like the battlemats made by chessex, would be a better/cheaper option. As an addict, I would probably buy one anyway.
If you are still interested in doing a small run of the nice ones (50 or less) I can give you a Number and you would be able to sell them for the 12$ price range. Also if you are still interested in getting some screen printing done let me know. that would be cool a home woulds play mat.

I really wish LL would re-publish the chessboard bandanna. I had one heckuva time finding one from a dealer's dusty back room.

I'd like to put my vote in for the laminate fold up mats for durability, cost and ease of carry.  Though I have to admit, the 'pharaoh' board looks pretty neat.  Where could we get one of these?

Ultra Pro makes playmats for magic the gathering. They're of a very nice quality, and if you could get playmats made by them, I'd encourage pet people to get them. I think for pyramids its useful to have a surface they won't get knocked off as easily as a table surface.

Although I would like a rubberized playmat for IceDice and other games, I probably couldn't justify paying $12 for it. (I'm cheap, you see...) But I would gladly pay $1 for a paper one if it is available!

First of all, thanks to Daniel Nelon for his Starship Captain's playmat.  I will be getting one of those printed and laminated (maybe two or three actually).


I can see both sides of the argument and I would, personally, buy a nice placemat if they were made, eventually. (I still haven't gotten my volcano board but I keep thinking I want to make my own.)

I used to play with some co-workers. They were avid gamers as well.  We might have used the play mats while learning a game but wouldn't have bothered after that.

Now, I teach young children.  Everywhere from age 2 to 15.  I've also got two young boys of my own. The Playmats would be great for them.  It would make it much easier to teach them new games (They already play Aquarius and WW5). And it would help them understand easier because English is not their first language.  However, the shipping for me is prohibitive so I would personally like to see some printable playmats.  I already have teaching materials professionally printed so adding a few more sheets wouldn't be much trouble and the printer will laminate things for me that are A3 size.  I can laminate A4 size myself.

Where can i get the Paper playmat(s)?  Thnks!  Just got my Rainbow and Xeno stashes, still waiting for my IceDice set, and looking forward to the green bag Treehouse set when it comes across the pond!

I want a good mid-quality Fluxx playmat (themed or generic) for around $5 - $7

By the way - I have the means to get them made at that price range.

You mean as paper mats or like a mousepad is? I know that I use solid black or white ones for any of my Fluxx demos because it makes it easier to lift cards without wrecking them. An official one could be nice, but I'm not 100% sold on that over my normal mat.

Teacher Rabbits?

What happened to the archive of posts from the teacher rabbit list?

(I am looking for the rules I did for the NanoFictionary with Dice)






The Edu mailing list is here:



and the link to the Edu archives is here:



I think the email you want is from July 16, 2006 subject "new NANOfictionary Game":



- Robin


Need Demo team members!!!!!


Hello All,


I run a Loonet Lab Mini Experment an AnCon (www.anothergamecon.com) May 20-22.  I am in despreate need of Demo Team Volenteers!  So if you are in the Cleveland/Akron, Ohio area and want to help  out at a great game convention, drop me an E-Mail and I will sign you up as a volenteer!






Anyone going to PAX East?

I'm going to be there. And although I'm signed up to work for my regular employer all day Friday and Sunday, I have Saturday free to roam. I'll be sure to have a bag of Looney games, if anyone is interested in meeting up to play, let me know.


I live 5 miles from Boston, but I've yet to go to my this con. Arisia was great this year, but next year I'm going to both.


Try to leave some fun for us to have next year. :)

PAX is well worth going to.  I went to PAX Prime in Seattle a couple years back, and ended up teaching zombie fluxx to like 5 different people.  Going to the tabletop room with a few looney labs decks seems to attract people like moths to a flame.  I regrettably cant go to PAX East this year, but hopefully i can hit up both PAXs next year.
We have arranged for three different vendors to be at PAX East selling our games, but we ourselves will not be there - I would love to go, but we have another trade show in Vegas that starts the day that PAX ends.  If you are there, and visit any of these vendors, please tell them "Kristin says THANKS for selling her games!"
I'd be happy to. I plan on making it around the exhibit hall at least once or twice, so I'll keep an eye out.

