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Teaching people how to play Chrononauts

I like Chrononauts, but one problem I have is that while everything is very intuitive to me, explaining it to others is always a challenge. People always forget how to play a Patch, and it can be very annoying when you have no Inverters. There is a lot to swallow on the first time and there is no easy way to say "let's explain more as we play".

Ideally I would want some kind of video about it. I also thought about simplifying the game but I am not sure how to do that. (There is Artifaxx, but the TimeLine is the confusing part so avoiding that altogether seems counterproductive.)

Any thoughts? Ideas? Things that would make the task easier?


Just off the top of my head, shooting from the hip...
What about playing the first game allowing Patches to act as an Inverter (if needed) plus the patch. I am not sure if or how much that might break the game, but it would provide a simplification for an introductory game.

Are you playing with your hand face-up.  That enables you to explain cards and the other players can see what you are doing.

When I teach games, I explain the game's card types on a need to know basis and wait until a player has progressed the game to a point that the win condition becomes relevant.  Example:

1) At the set up of the game, explain linchpins, ripplepoints, inverters, and patches.  "The timeline is made up events in history.  Linchpins are critical events and a ripplepoint is the result of that event.  The purple we see now is true reality; the red side is alternate reality.  Inverters flip linchpins to alternate reality.  When that happens, they force the ripplepoints to flip over because those resulting events couldn't happen and that makes a paradox, which is the back of the ripplepoint card.  You use a patch to fix a paradox."  Notice I did not explain how to win the game.  I only explained the cards that we immediately see and the most important cards that interact with them.

2) On your turn or the first time someone tries to play and action, gadget, or timewarp, explain those at that time.  "[this card] you play and do what it says.  It helps you find what you need to win the game."

3) When someone tries to play an inverter, remind all players what that does.  The first time someone successfully plays a patch, then explain the ID card and the Going Home win condition.  Do not explain the 10-card hand win condition.

4) After having explaining the Going Home win condition, later in the game when someone successfully plays an artifact, that would be the appropriate time to point to the players Mission card and tell them that another way to win is to have those artifacts on the table in front of them.

5) As the game progresses, one of two things will happen:

a) players will not be playing patches and the number of paradoxes will quickly increase.  At this time, explain the loss condition: if there are too many unpatched paradoxes, all players lose.

b) players will be patching paradoxes and hand sizes will increase.

6) As hand sizes increase because of patching paradoxes, explain the 10-card Hand win condition.

In this way, it sounds like I've prioritized the win (and loss) conditions but this is the order that these conditions begin to develop.  Yes, a player may play artifacts first before an inverter but they see the timeline first and inverters were explained first, therefore it is important that you explain inverters and patches to completion by connecting the win condition they work towards as early as possible while it is fresh in their minds.  Yes, you could have explained Mission cards before Inverters and Patches but I think that is confusing because you've left all players in the dark about the part of the game that is on the game at the very beginning of the game even before they see their Mission cards.  Some players may never see an artifact in their hands even.  If an artifact gets played before an Inverter, I would explain it as "this card goes on the table in front of you.  I will explain it at a later time."  10-card Hand of course comes later because you only get to that point after doing many patches.

Wait for the second game to explain Killing Time or for a player who is reading the rules to discover it on their own.  It is a mechanic that helps the game move faster but it confuses players beyond what they can handle.

Thanks for the thoughts. 1. I never play with the "discard a second card and draw a replacement", but I always specify that you can choose to discard instead of playing. That could explain how come the games feel like a race to get the right cards. 2. If an artifact goes out early, should I not say something a little more informative? Like "Artifacts go in front of you. They are valuable items found across the timeline! I will get to their real purpose later." 3. Should I place an index card with some notes on this? You wrote a lot of info. 4. Of course (some) players are going to want to read all the cards they are dealt. Should I not deal missions entirely for the first few rounds, or just have them there? What if someone asks about them?
4. I just realized that someone intelligent enough to read ahead would probably not mind reading the rules while others learn the way I do it. I have also thought about the idea of stepping out for the first round and guiding players who need help. 5. What about those artifacts that are unplayable if 1936 / 1980 are black? Remove from deck?

1. Maybe.  I find when learning new games, and I'm probably guilty of this myself, players will quickly discard useful cards when they don't understand them.

2. Yes, that works.

3. You could, but at that point you're probably just making notes on the rules themselves.  My notes are more like a "teacher's guide" for how to communicate the content.

