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[Rabbits] [Event] Arisia by Brian Campbell

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  • DateSun, 15 Jan 2006 16:38:53 -0500
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Title: Arisia
Location: Boston, MA
Date: January 13-15, 2006

Planning for Arisia 2006 happened at the last minute, but it actually turned out great. We had a two hour demo of Looney Labs card games on Friday, which had an official room, but we moved it to the open gaming space because the tables were better and that's where people would drop in. People had actually begun playing Fluxx and Family Fluxx before the demo started, and we played Fluxx, Family Fluxx, Early American Chrononauts, Nanofictionary, and Aquarius during the demo and for several hours after the demo. I'm pretty sure Looney Labs card games were being played continuously from about 5 until midnight, possibly even longer than that. Julia showed up with the giant Icehouse pieces friday night, so I started a game of Absentee Zendo with them.

Saturday was the day for Icehouse. I had a giant Icehouse demo scheduled at 10 AM in the ballroom, but it was arranged late and so not advertised and the ballroom was shared with the people from Higgins Armory doing medieval combat demonstrations, so no one showed up for that. At 11 AM we had the regular Icehouse demo, which had an assigned room but we again moved to the open game room. We played Volcano, Blam!, Icehouse (my first time playing with an experienced player, thanks to Josh), RAMbots, Torpedo, Zendo, and I'm sure more games. Absentee Zendo on Saturday wasn't working as well, since the sign explaining it kept falling down and people would come by and use the pyramids for other things.

On Sunday, it turns out that the raptor demo in the ballroom was cancelled, so I did another giant Icehouse demo. We played several games of IceTowers, including one player who was about 5 years old, though his mother had to help him with the rules a bit. Later on in the open gaming room we played some Giant Zendo and Eco-Fluxx. All in all, it was a great con, and there was lots of Looney Labs gaming, even though gaming was hidden away on the far end of the fourth floor, and all of the Looney Labs demos were planned very late.