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Mr. Bulb, where have you been the last 300 years? Luna is the scientific name for the moon. Everybody knows that!

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Subject: [Chrononauts] Re: Time Wars of the 24th Century
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 22:14:12 -0500

> Speaking of futuristic timelines, I'm working on a version of Chrono. that
> is set in the distant future of the 24th century.  In it, humans have
> already colonized Mars, Venus, Luna (that's the moon), as well as the moons > of Jupiter and Saturn. All the nations of the Earth are at peace with each > other and function together as a single sovergn nation. But that's not to > say that there's no war in the future. There is a Great Solar War between > Earth, Mars, Venus, and Saturn (Jupiter is neutral). The timeline consists > of great advances in science, like human cloning and artifical humanity, as
> well as some colorful characters.

Sounds like it could be interesting--and has the advantage that it won't be quickly obsoleted like the early-21st-century versions that have been proposed a few times. The Chrononauts themes could probably be more easily optimised for good gameplay if you didn't have to stick to the restrictions of vaguely resembling reality, so *some* sort of future timeline seems ideal. Make sure there are complications like the original Chrono. has and EAC lacks--the Nexus and Uberparadox always make life interesting, and the game really ought to have some events of that flavor.

But I'm afraid that nobody who lives on the Moon *ever* calls it Luna.... ;)

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