4. Yes, some will want to read the whole rules while waiting.  That's fine.  If asked, I would say "that will come up later" or "I will explain those later at a more beneficial time in the game."

5. I only have EAC so I'm not sure what those artifacts are.  IMO, something unplayable is frustrating so you could remove it but those could be used for the discard rule.  A first-timer won't know that it is unplayable so it won't make a difference.  They'll just be as curious/confused about it as they are any other card.

Unrelated comic and "new" themed game idea

So, I was lurking eBay, looking for various things... I did a search for "Chrononauts" and found out about this comic series:


I assume this is coincidental, and not related to the game? Or is it? I assume the name Chrononauts is trademarked or copyrighted or something by Looney Labs, but does that only apply to card games?

On another topic, I think it would be awesome to see a Doctor Who themed time-travel game like Chrononauts and the Back To The Future Card game. If you guys could get the rights and do one, I think it could become a favorite among Whovians. Anyone else think so?


1. The "copyright" you mention is probably about the specific logos and drawings, or possibly US Patent 6474650 which is on the mechanics of the game and is probably expired (or going to expire soon). Chrono means time and naut means traveler, so the name translates to Time Travelers. I doubt you could really copyright that 11-letter word. 2. I am not one to judge about this but it would be quite an endeavor to get the rights. Doctor Who is a lot bigger than BTTF.

Right, I assumed that there being a comic called the same thing as the card game was coincidence, and after looking into it a bit more the two seem to be unrelated. I had hoped for maybe a comic series of one-shots about the card game characters that detailed the nanofiction on the ID cards in more depth, or perhaps showed the Time Repair Agency's workings and cameo'd the characters. But alas...

And yes, I'm sure it might be a feat to get Doctor Who's rights, however they've been able to get the rights for some other big-name franchises for Fluxx variants (Batman, Adventure Time, and arguably Firefly, to name a few). There is SO MUCH merchandise and licensed stuff out there for Doctor Who that I think it may be possible, though working with BBC to do so might be odd with the differences in laws for the different countries. Anyway, just thought it might be a good idea since the two both have time travel as a core concept.

The only other problem I see is that BTTF dealt directly with causality and the "ripple effect" while Doctor Who appears to be less of that. If I am terribly wrong please correct, but I am having trouble envisioning what the game could be like.

Well, most of the time the Doctor tends to be there just in time to save the world, but there have been a lot of episodes where he arrives somewhere and realizes something is wrong, that the timeline was changed somehow. He inherently patches paradoxes or "fixes" the timeline to what he sees as it should be. The Daleks have their own version of reality. Jack Harkness has his own timeline events that would have to occur or he doesn't exist... Granted, many of the events don't create paradoxes for The Doctor or deal with direct causality, but that's because he's a Time Lord (similar to Time Agents in Chrononauts, he can circumvent problems by travelling in time). Rose was stuck in an alternate reality as a result of some of the outcomes of various events.

The Timeline cards could be major events in the Doctor Who universe, and various configurations can lead to outcomes like the Reality Bomb or Bad Wolf manifesting for the various IDs. Artifacts/Gadgets could be the various Whovian inventions... I think there's a LOT that could be done with this theme.

Early American Chrononauts issues...?

I have Early American Chrononauts v1.1, but there seem to be two issues that contradict what I thought about the deck:

  1. The "Sway Voting" card does not have the star in the corner like the other cards in EAC.
  2. There is no card that talks about UberChrononauts.

Is there a reason for these?

Self-Answered Questions on Artifacts and Gadgets

Just started playing Chrononauts (v1.5) and came up with some questions about Artifacts and Gadgets. I then proceeded to answer them myself and decided to post it all here.

Q1: With "The Most Toys" mission card in play, do Gadgets count the same as Artifacts, both for the total of the player with "The Most Toys" mission and for checking other players' totals?

A1: Yes, because a player with that mission would consider a Gadget just as much of an Artifact as a card labeled an Artifact. Besides, the fine-print on the Gadget card essentially says to treat it just like an Artifact except for certain specific situations.

Q2: Are the Artifacts and Gadgets cards that are played and laid out in front of the player considered not to be in the player's hand? There are cards that say to do certain actions with the players' hands, such as moving hands from player to player or shuffling them all together and re-dealing them.

A2: Played Artifacts/Gadgets are not in a player's hand.  Unless a card specifically says you can do something with a played Artifact/Gadget, any action affecting a player's hand has no effect on played Artifacts/Gadgets.

