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[Rabbits] [Event] UBCon Lab and Pop-tart Cafe 06 by Steve Hoffman

  • FromSuperFRED <superfred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 11 Apr 2006 09:54:52 -0400
This is an auto-generated report from SuperFRED regarding an event that Steve Hoffman has submitted.

Title: UBCon Lab and Pop-tart Cafe 06
Location: University of Buffalo
Date: April 7-9th

Kristen sent a letter out to rabbits to see if anyone was going to be doing anything for UBCon, so of course, all the rabbits went in different directions when asked. I thought it would be fun to do a pop-tart cafe like event as the con was smaller and providing pop-tarts would feed poor hungry gamers. A couple days before the event I purchased 20 or so boxes of pop-tarts. I then made up flyers(I have them and a couple photos from the event for any interested). The day before Con, they sent out a final list of games, and sadly, the lab event wasn't on it. I had them put me in their overly long Addendum, and put a flyer prominently on the registration desk upon getting there. There was a problem that day however, My Looney games were missing, I still had Chrononauts and EAC but all of my games, including my ice house peices were simply gone. I rallied my resolve, determined that I needed new copies anyway, and re-bought the majority of them before the event from a local deale!
 r in the dealers room.
They didnt have cosmic coasters or Nanofictionary so I looked around and noticed a labcoat, Seth! He loaned me the games I didn't have and saved me from complete failure.

My event was in the dealer room, and I put flyers on both doors into it. Before the dealers room opened I had a chance to play games with most of the dealers, one of which hadn't seen or heard of Icehouse despite having stocked several Fluxx varients. The company name is "Bowen Dragon 1". After a large number of demos with both the co-owner and her daughter, they decided that they wanted to have some of these games on their shelves at future cons. I gave them the catalog, and I gave them the site address for the lab, I pointed them to the Distributor roster and then went back to playing Volcano with them. Everyone was well fed and contently playing looney games all weekend. and from what I hear the fluxx decks I lent out were used far longer into the night than I was able to stay awake for. Overall a success, but next year a bit more planning could help me avoid a bit of these pitfalls.

Friday we went from 6pm-11pm Saturday we were playing games from 7am-4am and Sunday we were playing games from 9am-6pm

20 badges issued
7 Star cards Won
Innumerable OTHER promo's handed out

Fluxx  24 played before 4 first time players
Aquarius 1 played before 7 first time players
Chrono(EAC) 7 played before 8 first time players
Nano 3 played before 4 first time players
AYAW 6 played before 9 First time players
Coasters 1 played before 3 first time players
Ice Towers 5 played before 4 first time players
Volcano 13 played before 10 first time players
Zendo 16 played before 4 first time players

Seth Ruskin came to the event, despite running seperate events, and assisted in times of need(read sleep deprivation) He was the most prepared rabbit at con.

Katie Bradshaw, an up and coming rabbit was our lead fluxx demo-er and became proficient in teaching chrononauts.

The Con Staff, though they didn't have the time to play many games, are all rabbits and were very helpful in directing bored/hungry gamers alike to the cafe. Overall a success.