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[Rabbits] Is it just me, or is something wrong with the Looney Lab stores?

  • Fromthird200@xxxxxxx
  • DateSat, 07 Jan 2006 01:19:08 -0500
I got online this evening to start to make up a new order for the Looney's. I started checking things off.
Pandora's Box. check
Just Desserts. Check
and so on.
But i noticed something. There seems to be a glitch on the webpage that lists the items. On the following items, the pull down menu of what degree of the item to get is not working. The pulldown function is THERE, but there are no choices.
Purple Bag with Games
Time Repair Agency t-shirt

I could have sworn there was at least another two, but they seem to be correct now. Also....when i click the "full list" of items for sale......where is Stoner Fluxx? I had to use the website's "search" function to get to the page to buy it.
What's going on?
Am i Just crazy?
 ~Michael B.~