Then, of course, there's the non-Artifacts/Gadgets question:

Q3: When playing a "... Miracle" card and you are required to use only the two cards you draw, playing one and discarding one, what if you cannot play either of the cards you draw?  For example, what if you draw two patch cards neither of which can be played because neither year has been paradoxed? Do you discard both?

A3: If necessary, discard both. However, because you are discarding both, it's considered to be Killing Time and you get to draw one card to put in your hand.



A1: I am pretty sure Gadgets DO NOT count towards "the Most Toys". The Early American Chrononauts rules state that Gadgets do not count towards fulfilling Missions. My Chrononauts is an earlier edition, so did not include any Gadgets, so the rules don't mention them. The rules pdf I looked at online calls Artifacts "mission objectives"

A2 is correct.

A3: Killing time is only allowed if you choose to discard cards instead of playing a card.

Concerning your reply to A3, that's exactly what I'm proposing.  If the instruction is to draw two cards and play one and discard one, and you cannot play either, then you must discard both. One is the card you're supposed to discard and the other is a card to play that you are discarding. In the second instance, you are Killing Time and should get to draw a card for your hand.

After Killing Time, your hand size is the same as when your turn started. After what you propose, your hand size is larger than when your turn started. It's not the same thing at all.

I can see your point that Killing Time should leave your hand the same size. But then, I'd like some ideas on what to do with the original problematic situation.  You have an Action card that tells you to draw two cards, play one and discard one. If you discard both because you're unable to play either one, then you're disobeying the instructions. Should there be a penalty for that?

If you can't play either, then you just discard both. That's the risk you take with that card. Everybody has the same risk. It's not as bad as being forced to do something you don't want to do, which could also happen.

Reverse Chrononauts

Has anyone tried playing Chrononauts or EAC where you pick a random ID, set and patch the timeline to match then try to return the timeline to true history?

I'm going to check it out next Wednesday with my gaming group. I was just curious if anyone has tried this yet and if so, how did it go?


Interesting idea.  I would think one random ID wouldn't be enough.  I would think you'd need more variation than that.  But, cool idea.

Hoping to Time travel at Dr. Who con: Gallifrey One!

Last year, the coolest thing ever happened one night when into my game room walked Kristin and Andy Looney wanting to playtest some new games and demo Loonacy. To say we had a madly wonderful time is an understatement. For this year's Gallifrey I want to feature Chrononauts since it is a time twister, too, and very whovian! If you are a Gallifrey One member already, remember the game hub is on the 18th floor and look for me, I would love to meet you! -Heide

Beyond the Gore Years

As we all know, rows on the Chrononauts timeline generally contain eight cards.  if you're suing the Gore Years, there's an extra row that's only five cards long.  This must be an invitation to add three more cards.

I began to wonder about the last five years.  What things most deserve attention?  What events could a lone time traveler hope to overturn?  When were there disasters averted?

First of all, I have decided that the Arab Spring is beyond the reach of what a time traveler could accomplish.  Just like WW2, you can't prevent it and you can't redirect it.  You can only change a few specific details about *how* it goes down.  Same with the Great Recession.  It's too big and too complicated for a chrononaut to influence.

But I came up with a few specific dates that hit close to home:

2009) Affordable Care Act - Under the precedent set by 1787', 1861' and 2000', it is possible for a time traveler to influence a political phenomenon, one with a narrow margin for the historical winners.  The ACA passed the House with only five votes to spare, and would be easy for a chrononaut to tamper with its passage.  The ripplepoints would be significant and numerous.  Without the galvanizing threat of Obamacare, the Tea Party would never coalesce and the entire domestic political landscape from 2010 onwards would become radically different from what we know.

2010) Deepwater Horizon oil spill - With future knowledge, or possibly with future technology, a time traveler could easily avert this disaster.  I'm not sure what the consequences of this would be.  Perhaps it would take some of the political urgency away from green energy.  Perhaps an eco-time traveler would make it *worse* just to sabotage America's reliance on fossil fuels.

2012) Sandy Hook school shooting - This seems related to Columbine's fate in the timeline.  If guns are banned in 1999', then presumably this tragedy is also averted.  I guess we found a ripplepoint.

Then I realized that I could infill the Gore Years:

2005) What if George W. Bush had been assassinated by that dud grenade?  There is little doubt that the Cheney administration would quickly embroil the US in a Caucuses quagmire, caught between the hammer of Russia and the anvil of Iran.  This is definitely something that a time traveler from the other side of the timestream would want to avoid.