I need an artist!

I am working on an entire custom Fluxx deck and need an artist to make images for keepers. I want them all in the same art style as each other and pretty similar to other Fluxx games but that is not a requirement. I don't want to say what the project is on here yet but a couple of the pictures I will need are wires and paper clips. If anyone can help me that would be amazing and if someone does help I will tell them what the project is. I plan on having around 18 or so keepers.


I would print up and ship a full set to the artist that helps me complete this set as well. I forgot to mention that in my original post.
Alright so a few questions? 1. Will you be mass producing and selling this "custom" deck? 2. Will you be printing it on Fluxx blanks, or sending it to a printers to be produced?

This will not be mass produced or sold in any way. Unless someone didn't have anyway to print it and they really wanted a set then i might be able to work something out to print it myself for them for the cost of materials only. I will be uploading all the pictures of the cards to share with everyone. I print all my cards on photo paper.

Ok cool well I'm a photographer I could take the pictures of the items you want on a white or chroma background and manipulate the images in Photoshop to get the look you desire they would look close to hand drawn if not exactly looking hand drawn.... If you would like

Actually...    while it is ok to make your own custom deck for yourself, and it's totally fine to make another one or two for someone who helps you with the artwork, it is not ok to post an entire custom Fluxx deck online and encourage people to print and make their own copy.  A card list and a few sample cards is ok, but please don't post an entire playable custom deck online for easy printing.

I don't have any desire to work on a project like this at this time (the cost of printer ink alone is enough to put me off), but this did make me think of a couple of points of clarification that may help the OP or anyone wishing to take on a project like this in the future.


If a person were to design a custom set of Keepers, Creepers, and the related (Un)Goals for a custom set, would it be okay to post the newly designed cards for easy printing while leaving out the basic rules, new rules, actions etc. In essence, posting an incomplete deck that would require any would-be players to have an existing copy of Fluxx in order to meaningfully use the new cards?


Second, would encouraging players to print cards out and affix them to Fluxx Blanxx, or some other Looney Labs promotion (links to Blanxx product page, etc) help a would-be set designer to be able to share their creation(s) with the world?


Just trying to find a happy medium between non-infringing content and the DIY fan creativity which, quite honestly, is a major selling point of this fan community for me. :)

Kristin I was thinking about to post a comment similar to yours but you beat me too it.. Buy posting a custom deck you would be in violation of us copy right laws... That was the purpose of the above questions...
Thank you so much for letting me know :-D I do enjoy making custom random fluxx cards and have posted them in my profile. Is that something that is ok? Should I stop doing that?
Individual custom cards are great - please don't stop making them!
I was on the merge of doing this same exact thing but then I thought to myself "Brian, you have been playing card games for fifteen years now, you have mastered every card game you have played. Let the Looney's take care of Fluxx and make your own game!" So currently I am working on a new game. I suggest if you want to make a good personal game of fluxx take all the fluxx decks you have and count each card type and crunch the numbers and whatever the average is use that to know how many of each card you need. Good luck! If you need any help with your project shoot me a message! I would be glad to help.

Are there any apps for the android

does anyone know if there are any apps that could help out a starship captain?


Nothing I'm aware of other than Dice Box and Dice Roller, which can... well, guess. :)


I've already made an Android app using Google App Inventor (beta), which was a simple randomizer for generating Oracles to play the In A Wicked Age RPG. I'm sure I could use the same code to build a Zendo rule randomizer, either by converting the Excel spreadsheet one that's out there or by making it "build" the rule out of component sub-rules and conjunctions (hat would... actually be a bit of a challenge, now that i think about it more than a second).


Other than that, I can't really think of an Android app for demoing any games. Perhaps one could make an app that spoke to he (eventual) Captains database. Or, obviously, it's just about trivial to make an app to display rules for popular games (just a bunch of text entry)... but it's just as easy o just use the wiki/web to get rules online. (Something one quickly realizes, thinking of Android apps: most could be done as web sites easier, then accessed with a mere browser; only something that MUST be able to run offline or that demands every ounce of a phones' memory and processing power even really warrants an app, seems to me.)


