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[Rabbits] [Event] Penguicon 4.0 by Clark Rodeffer

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  • DateWed, 26 Apr 2006 14:08:00 -0400
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Title: Penguicon 4.0
Location: Livonia, MI
Date: April 21-23, 2006

The only real Demo Rabbit work that I did at Penguicon 4.0 was to teach a group of four how to play Chrononauts and another group of three how to play Treehouse. I played in several other Looney Labs games over the weekend, but they were being taught by other Demo Rabbits. One reason I participated so little this year was because I was Gaming Chair for the convention, and I had to keep the gaming room as a whole running. That, and I also had my hands pretty full helping my wife care for our three-year-old daughter and ten-day-old son. But as Gaming Chair, I was the person who recommended Looney Labs to the convention committee and board of directors, which eventually led to Andy, Kristin and Alison being made Guests of Honor. Another of my pre-convention responsibilities was to recruit people to run games and to get those games onto the schedule. Thanks to Josh's capable help, this included several Demo Rabbits running several scheduled Looney Labs gaming events as well as a!
 round-the-clock open demos of the whole Looney Labs product line. Please forgive me, because I know that I'm probably forgetting some names, but the Demo Rabbits, especially Colleen, Evert, Josh, Matt and Shaun, were a large part of what made the gaming room at Penguicon 4.0 a success. They deserve a huge thanks! Likewise, Andy, Kristin and Alison spent a ton of time playing, talking and simply hanging out with Penguicon attendees. So while I did a bit of planning and a little playing, the real credit needs to go to the Demo Rabbits.

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