I'll leave these thoughts here.  What do you think?  How would a time traveler see the last five years?  Where are the linchpins, and where are the ripplepoints?  Which three would you pick?


Wow, good question. I'll need to think about it. Can't wait to hear what others suggest.

I've been playing with the same idea...

The one I like is a Superstorm Sandy nexus, with two possible patches:

2012: Superstorm Sandy (Paradoxed if 2000')

A late-season combination hurricane-nor’easter fueled by unusually warm waters does $75 billion dollars’ worth of damage from Appalachia to New England, including flooding large sections of Lower Manhattan.

2012a: Kyoto Accords Succeed (Nullified if 2000)

Successful implantation of the Gore climate change strategy seen in reduced hurricane severity.

2012b: Post-Katrina Infrastructure Push (Nullified if 2002')

The post-Katrina effort to improve coastal infrastructure nationwide proved successful when Hurricane Sandy does only minor damage despite the storm's unusual strength.

and, of course, you need a new ID to play off of this:


(1991, 2000', 2012a)

Earth in the Balance

Despite Presidents Clinton and Gore's success in reducing greenhouse gases, some businesses still pollute in the name of profit. But careful action now and in the past helps to protect our future from ourselves.

This election year is tense. There should be a way to change it to the other candidate. Any way to create another UberParadox situation? We could prevent some major website or tech company from existing? Perhaps a timeline where Fluxx gets to be much more popular than it is now, to the point where it is sold in every retail store. We could try to create a future where Homeworlds gets to Chess-level recognition and evolves a bit (4 sizes?)

UberChrononauts and the end of the universe

In UberChrononauts, the universe is destroyed if, at any time, there are 13 paradoxes within any four consecutive rows of the timeline. (This is especially important to Crazy Joe, the Lost ID who wins by killing the universe.)

But, if your game table is like mine, it has a hard time holding all 64 timeline cards in the traditional 8x8 arrangement (69 with the Gore Years). More often than not, I have to arrange the timeline in a different configuration to make it fit conveniently, with 9, 10, or even 12 cards per row as the table size dictates.

But wait, it I change the number of rows, I also mess with the number of possible paradoxes in each row. If there are more or less than 8 cards per row, the magic number 13 for timeline collapse is no longer valid!

So, I've done the math. For timeline configurations between 6 and 14 cards per row, I counted the number of ripplepoints per row (always with the Gore Years included). Then I summed up the number of ripplepoints per every set of four consecutive rows, and took an average. Then I compared the average ripplepoint density against that of the usual 8-per-row timeline, and scaled the magic 13 accordingly.


6 cards per row = 9 paradoxes within four rows

7 cards per row = 11 paradoxes within four rows

8 cards per row = 13 paradoxes within four rows

9 cards per row = 14 paradoxes within four rows

10 cards per row = 16 paradoxes within four rows

11 cards per row = 17 paradoxes within four rows

12 cards per row = 19 paradoxes within four rows

13 cards per row = 20 paradoxes within four rows

14 cards per row = 23 paradoxes within four rows

Note that the number of paradoxes is approximately 1.6x the number of cards per row, in case you need a quick rule of thumb.


Good work! I have played a modified game, as you describe, and thought fFleetingly about the problem. I decided I had no idea what they math would do, so didn't bother modifying the matter. Thank you fFor this!!!

The first Google result for "UberChrononauts rules" is this page:


It still links to the (dead) RabbitWiki Chrononauts FAQ and to the (dormant) Chrononauts mailing list.  Nowhere does it link to or reference this forum.  It should.

Found this randomly, while searching for UberChrononauts info.  Definitely pulling this for the new FAQ!  I'll credit you! 


Is the Pizza Hydrator card still available?

Hi Team,

I just picked up Back to the Future as a trade on BGG.  I've had my eye on this one for a while.  The first movie came out when I was in junior high.  Seems like yesterday.  Yeah, I'm old.

I was wondering if the pizza hydrator card was available through the store here.  After looking at just about every screen, it has eluded me.  Is this card still available?


Since we don't have the license from Universal anymore, we can't sell the game or the promo card...  so sadly, this card is not for sale through our website.  Ryan's link to Miniature Market looks like a great option!

