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[Chrononauts] Welcome to the 24th Century!

  • From"Robert Potter" <oldestgc86@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 14 Apr 2006 11:15:37 -0500
I've finally finished my game!  So, as promised, here's the timeline...

2306: Dr. Spareparts Almost Killed. Nobel-Prize winner shot in left shoulder. RIPPLES: 2309, 2333.

2309: Jean Spareparts opens free laboratory. Designed to be used by the general public, and completely free! PARADOXED IF: 2306'.

2311: People Mover 12 Explodes. 150 people killed in the vacuum of space. RIPPLES: 2320, 2323.

2312: First 100% Artificial Human Created. "Davey" is an android with a human brain as a central processor. RIPPLES: 2317, 2323, 2333.

2313: Flying Cars Go On Sale. Ford's Model Y is projected to outsell the GMC Flightplan. RIPPLES: 2318.

2317: Davey Gets a Job. World's first artificial human is employed as a bus driver. PARADOXED IF: 2312'.

2318: Ford Model Z sells out system-wide. Earth sales alone are more than $18 trillion! PARADOXED IF: 2313'

2320: Great Martian Famine. Strange shortage of farmers causes drop in food supply. PARADOXED IF: 2311'.

2323: Solar Economy Stuck in Limbo. No major market change since 2271. PARADOXED IF: 2311' XOR 2312' (Biconditional).

2325: Predident Fabry Assassinated. Earth's chief exec falls at the hand of a madman. RIPPLES: 2329, 2337.

2329: Fabry Memorial Library Opens. Project commisioned by widow Elena. PARADOXED IF: 2325'.

2333: Spareparts Prostetics go on Sale. "I'm not just the inventor of Spareparts Prostetics," says Dr. Jean, "I'm also a client!" PARADOXED IF: 2306' OR 2312'.

2337: Fabry Memorial Library Bombing. Family of fallen president outraged. PARADOXED IF: 2325'

2340: M151 Comupound Destroyed. Martian Police lay waste to suspected Libertine hideout, 17 killed. RIPPLES: 2342.

2342: "Mother Mars" Cult Stages Large Protest. Survivors of the M151 incident take over Martian Police station, 50 contract AIDS. PARADOXED IF: 2340'.

2343: Human Cloning is a Success! Martha Jones of Titan is the first human to be cloned. Neither Martha is expirencing (sp?) complications. RIPPLES: 2347, 2362, 2366.

2347: Martian Weds Self. Joseph Reed, Martian playboy, marries a female colne of himself, named Sarah. PARADOXED IF: 2343'.

2349: Astro-Sav opens on Planet Earth. Uranus-based discounter opens store in Havana, Cuba. 250 more planned. RIPPLES: 2370.

2352: Queen Ashley of Venus Murdered. Games of the 13th Solypiad marred with slaughter of host. RIPPLES: 2355, 2362, 2363, 2366.

2355: Venus Invades Luna. Great Solar War begins with open act of aggression by Queen Michelle. PARADOXED IF: 2352'.

2359: Saturn Launches Attack on Mars. Mars enters the Solar War. RIPPLES: 2363, 2366.

2362: Venus Prdouces Massive Infantry. Queen's forces number 8 billion, or maybe more. PARADOXED IF: 2343' AND 2352'.

2363: Double-V Day. Central Powers begin large-scale attack on Enemy soil. PARADOXED IF: 2352' AND 2359'.

2366: Earth wins the Solar War. Queen Michelle is overthrown, and peace is restored to the Solar System. PARADOXED IF: 2343' OR 2352' OR 2359' (Nexus).

2370: Wal-Mart Goes Bankrupt. Centuries-old retailer couldn't handle the competition from Astro-Sav. PARADOXED IF: 2349'.

2374: Bruce Brown Almost Killed. Earth's "bachelor president" gunned down by opposing party members. RIPPLES 2377, 2382.

2377: Brown Weds Venutian Queen. Venus anti-male laws repealed as Queen Tiffany brings Venus into coalition with Earth and Mars. PARADOXED IF: 2374'

2379: Violet Blue Murdered. Famously purple-haired actress killed by burglar upon returning home. RIPPLES: 2382, 2390.

2382: Goldwater Scandal. Earth Senator tries to use time travel to influence his re-election. PARADOXED IF: 2374' AND 2379'.

2385: Sam I. Timms Assassinated. Newly elected leader of "Mother Mars" cult dismembered in view of her followers. RIPPLES: 2388.

2388: New Chicago Mass Suicide. "Mother Mars cult members willing to follow Sam I. Timms to the grave. PARADOXED IF: 2385'.

2390: Violet's Biofilm Bombs at Box Office. "Blue Violet" decried as 5th Worst movie of all human history. PARADOXED IF: 2379'.

That's it, folks. I'll post the alternate history later. Until then, talk to me!

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