Can anyone even think of WHAT they'd want for an app, never mind if anything is actually out there or in development?

I would love to see some games, ones that can that be played off line or online that are real time, examples would be..... Homeworlds, Volcano, TwinWin, Martian Coasters, simple interfaces but things that work. And to show my lack of knowledge about AI, some one 1 player games too. I don't know if this is a pipe dream, and I would help out if someone told me what I could do.

Members sorting by country


Hi guys!


Just a quick suggestion:

As the title says:


Wouldn't it be good to sort the members list ( currently 320 peeps strong) by country?

I might be able to find fellow Germans who might be interested giving me a game!

Kind of an opponent finder.


Also, and this just my personal opinion/observation:

I would appreciate a one-stop website where to find all pyramid related info ( currently there is a wiki icehousegames.org, there is stuff on the looneylabs website , wunderland.com, there is the rabbit wiki I stumbled across today, I am sure I might have forgotten some. Acknowledged that the different websites might contain info that is property of different people, but as far as I can see everyone is keen on a thriving community , so might be convinced to collate and put all info in one place.

Maybe it is just me as a beginner and non-native english speaker, but I am really struggling finding the info sometimes.

Otherwise keep up the good work. Love the new Fan CLub. I suggest it will be the hub, where all the rules, discussions etc. will be collated.


Just my two cents.


Kind regards




Thanks for the suggestions Andre!  (I moved this message over to the Building Our Ning Community forum)


I love the sort by country idea - anyone want to help me figure out how to do this?  We are looking for Ning Geeks among our community to join our Ning Architects group to help with this sort of thing... 


As for consolidating pyramid info...  Yes!  I agree!   On the Looney Labs front, as we relaunch the system (with new products coming out in June) we are working on new pages for our marketing that will tie together with the new Guide to Looney Pyramids that will be included in the products we sell - this will live at our new domain LooneyPyramids.com and will include links to other pyramid related content that is out there. As part of this process, we will track down all the various pages around our two web sites (wunderland.com & looneylabs.com) and figure out where that content should live...  but we are NOT planning to change/move the community run IcehouseGames.org over to this new domain.  This is a fan run wiki, and anyone in the community can get involved in building/improving these pages.  Maybe someone could build a page on the wiki that points to all pyramid related content that currently exists - so we can then work towards reducing the number of locations found on that list...   it will all take time, but we are actively working on it!  

You can get a list of people in a particular county by going to the Members page and clicking on the "Advanced Search" link.  One of the advanced search parameters is Country.

Here is a link directly to the  'Advanced Search' page.


I'm curious; given the rebranding of Icehouse pieces as Looney Pyramids, are we still going to call them "Icehouse games," or would "pyramid games" work better?


If the latter is the case, would it make sense to move icehousegames.org to pyramidgames.org? I've registered pyramidgames.org in case we want it, though it now just redirects to icehousegames.org.


I agree; there should be two main sources of information for pyramid games; the official Looney Labs site, and the fan-run wiki; each of them should link to the other, as well as any other relevant pages. If anyone feels that the wiki can be improved, they should feel free to do so. A compilation of all of the sources of information on pyramid games would be a good thing to add.

Proposed Forum: Custom Shop

Would anyone else be interested in a forum focused on their homemade parts and accessories and how to best make them?


Sounds good. I'd be interested in good ideas for easy/cheap ways to make well-fitted portable storage boxes for pyramids, for example. Something like a poker chip case, but for pyramids.
I totally love the idea of discussions of this sort...  but why wouldn't this fit under the OTHER RANDOM STUFF forum heading?  It is for: Other discussions not related to specific games


I think Random Stuff is perfectly fine.  What started me wondering was 1. I see a lot of  great ideas around the net and wondered if there was enough traffic to justify a dedicated forum and 2. It feels like playing with the games and extending them is really well encouraged by the nature of the pyramids as well as by the various kinds of blanks and it might be nice to see that encouragement out front instead of as "other stuff"  I'm not heavily committed to the idea, but it seemed like an interesting one to talk about

Game collection pics

My camera isn't the hottest, but I managed a few good shots.




