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Hey, it's totally understandable.

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At 12:11 4/14/2006, you wrote:
However, Don't all babies start female then change gender as the Y chromosome 'kicks in'. A small modification easily accomplished by the science of 300 years
in the future.

On the Y chromosome is a gene which causes testosterone to have a higher concentration than that of estrogen. This causes the gonads to develop into testes and not ovaries, and the rest of the sex determination process follows. Which of course means you can get some interesting (read: unfortunate) situations if a crossover event in the sex chromosomes occurs durig meiosis and the gene hops from Y to X.

Yay for lots of good answers to my questions! I wasn't really trying to be anal so much as get clarification and/or make the cards read better.

-Bob Linehan

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