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[Rabbits] [Event] Summer Stabcon 2005 by Honey-Lee McLoughlin-Thompson

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  • DateWed, 12 Oct 2005 10:26:40 -0000
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Title: Summer Stabcon 2005
Location: Manchester UK
Date: July 9th 2005

The little experiment was run at an existing gaming conference with UK LabRabbits Honey-Lee, Slev and Russ.  We decided to play for one day at the 2 day conference, We put up a poster that said we were available for games between 10am and 5pm, a new game on the hour or by request.

Honey-Lee started the day with a game of Volcano, this quickly moved into a couple of games of Ice-Towers.  Slev took over for Cosmic Coasters ? producing the UK Rabbits Giant Coaster set before playing Fluxx and Honey-Lee squeezed in a game of Aquarius before Lunch.

After food, Slev and Russ played two separate games of Chrononauts with different groups and Honey-Lee demo?d Nanofictionary.  Making a big group, Slev got everyone playing Zendo ? which we chased up with Are you A Werewolf?  A final game of Volcano, with some ?side line? games (Martian Chess, Tic Tac Doe and Mega Volcano being the main ones) rounded off a highly successful day ? in the end we played until 7pm and have requests to repeat the event next year!

We gave out 7 Star Cards, 2 Flowers and encouraged people to play Loony Lab Games (and buy from our local seller at the conference who ran out of Icehouse pieces by 11 o?clock!).  Overall, the total number of new games taught to people during this experiment was 39 (Honey-Lee 23, Slev 16 and Russ 2).

Having several rabbits meant that one rabbit could either help out (taking part in Werewolf for example and helping people start the lynching debates) or wander and get other people playing games, encouraging them to join in.  By having two ?main? rabbits who?s skills and interests lie in different areas it meant we could swap though out the day and help answer other peoples questions if one of us was playing.  Russ was a great in helping people understand their cards or possible moves (sort of an extra half brain, or secret team player, to be called on) without slowing down the games too much for everybody else.  While Russ? knowledge of the games is still relatively new I think he did a brilliant job and even had confidence to Demo Chrononauts to 2 new players by himself later in the day.

All the games ran smoothly and were enjoyed ? the two ?negative? comments that we mentioned directly to me were:
1)	The story building phase of Nanofictionary ?seemed to drag? as people sorted out the cards ? though the telling and awards phases were well received and enjoyed.  (I have played this as a free for all where you draw and discard until you have a story without waiting for everyone else which seems to make the phase faster ? for action cards (uncrumple and brainstorm) a loud yell is usually enough to stop everyone temporarily.  Has anyone else tried this?)
2)	Cosmic Coasters got ?aimless? with people doing repetitive moves meaning no progression was made.

Anybody got any suggestions on how to overcome these issues?