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  • FromWendy <allonwyn@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 10 Mar 2007 17:43:07 -0700
hmmm, I'm intrigued with the idea of characters working together, but ultimately with separate goals.  Really adds a "who is going to stab who in the back" type of tension to the storyline....  :)  (I'll help all of them get 1865, but when they aren't looking, BOOM goes the world!  Muahaha....)

Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 15:49:07 -0600
From: carol.townsend@xxxxxxxxx
To: chrononauts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Chrononauts] New member introduction...

This is a cool idea - fanfic on the macro scale instead of nanofic (like the stories that are on each ID card).

Should we find characters who were working towards some of the same goals (i.e., they both want 1865' or whatever...) or should our heroes also be working against each other??



On 3/10/07, Tom Moresi <floyd-ag@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
How about this for a topic.
Does anyone have any plot ideas for a Choronaunt movie(movies?trilogy?Chronicles?pronounced Chronocles), interesting scenes, or casting for identities?
I'm relatively new to this list (in this time line) so I don't know if this has already been disscussed.
To start things off: I would love to see Squa Tront as a villian threatening two other characters who are tied to the Eiffle Tower as he waits for the atomic bombs (or whatever), that jump starts his race, to fall on Paris.  I'm not sure who would play Tront or who he's threatening, but that scene is in my head every time I play the world war 3 patch in the game.
Please help me fill in this movie, if only in my head while playing the game.

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