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[Chrononauts] Welcome to the Alternate 24th Century!

  • From"Robert Potter" <oldestgc86@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 26 Apr 2006 11:05:05 -0500
And now, for the alternate timeline:

2306': Dr. Spareparts Assassinated. Time machine inventor shot in apex of left lung. RIPPLES: 2309, 2333.

2309': Spareparts Journal Found. Former lover discovers scientist's diary, with ideas on artifical humanity, cloning, even flying cars. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2306.

2311': People Mover 12 Bombing Thwarted. Vigilante on board slays terroristbefore bomb could be detonated, disappears without trace. RIPPLES: 2320, 2323.

2312': Artifical Human Project Sabatoged. Infamous anti-science gang "The Libertines" steal all-important human brain. RIPPLES: 2317, 2323, 2333.

2313': Ford Model Y Prototype Hijacked. Sale of flying cars set back five years at least. RIPPLES: 2318

2317': Bus Driver's Union Goes on Strike. "$500 an hour is not enough to feed our starving families!" NEUTRALIZED IF: 2312.

2318': Flying Cars on sale after 5 year delay. Ford Model Z projected to outsell GMC Hawk. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2313.

2320': People Mover 12 Hijacked. Identity of hijackers unconfirmed. NEUTARLIZED IF: 2311.

2323a: Solar Boom. Market values hit all-time maximum. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2311 or 2312' (only good if: 2311' and 2312). (Biconditional)

2323b: Solar Bust. Market values hit all-time minimum. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2311' or 2312 (only good if: 2311 and 2312'). (Biconditional)

2325': President Fabry Almost Killed. Stranger intercepts bullet, disappears into park. RIPPLES: 2329, 2337.

2329': President Fabry Impeached. Joeseph is put on trial after discovery of androgyonics in his briefcase. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2325.

2333': Sparepats Memorial Service. She was a great woman, may she rest in peace. Okay, where's the buffet? NEUTRALIZED IF: 2306 and 2312.

2337': Fabry Dies in Prison. Rumor has it he got too close to a lifer's cigs. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2325.

2340': M151 compound rigorously searched. Martian poicle search suspected Libertine base, find nothing, but thankfully, no deaths. RIPPLES: 2342

2342': "Mother Mars" cult to aid police. Clutists give tips to Libertine hideouts, but tips turn up nil. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2340.

2343': Libertines Strike Again. Anti-science zealots destroy testing ground for human cloning. RIPPLES: 2347, 2362, 2366.

2347': Libertines Captured. After 60 years, science haters leave enough evidence for a conviction. Gang members seving 50 to life. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2343.

2349': New Astro-Sav destroyed in fire. Popular rumor states that Wal-Mart stock holders set the fire. RIPPLES: 2370.

2352': Queen Ashley hosts '52 Solympics. Hubby King Eric competes, wins 3 silver medals for Venus (plus an iron). RIPPLES: 2355, 2362, 2363, 2366.

2355': Queen Ashley to visit Luna: Veunutain Monarch to talk of peace with Earth delegates on her natural satilite. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2352.

2359': Saturnian Raid of Mars Cancelled. Mars remains neutral. RIPPLES: 2363, 2366.

2362': Venus produces exquisite tort. Queen's deserts number 8 billion or more. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2343 AND 2352.

2363': Venus City hosts XYZ Games. This time, it's really, *really* extreme! NEUTRALIZED IF: 2352 OR 2359.

2366a: Venutian Revolt. Queen Michelle betrayed by her own troops, Earth takes advantage. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2343 OR 2355' (only good if: 2343' AND 2355). (Nexus)

2366b: Earth Conquered. Queen Michelle dies in decicive battle. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2343', 2355', OR 2359 (only good if: 2343, 2355, AND 2359'). (Nexus)

2366c: Mars Rescued. Venus's bold intervention saves red planet from Saturnian conquest. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2355 OR 2359' (only good if: 2355' AND 2359). (Nexus)

2366d: Solar Peace. Oh, we are the Buddy Bears, we never go to war! NEURALIZED IF: 2355 OR 2359 (only good if: 2355' AND 2359'). (Nexus)

2370': Wal-Mart buys Astro-Sav. New Sam Walton Holdings now largest retailer in the galaxy. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2349.

2374': Bruce Brown Assassinated. Casanova-turned-politican shot point-blank by unknown assailant. RIPPLES: 2376, 2382.

2377': Project Amazon. Venutain men forced into concentration camps, made into slave race. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2374.

2379': Violet Blue Robbed. Burgular escapes seconds before getting caught by Violet. Police have no leads. RIPPLES: 2382, 2390.

2382': Time-Travel Taxed. All chrono-trips to dates that follow 2382 are taxed at $1000 a pop. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2374 OR 2379. (UberPara-Tax: All players must discard one card when traveling to the future.)

2385': Sam I. Timms saved from Murder. Would-be killer knocked for a loop by a stranger. RIPPLES: 2388.

2388': "Mother Mars" Cult dissolved. After Timms's convertion to Judaism, followers decide to go home. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2385.

2390': Violet Blue for President. Actress-turned-Senator wins Astercratic Party nomination for 2392 Election. NEUTRALIZED IF: 2379.

Well, that's the other timeline for you. Let me know what you think. Next time, Artifacts and Missions!

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