Solonauts question

While playing Solonauts I ran into a problem where contradictory timelines for my IDs caused confusion.  That is, I could restore the timeline of one character but in order to send the other home I had to change the timeline to something else.  There was a paradox (in the logical sense) because the timeline could never stay in a state that ensure the home conditions of both.  How does one handle this problem?  Should I assume a multiverse in Solonauts?


You are supposed to send them home one at a time, not all at once.  Set the timeline for Character A, then invert it for Character B, and so on.

Two Chrononauts surprises today!

After dropping my wife at Dulles, I swung by the Game Parlor.  There I was pleased to see the new edition of Early American Chrononauts -- I'd been waiting for the "looney bin" version for a long time, so I snapped it up.  Then in the mail today I got the 2013 Looney Labs Holiday Gift, which includes pictures of the new releases, and I saw that the original Chrononauts has been released in a new box!  (I obviously hadn't poked around here recently to notice the announcements.) 

I dug out my old copy of EAC and compared it to the new one.  As far as I can tell, they are identical, with two exceptions: 

  1. The new one has four copies of a card labelled "10-Card Hand Accomplished", used to indicate when that part of UberChrononauts has been achieved.  
  2. The card which has UberChrononauts rules on one side and the Inverter Converter on the other is gone.  In its place is an extra Flash Forward Timewarp card. 

This makes me wonder whether there are any similar tiny changes to the new edition of the base Chrononauts, despite the LL store saying it's unchanged.  (It said EAC is unchanged, too. :)


Hi Brian,

Nothing about original Chrono changed except the box.

The new EAC also features a redone rulesheet and notes on several inverters about usage beyond the scope of EAC. (And the Inverter Converter is no longer needed because of such notes on the Inverters in regular Chrono.)

EAC Watch

I've long wanted EAC and now it seems my wish is about to come true:


Report back when/if you receive the goods. :-)


No changes at all?  Two inverters should have been revised to integrate The Gore Years: "Halt Attack" should include 2001, and "Sway Voting" should include Y2K. 

Still, as Chrononauts is my first LL passion, I'm glad EAC is back in any form.  Now I just need a good excuse to replace my older decks instead of buying a completely new game.

Nanofiction: In Memoriam... 11/22/63 + 50

Half a century has passed since Kennedy's near assassination.  Our nation's wounded leader dodged several bullets from a Dallas sniper on this day in 1963.  Kennedy fulfilled the hope of a prestigious second term of peace and prosperity, but at a terrible price.  Those bullets weren't meant for Jacqueline.  Today, forever, all Americans are widowers.


Wow, that's really good, sir.  Well done.


Alliance Distributing is soliciting EAC.

Is this a new edition of the game?


It's new only in that it is newer than the original. Early American Chrononauts has been out many years.

I know, I have EAC already. I was just wondering if LL had changed it to the new box.

And more importantly, if any cards had been changed/added/dropped.

I stand corrected!!! That is exciting =) I've often thought EAC seemed a bit unloved. Cool!

[Chrono] The Unwanted Situation while Selling an Artifact

Here's a Chrononauts rules conundrum that came up at the Looney Lounge.  I have two artifacts in front of me, so I decide to Sell an Artifact (without the bonus).  Discarding my Mona Lisa, I then draw two... the 1991' patch and another Sell Artifact.  I look down at my one remaining Artifact, a Mona Lisa forgery which I need for my Cheaters Sometimes Win mission.  I need this forgery for my mission, and I'd rather not part with it.   But 1991 has not been paradoxed, so the 1991' patch is unplayable!  The rules say that patches can only be played on Paradoxes.  I found myself in a tough spot.  Did I really have to play the Sell Artifact I drew even if it's not in my interest?

I called Andy over and explained my dilemma.  Andy decided that the 1991' patch was playable, but that it would be immediately nullified (1981 still being set to Reagan Wounded).  Thus the 1991' patch would exist only long enough to self-destruct.

Whoa, Andy!  Do you realize what this means?  It means the patch was in play long enough to get the bonus draw!  Gee, Now I can simply win via 10 cards in hand merely by playing any seven patches first, regardless of paradox status. 

But I don't think that's the case.  A few nights later I looked at the Chrononauts rules, and it tells me that I can always discard a card I can't or don't want to play.  So apparently I can just discard the 1991' patch as my "play one", then continue to discard the second Sell Artifact as well.  I'm still down one artifact with nothing to show for it, but at least I'm not sliding backwards on my mission.  Those are the risks one takes when one meddles with time.

