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  • From"Tom Moresi" <floyd-ag@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 11 Mar 2007 18:12:41 -0500
Why are there no evolved dinosaur time-travelers, like those from "We're Back". A dino-chrononaut from an alternate reality featuring the survival of dinosaurs. I understand the time line doesn't go back that far, but I digress. Every film or story needs an antagonist, why not Squa Tront. I read Stephen King's "It", and after a while I started siding with the bad guy (I didn't like the main characters). But I can see I.D. packs with time line card replacements and other relevant artifacts being offered as an expantion pack: New I.D.s, Linchpins relevant to them, Replacement ripplepoint which include the new and old affected dates, New patches, Artifacts featured in the I.D.s back stories, New action and timewarp cards, and so on. Oh, After Squa Tront leaves to go back to his own time, the actor playing Squa Tront shows up to prevent WW3, but not in his bug suit.

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On another thread, I heard someone mention Squa Tront being evil. I don't believe that he is. He's just some guy trying to get back to his home reality, like everyone else. Sure, his alternate reality invovles the demolition of human kind, but so what? Our reality (or at least, MY reality) depends on the destruction of the dinosaurs. And anyway, after he gets home, we can just ripple WW3 right out of existence.

But, as for the movie, I've been kicking the idea around in my head for a while. I don't have an actual script, but I've been thinking about a zany comedy about two moronic Temporal Mechanics and thier bumbling advetures in time travel.

If you have an actual script, we'd all love to see that.  Right, guys?

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Subject: [Chrononauts] Chrononauts movie
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Interesting you mention that. I'm in an Intermediate Playwriting class, and I'm planning on writing for my final project a play based on Chrononauts. Obviously, if it were ever actually staged, I would need Looney Labs' permission, but I don't think I need permission just to write it for a class. Basically, it's about how Andy becomes a Chrononaut and helps the other Chrononauts realize how much good they can do for the world, when until then they have been going about their jobs without any compassion at all.
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