A couple of new pics: Picture%20184.jpg - Picture%20185.jpg


Blue Box: "Ingenious Challenges" (pegs, dice, cards)
Yellow Box: "Ingenious Challenges" (tiles)
White Box: Treehouse (one set, Rainbow)
Black Box: Parade & Inn Fighting (cards)
Martian Coasters
Gray Bag: Zombie Dice
Green Bag: Cthulhu Dice
Red Bag: Inn Fighting (dice)

Ingenious Challenges (peg boards)
Back To The Future
Fluxx 4.0 (plus promo cards)
Zombie Fluxx
Monty Python Fluxx (plus Castle Expansion and promo card)
Martian Fluxx
Pirate Fluxx (plus promo card)


Geez... no love for the pyramids at all, huh?


I'll try to remember to post my current Looney Box, although it's a bit out of date (I haven't rejiggered everything for the 14th color).


My card games are all in long boxes, so there's not much to see other than the edges of 1000 cards (give or take) and some dividers and rules pamphlets.


I'd have to take several shots and stitch them into a panorama, to show my entire card/board/RPG game collection! ;)

Re: "Pyramids", I've got the one Treehouse stash in the white card box in the top right of the case. There's also a "Martian Coaster" set, but I haven't sought much more out because the Pyramid games don't seem to excite my friends nearly as much as the Looney Labs card games.

What's the 14th color? I've only the 12.


I should take some shots of mine, but it's der Spielenrucksack: it's huge.

Almost two years ago, I gave a tour of my game bag.  The contents have changed a bit since then, but the goal is the same... ten pounds of small quick silly games.

Re: color, I wonder -


1) Pink

2) Red

3) Orange

4) Yellow

5) Electric Yellow

6) Green

7) Cyan

8) Blue

9) Purple

10) Clear

11) White

12 ) Black

13) Gray (I personally am looking for)

14) Root Beer (I heard there was only one set - could it be David Artman who has the Root Beer stash or am I missing a color?)

I've 13 now, with electric yellow. I'm also guessing he has Root Beer, Watermelon, or one or more other exotics.

Starship Captain custom Ning Ap

Ok...  so who wants to help me figure out what is available to us in the world of custom Ning Aps?  Looking at pages like this and this and this tells me there are all sorts of things we could do...  who wants to help? 

The first application we need is for Starship Captains list management. I want to provide all pre-registered Starship Captains who come to The Big Experiment at Origins next summer a laminated badge with their current list printed on it...  and I want to be able to grab the data from a database to make these badges, not have to compile them from random lists on everyones profile pages. We've got 5 months - who wants to help me design and build this?



I'm interested, to be sure.  I've never developed fFor ning, but I'm quite willing!

To add a little complexity to the matter: I imagine you, Kristin, are interested in developing an iPhone app, and I have a droid phone.  So I mean, this means we can build cross-platform apps, but it also means I can't help debug iPhone problems, fFor example.


A couple of light considerations:

Are we okay with letting anyone install and use the Captain's App, or do we prefer to keep it somewhat limited to people who are registered as Starship Captains?  No idea what sorts of restrictions (or promotions) are available here.

Are we able to use some server space somewhere, if the apps we build need some?  I have no idea what will be needed, but if, fFor example, we need to run a database somewhere, what will be possible?



I think I see what you want to accomplish, and I like the idea  =)

Thanks Scott!  

  • When we get to the point of making things for phones, I'm sure we can find people to test whatever platform we try to build.
  • We can say anyone can install it...  in fact, once it is up and running, a potential new Captain will need to install it and populate it with their list before applying for membership as a Starship Captain (instead of the current requirement which is to put their list on their profile page before applying for membership.)  
  • Yes, I can provide server space if we need it, which I expect we will for some sort of a database.