---Ryan, TRA field officer and native of linchpin D3. 

Chrononauts FAQ

Where does the Chrononauts FAQ live these days?  Somebody on BoardGameGeek is looking for it, and even I can't find it! Last time I checked, it was on the Rabbit Wiki.


hrm.  that's a problem.

Any possibility to buy a Chrononauts 1.3 to 1.4 "Upgrade" pack

I bought Chrononauts a couple years back at a game shop.  I got back into playing it recently and saw that there is now a "Gore Years" expansion pack available.  I also noticed that the current version is 1.4, which had a couple changes from the pervious (1.3) version.


So, I checked my edition and it is the 1.3 edition.  From what I understand, the 1.4 edition is "forward compatible" with the Gore Years expansion pack...  Unfortunately, since I have the 1.3 edition, it looks like I'd have to buy a complete 1.4 edition in order to get the full use out of the Gore Years Expansion.


I was wondering if there was any way to purchase what would basically be a "1.3 to 1.4 Upgrade" set.  From what I understand, the card differences between the two editions would mean that a player having the 1.3 edition would only need 8 cards (4 new and 4 updated) in order to "upgrade" their 1.3 set to a 1.4 set.  The cards are:

(1)  Restore History

(1)  Beatles Reunion CD

(1)  Sarah the Triceratops

(1)  1945-D Patch, "Tokyo Nuked"

(1)  "Articles Of Faith" Mission v. 1.4

(1)  "Halt Attack" v. 1.4

(2)  "Avert Disaster" v. 1.4

So, I guess the question is, is there any way to get these cards separately, so that a person with the 1.3 edition doesn't have to buy a complete 1.4 set of Chrononauts?  I figured that this might be a small enough amount of cards to be sold at a similar price to an expansion pack...  Dunno if there are any plans for that or not.



Living on the Flip Side

Hey, I finally wrote an article I've been thinking about for years, about using the structure of Chrononauts to cope with real life:


I hope nobody reads it as just an ad for Chrononauts, because I so didn't mean it that way.  It's more like suggesting a way of thinking, and if this way of thinking works for you, by the way you might enjoy this game.... 

I decided not to say in the article that, although I own a Gore Years expansion set, it is still sealed, because I don't even want to touch THAT card.  Although I'm thinking now that it might be therapeutic to flip it to the "right" side. :-)


Chrononauts has helped me understand the difference between the things I want to change and the things I can change.

I think back on events in my own life, the lives of others close to me, and sometimes even things happening to me right now, as either a Linchpin or a Ripplepoint.  Most things in life are Ripplepoints.  You know a Linchpin when you see it.

Hi 'Becca, great article! Thanks for sharing.

Also, I too remember the article you mentioned... I think it was in Smithsonian magazine.

You do know a Linchpin when you see it...   great comment, Ryan.  And a great article, 'Becca!  

Now read the book!

Someone wrote a novel set in 1868' where Abraham Lincoln is impeached:


And here's one about 1876', though it's not the outcome Andy hypothesized.  Instead of a Peace Treaty at Little Big Horn, Custer scores an overwhelming victory against Sitting Bull, only to be dragged back to Washington for court-martial proceedings stemming from insubordination:


I have not read either of these books myself, but I own the latter.  I'll let you know how it turns out.


And I just found this humor article that fans of Chrononauts will enjoy.  Visitors to the London Science Museum can masquerade as Squa Tront, the intelligent cockroach from certain future timelines:


Chrononauts Worldwide

I was wondering if there has been any thought to doing more Chrononauts editions.

I know the game focuses on US history but what about some focusing on other areas of the world?  And, for tournamets, tieing them together?

There could be a Chrononauts EU and Chrononauts Asia at the very least.  Basic Chrononauts could be expanded to Chrononats NA (North America) and a South America edition could also be looked into.  (I don't know if there is enough interest in Chrononauts outsde of the current fan base to make this many editions feasible at this point though).

Some of the Lynchpins could be set up to cross borders (WW1 and WW2 at the very least) where a tournament could actually have players at one table changing lynchpins that affect other tables.  In otherwords, actions by North America can affect Europe or Asia.


Perhaps a set like this isn't feasible for sale, but I think it could be interesting to try and develop in any case.


To start, how do you think it would be best to break it down?  North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia?

What about other divisions?  Middle East, Medeteranian, Pacific Rim?

And what about crossover lynchpins?  World Wars of course, but what else?  And between which countries?



