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Subject: [Chrononauts] New member introduction...
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 17:38:46 -0600


Haven't I ... done this ... before?

Yes, of course you have.  Well, in my reality anyway...

Maybe not.  Time Travel just has that effect on me.

Yeah, I remember that. Or do I? Jeez, I would hate to cause a temporal rift...

Anyway, I'm a new player of Chrononauts. I've actually only played it one time so far but I look forward to playing it many more times! (I managed to win through having 10 cards in my hand ... and I only ever did one patch! Gotta love Discontinuity!)

That's nice.  Maybe next time you'll win for real.

Does anyone know of a more active list for Chrononauts? I found this one and it doesn't seem too lively. Of course, I guess there really isn't much to discuss about the game, but it would be cool to chat with people about it.

You could try BoardGameGeek. Of course, now that you're here, we can expect more posts. Thanks!


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