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RE: [Chrononauts] Another Action Card From Me

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It seems that all the top scientists agree on one thing about time 
travel...if it were ever made a reality, it would be impossible to travel 
backward through time to any point before the invention of time travel.  
It's a concept called the "time barrier."  It got me thinking about a 
potential new promo card...


Action: Reshuffle the discard pile back into the draw pile, and start a new 
discard pile with this card.  (Functionally equivilent to the Fluxx card 
Empty the Trash.)

That sounds like it would go well with my "Predict the Future" Timewarp.
Note: The Predict_the_Future cards would replace the Quick_Trip cards.

Timewarp: Predict the Future - Look at the top ten cards of the draw pile
(if there are fewer than ten, look at all of them).
Pull out a card (excluding Timewarps), put the other cards back onto the
draw pile in their original order and play the card you pulled out.

When Time_Barrier sends the discards into the draw pile, Predict_the_Future
will only let you access a small portion of them as opposed to Quick_Trip
which lets you look through the entire draw pile.

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