I think this is a great idea. I would love to see a Canadian version. And seeing as we are your neighbours and likely a good part of your sales it would be profitable. Also, it would be educational to use other countries. I think the world war 1 and 2 idea is the best. People could play but learn about the wars and the significant events that caused them and battles that occurred. I'm sure the educational idea in it wouldn't necesarily be the selling pivot but people would find the WWI WWII theme interesting. Also there's a large number of war buffs who would purchase the game because of the theme.

I think that ancient chrononaughts would be the most interesting. Bronze age or ancient Egypt that kind of thing.

I also think an "Ancient Worlds" Chrononauts would be super fun.  Rome/greece/egypt would be really fun.

I've been thinking for a long time now that Ancient Rome/Ancient Greece and Middle Ages/Europe would dovetail nicely with EAC especially.  A Spanish version with Europe/Spain and Latin America would also work well.  Then your Uber version includes Middle Ages/Europe/Spain all the way through the Conquistadors.  It moves out of the history classroom and into the foreign language and ESL classrooms.  As for the interest, every time I show someone this game they love it.  My sister did start using it in her classroom and I think that kind of thing does generate new players. 

TIme Machine Gadget actions

I am sure I've missed this somewhere, but couldn't find it.


If I play the 'Really Fast Time Machine' can I use its ability that same turn?





Early American Chrononauts with new packaging.

Are there plans to reprint EAC in the newer tuck boxes? I've been holding off on purchasing and was wondering how long I'd end up waiting.


We have not run out of the first edition yet, but will likely run out sometime next year...  we absolutely plan to move it into the new packaging on the next print run, but that won't happen until we run out and/or need to print more of the original Chrononauts...  and we *might* let EAC be out of print for a little while in between depending on the exact timing of things.  

So.... maybe 2012, more likely 2013?  That's the best answer I can give you at this point!  

Hi Kristin,


Here's something for you and Andy to let simmer in your brains:


This year starts the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.  Maybe a new edition of EAC could also come out with an expansion that adds more cards focusing on the Civil War.  Or maybe Andy could come out with some whole new game with such a theme.

Sorry to see that we missed that anniversary.  But don't fret!  This year is the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.  (I know because I was married on the 125th anniversary and it's our 25th anniversary this year!)  Even an expansion pack with Civil War cards [i.e. Gettysburg Address as an Artifact] might fit the bill.

EAC is still on our slate for the very end of this year!

Chrononauts - Winning using "Going Home"

I recently bought Chrononauts, and I find it a really nice game. Only thing I noticed, is that it can be difficult to win using the objective "going home" where you have to set the timeline of your character to win. This is because if someone else have the patch you need and they discard it, you already lost this opportunity. I know that the game pushes the players to patch the paradoxes rewarding them with cards, but if someone decide that he doesn't need a particular patch and discard it, the player who needs it lose the opportunity of winning by "going home".
Is this analysis correct or there's something wrong??


If it's in the discard pile, you can use Rewind to play it.
you're right, I completely forgot it! xD

BTTF: Better With More People?

So, I played bttf with my brother yesterday, and the whole game seemed kind of muted. I remember having great fun at the convention and was kind of disappointed at how the home game went. Is this game just better with more people? Is there some advice for playing with 2 players? Any recommended house rules to add?


I think it might be better with more, probably, yes.  With more players, the board will change more often, other people will get more objects on the table, more stuff will happen, and you don't have to do it all yourself.  Teh downside however is that There's more people screwing up your work, stealing your goals, straying you fFrom your goals as well.  It can be harder, but more exciting, probably.

It plays okay with two, certainly.  No doubt.  But with more players, you will absolutely have more excitement as more people mess with each other.


I blame you guys. Well, not everyone here, but Looney Labs in particular.


Since I've bought your game the other day it's been a proper BTTF overload in this household over the past week. All three movies, lot's of card games, and I've now downloaded the first two chapters of TellTale Games' Back To The Future The Game.


It just got me thinking it anyone on here had played this? If so what do you guys think of it? Would be good to have a discussion with fans who are interested in the franchise!