Well, I have been looking at what is available fFor app building.  I've never written a Ning app, but I fFigure it's just a matter of fFiguring out what is available, and how to make it work.

One hurdle I see right away is the apparent limitations of what bits Ning will let us fFiddle with.  The API is intended to be able to write comments, upload pictures, that sort of thing.  We are basically interested in writing an entry to a database, and viewing that database.  Simple enough really, but it's nothing like a comment or photo submission =)  So I am still looking fFor that sort of ability.

It might be the preferred way to write a "comment" in an area which only the application can write to, and then parse those comments as needed.  I'm not sure, but that might be the case.

Anyway, I'm in the trenches.

I started playing with building a Ning Starship Captain profile app.

A Ning App is an OpenSocial app which is basically some html and javascript that is included in the page.


The javascript has access to a number of APIs provided by Ning including a method to pull data from a remote server.


If you go to my profile you will see an Box called "Testmodule" that is my current test app.  It basically pulls a JSON list of games (just a static list now) and turns the list into an html ordered list.


Off the top of my head I think the app will consist of a number of parts:

  • The html to display the list
  • The javascript to pull the list from the Looney Labs server.
  • Some way to edit and submit the changes back to the Looney Labs server.  (more html and javascript)
  • An web service on the Looney Labs server that handles the get/edit requests from the Ning App.

Obviously the Ning side is locked into Javascript/html for development. The webservice would need to use a mysql database as the data store because we are already running mysql.   The web service could be written in python, ruby or php (myself favoring python and php).

Thanks Craig - this sounds like a great start!  Let me know when there is something I can help test on my own profile page! 

Scott: Craig is 'the guy' to work on this with - since he has access to all the API back end server stuff that will be needed to make this all work! 

Beyond the technical side of this, that Scott and Craig have started working on, we also need to work on speccing out exactly what we want this new ap to actually do.

How many games should you be allowed to list, and what about ties? Only 10 games will be printed on the badge I'm going to print for The Big Experiment at Origins, but looking at various peoples lists I notice a lot of folks doing interesting numbering schemes when they couldn't decide what order to put them in, and listing a lot more than 10 games. Should the ap just force you to put them in order, or allow ties?    

Also, there is the idea Dennis posted about, the Never Played But Want To list - which would help two Captains pick a game that one of them knows and the other has been wanting to learn. Very cool idea...  does our new Starship Captains ap track this list for people too?

Do we have any database designers among us? Who wants to help spec out this ap? 



To the extent that I'm a designer/architect, I want to put all the games in the database once, and have people select their games from a pick list. That way, we can minimize the number of times we have people with things like "Zedno" on their lists. With that kind of architecture, it would be easy to support links to icehousegames.org and boardgamegeek.com for people who see a link on someone else's list and want more information (well it would be easier on the back end, at least).


Even with a pick list-based front-end, you would need a way for people to add obscure games that aren't on any lists yet. So, I would think, let people add what they want, but have an admin go in later to clean it up (make sure it's not really a duplicate) and provide links and stuff. And it might be helpful to think about whether/how we want to support variants such as Caldera and Speed Zendo.


There are a few ways you could go on organizing the lists, with creative numbering possibly being a part of that. The big thing is that there must be exactly 10 games in a person's Top 10. Fewer, and the person doesn't qualify as a Starship Captain; more, and they won't all print on the badge. If you let people use creative numbering, you have to figure out how to deal with two games being tied for 10th place (or 3 games tied for 9th, etc.) From a database perspective, it doesn't much matter; from a software perspective, it could be a pain to support a more complicated scheme.


Oh, and I have some experience with MySQL and PHP, so that would be my preference if I were involved.  I don't remember volunteering, but it can be hard to tell sometimes.  Don't pick a platform on my account, but, you know, if it comes down to an "it doesn't matter" choice, you have that information.

Ok - so check out this Starship Captain list - either Devi is just trying to cause trouble, or he is challenging this team with yet more ideas on how we might want this list to work.  But we should really just start with something simple - where did things stand with the test that Craig started?

I haven't done any more work after my initial tests.


