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[Chrononauts] Java Version

  • FromChristian <angelus_carnifex@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 1 Nov 2007 10:30:11 -0700 (PDT)

I can't get this to work for me. I didn't install it to the directory it says to though, so maybe that's it.
(I put it on my flash drive, since I'm at work) It didn't work when I clicked on the shortcut, but I noticed someone said to try clicking on the classes.jar and trying to run it that way. Sadly all I got was an error message saying it couldn't find the main class. I am assuming it's a relative file path problem, but was hoping someone had either figured a good way around this. If anyone has some suggestions, I'm all ears. I would love to be able to get in a game of Chrononauts during my lunch break!

Hmm, I'm wondering if anyone has the Java skills to try and repackage the .jar and class files to stand alone? Basically, what I mean is to make all the files sit in their own directory that has no references to anything outside of that directory. That way the directory could be copied anywhere (i.e. flash drive/ipod/etc) and no installer would be necessary, just an updated shortcut to the file that launches the game.

Just a thought...I wish I had the skills to do that, but I will have to hope that someone nerdier than I can take up the mantle and save the day!


P.s.  There's a great portable applications website that would love something like this, and that's good word o' mouth for Chrononauts!

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