Me and my friends had a marathon the first night we played BTTF and watched all 3 movies. I have also d/l the Tell Tale games back to the future recently too. With all the recent push for licensing it makes me wonder if they are thinking about making a 4th movie which will make me really sad. The reasoning behind this is that BTTF is one of my all time favorite movie franchises and I can not picture anyone other than Michael J Fox being the main character and Christopher Lloyed being the supporting actor and I really dont think that they would be in it.
The hype is because it's the 25th anniversary of the first movie - I've heard nothing about any talks about a 4th movie, I don't think we need to worry about that.
The Bobs have made it very clear that a 4th movie will never happen. "Biff" concurred in his awesome song, when he said "Back to the Future 4: Not Happening."

ÜberChrononauts TRA Gold Watch

I FINALLY got around to convincing someone to play ÜberChrononauts with me the other night and read that you use a token to represent the goal of 10 cards in your hand. I was thinking about making up a card to represent this and found something interesting online. I found reference to this possibly already done.


Here is where I found an interesting post about it.



If these have already been maid, how can I get some or if they are no longer in print does someone have some that I may be able to acquire from them or can someone can one so that I can make my own, if that is not against Looney policy of course.


Or has someone already maid there own that I can check out or use?


I got a packet of them a couple years back, and I think I have only ever given 1 out. To myself, actually-I pulled off the 10 card win at our local con.


If the Looney Labs store is out, I'd be happy to send you one.

That is awesome. I am not seeing them in the store. I will send you a msg. Thank you :-D
I will buy one from you, if you're interested in providing another!

Definitely out of print (http://www.wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/PromoCards/outofprint.html)  Looks like a fun addition though)


Oh, wow! Can I get a couple?

Back to the future bonus house rule

When I first got Back to the future my friends and I wanted to have a marathon of all 3 movies and while playing we came up with a very fun house rule.


Lets say you have an artifact on the table in front of you and that artifact plays on the screen while you are watching the movie. You get to draw and extra card and play an extra card.


Example: You have the "Fax from the Future" that has the "You're fired" on the table and you are watching Back to the Future 2 and the scene comes on that has marty getting fired because he sent Needles his code or at the end of the movie when Jenifer pulls out the not and it disapears. You get to draw 1 extra card and play one extra card.


We did not think that it would come up all that often but it actually ended up happening 4 times during out marathon evening of games and movies. It is a pretty liberal rule and up to interpretation but it was a lot of fun.


Let me know what you think :-D


This is great fun!  While Andy was developing this game, we had the movies playing pretty much all the time around the house, and I've seen this kind of overlap happen specifically with that same "You're fired" scene, but I didn't get a bonus card when it happened!  LOL
It was a ton of fun, we actually played last night with the movies on in the background and tried a little bit of a different rule. Instead of draw one play one we go to flip a lynch pin. I think that doing this actually worked out a little better.
This is so fun! I love it!
There was 4 of us and we watched them all over the course of an evening and played 7 or 8 games if I remember correctly. A time lapse video would be awesome!!!!
Awesome house rule!

I think the idea is great, but I guess I'm a purist.  I'd rather either play the game or watch the flicks.  It may have something to do with the fact that we use BTTF to introduce newbies to the time travel card games.  (They tend to be more familiar with BTTF than with actual historic events!)

questions on using a Memo?

Does using an Artifact/Item in-play ability count as "playing a card" for purposes of canceling it with a Memo?


The simple answer is Yes. Certainly the answer is yes for cards that you need to discard in order to that special ability. For example, using the Dust Jacket to steal the real Almanac, cashing in the Pizza Hydrator, and using the Lightning Prediction as a Save the Clock Tower action -- those are all quite Memo-able. Trickier situations are when someone wants to use a Memo to inhibit the power of the Almanac to stop others from flipping B-2, or to interfere with the use of Mr. Fusion. The first case is particularly odd, since it's a passively-exerted in-play ability, but the Memo is all-powerful, so it stills work: the Almanac is discarded, and the game continues. (This ruling implies that you can use a Memo to discard an in-play Sports Almanac at any time, which I hadn't really expected, but which is fine.) As for the Mr. Fusion situation, the Item that was being discarded still gets discarded. The owner gets keeps Mr. Fusion, but draws no extra cards for the thing they were trying to turn into energy. Does that clear it up, or are there other special cases to discuss?


I think I get it. Does this mean you can Memo Carl Sagan's Joint (when someone tries to use it for a swap) or send the V1 Time Car into the discard, even when the owner of the V1 had the Case of Plutonium?

Also, it seems based on the wording for the Time Cars that even if they're Memo'd, the player of the Car could keep their "fuel" Items (Plutinium, Lightning Prediction, Overpowered Locomotive, or "discard something") at least.