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RE: [Chrononauts] Very Clean Time Machine in UberChrononauts

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In a message dated 1/12/2006 5:25:15 P.M. Central Standard Time, skturner@xxxxxxxxx writes:

Is there an accepted use of the Very Clean Time Machine in
UberChrononauts about what cards you draw?  My fiancé and I can never
quite agree on how to use it with the draw 2 rule of UberChrononauts.
Does the card allow you to peek at 2 cards in the draw pile or just 1,
and does it allow you to draw 2 cards from the trash or just 1?  We
can never seem to agree.

Thanks for any advice you all may have.

Not a problem.  The way Andy ruled it was that each draw was a separate event.  So... at the beginning of the turn, you can draw one and peek at it... choose to take that one or put it back on top of the draw pile again and take the one in the trash.  Second draw, you get to draw the top card of the deck again... surprise!  If you took from the discard pile, it's the same card you saw at the first draw.  So you can choose to take that card, or put it back on top again and take the top of the trash.




Speaking of the Very_Clean_Time_Machine:

I'm wondering if, since the Composting New_Rule in Eco-Fluxx has you draw from the _bottom_ of the discard pile, if the Very_Clean_Time_Machine will soon be changed to work the same way (if you draw from the discards, take the bottom card instead of the top card).