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[Rabbits] [Event] Lincon Looney Labs gaming room by Christoffer Fogelström

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  • DateSat, 10 Jun 2006 20:20:41 -0400
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Title: Lincon Looney Labs gaming room
Location: Linköping
Date: 2-6 August

While we had chilled out for about a year since a lot of the conventions we went to treated us nasty (for example putting us in a room all by ourselves when all the other demo rooms where bunched together) it was time to strike back. With a vengance!

This years Lincon had a theme - Good vs. Evil, and we signed up as being a "good" gaming room. By keeping track of who played what and their alignment and how the game went, good and evil scored points. We did nothing particular on the theme, only being mean to the bad guys every now and then.

The convention was very long (three full days + two half ones basically) a lot of people tended to be "we'll come back later", cause you know, there was so much time. Despite this we had a pretty even flow of gamers and taught Aquarius, Volcano, Icetowers, lent space for a Zendo game and a Chrononauts session was even included in an article in a local newspaper (on the main picture! http://www.corren.se/archive/2006/6/2/1vdg4ya15i0pqve.xml?category1=1096984640-4&category2=1096984640-7&;). The convention was its own enemy, and our greatest one too. They also charged people to sleep nearby, and to shower (althought the pay showers was a community gymnasium at almost the same distance as the free showers) which caused a  lot of stinky zombies.

The 20 Treehouse stashes we had bought to sell ... well, we could probably have sold another 50... They were either booked for later pick-up or plainly sold to people in TWO hours, once we had calculated a reasonable price for them (this happened the second night or so, from eight to ten). We will definately buy more for future conventions.

We had a tournament in Volcano, onfortunately nobody showed up except random conventioners, so we just played three games, whereof I won two and an evil girl won the last one (she got a complete 7-points tree in ONE move. Pure evil). It was also the only Volcano game I didnt win the entire convention.

All in all, it was a great convention, with perhaps a bit too much workload as the grunts tended to wander off in the later hours, when peoeple tended to show up. At least i had some time to roam the convention, look at pretty nerd girls and buy stuff i really didnt need.

Thanks for making my job as a Demo Rabbit easy by making such great games (although the actual Treehouse game was kind of a dissapointment)!