My expectation is that version 1.0 will have an ordered list with no limit to the number of games.

It will not handle ties.

It will not handle "wish lists".

Perhaps a "Notes" field where people could comment on the list could be added in version 1.1


What's your favorite Looney Labs game?

Pyramids:  all forms of Volcano

Other:  Chrononauts



Pyramids: Zendo

Other: Fluxx (any English-language version)


Pyramids: Martian Coasters


Other: Fluxx

That would be fluxx... Any fluxx, because it's easy to learn and new people don't automatically say "I'm too tired to learn a new game" And it's so fun to play.

Pyramids: Zendo (and Ikkozendo)

Other: Chrononauts

Zombie Fluxx combined with EcoFluxx

Any Fluxx game in general...although Zombie still tends to be my favorite. That may change when I get to play Cthuhlu...

RabbitWiki... now what?

What is the new role for the Rabbit Wiki now that the Ning community site exists?


I think the Ning site is better at handling bios, events, photos, and conversations, but the Rabbit Wiki is better at handling files, instructions, and FAQs.  Should be be porting information from one to the other?  Removing anything that's redundant?


I like the rabbit wiki and use it sometimes. It's sorted nicely. I think it should be integrated into the ning site if possible, or linked from it.

There was quite a bit of useful information there.  I'd like to see it preserved.  I think wiki is a good way to organize some of it, so I'd like to see a wiki somewhere, somehow for that information.  Obviously, the name would need to be changed because we're not using the "r" word any more.


The domain name for the old wiki now points here, so I don't know how to get there.  I have some stuff on my user page that I'd especially like to recover.


The wiki is still there -  try this link:  http://rabbits.continuation.org/wiki/Main_Page

Brian must have put in that redirect for the top level, which is probably good, since we do want most people to end up over at this new NING site, not at the old wiki...   


I don't yet have concrete answers on what to do about the old wiki - clearly there is lots of great content there that wants to get moved or renamed... but where and how?  Along with this new NING fan club site, we are also working on a new DRUPAL site, which is not a wiki that anyone could edit, but does have the ability to give any number of people an account and permission to help build/maintain pages. I'm thinking much of the wiki content can move there, but we don't have a concrete plan in place for this yet.

The first task on this new Drupal site is the web pages that go with the new Guide to Looney Pyramids, which should go live soon, then we tackle a bunch of Origins Big Experiment pages that also need to go live soon!  


I will post here when there are concrete things that you guys can help with...  I put a note on the top of the old rabbit wiki pointing back to this new ning fan club - can someone please make it much bigger and bolder at the top of that first page? 


Indeed, the wiki is still there and contains everything it always has. In fact, I haven't changed anything with the redirect; the top-level URL always redirected to http://www.looneylabs.com/Rabbits/index.html which now redirects to Ning.


What would you like me to do with the Rabbit wiki? There is a lot of good information there, but as you mention, we're trying to move away from the term "rabbit." Changing the domain should be easy (either whatever.continuation.org or if we'd like we could get a more appropriate domain for it). I'm not a graphic artist, so I'd need someone else to change the logo.


If we decide that the wiki isn't useful enough when we have the Ning site and Drupal, that is fair; the wiki format has always been an awkward fit for some of what it's used for (event planning), though it works reasonably well for things like the FAQs and and How Tos. Migrating content from the wiki into another system might be a good deal of work.


Anyhow, let me know your thoughts on what we should do with the wiki. Just rebranding it should be fairly easy, if someone else does a logo (and icon) for it.

I agree, there are definitely some things that Ning handles better, and we should use it for what it does well. Profiles, events, conversations, etc. should be on Ning, and we should move information over here if necessary. In particular, I think we should get rid of the Events section on the wiki (after migrating any content over if necessary), and use Ning to handle events.


As far as the rest goes, I think that the wiki provides a lot of value since anyone can edit it. The branding will need to be fixed now that we're moving away from the "Rabbit" name. I'm happy to change the domain and other branding if people are willing to contribute the necessary graphics and suggest a new name.